Sunday Open Thread

August 27th, 2016 | by mike (in boston)
Sunday Open Thread
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by mike in boston


TSM and I are busy working on a big post on the current state of the radio line-ups as we head into the September 6th start of the Fall season. Here's a topic to discuss on a lazy Sunday. Add your thoughts on this or anything else below.



What are the ethics of journalists publishing on Twitter what is clearly intended to be private correspondence?


The point of posting this person's email was to make fun of it. Presumably if the person knew that this might happen he/she would not have sent it. No one likes to be publicly mocked, even if it is in an anonymous manner. We've seen this topic before, when Awful Announcing published Curt Schilling's emails. This is, in my opinion, not like a letter to the editor where there is an established expectation that it could be published. This is direct correspondence with the author. For me, that is different and there is a reasonable expectation privacy unless you're making threats. 


I get a lot of emails in response to the things I write. I am always happy to read them, especially when they come from people in the industry. (p.s. email me!) Some of them are hilariously off-base but I would never dream of posting them here (with the name deleted, of course) for readers to mock. Now, I'm just some guy in his mum's basement and not a respected journalist like Daniel Dale so perhaps different rules apply if you have 44k followers. However, one might have hoped that journalists — especially print ones — would be the guardians of the highest standards of ethics for the profession. 


(p.s. follow me on Twitter. I have more followers than TSN1050 PD Jeff MacDonald, but fewer than FAN590 PD Dave Cadeau. Help me fix that). 


Over to you: mountain out of a molehill or more evidence that the current state of journalism is a far cry from the ethically pristine days of yore? Somewhere in the middle?



until next time,

mike (not really in boston)






  1. Jacob says:

    Sunday thread? It’s Saturday. Also, that font is just awful.

  2. Steve Jones says:

    I’m gonna second the font comment. It’s unreadable. Literally.

    But to the point, no one was outed here. Sure he was making fun of the writer. But if you’re going to send an idiotic note then you’re fair game for a small dig. At least in my world. Had he included the name of the writer my opinion would shift 180 degrees. This is definitely no harm no foul. With a little panache.

  3. Shwaguy says:

    Daniel Dale is Torstar’s Washington correspondent. That email was basically asking him to quit his job. I’d say it’s fair game for him to post it – especially in light of his Trump coverage. There are some seriously unhinged people out there these days.

    What’s not fair game is Comic Sans.


  4. Bobby G says:

    This isn’t even debatable. When you are knowingly speaking with a reporter, it’s all public. That’s what reporters do. It’s their job. You should expect it, especially when the message is as ill-informed as this one is.

  5. DJ says:

    At some point MIB and Jonah have accepted they can no longer criticize any media outlets for mailing it in 😉

  6. Cowboyskanuck says:

    You might not want to criticize anybody in the MSM if you can’t get the day right, and think using font like that is acceptable.

  7. dogpounder says:

    Fan personalities have caught the Kevin Barker “Hunderd purcent” disease. Please make it stop.

  8. Bobby G says:

    Now that I can read the post without the help of a decoder ring, when exactly were the “ethically pristine days of yore”?

  9. Alex says:

    I know folks in media who have a disclaimer on their twitter that says any correspondence can be used publicly. In that case, cavaet emptor.

  10. Justin says:

    I dont agree with Dale publishing that. Yes, technically its within his right, but the person wasnt being rude and even said they were a fan of his work. I guess Dale feels okay poking at one of his fans. But he has shown questionable judgement in the past and is a very biased reporter.

    Something related ive been noticing lately is media personalities engaging with fans more and more in a negative light. There are tons of idiots on twitter and even more people who ask common questions that could easily be googled or answered with common sense. But not sure why some media types (specifically certain Sportsnet personalities) feel the need to engage the fans with sarcasm or rudeness just because they ask those questions. Im sure they ignore alot of the comments but maybe the answer is to ignore more? Im not sure. I just feel for example when you are the sole rights holder for a team like the Jays, maybe second guess showing up your fans, who really have no other choice but to watch your broadcast anyways.

