Greg Brady & Jeff Sammut Part Of Rogers Media Layoffs

February 10th, 2016 | by torontosportsmedia

I’m jumping on a plane but I can tell you that I’ve confirmed that as part of today’s Rogers Media layoffs Greg Brady and Jeff Sammut are no longer part of the Fan 590 lineup.

Rumours about both have been swirling for weeks however as late as last night it appeared that Brady might be saved.

Brady came to Toronto as a co-host with Bill Watters on 640 before moving to the Fan. At his pinnacle Brady co-hosted the morning show before being moved again to the graveyard 1-4 slot along with Andrew Walker.

Clears the time slot didn’t need  the budget that two hosts carried and the result is what it is in a budget cut world.

Sammut has been at the fan for over 17 years most of them behind the glass. He was behind many voices while producing the morning show with Stellick and Landry.  As the host of nighttime radio Sammut was passed over time and time for his own daytime gig so in a budget tight world it probably makes sense to use the time to groom new talent.

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  1. Rob J says:

    There’s always TSN radio for Brady…never mind

  2. Been a huge Walker fan, hope Greg lands on his feet, but very excited to see Andrew show his wares. I for one, see tremendous upside for him at his age and development.

  3. Art says:

    Hate seeing people laid off. this sucks. That said perhaps Brady wishes he didn’t bash tsn so hard. Not that they’re hiring yet… but I’m sure they will one day and he’s burned that bridge.

  4. Not that Chris says:

    Never kick an ass that you may have to kiss.

  5. Daniel says:

    Wow. The Fan has really downgraded itself from when it had a lineup of Brady/Walker, Blair, Tim/Sid, PTS. Can’t believe they’re paying Blundell and Shannon but let Brady go. Nuts.

    I know people think Brady won’t be able to go to TSN because he bashed them, but he used to bash 590 when he was at 640 all the time. Used to get pretty personal with McCown, and they still hired him.

    I bet he’ll end up on TSN.

  6. Sam In Scarb says:

    Brady was a real prick when Jim Lang got gassed a couple of years back from the Fan morning show.At the time I said what goes around comes around.WELL it just came around !!!Couple that with his numerous negative TSN comments I sure hope he enjoys his next job in North Bay working midnight till 5 AM.
    Could not have happened to a nicer guy.

  7. Mike says:

    The writing was on the wall for Sammut after he was consistently passed over for greater roles in the company. To be honest, I’m shocked he stuck around as long as he did.

    As for Brady, he’ll find a gig somewhere. I’m not the biggest fan of his, but he’s been around long enough that he knows his way around the industry. That said, I can’t help but wonder if he regrets going after Bell/TSN as hard as he did a couple of months back. You gotta think that bridge is burned.

  8. Darren says:

    GOOD!!! Karma is a bitch Brady, you treat people like shit all day/everyday and this is what ya get, what goes around, comes around!!

  9. Bear32 says:

    Not a real Brady fan, but at least with Walker there was a professional tone to the production. How the FAN can continue to employ Blundell, Rusic and the rest of the morning show Amateur Hour is a puzzle. Thank goodness for the internet and TuneIn.

  10. Darrell says:

    The station has crapped the bed since 2010, who’s kidding who? Constant changes, the old pricks still hanging on (Blair) and the station has continued to go downhill with each passing week.

    I would like to see Sammut at TSN Radio.

    I was NEVER a fan of Brady or even Walker but the station is continuing to fall and like the post ahead Brady being up in North Bay could not have happened to a nicer guy. Brady was a douche who constantly talked down to listeners and acted like an arrogant son-of-a-gun.

  11. mario says:

    I am surprised Brady is no longer part of the Fan, can’t really say that about Jeff. I personally enjoyed Brady ,I am sure he wont be out of work for long. All the best to both of them. Wonder now who will be on with Walker? Or another rotating co host.

  12. Peter Ballantine says:

    @Daniel What did Brady say about McCown? I know he was never invited on PTS. Anyone know?

