1. SteveB says:

    Nice get TSM.

    Figured this would be the case after they took him out of the morning show slot.

  2. Wow, I wonder if Mike Richards is going to still be our master of ceremonies November 2nd like last time he did at our InterSynagogue Baseball League Banquet. He did a great job 5 years ago and that is why he was brought back.

    I feel badly for all TSN radio personalities, as they are stuck on a lousy signal for a station and get very little token support.

    Mike is not for everyone, but certainly has his loyal following and will be missed but no doubt resurface again at his choosing.

  3. mario says:

    Very unfortunate to hear that but not unexpected, never good when someone looses there job. Hope he lands on his feet soon.

  4. Pete says:

    Was not a fan of Richards and his schtick, but I respected his ability to continue on while going through his cancer battle. You could tell TSN moving him to the afternoon time slot was the beginning of the end for him at the station.

    I wonder if this mutual parting opens the door for Greg Brady to take over…

  5. Darrell says:

    I was not a frequent listener of Richards but never really had a view of him. However, that changed when he blocked me on Twitter. If it was a reason for bashing him – than I could see how that warrants a block. However, I said nothing to the guy negatively and that left a sour taste in my mouth on his tenure at TSN Radio.

  6. Rick in Barrie says:

    Unfortunate news but the writing was on the wall with the move to the afternoon slot. Always enjoyed Richards (at least the 30 seconds a day when the TSN signal came in clear north of Hwy 9).

    I thought he (w/ Bastl) had a good thing going in the AM but he is an acquired taste. Now all I get is ‘when I was the host of OTR’ stories!

    @Pete – I hope not…

  7. Daniel says:

    Didn’t listen to his show very often. Partly because I don’t listen to TSN as much as The Fan, and partly because his show didn’t grab me. But he came across like a GREAT guy on the Toronto Mike podcast, so I’m definitely rooting for him.

    Could he find a place anywhere on The Fan? Don’t think so unless they want to try ‘Blundell and Richards’.

  8. Sam In Scarb says:

    Hate to be rude in any form but,daa. When he got gassed from the morning show the writing was on the wall.
    Clearly,Bell was into him for big money.To cut their losses shift him to afternoons (Radio Coffin) get what they can out of him then pay him off now.
    Unfortunate that is the radio business of today. It sucks shit but,that the way it is.
    Mike will resurface out west somewhere in January 2017 once his 6 month PAID parole is over.

    I myself wish him well.

  9. Original Mitch says:

    Wasn’t a fan of the strip club references but I suppose some are. But I did like the rest of his content for the most part. Given I think walker is awful, I did listen to Richards quite a bit from 1-4pm. Unlike Walker who comes off so arrogant and unlikeable, Richards genuinely comes off as a nice guy. In a just world, Richards will head back west where his genuine personality will stick with listeners. Toronto likes their blowhards.

  10. Art says:

    I am a Mike Richards fan. I always enjoyed his show in the morning. TSN1050 is a sinking ship. As sad as I am to see Mike Go he is better off.

    I hope he resurfaces on the Fan soon. It would be great to hear him and Dave Bastl together again.

  11. Nick says:

    I’m at work so I didn’t even catch him once in the afternoon but I did like him in the morning. Could this be the set up for the return of GREG Brady?

  12. DP says:

    Jeff McDonald is a clown who has ruined TSN1050.

    Writing was on the wall and we all knew it was a matter of time. I put the blame on Lansberg… look what you did clown

  13. another steve says:

    Radio is a, “hired to be fired” industry.
    Clock was ticking when they moved him to midday, no surprise.
    No doubt he’s landed another gig elsewhere, hence the mutual agreement to end the employment contract early and obviously at a discount, otherwise why leave?

    Hopefully TSN replaces him with new blood/voice and not re-cycle another mis-fit not yet ready for air.

  14. yaz says:

    Does this mean no more Victor Newman interviews??

  15. Daniel says:

    TSN Radio kind of feels like a blank slate from 9am to 4pm at this point.

    You’d have to think Brady might be an obvious fit for somewhere in there.

  16. James says:

    I would concur with the thoughts of several. This is a tailor-made fit for Brady to be back doing sports radio and maybe eventually in another slot on the station.