  11. Original Mitch says:

    Being rude or sarcastic to fans is the single most reason why Sportsnet continues to be seen as a second rate network IMO. I just don’t understand that mentality of talking down to someone.
    Can you imagine Bob Mackenzie sharing that email and being a dick? Now can you imagine kypreos? Yup you can.
    Wilner, walker, dean brown, Blundell, Cox, the list is endless with them. Are there no nice people in this business that just want to report and talk about sports without being arrogant and know it all a? Is it a prerequisite to working for Rogers? That’s only half a rhetorical question to be honest.

    This thread being about ethics, treatment of your fans is very much part of that convo. If Roger doesn’t have all the money in the world to buy everything, are we even watching/listening?

  12. Jay says:

    No name given. No harm, no foul.

  13. (Another) Andrew says:

    But not sure why some media types (specifically certain Sportsnet personalities) feel the need to engage the fans with sarcasm or rudeness just because they ask those questions.

    I think a lot of journalists in general resent the ability of readers/listeners/viewers to engage directly with them through social media. Maybe they feel as though they’ve lost a lot of their previous status.

    “Flanagan”, the arrogant legend of sports betting in the latest cheesy Pro-Line commercial puts me in mind of McCown. I wonder if they were thinking of him.

  14. NefCanuck says:

    Not to beat a dead horse about your initial font selection this week but bravo, you drove me to use my speech recognition programs text to speech feature to be able to read your post.

    Now to the meat of the matter – When you write to a public figure and you don’t request that the communication remains private, as the saying goes “All Bets Are Off” for good or ill.

    I’m also not surprised at Daniel Dale’s mocking of the letter writer. He has a history of being “provocative” (see his history with the late Rob Ford) and that kind of “gotcha” journalism is now the norm, not the exception as newspapers and television fight to keep viewers and ad dollars

  15. RobinTO says:

    Hi All,
    Stumbled across this site very recently out of a “how does wheeler still have a job” type search. Love everything I’ve read so far ( about the last 6 months worth) and some great discussions as well. Just wanted to thank someone here, cant recall who, for the information about 1150 and Dan Patrick and Mike/Mike. Great tip as I drive around for work all day and have caught a few of their programs this past week.

    A little about my sports media consumption, I seem to agree with the consensus about Wheeler, Blundell, Landsberg. All immediate channel changers. I was very sad to see Richards go, not sure if it’s my immature humour but I loved his show.

    As for the topic at hand I think that his posting of a letter just to poke fun at wasn’t cool but nothing grossly out of line.

  16. yaz says:

    I like the person’s point as it relates generally to the Star. But shwaguy is right, the reader is basically asking Dale to quit his job – he just wrote the letter to the wrong person; @torstareditor would have been better.

    Re radio lineup: Hayes was in two weeks ago but was AGAIN off last week. Not one of the anchors of Overdrive were present again. TSN should just pretend it doesn’t exist like Leafs Lunch which suddenly became hour 4 of ‘The Cauz & Blank Show’ or The Mike Richards show which went with the new dramatic title ‘TSN 1050 Today’ – may as well extend that to include the 4-7 slot or change Overdrive’s name to the more apt ‘Undertow’ during the summer. Pro-tip: do not ever have Siegel as a co-host when O’Neill isn’t present. He can drip in with ‘insider’ spots at most. The only time Siegel is good is when he gets into arguments with O’Neill. Are there any two people on sports radio more opposite in life experiences and lifestyle than O’Neill & Siegel? They should call Mirvish and do a 2016 version of The Odd Couple at the Princess of Wales Theater.

    Brady will be back, he’s too good and his Toronto sports knowledge runs to deep for him to not slot in somewhere this fall. Brady & Landsberg would be a fast moving & engaging show. Was Brady fired or just let go because Walker was cheaper? Can TSN look over Brady’s negative comments about TSN? Will Blundell last? He’s about 18 months into what is likely a 3 year contract. In Feb his ratings were less than Brady & Walker. Was the point for Blundell to prove he can stay on side so his agent can get him back where he belongs on FM? Even at 500k/yr, Blundell likely working for much less than he was making. Hopefully all answered soon.