  13. Darryl says:

    Too bad, I was a huge Greg Brady fan, a big fan of Brady & Walker, the show won’t be the same without him. All the best Greg.

  14. big shooter says:

    Two guys lost their jobs. You people are animals with your judgements. I wasn’t a big fan of the show but to slander people that don’t really have an effect on your daily life is childish

  15. Poker Guy says:

    I have to admit, my initial reaction was good, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, as stated above earlier. Although, I am not a fan of his delivery, and his inside references, that seem to amuse only himself, anyone who has ever lost a job will know, it’s a shitty feeling. I am sure he will land on his feet somewhere. I wish him all the best.

  16. Not that Chris says:

    I agree with @big shooter celebrating somebody losing their job, just because you don’t like them on the radio is a pretty shitty thing to do. These guys have families and bills to pay.

    I really don’t understand cutting Brady. He’s been a solid company guy since he joined the Fan. He was good in his first afternoon stint, got moved to morning drive and did nothing but deliver good ratings for the station. Then, when he was demoted back to the graveyard of midday again, for no real reason I might add, as he was still a ratings winner – he was professional about it. Never heard him bitch on air.

    If TSNR were smart, they would quickly forget all the shit he said about them (all of which was true), hire him tomorrow and stick him in either AM or PM drive. He would be better than anything they’ve offered since launching.

    I hope Sammut lands on his feet too. Dude seems like a genuinely nice guy.

  17. mitch says:

    Stop it and Get off your high horses here folks. These people are paid for us to love them or hate them. Don’t be lame by saying ‘they have a family to feed!’. We all do. they put themselves on display as a career and we have opinions of them. that’s how it works. Nobody wishes ill on them or their family, but we are allowed to be pleased if they no longer broadcast a show that rubbed us the wrong way. its called an opinion.
    Greg Brady was a jerk to many listeners (so is Walker) and was a jerk to Lang. Am I glad he’s fired? well frankly I don’t care, but doesn’t mean you can’t be happy that he’s off the air if it wasn’t your cup of tea.

  18. Peter Ballantine says:

    LOL at saying Brady would be better than anything on TSN1050. The BEST show on sports radio in Canada right now is Leafs Lunch. No one is even close! That’s why they’re moving to prime time.

    The difference between Bryan Hayes and shows/people like Tim&Sid and Brady is that Bryan Hayes keeps everyone in check and has smarter/better takes than ANY OTHER sports broadcaster on T.O radio. Jeff O’Neil (unlike Tim & Sid) KNOWS he’s dumb, he doesn’t believe the funny things he says like that idiot Sid. Hayes doesn’t say “OMG, KESSEL IS THE WORST PLAYER EVER!” Like Brady and have bizarre and wrong takes on players in Toronto.

    Imagine this also. A Toronto radio host that actually LIKES the Leafs! It’s amazing how long all these Leaf bashers (aka the entire FAN590 roster, no joke) are all from other places and fans of other teams. It’s frankly ridiculous and it would NEVER stand in NY or Boston.

    So great to see and hear all the RAVE reviews of Leafs Lunch on TSN1050. It truly is the best sports show out there!

  19. Art says:

    I’m with big shooter. I’m not a Brady guy at all. But no need to kick a guy when he’s down.

  20. Il Duce says:

    I’m never happy when someone loses their job but not the case with Brady. His firing couldn’t have happened to a more deserving candidate. Brady was the first person to shred others in the sports media biz.

    Brady just didn’t burn his bridges, he napalmed them!

  21. Anthony says:

    ‘Two guys lost their jobs. You people are animals with your judgements. I wasn’t a big fan of the show but to slander people that don’t really have an effect on your daily life is childish’

    I’m going to take a very small leap and assume there are those with personal attachments, ie working for either company, who post on here. Its atrocious that they choose to use this forum to rip people anonymously, but ces la vie.