    I know it’s been written on here that 1-4 isn’t a good shift to have, but isn’t it better and arent the hosts better-paid than 9-noon? I would just assume there’s more revenue there. For example, Tim and Sid would certainly have made more combined than Blair, and Hayes would have recently made more for doing 4 hours than Macko and Cauz would have for 3 hours.

    I know many don’t ever think TSN can get in a proper fight with the FAN for the listeners, but if McCown just walks into the sunset, and Blundell certainly isn’t a long-term guy at the FAN, then if TSN had Brady and Hays long-term, and the Fan didn’t, wouldn’t that make life a lot more interesting. But if, as written, here, Brady is still getting money from the Fan to sit, they must have some sort of rights to him still.

    At that point, the Fan has to hope their 4pm show involves Dan Shulman or Tim and Sid. The likes of Blair, Madani, Ken Reid, John Shannon, please, that’s never going to work as a full-time solution. And it’s pretty clear Andrew Walker isn’t seen by anyone there as the future for anything. Just killing time there on the cheap, and maybe destined to go back out west or something.

    I drive so much for work, I just want better options and better shows. TSN has had an uphill battle but Richards had nothing of interest for me for 4-5 years he was on. Neither morning show does now. I’m actually hoping this move to move away from Richards kicks off some interesting stuff and better sports radio for all of us. Peace.

  17. Brian says:

    This was a Clothing fit that Saul Korman would not have approved Shoving Mike to the waste land of 1-4pm Only a matter of time. Sad day but Mike will land somewhere. I am near done with TSN 1050 and Sports radio in Toronto

  18. yaz says:

    Richards celebrates historic TSN radio ratings so thye shunt him to the 1-4 cemetery. Naylor fails at 4-7 so they pair him with cancelled Landsberg. Cauz is with any warm body in the studio. Noodles and Odog are so invested in Overdrive they bailed all summer. Hayes was back last week now for some unknown reason he’s gone AGAIN. The soporific duo of MacArthur and Siegel are back to drive as many listeners away as possible. We get it TSN, you tried the radio game, it didn’t work and you’re mailing it in until 1050 gets changed to a country rock station.

  19. Stewart says:

    The Fan 960 did the same thing to Richards out here in Calgary. He put the station on the map jacked up the ratings and then they punted him. As for Walker you can keep him out East. Nobody cared for his erogance out here. Hope Mike comes back this way. Love his stuff Best of luck Mike

  20. GreyCountyMike says:

    It is very interesting to watch and listen to many Toronto media types tiptoe their way around the Edwin story … pleading for patience when, and we all know this, they wouldn’t hesitate jumping on a similar story if it involved another city’s Boy Wonder. The Rogers “journalists” are being particularly cautious, notably everybody’s favorite blowhard Mike Wilner who suddenly has gone deadly silent on Twitter.

  21. GreyCountyMike says:

    Kudos, though, to John Lott who at least is not acting like the story doesn’t exist.

  22. Daniel says:

    @James – I know, I find it odd that some on here imply that afternoons are some kind of exile too.

    Obviously morning and afternoon drive are the big shows by far, but to the best of my knowledge, 9-4 is still a really important part of the day. A lot of afternoon drive shows are 2-6, for example.

    Also this is Toronto. Theres traffic all day.

    I think the only times on talk radio that are truly of minimal importance are nights and weekends.

  23. jackbee says:

    I enjoyed Richard’s morning stint very much compared to FAN Bluntell and nobodys. I was looking forward to listening to hi this aft. by apt. outdoor swimming pool, til promo went to ‘TSN Today.’ Hogan who laughs at every joke no matter how bad it is from cohost or phone guest, is pitiful replacement.

    Hogan was on FAN 590 – got fired, was rehired and got fired again. So many years in radio without getting a morning show, must say something to his bosses about his lack of marketability.

    I enjoyed Richard’s skits and e musical promos to talk to Dreger and McGuire about hockey or Hayhurst for baseball. He asked informative and intuitive questions of his guests, not sophomoric stuff that Landsburg and a lesser degree Naylor pontificate in their morning show which is going nowhere fast in ratings anytime soon. His Victor Newman imitations were spot on, and getting the actor playing Newman on air and making football picks was hilarious.