  17. Johnson says:

    Are you done complaining about Overdrive’s hiatus. Like what gives? It’s their contracts.

  18. Mike S says:


    If you are hoping to hear Hayes on OverDrive this week you will be out of luck again………..he is not back until the day after Labour Day………..O’Neill and McLennan will apparently be back that day too

    Hayes doesn’t get to take a two month summer sabbatical like all of the TSN hockey guys……….but he still seems to have a sweet deal………two weeks of vacation in July………two weeks of vacation in August………when you add that to the week he took in March and the other days he has taken it seems like he gets quite a bit time off for someone who doesn’t have a ton of seniority

    Having said all of that, when Naylor was 1050 afternoon drive host last summer he took more time off than Hayes is taking this summer

  19. Brian says:

    So TSN 1050 must be aware that Wheeler is an unpopular host (at least here) so they decide to double down and pair him with Jeremy Taggart, eh. I was able to get through three minutes before going elsewhere this morning… Hello, @DPShow

    Many people here have commented on TSN’s lack of bonafide radio talent and its poor signal but no one has touched its ads. The Wendys stoner dude and his $0.99 Frosties is a channel changer, as is ANY ad from Alpine Credits. NOT APPROVED. The lack of ad diversity must be a concern — not to mention that most of them are aimed at dudes without money or credit.

    And a note from last week. Blair and Cox are interviewing (August 23 6 pm, 27:00 mark) Brandon Prust, who just signed a PTO with the Leafs. Blair, in all his wisdom, asks Prust: “Has the perception of the Leafs around the NHL… has that changed in the past year or two under Brendan Shanahan and now with Lou and Mike Babcock as well?”

    What’s is Prust going to say?? These three men hold his NHL future in their hands. Prust responds with a standard answer: “…Everybody know they’re really not messing around anymore…” but he couldn’t really say anything else. Nothing would endear him to his bosses more than ripping his potential employer. Then Blair ended the interview with this gem. “The good thing is that if you’re here, you’ll be able to go to more Blue Jays games.” These were either brain cramps from Blair or blatant corporate schilling.

  20. Antonio says:

    Dale is joke of a “journalist”. If its not spying into Rob Ford’s house at night, he’s tweeting every minute of Trump’s every word – or what someone else wrote about Trump. If you check his timeline, see how he rarely tweets about Clinton – despite her many issues.

    He’s a hack and an embarrassment to the profession.

  21. Lemmon says:


    Because someone does a thorough job, doesn’t make them an “embarrassment to the profession.”

    It’s clear his politics don’t align with yours, thus the name calling.

    That being said, Trump is getting every bit of the coverage he deserves. He’s a racist, whack job, pseudo-TV personality who thinks that running a country is like winning some competition on one of his shows.

    Funny how the same people that derided Trudeau’s lack of experience in politics are the same people lauding for Trump. Mental gymnastics on that one.

  22. Antonio says:

    Trump sure is controversial. You like many out there love to throw around the word “racist” without understanding its meaning. Pls give an example where he’s made or acted in a “racist” manner. Oh, I’ll help you out a bit, being Mexican or following Islam is not a race. Good luck.

  23. Mike V says:

    Oh no, a US reporter reporting on the crazy rantings of the Alt-right’s superstar. How terrible.
    Also, Daniel Dale didn’t spy on anyone’s house. Rob Ford admitted it was all a lie in a written statement.

  24. Tighthead says:

    Isn’t that the old Don Cherry defence when he slags Swedes and French Canadians – he isn’t racist, just bigoted.

  25. Justin says:

    @Mike V

    Your claim isn’t entirely accurate. Ford retracted the insinuation that Dale was a pedophile or a creep spying on his kids, but Dale did in fact stand on cinder blocks behind Ford’s fence and peer into his backyard. Do you think Dale ever would have done that to Olivia Chow? Of course not. He had no respect for Ford’s privacy and acted unprofessionally as a journalist.