    Good luck to both

  22. Pete says:

    Brady seemed like teflon at the Fan, so I’m surprised he was let go. But I’m certainly not disappointed I will no longer have to listen to him. He is smug, arrogant, demeaning. Quite frankly, he comes across as an asshole. His views on sports, and life in general, I hardly ever agreed with, so thank goodness I don’t have to listen to that anymore. Karma reared its ugly head after his childish rant geared towards TSN. They’d be a perfect candidate for him, but I hope they tell him to pump sand.

    I do wonder though, what the hell is the Fan thinking? Brady & Walker gave them great ratings in the morning. They get punted aside to bring in a non-sport shock jock in Blundell, and pair him up with the worst possible co-host in Rusic. Even in the mid-day abyss Brady & Walker were pulling in good ratings (didn’t they beat out the morning show at one time?). And Brady’s the one who gets shown the door. Odd.

    I really like Sammut. He made the night hour listenable. Goes to loyalty means squat nowadays.

  23. Antonio says:

    Another dumb move by Rogers. He and Walker were destroying TSN radio in the all-important morning slot. What does Rogers do? They move them to mid-day which made absolutely no sense. Despite killing TSN again in that slot, they go and fire one of their star hosts.

    He came across as an arrogant a-hole to some but I always found him funny and insightful – isn’t that what we want in a host?

    If TSN is smart they’ll snap him up.

  24. Hans says:

    Would Greg Brady perhaps be returning south of the border given how he seems to have burned most of his bridges (intentional or unintentional) in Canada?

    • Darrell says:

      I am sorry but I really don’t see at all where the love for Andrew Walker + Greg Brady come from? They were arrogant, cocky, self-righteous idiots who constantly talked over one another and Brady constantly talked about his time in Detroit or his love for his favorite team the Tigers. Hardly enjoyable radio.

      I personally will miss Sammut. Was he the greatest host voice? No. But the guy was a constant professional, doing whatever shift the FAN would give him. He did the overnight segments from midnight to 6 AM with Norm Rumack that I don’t care what anyone says, I would gladly listen before pencil swallowing Scotty Farrell.

      As for bashing Greg Brady, I agree with the post above. We are allowed to bash the guy’s work or praise the guy’s work (whatever side of the camp you are on?). This is not a regular Joe working at Swiss Chalet or the local 7-11, he knew exactly what he signed up for when he wanted to be a sportscaster.

      Personally speaking, I think the FAN constantly needs stroking via Twitter or e-mail otherwise you are black-balled.

      The FAN used to be a GREAT radio station back in the day, but now? It has utterly crapped the bed.

  25. Steve Jones says:

    I feel for Sammut. I wasn’t a fan per se, but he was a good company guy who in the end got screwed. That’s how the world works now. As for Brady all I can say is in retospect he was right. Not everyone can work at the #1 sports station in the market. Looks good on him.

  26. Rob in Aurora says:

    ….What Darrell said (saves me time)

    — Brady had it coming. It’s OK with me when bad things happen to people who have it coming to them. And he really did have it coming – Brady will have lots of money saved- this isn’t like the average Joe losing his job. Let him follow Dion to Ottawa. No one here will miss either of them.

    Sammutt will be a good fit at TSN if they want him. They need some good fill-in hosts. They have NONE there now – Jim Tatti is way overworked and over-exposed. Garreth and Wheeler is terrible on the 9-noon show and Leafs lunch needs a host noon to 1 (Mike Richards is only doing 1-4).

  27. Poker Guy says:

    Interesting take on things here. Yes, we are allowed to bash, and dislike, and have an opinion on personalities. All those who disliked Brady for whatever reason, what were you hoping for, that he get fired because he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with the way he came across?
    As I said before, I was no fan either, but instead of be incensed by him, I did the best thing I could… I just stopped listening to him.

  28. Anthony says:

    ‘ It has utterly crapped the bed.’

    Guess my struggle with this is why do they continue to dominate the ratings? I don’t listen to either station (just the prime time podcast), but if things are so bad then why are the FANs ratings doing so well? Just curious, if its bad, shouldnt that be indicated in the ratings?

