Saturday Sports Media Wrap

July 9th, 2016 | by torontosportsmedia
Saturday Sports Media Wrap
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Well, things have quieted down a little bit since Rogers hit the panic button with their NHL changes.  That hasn't stopped other things in the media business being bantered around.

With no new concrete stories to comment on yet per se I took to the Twiterverse in hopes of fielding topical requests.  I've tried to address those that I found interesting below.

As the Blue Jays have risen and put together a hell of a streak the media attention has grown.  I follow most games via twitter and I am seeing what I saw last season.  Sports personalities from all outlets following along and commenting.  Many of you have noted that the "umpriring" last week and the Michael Saunders All Star campaign have been more pom pom, cheerleading "coverage" from our media than the usual.  The most common battle cry is that it is the Rogers media who seems to be "pom pomming" the most.

Sorry folks, I disagree.

Perhaps the Rogers affiliated folks whom you listen to or watch are being more vocal these days, but I think that Blue Jays drumming has been wide spread.  Those furious with the calls last week were not just Rogers media types.  The get Saunders to the All Star Game campaign was wide spread too.

I will say that I agree with those of you who are questioning whether the campaigning (by all media types) is crossing from the land of objective media coverage to  cheering; the question is does it matter and do we care?

I have written this many times, I, and I am only speaking for myself, do NOT have a problem with those in the media "cheering on".

I am sorry to those who are deeply offended by this, I don't have a problem with it.

During Friday's tennis triumph, Milos Raonic was being cheered on by those in the media I follow on twitter who were tweeting about the match.  There is no question about that.  Call me crazy, but I truly believe that one can be a fan and yet maintain objectivity in the manner in which they cover the game.  I do.

I come back to it all the time, but seeing Barry Davis arm pump when Jose hit the homer in the playoffs last year is not only fine by me, it's what I expect.  

Long long ago I worked for a minor league professional hockey team.  One of the players on the team, a former Maple Leaf once told me that he really didn't love the game and that to him it was a job.  At that time I remember thinking to myself what a sad commentary that was; So many of us would kill to have the career this gus had and to him it was only a job.  While being a sportscaster may not have the glory (or the salary) of being an athlete, while admittedly idealistic I'd like to think that those who do it in part for the love of the game. I know, I know everything after a while becomes a grind.  I would really like to think that still when a member of the media walks in to an arena or stadium to cover the game they have the same excited feeling that they did when they were a wide eyed kid going to watch.  So, if they cheer along for the home team or their team, I am more than okay with that. 

Back in the day, I would write about and comment on just about anything or anyone in the sports world from a media perspective.  Like all things in life, people come and go, some on their own others get pushed.  Some go quietly, others no so much.  There are a handful of characters who used to play rather significant roles in the Toronto sports media world who are otherwise irrelvant these days except for their presence on social media or their own websites.  I wont mention names for the point I am making is that the onyl way these types of people have any relevancy at all is if people retweet or comment about them in the first place.  The poeple I am speaking about specifically I do not follow on any social media platform nor do I read their websites.  Many of you email, text or post their stuff asking me why I don't comment on them directly.  The answer to me is simple, these folks are saying things, in my opinion for the sole purpose of getting a reaction.  Anyone who comments, retweets or posts their "work" are giving them the audience they desire.  So when one of them went on a rant this week about the awful killings I only knew about it because some of you pointed them out.  My advice is if they bother you don't follow them or listen to them.  I am not going to talk about them here as I am not interested in them or their opinions.

Many of you asked MIB and or I to do a review/preview of the Toronto Sports radio scene.  "Who should go and who they should go after" was one request.  An other was a look at the upcoming media members in the face of an aging current list of prominent characters.  Mike and I will be doing the radio thing as promised very soon so standby for that.  The aging roster issue in my opinion is a fascinating topic.  I think it's a huge problem today and the lack of bench talent across the industry is something that should be concerning to those who are in the business.  I will write on this topic in greater detail soon as it is something I have spent quite a bit of time talking to insiders about.

Quick couple of off topic hits:

I saw Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates.  It won't win any awards, but man oh man is it funny. A real throwback comedy.

I am a huge fan of the TV show Tyrant; at least the first couple of seasons.  The new season premiere this week sucked.  Hope it's not a sign of things to come.

I know the why but I still find it infuriating that when I am in the United States I can't access my sportsnet online coverage of Blue Jays games.  Yes, I know about VPN's, yes I can buy a MLB package…. I get it.  I still don't like it.

The latest season of Orange is the New Black, 4 episodes in? Yawn.

Am I the only one who finds that the Globe and Mail having a paywall keeps me away from the site as opposed to making me think about buying a pass?

Not a knock, but it's been about 4 months since I last listened to the Fan morning show.  To quote REM, and I feel fine.

Still no word on when I can buy my new Leafs jersey.  Like the old saying, no time like the future!

Dear Twitter: I get the blocking of users from people "talking to people" directly – blocking people from seeing other people's tweets is dumb.  

Finally, on the random thoughts piece, if you are looking to shed a few pounds, I've been following Ideal Protein since January 4.  Down 48 lbs and feeling great.

Lastly a little bit of house keeping:

I love that people come to this site and treat it as their own.  I take great pride in all the comments that get posted here and am truly grateful for those who take the time to read and comment.  Beginning, middle and end.

However, I ( and MIM too whom I will take the liberty of typing on his behalf) are not going to accept the personal attacks one way or the other.  It's really simple folks, if you have an opinion, you are more than welcome to share it.  I, or we don't care if you are right, if we like the comment or even agree with it.  What we won't tolerate any more is the very small group of folks who do nothing more than say things to push the buttons of others OR simply bash other folks on the site.

If you don't agree, that's fine.  We welcome debate and disagreement.  There is no reason to make it personal and to attack others.  If you do the comment will be deleted.

Beginning, middle and end.


Happy day.





  1. Stan says:

    Some great topics this week, but I’d like to nominate Friday’s PTS roundtable of Fay, Grange, D Smith, and Perkins as the ‘worst of the year’ thus far. I know McCown gets heat from many but when he’s not hosting, the show is nearly unlistenable.

  2. (Another) Andrew says:

    Stan – I had it on for one segment. Doug Smith can’t even pronounce Raonic’s name. (It’s not pronounced like the name of a city in Virginia). The average casual viewer probably knows more about tennis than any of the roundtable participants. It was the same when Bob, Shannon, and Richard Deitsch tried to talk soccer a few weeks ago. Their lack of basic knowledge was just cringeworthy. I used to say here that The Fan needed to talk about other sports – not just NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA – but every time they do so it’s so painfully obvious that they don’t follow other sports (golf excepted) that it’s really a waste of air time.