    If only Sportsnet 590 was smart enough to rid of knowitall NOT Walker and reslot Richards in the 1-4 timeframe would drive TSN nuts, as his broadcasting sports knowledge, acumen and professionalism would bury Hogan and anyone else on TSN Tody. As a cancer survivor for over 25 years, I realty appreciated Mike’s cancer journey he discussed live on air after his return from treatment last September.

    Go get ’em MR wherever you end up at.

  24. Original Mitch says:

    I’m shocked that tsn employs Jeff macdonald. How many times does a guy get fired before a company realizes he’s not good for business. The funny thing is, when he inevitably gets fired from tsn, Scott Moore will likely take him back and he’ll ruin whatever division they throw him in at SN.

  25. Justin says:

    Let’s hope TSN 1050 replaces him with Jeff Sammut. Of all the backup/weekend/bullpen guys on sports radio in recent years, he’s the one that deserves a regular slot the most. Why the FAN thought George Rusic would be better than Sammut with Blundell, I’ll never know. Give this man a show again, he’s a great talent who’s come a long way.

  26. Island Chris says:

    Richards seems like a nice dude but anytime your idea of humor is doing impressions that have to start with you saying “hey this is _____” then you’re in trouble. Either way, it always sucks when a guy loses a gig and I hope the best for him.

    Greg Brady would be a good fit but if I’m him, I’m only taking the gig if I can get Leafs Lunch too.

  27. jackbee says:

    Not a bad idea Justin. I’m not crazy about Sammut in general, but certainly would be an upgrade over Hogan in the 1-4 time slot. Agreed also much better than Rusic as broadcaster.

  28. Antonio says:

    I realize there are quite a few people who cant stand him but Brady should be working. When you consider the lack of talent in this market, its a crime he’s still at home and not on the air.

  29. Brandon says:

    Brady seems to be getting his fair share of freelance work from writing and being guests on other shows based on his twitter feed. It’s difficult to say he got “screwed” out of the whole Blundell process, but he sure didn’t do much wrong to get moved from mornings. Blundell gets a commercial right away with the tape on his mouth, hilarious in retrospect, and I’m not sure they ever gave Brady the same publicity or promotion. Since then, as I’ve noted, Sportsnet TV pretends Blundell doesn’t even exist, and I would too. If he ended up in mornings in Toronto, he’s got listeners who’d for sure welcome him back given he did it for 4-5 years, not sure the year he started, just that it was after the disaster that was Andrew Krystal.

    And if 1050 sees fit to put him in there at 1pm, I do agree with James, they then have the best two “younger” radio talents in the city in Bryan Hayes and him. Not sure the FAN truly knew what they were doing, but Rogers always seems to make moves from high above and leaves the middle managers to figure it out. Look at this recent Mike Johnson fiasco where they exile out their best colour commentator.

  30. Rick in Barrie says:

    If Brady does return…here’s hoping his little ‘break’ has provided him some time to reflect on his arrogant ways. He isn’t a lost cause but he definitely turned off a lot of listeners with his arrogant attitude and hook of always being the contrarian (whether that’s what he believed or not).

    There is a difference between saying Dion was a #1 D-man because you are just trying to fire up the fan base for argument sake or because you believe it and want to encourage critical and thoughtful conversation.

  31. steven says:


    There are currently 4/5 open lawsuits (public ones anyways) that are never talked about in the media. No one really cares. I haven’t heard anyone in Toronto or on ESPN talk about those lawsuits, and it has nothing to do with Rogers, and everything to do with interest.

    ESPN, which last time I checked, isn’t owned by Rogers, has yet to talk about it or any other lawsuit on their daily baseball podcast.

    If you want to find negativity, you’ll find it, you can find ways to always look at the dark side of things. but that doesn’t make it actually dark, sometimes it just is.

    Relax, everything can’t always be bad every single day.

  32. GreyCountyMike says:

    Giving credit where it’s due, kudos to The Toronto Star’s Brendan Kennedy, who posted an article on the unfolding Encarnacion issue yesterday afternoon. Evidently, not all Toronto media outlets believe this to be a non-story.

  33. Steph says:

    I wont miss the cringe worthy rock song themes or the frat boy humour about rippers and steaks.