  29. Joe says:


    I agree to some extent. I’m all for praising or bashing these guys while they are on the air. But once someone is fired I don’t see the need to shoot a dead horse. I have a lot of negative stuff to say about Brady myself, but I’ll just keep it to myself for now. I’m sure today is a difficult day for him and his family. These may not be the minimum wage Swiss Chalet guys as you said.. but I don’t think they are exactly big buck athletes or celebrities either. I mean how much does a AM talk radio host in Canada make really? I really don’t know but i can’t imagine it’s much more than the average Joe in reality.

    And the nature of the job kinda sucks. There a very limited jobs, and only 2 stations in town. they are always uprooting their families moving across the county to find work. Working some stupid hours. I honestly don’t envy these guys.

    So If I don’t like a guy I think I’ll just listen to something else. Don’t see the point in celebrating a guy losing his job.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

  30. Omar says:

    I always enjoyed Jeff Sammut on the air. I hope he lands a better job in the near future.

    In terms of bashing one personality or another, this is a sports media site; we’re here to discuss personalities the good and the bad…and yes sometimes the ugly.

  31. jaybird says:

    @ Pete:
    you wrote”…seemed like teflon at the Fan, so I’m surprised he was let go. But I’m certainly not disappointed I will no longer have to listen to him. He is smug, arrogant, demeaning. Quite frankly, he comes across as an asshole. His views on sports, and life in general, I hardly ever agreed with, so thank goodness I don’t have to listen to that anymore”- thought maybe you were talking about Wilner for a minute…

  32. Not That Chris says:

    “The Andrew Walker Show” debuts Monday at 1:00.

    Both have been Twiiter silent since the end of yesterdays show.

  33. Pete says:

    Is Rogers done with all 200 cuts, or was yesterday one of the rollouts? The only other cuts I could find were the four to a radio station in Sudbury.

    Considering the Blue Jays division is the only entirely that would be unaffected, I’ve been waiting to see who it affects from the hockey package, CityNews and 680 NEWS, and if they would continue with the Sportnet Magazine (rumours are circling around Canadian Business and Maclean’s).

  34. Louie says:

    Listening to Ryan Pinder is just about putting me to sleep. Come back Jeff and Greg!!!!

  35. Art says:

    Good Question Pete.

    I have been wondering the same thing. And like you all I could find was the sudbury cuts.

    I am wondering if the hammer will come down on the TV side. I know I have been all about not wanting to see people lose their jobs… but man I am not a Glen Healy or PJ Stock fan at all. If somebody has to get cut might as well be those two jabronis

  36. Sleepy I says:

    The irony of Brady getting fired is that he and Walker always used to joke that when one of them had to do the show solo, their fans would tweet in and say they were better apart.

    I guess that joke isn’t so funny anymore.

  37. Mike S says:

    I was a fan of Brady on 640 and I was a fan of Brady on 590………I can understand why some people would dislike him but that was never the case with me………I often disagreed with things that he said but that never stopped me from listening (similar to the way I feel about McCown)……..I am disappointed they let Brady go and I wish him all the best

    Brady’s wife works for the Globe & Mail so I’d be surprised if he leaves the GTA anytime soon

    I agree with Daniel……….when you look at what has happened to the weekday 590 lineup in the last two years it is a big step back……….the morning show they have now is unlistenable……….the noon hockey show is worse because the guys who used to be on 5 days a week are now only on Tuesday to Thursday……….the mid afternoon show has gone from Tim & Sid (entertaining) to Walker solo (I like Walker but not so much when he is solo)……….and PTS has added Reid and subtracted Brunt

  38. Rob in Aurora says:

    ….Good question: How DID Mike Wilner keep his job? As soon as his call in show starts, I switch the station. But having to listen to him on the actual game broadcast is making it hard for me to stay tuned in for the entire games. He robs me of any enjoyment.

  39. Mitch says:

    Brady was incapable of hosting the show by himself. His voice was nauseating, his attempts at humour invariably unsuccessful.