    Down 48 lbs and feeling great

    I know it’s good to lose weight but is it not a bit dangerous to lose so much so quickly?

  3. Drumanchor says:

    With apologies, but to believe, or hope, that a media member walks into an arena with the same excitement they did as a wide-eyed child, is completely delusional.

  4. mario says:

    Thanks for the time you and MIB put into this site, much appreciated. On the topic of twitter it just not my thing, if they are in the media I will read them, listen or watch them. That’s if its worth my time.

  5. Curt says:

    I guess I’m old school but I subscribe to the “no cheering in the press box” credo. I admit that seems to be an increasingly antiquated notion these days, but that’s how I feel.

  6. Original Mitch says:

    I guess i’m old too, because I found the Barry Davis moment utterly embarrassing, for him especially (and I generally like Barry). There’s a time and a place and during working hours is not the time.
    being a sportcaster is a job like any other and showing professionalism is part of it. Cheerleading, drinking, those are no-nos while working. If a reporter can’t contain themselves, then they should 1) work somewhere else 2) buy a ticket and sit in the stands and ask to cover a different sport.
    my biggest pet peeve is when a “reporter” acts offended when a player asks for a trade or leaves the organization, as if said athlete owes the reporter anything. A fan has a right to that feeling, not a reporter. And this is about to get very dicey when Bautista and Edwin both leave. I hate that I already know Sportsnet will be dumping on those two despite what they did for the organization for many years.

  7. Ryan says:

    I agree about yesterday’s PTS round table. It was awful. That segment about Milos was embarrassing. I swear Smith and Perkins kept calling him “Roenick”. C’mon, I don’t expect expert tennis knowledge, but Milos has been around for a while and his name isn’t that hard to pronounce. Just use “Milos” if it is so damn hard.

  8. Alex says:

    Deitsch is a soccer guy, so he was probably swimming upstream with bob and shannon. He would likely have had better luck woth Blair and Brunt.

  9. Anthony says:


    My weight is a yo yo, up 40, down 40. Hopefully for yourself it says down.

    Thanks for all you do, very well thought, articulate post. Pretty much agree with everything you say 100 percent. You’re bound to rile up that very vocal minority who disagree with you, but for my money, the enthusiasm, be it Tennis, Hockey or Baseball, it fun. And thats what sports is all about, fun

  10. Stan says:

    With the topic of cheerleading, I find Toronto fans love it when the media cheer for the Jays, Leafs, Raptors, etc but get way out of sorts when other team’s broadcasts (eg Red Sox, White Sox, Yankees) do the same or when a non partisan broadcast like in the MLB playoffs last year don’t give Toronto undying love and adoration. Then all heck breaks loose. They love media cheerleading, as long as it’s for their favourite teams.

  11. AP says:

    Omg I checked out PTS to hear them pronounce Raonic. First Doug Smith is saying it Raonick. But then Perkins goes for Roenick like the hockey player, and Doug Smith changes up to Roenick, too!! It was painful I had to tune out. It’s the early part of the 5 pm hour on Friday.

  12. Stan says:

    I listen to PTS by way of podcast. It was so incredibly tempting to fast-forward or skip ahead but I kept hoping for something redeeming! No such luck but I will try again next week.

  13. Nick says:

    Another Andrew, I lost 70 lbs 3 years ago but more importantly I have keep it off. In previous attempts I lost 30 gained 40, lost 20 gained 30. This time I decided to do it correctly, no fad diets or schemes, did not become vegan or even vegetarian. I just learned what foods I need to eat and when, plus I now have a pretty rigorous work out routine. Congratulations sir, great job!

  14. Jacob says:

    I don’t mind cheerleading in sport’s journalism because it is sport’s journalism. At the end of the day, their bias doesn’t really negatively effect anyone.

  15. Frank says:

    PTS is not what it use to be….find myself turning off more than turning on these days

  16. (Another) Andrew says:

    Deitsch is a soccer guy,

    After Bob mentioned the “British team” being underperformers or something like that Deitsch said they had two of the top five players at one time – David Beckham & Ryan Giggs. OK, they are both British, true enough, but they played for different British nations – England and Wales respectively. But, yes, I agree Deitsch knows more on the subject than McCown and Shannon.

    James Sharman and Faisal Khamisa hosted Tim & Sid on Friday. I think I switched it over to them after the roundtable tennis debacle. Anyway, I thought the two of them did a good job.

  17. Pete says:

    The higher ups at Bell must be doing cartwheels today. First Raonic in a Grand Slam final and now the Euro final.

  18. Sam In Scarb says:

    When D.Tavis came to the BJ’S it was a smooth deal.
    Now,looking back it looks even better
    As per ESPN

    Again “Thank yo Alex “

  19. yaz says:

    Really informative Pod on Toronto Mike’d with Shoalts. A lot of info there. My wish is to have Shoalts with Zelcovich on the same Pod talking Rogers. To me, Rogers has just kind of given up or sobered up to reality. They’ll just be a broadcaster now, not trying to ‘grow the game.’ TSN continues its first rate hockey coverage while expanding on site coverage of other sports. Kudos to Nadir for going all in, but it didn’t work. Will be interesting to see their next play under Laurence.

  20. Mullet says:

    wow SN Caroline Kennedy on ESPN Wimbledon… Doesn’t TSN hold the tennis rights…?

  21. Big G says:


    Don’t you mean Caroline Cameron???????

  22. RobInAurora says:

    Barry Davis can wave the pom poms all he wants. He’s entitled to it. He is such a lightweight though. Sportsnet’s coverage of everything is just awful. (it just is jonah – and you know it).

    I see Caroline Cameron got hsrself onto ESPN’s coverage which obvously showed up on TSN. Not really a big deal. But there they were, tweeting it all over the phone place (Friedman too). . Kind of sneaky. Maybe even a. Definitely juvenile to brag about it.

    Fact remains, TSN knocked the skin off the ball today. Fiirst Wimbledon, then the euro cup. I don’t think Caroline Cameron means a whole lot to anyone who watches TSN, nobody knows who she is…but seeing as Ray Ferraro, Gord Miller and Chris Cuthbert are broadcast on dozens of hours on Sportsnet hockey coverage legitimately e vryb year…(ie: Sportsnet pays to rebroadcast their fine work for NBC) it was a pretty minor “victory” for Sportsnet todayyt…(they can’t keep up with TSN, they shouldn’t even try)

  23. Big G says:


    Lets not forget if there is a baseball analogy to be used in reference to the length of the NHL deal it would be, it’s still early in the game. Still a lot of swings left or to coin Wilners favorite phrase “It’s Early”

  24. yaz says:

    @Big G a couple of weeks ago when PTS was talking Ali with a Professor from U of C at Berkeley, Bob asked him if he could discuss the effect Ali had on the world. The professor ( forgot his name ) said, ‘I recall one time in 1976 when Zhou Enlai was asked by Le Monde to discuss the effects of the French Revolution of 1748, Zhou said ‘it’s too soon to tell.”‘

  25. Huz says:

    I love the irony in that Cuthbert, Ferraro, Miller all turned down offers from Rogers when they first got the rights, yet still appear on Sportsnet when Sportsnet re-broadcasts the NBC feed during the regular season and playoffs.