  34. Brian says:

    How was Richards worse than Jeremy Taggart telling fart stories in the afternoon on 1050 (Aug. 24 around 2:50 pm). This douche makes Ryan Lochte look like Noam Chomsky. Earlier in the broadcast we learned about the perils of having
    longer second toe. Taggart DOESN”T KNOW SPORTS. Note to TSN 1050: Please find someone who does.

  35. Alex says:

    Blair talked about the lawsuit on Baseball Central and Prime Time and even asked a guest if this could hurt EE in his upcoming free agency.

    So, at least 1 person on 590 not ignoring it.

  36. yaz says:

    Noodles has been doing TH2N for a week. Why is he not on Overdrive where he is supposedly a co-host? Disgraceful.

  37. Rob says:

    Its all a matter of taste and preference Brian….I actually enjoy Jeremy Taggart as a fill in host and found Richards to be lacking as a host (he stammered a lot during interviews and was very maudlin and insincere when speaking to guests). I thought his humour infantile and mean spirited.

    On the other hand, Taggart knows his sports and asks good questions in interviews. I heard the “fart story”, it was about a golf game he was invited to with a couple of PGA pros (He’s a 5 hcp so I take what he says about golf pretty seriously). Anyway, he isn’t the problem, but TSN 1050 has many. Richards leaving the station is a start,l. Replacing him with a better host is the real challenge. Vrady would be an improvement.

    I suspect the fall season launch will have a new host in that 1-4 spot and hopefully some other changes too because the entire lineup (save for overdrive) is very weak. Landsberg and Naylor isn’t working.

  38. James says:


    What sports that Jamie McLennan doesn’t watch (besides hockey) and doesn’t know how to talk about (besides hockey) did you want him to not talk about on the biggest radio market in a drivetime slot (besides hockey)?

    You know he can’t and I know he can’t. This show can’t function without Hayes in there and it can’t function without those two basically sticking to hockey. This is why they have to be already dreading football and baseball playoff segments the next two months. But the “replacements” are so weak at 1050 that this is the road they’ve chosen to go down once it was obvious no one was listening to Naylor against McCowan’s show.

    As for Taggart, oh Gawd no. Instant click when I hear him. Mumbles and has no projection. But, for others writing it, sorry, Richards didn’t get any type of raw deal here. Years of being paid a lot for little to no return. Few broadcasting entities, I would bet could claim to have paid so much for so little. They gave him so much time to make an impact. He didn’t. The problem, I’ve heard, would have been firing him last summer instead of having him fill 1pm slot would have seemed cruel based on his sudden cancer revelations, but they shouldn’t feel that way. Life is always bigger than someone’s career and I’d bet anyone in radio after as much failure as he had getting anyone to listen to his morning show and being pulverized by 590 month after month after month after all the tv commercials and hype, was ready for some bad news, career-wise, I meant.

  39. yaz says:

    The Overdrive crew was never going to be a sports-generalist show. I didn’t expect that nor want that from them. They should embrace being hockey centric and deliver it as only they can- in a fun and informative way. If ever there was a market that could support a 80% hockey show, Toronto is it. Then I guess that’s why they didn’t have to worry about taking the summer off.

    I never liked the Richards show but TSN paid him big bucks to come in and to be fair he delivered the ratings. His departire is TSN’s admission that they’re the 2nd tier sports radio station and they’re okay with that. They took a swing and they missed. They’re alao happy to he the number one sports TV network in Canada.

  40. Anthony says:

    @Alex @GreyCountyMike

    They talked about it on PTS as well?

    I get the human nature need to complain, but I’m not sure what there is to complain about here?

  41. GreyCountyMike says:

    That some credible media personalities are exploring the Encarnacion issue suggests that, contrary to some opinions, it is a legitimate story worthy of coverage. Again, give credit where it is due.

  42. Anthony says:


    Your initial comment was that Rogers was killing the story. Rogers media seem to be talking about it just as much as anyone else.

    Your initial comment was incorrect, nothing more, nothing less.

  43. GreyCountyMike says:

    Anthony: Thank you for pointing out the apparent errors of my way. Much appreciated as always. If I have suggested anyone was killing the story, I was indeed incorrect. I am truly sorry.