    His baseball knowledge was superficial, especially Blue Jays history. It seemed obvious to me he would look up old Jays names online and name drop them when he spoke to create the surface impression he knew of what he spoke. Anytime he tried speaking deeper than a passing reference to i.e. the ’87 Jays, it was obvious he had no idea what he was speaking about. I can only assume he was doing same on topics I know less about.

    Will anyone ever forget his screed right before the deadline that Jays would make no moves because they had absolutely no chance of catching NYY? This doesn’t just look bad with hindsight. It showed how little he knew about baseball and how pennant races work. It also showed how far he’d go to say something he thought might ingratiate himself with Rogers management.

    He seemed to confuse spinning events in a way that made Rogers management look good, with treating fans who disagreed – i.e AA’s exit – with disdain. Tellingly, the way different Fan personalities treated AA’s departure was a bell-weather indicator of the job security each Fan host felt. The strongest critics of it – McCown, Blundell – were the ones least worried about their future, whereas the most vocal defenders of Rogers handling of AA – Brady screamed from the roof tops – likely knew their end was nigh.

    I am glad Brady is gone. I hope he finds work and lives happily ever after, as long as it produces zero risk that when I flip my radio dial between the Fan and TSN that I might accidentally hear his voice.

    Vive, le Brady libre!

  40. Alex says:

    I didnt listen to brady on 590 but he is a regular on bbc 5 lives ATH-like Fighting Talk and always ruins the show for me. But he is best buds with the producers (brady did super bowl on bbc radio) and i will still hear him on there.

  41. Hans says:

    Interestingly on the TV side in the usual Brady and Walker slot (which is still listed as “Brady and Walker” on my onscreen guide) on sportsnet 360 it’s been “top 40 ____” shows all afternoon.

    IS it the same on the radio end or is Walker still doing his thing with a co-host?

  42. Art says:

    Mike Wilner keeps his job by being the Jays biggest defender in good times and bad. He defends every move they make and calls laughs at anyone who questions anything. He is the WORST!

  43. Howie says:

    Now if they would just get rid of Blundell & Wilner and get someone who actually knows something about sports. Curious, maybe there are none qualified, but wouldn’t Rogers really stir things up if they hired a female

  44. Gary Topp says:

    Sorry to see Sammut go. He and McCowan rule when it comes to conversation as opposed to interview.

  45. steph says:

    Mike wilner is great. It’s the idiots that call his show that suck and he’s right to talk to them the way he does. If you call with an opinion, he’ll ask you about it and challenge the caller. The alternative is a guy like Blair, summit, lajoie…easy choice, at least for me. He was even suspended for the station for being critical of the team for crying out loud.

  46. Art says:

    had no idea about the suspension. Honestly It’s been a very long time since I listened to him. I can’t stand him tuned him out long ago.

    I’m not huge into baseball any more but when I do hear about the Jays I much prefer Scotty Mac on TSN 1050.

  47. steph says:

    Yeah, he went after cito a few years back and was suspended for a 4 game series. He’s disagreed with management a fair amount actually. Anyways, I just think when we all say how bad Bobcat, Shannon, Blair, mcclean and the rest are, it’s refreshing to have a host who actually challenges the lister, is rational and fact based and knows his shit. It’s not his fault the callers are crappy and think that “compete levels” are why the jays have dropped 4 straight or whatever. I just think he shouldn’t the calls, that would sort the issues out.

  48. Not that Chris says:

    @Hans Ryan Pinder was hosting a show today in that slot and will be again tomorrow. Walker is back Monday hosting his own show.

  49. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    I’ve said this many times before – The reason Wilner is still around is because he works for free -That has to be the reason – He does this gig because he gets to shower with the team – That is enough pay for that clown- And to have him doing play by play is just too painful –

  50. Mitch says:

    my question is why are the hosts at the Fan mostly jerks to their listeners. If you listen to Mccown, he actually listens to callers and might disagree but never belittles them. Wilner, Walker, Brady, Blair, etc treat the callers like dirt. I don’t understand how that makes for good radio or hosts. I was sick of tuning into Walker on my way to work and constantly hear him telling me how stupid I am for having this opinion or that opinion. Why can’t these guys be likeable and good at their jobs? Its why I prefer tsn now, i’m tired of being told how stupid I am as a sports fan.