  26. Stefan Bruggemann says:

    I’m disappointed to hear that Andy Frost won’t be announcing at the ACC but even more disappointed that there will not be some version of Leaf talk. I preferred Frost to Gord Stellick and Gord Hlushko and I don’t I’m alone in that preference. I have nothing against Stellick or Hlushko. They’re fine. I want to hear people like ‘Mike in Buffalo’ on the air. As a diehard Leafs fan, I want a place where Leafs fans can “hang out” and where moderators can also be fans.

    Count me among those who are happy with HNIC going back to being Hockey Night in Canada with Ron Maclean hosting. They should never have messed with a Canadian institution and icon in the first place. I must be one of the only people who thought they should retain Glenn Healy. I prefer the old team of Friedman, Hrudey, and Healy.

    The current talent I think they should promote and retain, especially on Leaf broadcasts are Mike Johnson, Elliotte Friedman, Kelly Hrudey, Christine Simpson or Cassie Campbell-Pascall, Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson.

    With respect to a Leaf bias, I’ve got no problem with Rogers tailoring their broadcasts for local audiences across Canada. As a Leafs fan, I also like hearing about what’s happening with the Jets, Flames or Oilers. The idea that “as the Canucks go, so goes Canada”, a sentiment that was expressed on another page on this blog, is laughable. The notion that the Leafs are Canada’s team is debatable but what is probably not debatable is that the Leafs have the most fans and these fans are spread out across Canada with the exception being Quebec. In general, with some exceptions I suppose, when the Leafs do well, ratings do well. This will continue to be the case, even as Canada becomes less white and more urban. Although the Leafs will not win the Cup any time soon, it appears they are finally on the right track and there is light at the end of the tunnel. With Connor McDavid in Edmonton, Laine in Winnipeg, Matthews et. al in Toronto, the NHL will generate more interest, not to mention the fact that Matthews and Eichel, Nylander vs. Nylander will generate buzz and interest in Toronto.

    With respect to bias and homerism in broadcasting, count me among those fans who don’t mind a bit of homerism and boosterism so long as it doesn’t compromise a broadcaster’s ability to be impartial or fair when necessary. Don Cherry is pro Leafs but he is complementary of Canadian born players across Canada, players whose names, like Bieksa, that he can’t pronounce. It’s not as if Michael Saunders did not deserve to go to the All-Star game.

  27. chuck says:

    Rogers has rights to Canadian Hockey League, but TSN continues to report on this issue:
    More self censorship at Rogers, or just no one really care about junior hockey?
    For one, I like that TSN seems to have a bigger interest in doing reporting on issues in sports, not only “he’s a great player but a better person” profiles.

  28. Antonio says:

    I don’t mind Fay too much as host. However, he should limit is long winded questions and try for the love of God to identify who he’s interviewing. its a rookie mistake that even Bob manages to make. I’m listening on the radio and I’m not Kreskin.

  29. Pete says:

    I really don’t have a problem with the media cheering. Seriously, how could they not? If I’m Barry Davis or Mike Wilner and have been a life-long fan of the Jays, how in the hell am I supposed to remain stoic for instance when Bautista hit that home run?! It’s just natural emotion, I don’t care with whom you work or are covering for. (Same goes for Joe Bowen when he calls Leaf games).

    Now, the issue I do take is when the “pom pom” waving all of a sudden crosses over where these media types lose their objectivity and fail to call a spade a spade. Not everything is always roses. And that’s where Rogers teeters over the line when it comes to the Jays and I find the same with TSN when it comes to the CFL.

  30. Birdman says:

    Milos needs to walk into the PTS studios and tell them to put some Respek on his name.

  31. Omar says:

    Perhaps the litmus test with respect to homerism as it pertains to Jays will come to a head next off season. There is a real possibility that Bautista, Encarnacion and Saunders are all gone. Will this mean that we start hearing stories about why it’s better that they are no longer with club? Time will tell.

  32. Huz says:

    Why can’t Sportsnet have a Hockey show like “That’s Hockey” at 7 PM and 11 PM? Can’t we hear about what’s going on around the league daily from the NHL’s only Canadian Broadcast Partner?

    Can we also get some proper coverage of the Jets, Flames, Oilers, Canucks, Sens, Habs? It feels like they barely talk about them, and when they do, they don’t know what they’re taking about because they’re always talking about the Leafs.

    By the way Rogers treats their Hockey Coverage, you’d never know that they own the National Rights and the majority of the Regional Rights.

  33. yaz says:

    Agreed. TSN Hockey Tonight is on my PVR schedule and first thing I go to when I get home. TSN didn’t win the NHL rights but they’re winning the war.

  34. GreyCountyMike says:

    If this has already been brought up, my apologies.

    Kudos to print-turned-TSN journalist Rick Westhead for keeping on the CHL compensation story. He’s the first to admit it’s a challenging story with a lot of half-truths and innuendo, but the guy’s covering it like a true pro. No matter which side of the issue you fall, you must appreciate the work this man is putting into a story that most junior hockey reporters have either ignored or, at best, gave a passing shot to on the way to the team bus.

  35. Huz says:

    How useless is that Sportsnet Set after everything that has gone on recently? All the screens, puck walls, red chairs, the 2nd floor etc is nothing now since they want to change course. The Red Chairs were for George, now he’s gone. Plus they won’t be using the Set for any regional games, and might air some National games from the rink.

    They should’ve built the Set in the Rogers building instead of the CBC building, and kept the old Hockey Night In Canada Set just in case. Now we’re stuck with this set for the next 10 years.

    Talk about wasting Money.

  36. Eric says:

    I tuned in to TSN’s morning show this morning. I hate Landsberg but find Cauz funny so I thought I’d give it a shot.

    Nothing new in terms of how I feel about them but what I did notice was the new Leafs reporter Kristen something. Are you kidding me? She sounds like a kid. How old is she really? I couldn’t take her seriously with that giggly little voice. she sounds like a teeny bopper calling in to request a backstreet boys song.

    I know this is going to come off as sexist, and there are plenty of great female broadcasters on TSN and Sportsnet (more so on the TV side) but my problem isn’t that she is a female it’s her voice and her way of talking. She just sounds like a kid.