    The intent of my original post was to share my personal impression that Rogers staffers were being “particularly cautious” with the story … that, to my thinking, is not the same as “killing the story.”

    Later, it was another poster here who suggested that nobody cares about this story and that’s why it is not being widely covered. As you yourself point out, that is simply not true.

  44. Anthony says:


    Issue is, that every single post every single week, always has something to do with the ills and evils of Rogers, no matter the topic presented by TSM. At some point, does it not get a bit monotonous?

    In this situation you made a leap, accused Rogers ‘journalists’ (your quotes) of being extra cautious, when in fact it appears as thou everyone is treating the story the same way. 1 article on the G&M, 1 article on TheStar, 1 article on ESPN, 1 article on Sportsnet, 1 article on TSN.

    Its not Rogers journalists being cautious, everyone seems to be treating it the exact same way. If your going to make accusations, is it not fair that you look at the facts first?

    • GreyCountyMike says:

      Anthony: You may wish to re-read my original post. The phrase “killing the story” does not appear anywhere … that, I believe, is a conclusion you derived from my comments. I also said that many Toronto media types, not just those employed by Rogers, are tiptoeing on this.

      As for the Rogers folks, I concur completely that much focus of the participants on this site is aimed at that company and its employees. Too much focus? Maybe … maybe not.

      The challenge for them, as long as they work for a company that clearly has conflicts of interest, is to continually reinforce to all of us in the market that they themselves, in fact, are above the conflicts of interest. It’s a big onus, no doubt, but a completely fair one in my mind. If they don’t like being called shills, then they need to double-down on the efforts to not give the impression that the company line comes first.

      Is the scrutiny of Rogers’ staffers, particularly those on or around the Jays’ beat, more intense than others in the field? Absolutely … and it should be. This is media-rich Toronto, not some one-horse town in Saskatchewan where one guy owns everything that matters.

  45. Anthony says:


    Here’s the direct quote, lets not be smug

    ‘The Rogers “journalists” are being particularly cautious’

    Well, no. The actual facts are that they are treating this just like everyone is. Rogers guys are talking about it and writing as many articles as anyone else. Your personal dislike (as has been illustrated many, many times on here) and lack of facts made you want to present something that was simply untrue.

    I’m fine with holding any media companies feet to the fire, Bell and Rogers both own media/sports properties and biases need to be looked at, but in this case, you make the accusation without actually looking at the facts, and that’s just as bad. If they are as bad as you claim, you shouldn’t have to make anything up, you shouldn’t need to look for something to complain about.

  46. GreyCountyMike says:

    Anthony: I have no doubt you and I are boring our fellow readers by now. I’ll gladly wave the white flag.

  47. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    Re: EE and the STD story – Personally I could care less – However if he wants to clear his name why doesn’t he just submit to a supervised test at a professional medical facility? Then it is either yes or no – That would certainly end the controversy one way or the other – Though I do imagine if it is positive that would be rather devastating for EE –

  48. Drumanchor says:

    @GreyCountyMike and Anthony:

    I wan’t bored at all. I loved it!

    Good, strong points by both and a healthy debate (which is getting rarer and on this site, sadly). Personally, at the end of the day, I tend to agree with GCMike. The optics, to me, has always been that Rogers is just too invested in pumping up everything Rogers. No matter what they do, it comes across as one long commercial for their content.

  49. Anthony says:

    @GreyCountyMike Fine by me, I just think that any criticism, (and we’re all subject to it, we all make mistakes), should be fact based, not narrative based, that’s just me.

  50. Anthony says:

    ‘ The optics, to me, has always been that Rogers is just too invested in pumping up everything Rogers. ‘

    There’s no doubt elements to that. Product placement is all over Rogers/Bell media. When the Jays are winning, they’re all over Sportsnet.ca, when its CFL night, TSN.ca is like a CFL advertisement. My issue will always be when someone questions ethics with journalists. If your going to do that, you better being facts and not just ‘because I say’, the ‘because I say’ isn’t fair.

    There’s no doubt that Rogers swept the NHL concussion emails under the rug, much like ESPN did with the NFL, but the EE lawsuit? They’re covering it like everyone else. Lets be fair is all.