  51. steph says:

    “Because he gets to shower with the team, that’s enough pay for that clown?” Care to elaborate at all?

  52. Art says:

    I agree with mitch. I have never understood the mentality of insulting your listeners.

    One of the things I like about TSN 1050 is the hosts treat listeners with reapect. Richards and Bastl even call regualr tweeters hall of famers.

    I’ve always liked that way of doing things.

    I guess the fan thinks they are so bug time they don’t need to respect anyone. Maybe they never grew from the Stormin Norman Hammer Head days.

  53. Not that Chris says:

    Stay classy, Mitch.

  54. yaz says:

    I am out of town and didn’t catch all this until late last night when I was downloading the day’s pods on iTunes. The screen for the Brady and Walker show said ‘The Andrew Walker Show.’ I took a screen shot in disbelief. Then today during the show it said ‘Sportsnet Today Show’.

    To me, that says the PD assumed that Walker would automatically stay on in the same slot and take over the show. The fact that the title of the show changed between 11 PM Wed and 1 PM Thu says to me Walker’s agent stepped in and said hang on a second…we need to talk first if you think Walker is doing a three hour show solo for the same money – especially with 1050 in a state of disarray to use as leverage.You can bet proven commodities like both Brady and Walker are talking to 1050 as we speak. Even if Walker wasn’t hosting today and tomorrow it would still say ‘The Andrew Walker Show, Andrew is back Monday.’, not ‘Sportsnet Today Show’.

    Richards used to work with Walker and you can bet after being pissed he lost his sidekick for a three hour show he isn’t looking forward to adding an hour and doing four hours solo with the usual phalanx of insiders. There will be more shakeups before the dust settles. It is too conspicuous that the Brady ‘layoff’ happened a week before 1050 puts 75% of its schedule in the meat grinder. Something else is afoot.

    The people who like Brady, like myself, aren’t motivated to post it on a blog. I have enjoyed Brady since his time with Bill Watters. I believe he is second to Landsberg in this market in terms of his qualifications as a sports generalist as well as speaking to social issues and their relationship to sport. He is also a quick wit. He’ll be back in this market.

    And if you think about it, he really got shafted. Like Richards, he celebrated the best ratings in the morning time slot for 590 not too long before they inserted Blundell. Then the B&W ratings were on par with Tim & Sid which was a wildly successful show. ‘Budget cuts’ my ass; that’s spin. There’s more to this than meets the eye.

  55. scarboro_scamp says:

    Since Andrew Walker arrived on scene, Mike Farwell, Jim Lang, and now Greg Brady have all been let go. Something like this hasn’t been seen since Angela Lansbury starred as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote. Walker’s future co-workers need to look over their shoulders…

  56. Original Mitch says:

    SO which Mitch is going to change their name because I did not write that long winded spiel about Brady and all is foibles.
    I guess I will.
    – Original Mitch

  57. William D says:

    Brady was absolutely flung around, he started in the 1pm hour then went to hockey central at noon then to mornings then back to 1pm and finally out the door. The fan kind of did the same thing with Andrew Krystal.

  58. Long Winded Mitch says:

    I would like to be referred to as “Long Winded Mitch”

  59. Cirroc says:

    @Art, the majority of Rogers personalities are bush league, second rate broadcasters. Guys like Brady and Kypreos, amongst others, will take any chance they get to mention how they work for the “Number one” network. Of course their network is #1, they bought all the rights to the hockey and the Jays! They’re not #1 because of the excellent coverage they put on your tv. It would be like a Beer Store employee bragging about all their beer sales.

    TSN personalities for the most part put out a confident, professional vibe, instead of the “I got pushed into a locker everyday in high school” vibe of some of the Rogers guys. I’m looking at you Sid!

  60. Bora says:

    Time to bring back Jim Richards or Doug Farraway into that mid day slot 😉

  61. Not that Chris says:

    Some of the comments in this thread are why papers disabled comments after articles. Sad.