    I understand she has been in the biz for a while as a writer. but good writers don’t necessarily make good broadcasters. It’s a radio gig and she isn’t a fit.

    was nobody else available?

  37. PBI says:

    Good point about Toronto Mike’s podcast with David Shoalts, really informative listen about the entire Rogers hockey rights saga.

    What he said about people’s opinions on Ron MacLean was word for word what TSM’s anonymous sources had to say.

  38. steve williams says:

    Re: new leafs beat reporter…
    “was nobody else available?”
    my guess is she might have been 1st one to accept the position at the
    wage/conditions Rogers was offering.

  39. Simulcast In Mississauga says:

    Most sports radio listeners tune into PTS, especially when Bob isn’t on vacation, with Overdrive a distance second choice according to the ratings. Over the summer, Overdrive should take a few steps to try to increase its share as well as to provide synergy with the TSN1-5 offerings.Two good stations are better than one.

    1)TSN1-5 has excellent coverage of golf, F1 racing, NASCAR and tennis as well as many other sports. Overdrive should spend much more time discussing these sports to attempt to generate more interest in them both for Overdrive and TSN. Right now, Overdrive is often a commercial to watch NHL hockey on Sportsnet. Let’s face it, Sportsnet has ten more years of the NHL contract remaining so Overdrive/TSN should promote and build interest in the properties that they have.

    2)Time it so that when PTS is on commercial, Overdrive is not on commercial. People may switch when PTS is on commercial to try Overdrive but if Overdrive is also in commercial (the usual case) an opportunity for a new listener is lost as listeners switch back to PTS to wait out the messages from Korry’s.

    3)Go commercial free from 4 to 5 for the summer.

    4)Reassess the host line up for the fall. Hayes is professional and interesting but Mr. Joyboy the ODog and his buddy the serious Mr. Starker Noodles need to widen their sports repertoire. Perhaps Andi Petrillo should move to join Hayes and deposit the ODog back to Leafs Lunch.

    PTS will always be the king while Bob is around but with improved strategy and content Overdrive might end up challenging as a market leader when Bob retires to his wineries and palatial estate.

  40. steve williams says:

    Homerism…. Reporters & Analysts
    For me, nothing worse in sports than a “cheerleader” with a press pass.
    Be professional, be objective, leave the personal bias at home and
    have the fortitude to call a performance or result for what it is.

    Unfortunately, this is rare at both TSN & Sportsnet.

    My only caveat would pertain to play-by-play.
    I subscribe to SiriusXM for access to MLB, NHL & NFL games, and all of the play-by-play guys are homers, some are notorious, others not so much but none are unbiased in their play calling.

    They are what they are, homers!

  41. steve says:

    Outside of Baseball Central, there’s not much worth listening to on the Fan.
    PTS roundtable has become unlistenable, the quality of the guests has deteriorated to “friends of bob”. Sure they talk a lot, but none of them including bob offer anything of interest or value.

    Locally, TSN 1050, TSN 1150 & GR55 get most of my preset action.

    What was my “Fan” time is now spent listening to sports talk options available from SiriusXM.

  42. Cirroc says:


    Couldn’t agree more on Kristen (Shilton?). I’m no sexist either but maybe she isn’t cut out for radio. Also, I could’ve made that call in, she just regurgitated info that everyone has been talking about for the better part of two weeks. Now maybe they were lobbing one over the middle for her on account of it being her debut, who knows. Time will tell.

  43. MjwW says:

    Ken Reid hosting for Tim & Sid:

    He just made fun of athletes not attending Rio due to health concerns. Is Ken Reid a doctor? A scientist? NO!


  44. MjwW says:


    Baseball Central has been a joke since Barker joined it. That meathead has no business on radio.

  45. yaz says:

    Been trying to Pod Overdrive but it has been a worse disaster than normal. Yesterday’s Pod’s didn’t go up until sometime today and were labelled as ‘today’. So there were 6 Eps put up today and the first 5 created a popup that said ‘this episode is temporarily unavailable’ when you clicked on it. Gave up. Went to PTS.

  46. Huz says:

    “Even if they don’t have the national rights anymore, TSN is still the best source for NHL news and commentary. Along with having stronger on-air talent and production staff, they also don’t have the “Gary Bettman propaganda filter applied, and will take a critical and journalistic approach to the game, even suggesting that the playoffs should be over by the end of May for example. You would never hear such commentary at Rogers”. Couldn’t agree more.

    Funny how Rogers and Scott Moore have to mention that they’re beating TSN everytime ratings are brought up. TSN just sits there and keeps on doing what they do, and that’s produce the best Hockey Broadcasts in the business.

    Bettman should’ve split the rights among the CBC, TSN, Rogers, or TSN and Rogers.

  47. Alex says:

    Presumably both stations will be wall to wall outrage over the ASG national anthem embroglio.

  48. Matty Zero says:

    @Sim If Overdrive covered ‘golf, F1 racing, NASCAR and tennis’ any more, the already-minuscule audience would evaporate. Glad you aren’t the PD!

    Heard Shannon on PTS yesterday as a guest, and it wasn’t half bad! Exactly where he should be, when he’s not busy being the NHL’s sock puppet.

    The dog days are upon us, especially radio-wise. Get ready for a lot of the B team talent paraded about.

  49. koko b.ware says:

    Anyone see the interview of Brian Lawton by Landsberg and Cauz? It’s on the TSN site. Is it just me or is Cauz seriously pissed at Landsberg for his long-winded intro and question?

  50. Eric says:

    Where has Art been? I figured he would be on here living it up today. I just listened to the David Bastl podcast and he announced that he will be on the fan 590 morning show for 2 weeks at the end of the month. He said he would be working with Rusic so I guess Blundell is on Vacay.

    I got to admit I’m looking forward to it myslef. I am no Dean Blundell fan, and I can’t stand Landsberg so this will give me atleast 2 weeks of sporta radio worth listening too on the drive to work.

    Going to be weird listening to 590 in the morning again, It’s been a while.

  51. Darrell says:

    I am not a fan of Dean Blundell but am I the only person who gets sick and tired of hearing the repetitive, “Didi Greg, Greg, Gregorius” jokes every single morning!? It may have been funny the first time, but after 30 times – I think you need new material.

  52. steve says:

    Wonder if Rosie went for the throat?

  53. yaz says:

    DiManno charged with assault 100 km north of Belleville, going to court in Bancroft? She’ll be the Grit Grinder of the day on Overdrive tonight.

  54. Mike V says:

    So did the move to BMO Field actually help or hurt Argos attendance? 12k announced last night (lower than any game the last decade at the place they supposedly couldn’t wait to leave) with what looks like 2/3 of that number in the stands.