  51. Original Mitch says:

    The issue in my opinion is HOW Rogers covers stories related to their own entity. For example, they disabled the comments section on Shi’s story on Sportsnet.ca (I was told this). They are very quick to dismiss TMZ and while that was okay in 2009, let’s face it, these days TMZ is on the money. They waited until EE’s agent quoted the allegations as nonsense and went hard with agents side of the story.
    I completely understand it’s all speculative, but it’s just the way the approach things. Couple this with idiot Canpbell fighting for Collabello’s rights and the gang wearing Saunders AS t-shirts and it just looks and feels bush league.

  52. Anthony says:

    ‘I completely understand it’s all speculative, but it’s just the way the approach things. Couple this with idiot Canpbell fighting for Collabello’s rights and the gang wearing Saunders AS t-shirts and it just looks and feels bush league.’

    I get that, but I don’t think thats a Rogers thing, thats a hometown broadcaster thing. The other night I heard Dave O’Brien on the Red Sox broadcast suggesting that ‘Big Popi get us on the board here’.

    Must we remember this with Dennis Eckersley

    The KC Royals broadcasters where doing the same thing with their All stars in the past.
    I could go on with many, many other examples. See below

    TSM made the point a while ago that hometown broadcasts shouldn’t be confused with Journalism, they are not inclusive. Hometown broadcasts are there to present a broadcast tailored to the fan of the team, its not journalism.

    I don’t argue your point, but hometown broadcasts are like that all over the world, its not a Rogers thing, its a local broadcast thing.

  53. Sam In Scarb says:

    Kids we only have One Barbie doll,One pail,and One shovel in the sandbox.
    Let’s all play nice.
    Thought this was a Richard’s thread.

  54. Anthony says:


    To be fair it was, someone decided to insert a random ‘rogers sucks’ post, so that spurred it on.

    That said, I think we’ve been respectful, nothing wrong with a healthy debate, its not like we’re trolling each other like others have done in the past. This is downright flowers and rainbows compared to what we saw 6 months ago 🙂

  55. Patrick says:

    I’m personally really happy MacArthur is on OverDrive instead of the 2 hockey guys right now. Richards seemed like a good guy on the Toronto Mike’d Podcast, but I only really warmed up to him in the last month in the morning, then didn’t like his show again in 1-4.Obviously wish him the best.

    I’d love to see Jeff Sammut get that 1-4 gig (He is doing some Bell stuff with Newstalk 1010, so it isn’t impossible) but I see it going to MacArthur.

  56. Original Mitch says:


    Completely and utterly agree with you. Local broadcasts are what they are and often its irritating to listen too, as an adult. Hearing them say “we” and “let’s go get ’em” is nauseating, frankly. And since the Blue Jays are good these days, why wouldn’t Rogers pump their tires?? It finally actually makes sense to do so!
    However, sometimes its too on the nose. Maybe its the fact that its Rogers, an evil, greedy money grabbing corporation that has a stranglehold on the Canadian consumer. Maybe its arrogant hosts like Wilner who insult the fan base that pay his bills. I don’t know the answer, because you’re right, home town broadcasters are cheerleaders, generally speaking. Is Rogers owning nhl rights really that different? not in the grand scheme of things, yet we complain all the time about it. Maybe its the shield we all hate because of the ridiculous cable or phone bill we get every month. I really don’t know.

    And to bring it back to Richards…I said it before, he was likeable. He wasn’t an arrogant, loudmouth, ranting blowhard like to many young radio personalities who think its their ticket.

  57. Joeybutts says:

    Completely off-topic but I had to put it here
    Somebody actually went there and reminded Elliote Friedman on-air about his Olympic blunder and it had to be none other that Damien Cox…

    How on earth can somebody be as dumb, not realizing that he his the most hated piece of garbage, to go and do that to one of the most respected personality who probably still didn’t recover from his mistake, despite being reassured by he whole world how liked he is.

    Cox is a disgrace and I’m listening everyday with the hope that somebody will put him in his place. There are so many opportunities, such as his Twitter account, his dismissal from the hockey staff, and so on. He was being a brute to Brandon Prust the other day while he’s trying to crack an NHL lineup by being told over and over again how bad he his, injured, slow, ageing…

    this guy deserves to work in a warehouse somewhere. No disrespect that is what I do, but please for the love of radio get this moron off the air.