    Moreover, his coverage of the US election campaign is ludicrous. His articles are presented as “news” even though they’re totally and entirely slanted with anti-Trump bias. He’s not reporting the facts, he’s reporting the version of the facts HE supports. The fact that the Star sees fit to publish his articles as “news” rather than as an opinion column speaks to their downfall as a publication. Daniel Dale is a lousy journalist and a hyper-political liberal shill, therefore making him a perfect fit for the Toronto Red Star. Don’t forget to make some connections in the US and jump off that sinking ship before it’s too late, Daniel.

  26. Antonio says:

    Yeah but its fact – cant argue with it. If you want to call Trump a bigot or prejudice, go ahead. Just pointing out the difference to people who don’t know the definition.

  27. Mike V says:

    No Justin, that is no true either. From Ford’s statement.

    “In my interview with Mr. Black, I recounted that I caught the individual, “on the bricks, over the fence, taking pictures” and that he “dropped his phone, dropped his camera and everything.” Also I stated “it was on my property, on the fence. And he had cinderblocks that he had to step on to get over the fence. And he started taking pictures.”

    This recollection of the incident is inaccurate in that I never saw Mr. Dale standing on bricks or cinderblocks, never saw Mr. Dale looking over my fence and never saw Mr. Dale taking any pictures. There is no basis for saying as I did on December 17 and in the past that Mr. Dale was “lurking” or “leering” near or over my fence or behaving surreptitiously and I should not have said that.”

    Furthermore, most people claiming “anti-Trump bias” this election fall into the fallacy of false equivalence. Trump is a horrible candidate with dangerous positions. Pointing this out does not make you a shill for anyone, it’s what journalists are trained to do.

  28. Lemmon says:


    Here you go:

    Lemme know if you need any other examples. Although, at this point, it’d be in bad taste to require more than one racist act to justify not liking a presidential candidate.

  29. yaz says:

    @Mike S on the apploved front – after bludgeoning us with these ads for over a year, I suggested to a co-worker to call them, mentioning ‘approvarmamalamadingdong’, the CSR who answered was so inept and asked the same simple questions over and over despite receiving clear and concise answers ( how much equity, est home value etc) that my co-worker just hung up. I’m talking somoene who owes 200k on a 1.8 mil house. Talking about ads here is relevant because it, and the fing Frosty commercial and the baby crying for ten seconds ad are all station changers. And for me traffic and weather on a sports station are station changers as well.

  30. Mike S says:

    New afternoon lineup on Hamilton TSN 1150 starting September 1st:

    12:00 to 1:00………….TiCats At Noon with Jamie Thomas

    1:00 to 3:00…………..Game Day with Jamie Thomas

    3:00 to 7:00…………..Tatti and Marsh with Jim Tatti and Marshall Ferguson

  31. GreyCountyMike says:

    Far too many media types seem to be forgetting one of the first lessons they were taught in Journalism and/or Broadcasting School: If you don’t have a thick skin, or don’t believe you can develop one fast, then you’d better get out now.

    Sure, they welcome “engagement” … as long as the interaction is the equivalent of back-slapping. Far too often, though, many journalists and broadcasters seem to be reverting to blocking and/or mocking when the “engagement” is critical of them.

    Is that their right? Sure … but then spare us the holier-than-thou B.S. about how journalists are the only true arbiters of truth, decency and holding people’s feet to the fire.

    Take Bruce Arthur, for instance. He has become a national embarrassment with his childish Twitter tantrums.

  32. Dustin says:

    Can Sportsnet stop putting full page ads on their webpage!? Anyone else getting these? They just seem to randomly expand when you start navigating on the page.

  33. Cirroc says:


    Oddly enough I just came here to say the same thing. It’s fine, I’ll just stick to

  34. Warren says:



  35. Antonio says:

    And so how do you feel about Hillary knowing this happened?
    I’m sure the two of us could go on posting articles for days but it would only bore the others (and me, actually).