  55. GreyCountyMike says:

    For a commentator who rarely waits for details to blast away on Twitter, it’s interesting that Bruce Arthur has yet to offer any observations on the Rosie DiManno situation.

  56. KJ says:

    @GreyCountyMike – Had Rosie worked with any other newspaper besides the Star, you can bet that the supreme moral judge of our time would have cast his infallible verdict by now

    @Mike V – I was at the Argos game last night, excited to see my first Redblacks game since moving from Ottawa a couple of years ago. I have to say I was truly surprised at how small the crowd was. I understand having the game on a Wednesday night definitely hurt but the other excuses seemed a bit much: The Indy setup (not nearly as obtrusive as people let on), The Duran Duran concert (because many a sporting event in a metropolitan area of almost 6 million have been utterly distrupted by Duran Duran, for shame…), the heat (given the proximity to the lake and the time of the evening, the stadium may have been the coolest outdoor venue in the city last night). I understand that it’s going to take a number of years to fully repair the indifference this market has towards this team but last night was concerning. I say this as someone who is obviously not a fan of the team: I’m really impressed with the new setup at BMO field, I think it’s a great place to watch a football game on a summer night, you guys have a solid team (maybe not a contending team, but certainly far from a bad team, which is normally more than satisfactory enough in the Toronto sports landscape), you have a hall of fame quarterback to appreciate in his final years, you have probably the most affordable tickets in the CFL and you had an evening where the Jays weren’t playing and you had a provincial matchup to market. A lot of the pieces are in place to make this appealing for the market, how last night’s number was *that* low is worrisome to me for gauging the success of this move.

  57. Derrick says:

    @KJ, @Mike V,

    The weather as an excuse to not go to the Argo game is a poor one. If someone bought tickets to go to the game then they would’ve gone, regardless of the heat.

    One of the issues with having the game at BMO Field vs. Rogers Center is you will have zero walk up ticket sales @ BMO. It is not easy to walk to from Liberty Village or anywhere else, so the organization needs to count on the diehard CFL/Argo fan to attend.

    The next game is Monday(?), July 25th, vs. Montreal. It will be really interesting to see the attendance for this game. If it’s sub 15,000 then I think we need to really start discussing the success or failure of the move to BMO.

  58. Mike V says:

    KJ, I heard those excuses as well and I’m not buying them too. The reason is the announced crowd is based on tickets SOLD (don’t know if CFL includes giveaways or not), not the actual number scanned at the gates. People buying tickets in advance had no clue how hot it would be last night and I suspect that none of them were also thinking about Indy set-up for a race on the weekend. And the concert… I mean how many times did the ACC host an event down Bremner while the Argos were playing?

    I think Bell and the league erred by putting so many eggs in the BMO basket, which was quite surprising IMO because the company is well aware of the competitiveness in Toronto’s entertainment scene. I mentioned this in a previous post but in the off-season the team president was boasting about how he thought selling out every game was realistic with a season ticket base around 20,000 to boot. They acted like moving to an outdoor stadium, dangling the prospect of getting tickets to another Grey Cup and throwing up a place for people to BBQ would cure everything. Not all that different from Rogers’ attitude to the Bills series when you think about it. Now, 2 games in that idea has been smashed to pieces. This has only re-enforced my belief that the Argos are a zombie team (they will not die with Bell backing it and in for the long haul with the media contract, but nothing seems to be able to revive the team’s fortunes).

  59. Derrick says:

    @Mike V,

    How many eggs did Bell have left w the Argos? BMO Field is the last basket they could put the eggs in.

  60. Huz says:

    So… What’s TSN’s plan for the next 10 years?

  61. Nanaman says:

    I teach at an elementary school in a part of the GTA which is prime for the Argonauts to market to their tickets. At our school, we started a flag football league using CFL team names and rules.

    Last year, I contacted the TORONTO ARGONAUTS’ Coordinator for Education & Community Programs. I discussed promoting their team through the purchase of tickets for approximately 120 students. The students are 9 – 11 years old and the children of recent immigrants to Canada. Not one of them had ever attended a football game and most are unlikely to ever attend one. Nevertheless, even after explaining the socio-economic conditions of our school clientele, the cost per ticket quoted was higher than tickets available via resale (kijiji).

    At that point , I came to realize that the team’s attendance is doomed to fail. The game was being held at the Rogers Centre, and guess what? It wasn’t sold out anyways.

    No need to make the tickets free, but the team really needs to stop being short-sighted. The Argonauts really need to effectively promote the brand and the game.

    We never did attend the game, and I gave up on trying to obtain 120 tickets at a reasonable price.


  62. Rob in Aurora says:

    Are some people actually making conclusions about the viability of the Argos after two home dates at BMO? They just finished their 3rd game under new ownership (Bell and Tannenbaum. They have fairly deep pockets and I doubt they will panic)

    ….Anyway, TSN’s plans for the next 10 years? TSN is apparently doing quite well, according to recent articles I’ve read by Shoalts and Zelcovich. TSN own lots of exclusive content (Tennis & golf majors, European soccer, Formula 1, NCAA football, etc). Don’t forget that TSN shows lots of NFL (much of which goes straight up against Rogers’ hockey and swipes viewers away) – there is lots of NBA and ESPN’s baseball and all their other programming on TSN (like PTI and 30 for 30. I can’t think of any programming on Sportsnet that I would watch).

    The lack of Blue Jays and National NHL rights isn’t killing TSN at all. In fact, I count on TSN to give me my baseball and NHL news – and I am not alone. (Sportsnet’s NHL and Jays coverage is simply awful. It’s cringeworthy).

    I have suggested for a long time that TSN will have lots of cash to throw around once Rogers has seen enough of the NHL cartoon and they force Sportsnet to sell off some of their NHL content.

    I have never been a fan of Sportsnet going back to Mike Toth days – but they were pretty harmless back them and just tried to get the scraps from TSN, so they were easy to ignore – in fact for a while I never had them in my cable package. It has gotten worse, not better over the years – and that relates directly to Rogers’ ownership and the direction they took as owners. (Has anyone reading this tried to do business with Rogers? If you have – and I have and know many who have and I have close friends that work there – it’s easy to see why they struggle with Sportsnet. They are both ruthless and clueless. A toxic combination)

  63. Mike V says:

    Yes, when the team is regressing after moving to a new stadium that everyone associated with it said would be an instant success questions are going to be asked.

  64. KJ says:

    @Nanaman – I agree that promoting the brand and game is a challenge that the Argonauts have been short-sighted on. This was the first time I had attended a CFL game in Toronto and it was by far the whitest crowd I had ever seen at a Toronto sporting event.