  58. Anthony says:

    @Original Mitch
    However, sometimes its too on the nose. Maybe its the fact that its Rogers, an evil, greedy money grabbing corporation that has a stranglehold on the Canadian consumer. Maybe its arrogant hosts like Wilner who insult the fan base that pay his bills. I don’t know the answer, because you’re right, home town broadcasters are cheerleaders, generally speaking. Is Rogers owning nhl rights really that different? not in the grand scheme of things, yet we complain all the time about it. Maybe its the shield we all hate because of the ridiculous cable or phone bill we get every month. I really don’t know.

    I think its all of the above. I bet that if you where from Detroit and listening to the Jays broadcast, you wouldn’t really care, because they are hometown broadcasts, there suppose to be biased. They’re an evil corporation, they deserve your scorn. I just don’t think they are any different from any other hometown team is all. We complain more because its Toronto’s hometown team, but Im sure there are pockets of fans who complain just as hard in 29 other markets about their broadcasts too. TSN’s no different, they stuff CFL down your throat when they can. They use to stuff the NHL down our throats, but they where better at it then Rogers, so it was less insulting.

    I guess at the end of the day I don’t get the hate, the TV shows are what they are, and are that way for 29 other teams. Its the way it works. Leafs are the same, Raptors are the same.

    Only real issue i do take is with the guys like Shi Davidi, they worked to get where they are and have broken news both positive and negative for the Jays, he doesn’t pull punches on Prime Time, he’s more than fair. Blair is the standard for rational baseball talk in Toronto, but Davidi is fairly good in his own right.

    And Ill agree with Richards. I don’t really care either way if he’s in Toronto or not, I just found his 80s morning show schtick tired. Im in my late 30s and the ‘funny voices/songs’ routine was hot when I was a kid. I mean really, how is Richards any different than Don Landry, and the Fan let him go after he was a tired act 10 years ago.

  59. Anthony says:

    Sorry, forgot to add

    Richards never evolved, he was the same guy 20 years ago. He got here based of his success in other markets, but he is the same guy with the same program from the fan years ago. You’ve got to be better if you expect to hold listeners, theres way to many options out there now. Richards, for me anyways, got way to comfortable with his gimmick. Maybe thats fine, he probably as enough $$$ to retire at this point.

    How about some fresh blood in Toronto radio? I think TSN is prime to add a minority or female vioce to the time slot, do something different, its not like the same old same old has been working for them in the last 10 years. Just do something different.

  60. Original Mitch says:


    I’d be curious to see how many networks own the baseball team they broadcast in the States if any or what radio stations are part of same conglomerate. I’m certain that has to do with our scorn of Rogers as well because you’re right, every network has their Barry Davis, either in the form of a hot woman or a clown like jovial sideline reporter having fun at the ball park.

    And Richards never did evolve. I couldn’t agree more. Daily impressions? In 2016?

  61. Nick says:

    How does a sports radio personality “evolve” exactly? Outside of McCowan who has “evolved”? Landry was still doing cocktail parties, Wajit Khans and Vic Rauters for many years, Stellick with his pool parties, Hogan with the shot clock, Rumack with Hello and I could go on. I’m curious to know who you guys think has evolved in sports radio?

  62. Alex says:

    Yes, sny, nesn, masn, dodgers, houston, …

    Probably anyone whose games are not broadcast by fox, root or comcast.

  63. Original Mitch says:

    Everybody evolves with age and experience, no matter what they do. Successful people adapt to the times and in order to stay current and relevant. It’s funny because of the list of people you mentioned, you inadvertently proved our argument. That list a perfect group of folks who stuck with their schtick and became irrelevant. In a subjective business like radio/tv broadcasting, evolving to current generation of listeners is key. Example: it’s cute and all when at first the old hosts dismissed twitter and social media and refuse to learn the medium. It got old fast and even they realized they’d better get onboard or else they are dinosaurs. That’s sort of an example of evolving as a host.