  62. Daniel says:

    The weird thing is – like them or not, Brady and Walker were a successful enough morning show. It wasn’t groundbreaking or anything, but it worked well enough, and the ratings were good (better than Blundell I believe). They should have just left them there. Now the Fan has two unsettled time slots.

    The Fan lineup seems worse now than it has in a long time, and it all seemed totally avoidable.

  63. steph says:

    It’s true, the more they fix, the worse it gets. Yesterday’s call ins about “would you keep Jose or Edwin” was insanely bad radio. I flipped to 1050, better, but not awesome though.

  64. MattK says:

    Greg Brady is saying a little bit on Twitter.

    I didn’t mind him on radio, though he could be a little knobish (including to me) on twitter including to me I still found him to be a decent person. His job was to be a entertainer not a Pulitzer prize winner. It is strange since didn’t he have the highest rated morning show for ever for the Fan 590.

  65. Marcus says:

    Unfortunate for both – Sammut was a solid sportscaster and Brady, though polarizing, had a following and delivered ratings.

    @Cirroc @Mitch good points about TSN vs The FAN. This story caught me off guard as I don’t even listen to the FAN anymore, just Leafs Lunch, maybe TSN Drive depending on the co-hosts or guests, and some ESPN weekend shows. Maybe the switch was subconsciously for the reasons you listed.

    @TSM, could you put some name non-duplication software functionality in the Name field so that we don’t end up with scenarios like the two Mitches. (Not looking for a fight with either Mitch please and thank you.)

  66. Hans says:

    I know this has probably been asked many times already, and I’m likely blind for not seeing it, but has there been any other news/info about the rest of the cuts from Rogers?

    Seems odd that there hasn’t been any other news unless we’re going to be seeing more in the next week or something.

  67. TheRealDeal says:

    Sammut and Rusic at night was a great pairing. Tim and Sid 1-4 was gold.

    Wilner’s been a Rogers swallower ever since Beeston rapped his knuckles years ago for questioning Cito. Mike’s got no problem sacrificing integrity and self-respect for a pay cheque.

    Brady has good connections throughout global media, he’ll be fine, better off even.

  68. Ken B says:

    I’m sorry to see anyone lose their job, but I recall listening to how dismissive Greg Brady was to nearly everything Jim Lang said when they co-hosted mornings on the Fan. It came through the radio loud and clear that Brady thought he was the one running the show and eventually Lang was gone.

    As an aside, while listening to 680 News today, the sports reader made a point of saying something to the effect that the Fan’s Dean Blundell had a source tell him something about Stamkos and the Leafs. It speaks to how some at Rogers continue to try and legitimize the ex-music jock as a sports authority. Still quite strange to think they brought him in, yet eventually dispose of people like Brady and Jeff Sammut, who presumably live and breathe sports.

  69. steph says:

    Well, Jim Lang was known to say some pretty silly things with a high amount of frequency. I just remember them arguing counterpoints that made for a bad listen…

  70. Christhecrusher says:

    wow, Gregg Brady gone! Morons are running Rogers. Hey I was a big fan of Tim and Sid in the 1-4 time slot, I found them entertaining and they had a pulling vibe, when Brady and Walker took their place; I wanted no part of it at first, but after a few months I found them really interesting as well, they have good chemistry and know their sports. And they are getting good ratings as well. Where is the problemÉ So am I missing something Rogers. The co operate lunatics who are over thinking and trying to re invent the freaking wheel need to be fired. How many Rogers co operative decision makers does it take to screw in a light bulb…it could take a while, first they will have to decide between turning it clockwise or counter clockwise; freaking morons…good luck Brady, I`m still not a huge fan, but was getting there…you are okay! I think Rogers should just double Mccowans salary and have him do his show from 1-7…go Bobcat! But Bobcat, Tiger Woods is the best ever! `just saying

  71. yaz says:

    Brady Tweeted more last night than he ever has in an entire week I think. Responded to everyone and it was I believe all positive comments towards Brady. He is now @gbradyradio

  72. Michelle says:

    I am disappointed by the cancellation of Brady and Walker,took a long time to get use to Tim and Sid not being on the radio in the afternoon now I am enjoying Brady and Walker very much now their gone Not impressed with Sportsnet right now.