    It’s been discussed many times before in this market that your typical Argos fan is an old generational Torontonian – people whose families have lived in Toronto for decades. Sure, there are plenty of people in their mid 20’s-early 30’s there, attending the game with their parents as they’ve done since they were children, with their parents being that tie to the last sustained period of strong fan support, before Exhibition stadium was torn down, before the Raps arrived and during the worst of the Harold Ballard years. Beyond that connection, there are almost no other fans there. In an increasingly multicultural city, having a paying fan base of such a limited cultural and age demographic is a huge obstacle. Jays fans are also a pretty limited cultural demographic, but the team has been far more successful in appealing to the youth, which is a huge long-term source of growth.

    Growing up in Ottawa, I was not old enough to truly appreciate the final years of the Rough Riders. I was a huge fan of the Renegades during their brief time in Ottawa though. As pitiful as that team often was, there was always a very noticeable buzz in the city. When I moved here a couple of years ago, it really surprised me how there was no energy at all downtown for a home game, and this was before the resurgence of the Jays and Raps.

  65. Derrick says:

    @ Rob in Aurora,

    Yes, we are making conclusions about the viability of the Argos based on the last 2 home games despite the hoopla on TSN and in the media about the change in location, along with all the previous seasons with declining attendance despite Grey Cup wins and having a location in the downtown core which is seen as a real asset for the Blue Jays yet has never translated to fans for the Argos.

  66. Original Mitch says:

    Not to be too blunt, but Toronto will never take to the CFL because they feel it’s below their ”American” attitude. For such an exciting league, smug torontonians look down on it as a third rate wannabe NFL. The guys on the Fan make fun of it ALL the time, take subtle shots at it on a daily basis while TSN does a good job talking about it, but it’s never quite on the same level as the 4 major sports. Toronto is a show me town, very bandwagon. Look at the indycar race this weekend, a once must be seen at event in Toronto. Now? They can’t give the tickets away despite the exciting product.
    CFL won’t work in TO as long as people keep looking down on it. It’s a shame the Fan treats it as a joke, but I get it (their insecurity).

  67. Dros says:

    @Original Mitch

    Since you’re speaking about the mentality of an entire city, i’ll do the same–just on the reverse.

    People don’t care about the CFL because the product is terrible. Every player in the league has one foot out the door, looking to get a better contract in the States. The skill level is far diminished, and, as much as CFL enthusiasts hate to admit it–three down football is just terrible. There’s no flow to it; a possession can last 45 seconds. Every time I try and sit down and watch a game, that stunted flow makes me change the channel after a few minutes.

    Here’s a harsh reality: unless you’re in a place out west where you really only have 1-2 teams to support, the CFL isn’t top of mind for anybody. As mentioned by some people on here, the fans are old white dudes. Everyone talks about the “olden days” where they were popular–well, that was a time when they were the 2nd or 3rd option, behind the Jays and Leafs. Now that the Raps and TFC are here, forget about it.

    You can’t manufacture hype, which is what they’re attempting to do with the Argos in Toronto.

  68. Dros says:

    @Original Mitch

    Aside from all the other points, with all the new research arising about CTE in football, I’m sure guys are even less willing to put their life on the line for 60,000 dollars Canadian. That’s going to hurt the talent pool for the league even more.

    Some of these guys end up sharing an apartment with 2-3 other team members, and, after taxes and exchange rates, go back to America in the off-season with, what, 25-30 grand? Not worth it.

  69. Alex says:

    Too bad CFL apologist Dave Naylor is on vacation to avoid discussing these issues.

  70. Curt says:

    As bad as the Argos situation seems to be, Bell will continue to underwrite them through their sponsorship (for lack of a better word) of the league itself. It’s in Bell’s best interest to do so because, quite simply, they need the content. So the Argos will continue to lose money, as will Bell who probably overpaid for the tv rights. But to me, it’s a very similar play that Rogers made on the NHL rights – take a loss for the sake of content. Though in Rogers’ case there is definitely much more at stake.

  71. edge says:

    @Original Mitch @ Dros

    Just as Rogers had a lot of magical thinking with the NFL and Bills, it seems Bell had a bit of the same with the Argos and BMO. While being outdoors is unquestionably an improvement over the cave that is Rogers, it doesn’t solve the underlying problems with the Argos and the CFL itself. You’re right Dros. The CFL does not thrive in the big cities. Not Toronto, not Montreal, not Vancouver. I’m in Vancouver, and the Lions have struggled ever since the Whitecaps became an MLS team, and the Seahawks became a top tier NFL team. The young urban hipsters love going to Whitecaps games, and the Lions main audience are older suburbanites from surrounding cities like Surrey and the Fraser Valley. It’s been a real struggle for them to connect with younger fans because of that kind of competition. It’s what kicked the Vancouver Giants to Langley.

    And can someone tell me why, in a league where there is a maximum of 4 games a week is there such as thing as Wednesday night football? The CFL does not have the excuse of building availability that NHL and NBA teams have. They’re scared of the Indy race? The ratings of CFL games do not support the idea that every single game should be on its own with no competition from other CFL games. If I were running things, every CFL game would be on Friday or Saturday with the occasional Sunday. This weird scheduling that the CFL/TSN agrees upon not only hurts ratings, but also their attendance. Does anyone really think of going to or watching a football game on a Wednesday?

  72. Dros says:

    @edge they’re doing it for the ratings wars.

    If you balance out your schedule and have a program on 4 separate nights that gets you 500,000-700,000 people, it’s better than having that stacked as a double-header on only a Friday and Saturday. If you do that, you may only win 1-2 days of the week, conceding the rest.

    The Jays play 5-6 times per week, so if they want to keep up with SN, they have to spread out their big ratings-getters.

    I agree with you though. You can’t disrupt the viewing habits of people that way–they’ve been programmed to watch football on certain days of the week.

  73. Pete says:

    I hate to say it, but the Argos are not a major sports team in the city. They are along the lines of the Marlies, professional teams of the second tier, both of whom have struggled with attendance.

    I think the biggest mistake of the move to BMO Field was the misconception that the field alone was going to draw fans back in waves. Sure, it might help, as will the availability of tailgating. But let’s be honest, since 2000 after the Rocket, Flutie and Pinball era(s), the Argos have been practically a non-factor (I have not gone to a game since then). The marketing of the team and league is practically non-existant outside of what you see or hear on TSN, and the product/game takes getting used to. There is a lot of goodwill that needs to be made up, and it wasn’t going to happen overnight just because the team moved out of the SkyDome (and I don’t think having simply a winning team is going to do it either).