  64. Brian says:

    @ROB Richards “stammered” a lot during interviews? Have you listened to Taggart?? This morning I counted 7 ums and uhs during ONE question during a Jerry Crasnick interview. The guy sounds like he spent most of his life with a bong in one hand and a lighter in the other — and there is nothing wrong with that. But I would prefer not to listen to someone who sounds like that. He’s got the Great Canadian Toker voice. He says “bud” at least 10 times a show, along with a few “ehs.”

    He has nothing more than skin-deep sports knowledge. He doesn’t even pronounce some names correctly. He’s there because he is friends with people and was once in a successful Canadian band. But I don’t think his presence serves sports fans all that well.

    And I’m coming at this from an unbiased perspective. If you know the man’s golf handicap, then you likely know him at some level. But I do agree than TSN 1050 has many bigger problems than Taggart — as does Toronto sports radio in general.

    This morning we could choose from Vendetta on the Fan or Wheeler and Taggart on TSN 1050. Shoot me now. That had me going to Hamilton and Dan Patrick.

    In fact, TSN 1050 has been unlistenable during most of the summer. With Hayes gone, Overdrive dies. MacArthur is good in short segments but he talks far too deliberately to listen to for three hours. Try this: Finish his sentences before he does. It’s not hard. I do it with surprising accuracy.

    As for Damien Cox, I once complained about him via email (and cc’d then editor Graham Parley) about some of his lazy work at the Star. He proceeded to send me hate-filled emails that generally demeaned me and my contributions to the planet. He proved then that he was a classless, arrogant and petty man. That he brought up Elliotte’s on-air error only shows that he hasn’t changed. I really hope he somehow makes another career-killing move on Twitter because it couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual.

  65. Antonio says:

    Taggart has no business on a sports radio station. A limited knowledge of sports, a poor vocab and a lousy radio voice = unlistenable to me.

  66. Sam In Scarb says:

    @ Brian..Re:Cox Getting iced from sportsnet hockey coverage which was CLEARLY lacking in the first place is not a direct punch to the face..demoting him to PTS with a guy that is whom is now just putting in time soaking rogers for BIG $$ (soo sweet) has not rung his bell yet nothing will.
    See Richards..Morning show big fanfare…slipped to afternoons..then the door.
    cox..hockey coverage 5 nights a week…shuffled to PTS 40 weeks a year..will that be door number 1,2 or 3 ??

  67. Brian says:

    @Sam I hope you’re right but McCown likely won’t be in that chair in a year. I hope the Fan decides to clean house once his contract is up. That means the end of Cox, Shannon (his folksy arrogance returns to the roundtable tonight) and other FOBs.

  68. Mike S says:

    Richards leaving 1050 can’t be a surprise to anyone after what happened in February when he was moved to afternoons…………however I was a bit surprised at the timing given that it came only two weeks before the start of one of the most important radio ratings periods of the year………the early afternoon timeslot is not as crucial as morning and afternoon drive but as Daniel said that doesn’t mean it is an unimportant timeslot

  69. Mike S says:

    Sounds like Jim Tatti won’t be on 1050 much anymore………they just announced that he will be the new co-host on the TSN 1150 afternoon drive show

    Apparently he will continue to host the Maple Leaf games on TSN Radio so he won’t be gone from 1050 completely

  70. Bora says:

    One of the worst roundtables of all time tonight. I tried listening to it for a few minutes then switched stations yet for some reason I switched back and it truly was unlistenable.

  71. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    @bora – I totally agree as I too turned it off – It sounded like grade 6 kids all trying to talk at once with no supervision – Blair lost control – The part I did listen to had them really over estimating the interest in the Olympics – For once I sort of agreed with Cox as he was the lone dissenter – This Joey Vendetta guy is real dial turner for me – What an insufferable jerk – Right up there with Wilner on my list of I can’t listen to radio guys – Blair is brutal and certainly won’t allow callers to disagree very much – Give me the Bobcat on his worst day over this latest serving of dreck-

  72. Gord says:

    Sports radio has to be fun and entertaining to keep my interest. If you ever travel to the USA and rent a car just try listening to their sports radio shows . They take sports way too seriously. The best radio guys are the ones who know their stuff but don’t bore you with stats and outlandish opinions just to provoke a response. I have always enjoyed Gord Stellick for his humour and laid back approach .

  73. Gary says:

    Please come back to Calgary Mike !!! You were loved on the airwaves here and will be again !!!

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