  73. Paul says:

    Walker is another in a long line of blowhards Rogers brings in on the cheap from the west or other failed radio/tv stations. If you go through most of the Rogers on air employees you will find their previous experience less than impressive. From the two stooges (Tim @ Sid) who basically read Tweets for living to all the ex Globe and Mail guys, the FAN590 gets weaker every day. Dean Blundell doing his David Letterman impression from 5-9 every morning is totally lame and so is his pretending to be close pals with everyone in the sports world. Getting tired of listening to one Rogers employee interview another Rogers employee all day long. This is what passes for content these days. At least they are trotting out John Paul Morosi every 3 or 4 hours He’s great but man are they beating him to death. Today his big news was that the Jays haven’t offered Encarcion a deal yet. Slim pickin’s. At least he’s better than McLean/Kypreos every 2 hours. Even McCown has degraded over the last couple of years. He’s no longer edgy as he is too buddy-buddy with everyone now. Hell he told Beeston he loved him on-air. Then there’s his pal Burkie, and Bob Nicholson, don’t ever forget Saint Alex. It’s a mess. It’s what you get when Rogers owns the radio, tv, and the teams. It’s all too incestuous now. I miss the Swirsk;)

  74. Gaetano says:

    The fan 590 isn’t like that radio station which started off as the fan 1430 .. There was a sense of relationship between listener and the station ie Bob would bring in Nelson Millman to get feed back from listeners .. I hate they now fire people and listeners don’t even get a chance to say bye or the radio station doesn’t even mention it but go on like it never existed .. The fan acts like ” Rogers ” They are a corporation with no feelings and just worry about the bottom line .. You bash Brady but when Jim Lang was let go he paid tribute to him on the air … The fact they shoved Dean Blundell down our throats cause the are obsessed with demographics says a lot about this radio station .. We will tell you what you like we don’t care what your opinion is on what we are doing ..

  75. Gaetano says:

    Is it just me or is karma playing itself out with Rogers .. They overpaid for NHL rights just to screw TSN and now no Canadian teams in hockey playoffs .. You just have to look no further then AA to see how Rogers acts behind the scenes … Him leaving millions on the table was him giving Rogers the big finger .. How Rogers treated Paul Beeston reminds me how they treated people like Bob Stellick and Barb Digiulio who helped grow the fan to what it is today ..

  76. paul says:

    With all due respect, Walker is a child on the air with a lack of credible sports knowledge to be taken seriously…he may be younger but he is vastly inferior to Brady and the least informed 9-5 sports personality in Toronto Sports radio…he was the reason I barely listened to the afternoon time slot and now that slot is dead to me

  77. jake says:

    Two of Rogers lemming shills take the fall. Well, no love loss here and can only hope other sellouts like Brunt follow soon. Station so blatantly owner biased that it’s lost all credibility and is no longer believable, let alone interesting.
    (“We’re so lucky Jays didn’t sign David Price – let’s ask new shill JP Morosi again what he thinks)

  78. Bill Love says:

    Just heard about Greg Brady being let go , I wish it had come sooner . His style was frantic and over-bearing and not very entertaining . I liked Sammut , he seemed in tune with his listeners and actually was respectful of their point of view. I am disappointed that Shannon is still employed at the FAN . I still can’t figure out what he is supposed to be offering. I guess it helps if your friends with Bobcat.

  79. TONY says:

    Again the fan completely gets it wrong. I am a big Greg Brady fan and he carried the show. He was insightful, refreshing and very knowledgeable. Why fire Greg Brady when the show was named after him first and foremost. The fan should be ashamed of themselves for making such a colossal mistake. Who is the fan kidding, do they think that those two guys in the morning are better than Greg Brady, then whoever is responsible for making this decision at the fan is completely incompetent.

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