    I have no clue how they are going to do it, but they have to tap into the younger market somehow, as the Jays did it excellently a couple years ago. For instance, when’s the last time you saw someone on the streets wearing Argos garb? Heck, where can you even buy Argos paraphernalia?

  74. Greg says:

    People keep wondering why there was a Wednesday night game this week. I am pretty sure they did it becuase last night was the one night of the year with no sports on what so ever, so they figured they could have taken advantage of that night. I will be curious to see the ratings if they were any better then any other night. Personally I think it was a good idea, it certainly couldn’t have hurt. Only thing is maybe the game should have been in Hamilton or Ottawa, another eastern city what probably would have gotten a better draw at the stadium.

  75. Greg says:


    I have seen argos stuff before at Sportchek. But they must not have a Players Association deal because all of the jerseys had no name or numbers on them…just blank blue jerseys. I could never imagine buying one, nothing looks worse than a blank football jersey with no numbers or name.

  76. Bingo Bango Bongo says:

    Everybody looking for instant gratification. The Argos have a poor crowd in their second game at BMO and already it’s deemed a mistake. It took ownership years of neglect to get the franchise where it is. It will at least take a few years to determine if it’s saveable. Why do so many people seem to relish in their failure? I’m not a CFL fan by the way, but I do think the NFL isn’t ever coming here, so the Argos will be the only game in town. Until they’re gone. I, for one, don’t want that to happen.

  77. Anthony says:

    ‘Everybody looking for instant gratification. The Argos have a poor crowd in their second game at BMO and already it’s deemed a mistake. It took ownership years of neglect to get the franchise where it is. It will at least take a few years to determine if it’s saveable. Why do so many people seem to relish in their failure? I’m not a CFL fan by the way, but I do think the NFL isn’t ever coming here, so the Argos will be the only game in town. Until they’re gone. I, for one, don’t want that to happen.’

    Thats just society. Look at the posts on here, mostly all negative, not much in the way of positively, everyone needs an outlet to complain or bring negative thoughts to the table. Its a lot easier to be negative (sometimes justified, sometimes not), so as soon as there is a hit of a negative to a story, its jumped on. Ces la vie, but its society now.

  78. Dros says:

    @Bingo Bango Bongo

    Is this your first time on this site? All people do is relish in negativity and failure. That being said, if everyone is measuring said negativity equally, then the Argos should be getting torn apart on here.

    Everyone analyzes and over-analyzes changes to radio lineups, on-air personality changes, coverages of sports, etc. in an instant, so why not this?

    I don’t think the Argos will ever be back to where they were 20+ years ago. Sad? Maybe. Some people on here to seem think it was solely being in the skydome that killed it, but I think it’s the rise of other, more viable options for sporting events in this city. People grew apart from the sport, plain and simple.

  79. edge says:

    @Bingo Bango Bongo.

    I didn’t say moving to BMO was a mistake. It is a massive improvement over Rogers. Football belongs outdoors. It’s just not the instant cure-all for what ails the Argos the way the team, the league and TSN hoped it would be. The Argos themselves are fascinating because of all the bones that have been thrown their way over the years. The multiple Grey Cup games ahead of arguably more deserving cities, one of which they won The ownership by Lions owner David Braley. It’s not that I want them or the league to fail. It’s that their survival seems to be a multi-pronged effort to manufacture hype or relevance by multiple vested parties over the years and it hasn’t worked.

  80. Mike V says:

    The instant gratification part came from the team and the league. They set the expectations high. If you listened to management last year or anytime it was discussed on TSN, it was all “Rogers Centre is horrible. Terrible sightlines for football and no atmosphere. Nobody wants to go there to watch a game. Wait till BMO, it’ll be completely different there. People will come to an outdoor stadium on the lake built for football. They will draw.”

    The problem isn’t necessarily the move to BMO Field. The problem came from the thinking that’s the only thing they had to do. And it’s clearly not. It’s the first step in a list of 8, 9 things… maybe.

    If I’m playing devil’s advocate I could say the thinking wasn’t wrong at the time. Any other team you can think of got an attendance bump going to a new place so it looked like a layup. (i.e. the Twins opened Target Field and jumped to 6th in MLB, selling over 3 million tickets). But as we’ve seen, conventional strategies for drawing crowds just don’t seem to apply to the Argos.

  81. Nanaman says:

    Just out of curiosity, it be interesting to note how many of the people who hate the CFL have actually watched:

    1. An entire game;
    2. A live game;
    3. A live game in a city other than Toronto.

    That being said, as a Ticats’fan, I would challenge all of you to trek the hour or so to watch a game in the Hammer.

    For the price, the game day atmosphere is absolutely incredible. Then, if you hate on the CFL, I would truly respect your viewpoint.

    But, more often than not, I find CFL haters have never watched more than a full quarter of a game.

    Lastly, after watching three-down ball, you wonder how it’s not impossible to get 10 yards over four downs in the NFL.

  82. Eric says:


    1. Yes but honestly not as often as I used too

    2. Yes many time but not in a few years

    3. Nope

    Always wanted to watch a game in the hammer but in the end I always choose to spend my money elsewhere. I would describe my self in a casual CFL fan who has lost interest in recent years. I think that would dicribe most CFL fans in Toronto.

    I think most football fans in TO are NFL fans or fantasy football fans. who honestly view the CFL as a minor league product in a major league city. maybe that’s not fair but it’s the reality in TO

  83. Nanaman says:

    Fair enough. So if you complain about the CFL, at least your opinion is based on personal experiences.

    For me, it’s catch-22 situation. Picking up tickets below cost on kijiji for Argos’ games is a given. So when the Cats are in town, I know I’ll be there on the cheap. If the Argos become popular, I’ll be paying more.

    The funny thing is once the NFL arrived with some games, everyone complained about the ticket prices. I know they were overpriced, but the irony of it all…

  84. Original Mitch says:

    I agree with most comments, the fact is that CFL football in Toronto is a very niche market that probably skews older. It’s up to league and team to change that and it’s not going to be easy and maybe impossible in Toronto. What I don’t like though is the condensing attitude towards the league. If Rogers decides to tell their employees not to pump the leagues tires I get that. But that doesn’t mean they have to be bullies about their attitudes towards it. Simply ignoring it is one thing, talking down about it is another issue altogether.

  85. Nanaman says:

    Is it possible for to write something about Subban every single day until the start of the season?

    They had the Engels’ exclusive one-on-one on their site as Part 1, a day later they released part 2, then a detailed report on an unknown 21 year old analytics guy who didn’t support the trading of Subban, a write-up on the dismissal of said guy, and today, the extended version of the Engels’interview.

    I think someone at Sportsnet thinks: “Well, if Stallone could do Rocky 8 (the next part to be released in 2017- under the Creed series…).

  86. Huz says:

    I remember Sportsnet acquiring the Habs English Regional Rights on a three year deal in 2014, so this is their last year unless they renew.

    Funny how the Jets and Sens, who Sportsnet has no Regional Rights to, get no coverage from them. I expect the same to happen to the Habs if they lose their rights.

  87. Art says:

    I am loving sportsnets coverage of the Subban story. Leafs fans may not care but to Habs fans this is a HUGE deal. This is the only story that matters right now to us and sportsnet is doing a great job covering it.

    TSN 690’s Tony Marinaro reported some stories against Subban’s charecter atleast from a team view. So it’s huge to get PK’s view point. And yeah firing the analytics guy because he told them not to trade PK is a big deal to Habs fans too.

    Eric Engles is the man right now and desrves a ton a credit. He was a part time blogger on hockeybuzz just 2 years ago and look how far he has come. He is breaking news and doing exlusive interviews on a major story like this.

    Can’t give him and sportsnet enough praise for this.

  88. Art says:


    Ha ha yeah I just heard the podcast and read the news on twitter.

    I am so jacked that David Bastl will be on the Dean Blundell show for 2 weeks. I have always been a TSN guy but man is sportsnet making some great moves lately. Also noticed that they picked up Eliott Price another great move.

    I hope Bastl kicks ass filling in and I’m sure he will. This guy needs to be made a full time on air talent again.

    Make it happen sportsnet keep making smart moves.

  89. Nanaman says:

    Funny thing is I am a Habs’fan. I even had the opportunity to visit Subban at his parents’ house in Toronto. But, the trade has been completed.

    Both Bergevin and Subban are out in the media as revisionists, and nothing is to be gained from trying to figure out why he was traded.

    If anything, I’d like to read Carey Price’s feelings on the upcoming season.

  90. Mike says:

    I don’t like the “Toronto is a major league city” excuse for why the Argos can’t draw fans.

    First off, there is only some overlap between NFL and CFL schedules. A good chunk of the CFL season is in the summer when there’s no other football being played.

    Secondly, TFC has no trouble selling tickets even though it’s not even close to the same caliber as watching Barcelona/Juventus/Manchester United or whatever European superteam or league you want to watch.

    MLS is multiple levels below elite European soccer yet they’re able to still market and sell the product to fans of the sport.

    I mean TFC was managed by idiots for a good 7 years and they’re still selling 25,000+ tickets to a lot of matches these days.

  91. Art says:


    fair enough but many other Habs (myself included) don’t feel the same way you do. It’s great that you have moved on but not all of us have. To me this is a massive momment in Habs history and not a good one.

    I want as much information as possible about it and I’m not likely to let go of my anger about it any time soon if ever.

    I think Sportsnet is serving a demand for information on this story. Just go look at twitter and that’s all the buzz. nobody is talking about the power play or Carey Prices feelings. The talk is all about PK and the trade.

  92. WheelsBob says:

    PK was a good guy for Montreal and I think they will be sorry.

  93. Anthony says:

    ‘Is it possible for to write something about Subban every single day until the start of the season? ‘

    Its not like there’s a page count or anything. If you don’t like it, you could always, I don’t know, not read it?

  94. Rob J says:

    Prediction: Even though the cohost of ‘Baseball Central’ admitted to watching “3 or 4” non-jays games this year, he will still be paid for his MLB insights.

  95. Nanaman says:

    Thanks Sage, such words of wisdom.

    There are 30 teams in the NHL.

    By the way, oh wise one, I never said I read any of them.

    Miyagi say, “Man who leap off cliff jump to conclusion.”

  96. PBI says:

    Says a lot about the state of the Argos in this city when any struggles or perceived struggles they have is the only time they register on any type of mainstream level.

  97. Anthony says:


    I guess this

    ‘They had the Engels’ exclusive one-on-one on their site as Part 1, a day later they released part 2, then a detailed report on an unknown 21 year old analytics guy who didn’t support the trading of Subban, a write-up on the dismissal of said guy, and today, the extended version of the Engels’interview.’

    Would suggest that you read it, that’s a pretty detailed look at it from someone who didn’t read it, but ces la vie 😉

    Generally when I dislike something, I don’t pay it any attention and don’t run to a website and take 5 minutes out of my day to complain about said thing, that I didn’t read. Its not my 5 minutes, so have at it, I guess Im just surprised is all and seeking clarification.

    But continue to troll away in a post where TSM asked us not to, have at it.

  98. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    I found the last two hours of PTS particularly enjoyable today – Apart from a few times of them all talking at once the show had a real fun loosey goosey appeal to it – I am a real fan of Perkins and he quite often cracked me up – It was to me good radio-

  99. Nanaman says:

    I thought my comment regarding the Sportsnet website was fair game under the Toronto Sports Media website.

    I figured it was a fair critique, and I appreciated Art’s response. Your response has nothing related to the media.

    Nevertheless, Anthony,I apologize for the facetious response.

  100. jackbee says:

    Can’t stand Blundell but replacing on vacation with whiny Bastl, I will not be listening. Dearth of broadcasting talent has basketball Devlin calling play by play for Jays games in wasteland of Oakland. Does this mean we’ll have MARRINEZ calling Raptors games next season.

    Devlin has no personality and Campbell must be wondering on vacation why he wasn’t tagged for throwback assignment. As for homer Tabler, how syrupy sickening to hear him on telecasts. AnoTher mindlEss comment in latter innings of today’s Jays game in Oakland, when he said after Tulo lined out to LF th if he only elevated the ball a bit more it would have been a HR. What a maroon, as Tulo did elevate the ball as it was line drive out at fielder’s height level.

    Comment on broadcaster cheerleading– whoever wrote he blog who indicated nothing wrong with cheering in media box, is not a proper sports journalist. I have covered numerous live sporting events as freelance sports writer, have set in media section and not once overtly cheered for the home team in T.O. Barry Davis and Sportsnet Central hosts cheerleading pom pom CONSTANTLY for Jays on air, s quite sickening. Be more like TSN’s coverage of NHL HOCKEY AND CFL.

  101. steven says:

    I believe that you mean ‘…events as freelance sports writer, have SAT A/The in media section’ grammar sucks i know, but you’d think that freelance journalists would have a good understanding of it 😉 Sorry, had too lol

  102. jackbee says:

    Steven – only a wit of nit in training like yourself can point out to a one letter mistake in one word, given the length and detail of my comments in referenced posting. I have greater understanding and experience using correct grammar, than you would even hope to compile.

    I hope people you communicate by email are poised to pounce on your numerous mistakes on spelling or proper grammatical tensing, in future postings.

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