    • GreyCountyMike says:

      Antonio: When it comes to judgment, optics and just plain decency, the two leading candidates for U.S. President are both so woefully inadequate. If the stakes weren’t so high, this election would be biggest joke ever.

  36. Antonio says:

    Agreed. Its a case of vote for the lesser of two evils. Meanwhile, in Canada we have Justin Trudeau.

  37. Sam In Scarb says:

    @ Dustin Adblock + is free and it solves the ad problem.
    Then again not much to miss on the sportsnet web page anyway and
    the 100 % 24/7 Blue Jay cheer-leading squad has not even kicked in yet.

  38. Lemmon says:


    Wow, that was impressive. You called into question whether or not I knew what racism was, then asked for an example of how Trump is racist, which I provided.

    Instead of acknowledging that, you change focus to something about Clinton also being racist? Good for you, man.

    I’ll consider that you conceding the point that yes, Trump is in fact racist, and yes, you can’t bring yourself to admit you were wrong.

    Original point still stands: Daniel Dale doesn’t have to quit doing his job because some people don’t like their racist glory boy being torn down on a daily basis (which he deserves)

  39. Mike V says:

    And the false equivalence continues…

  40. Paul G. says:

    I miss the days when the comments concerned sports media.

  41. Drumanchor says:

    @ Lemmon

    Perfectly stated.

    @ Antonio

    Have we now resorted to trashing Trudeau? If so, that’s just sad. Comments like those will find lots of company on a Postmedia site.

    Speaking of media….what the heck happened to this site?

  42. Mike S says:

    Is it possible the TSN 1050 signal is getting worse?……….I am in Vaughan on most weekdays and recently I have had a hard time picking up their signal

  43. Antonio says:

    You misinterpreted my lack of interest in you as defeat.

    You were saying….?

  44. jackbee says:

    thank you Paul G. – INDEED this is suppose to be a Toronto based SPORTS MEDIA blog not a Toronto news media blog.

    If u can’t think of a local sports media blog topic – how about nitwit Blundell earlier this week gently mocking TFC for apologizing for disgusting TFC fan sign at BMO last Saturday in]game vs. Montreal, with banner off a woman about to do something orally and it wasn’t about Oral B TOOTHPASTE.

    Blundell said political correct things about said disgusting sign, but went on to natter what has happened to people’s sense of humour.

    Blunt ell added a couple years ago seeing a banner at a game with couple Maple Leafs in diapers sucking their thumbs, and was startling the line of civility when he was THIS close to comparing similarly the effects of said banners on fans in the stands, or commenting on social media after the fact.

    If you want to present a topic on journalistic news political correctness, go ahead with it and allow me to provide bloggers proses and thoughts on local sports media happenings.

  45. Sperk says:

    The sports talk media keeps telling us they are tired of talking about Tim Tebow….then why do they continually talk about him

  46. yaz says:

    @Mike S – same – Steeles and Weston area last week – TSN 1050 super scratchy. Bizarre.

    Feschuk on the 4-7 PM hour show on TSN Monday (415-ish) ‘… almost all newspapers removed the comments section from their on-line stories because it just became a cesspool of the underside of humanity.’

    TSN today triumphantly running promos: ‘Overdrive is returning Sept 6 with Hayes, Noodles and Odog!’. So I guess that is an admission that the show did go down for the summer despite their Pod being called ‘Overdrive’ all summer. Well, I guess a lot of TV series have had success beginning each fall. I hope Overdrive does too.

  47. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    I just turned off PTS until Bob gets back – They were discussing available QB picks for the NFL – Tebow Vick and Manzel were mentioned – One of the clowns referred to Tebow in a derogatory way as Tim Jesus – They wouldn’t dare refer to Michael Sams as Michael Gay boy – Why the double standard – I am disgusted with those tasteless classless fools and will not listen until Mccown returns – You can bet he wouldn’t have referred to Tebow in that manner

  48. Cirroc says:


    I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.

  49. Curt says:

    Yup, this site has officially bottomed out.

  50. Steve G says:


    I haven’t listened to either station in months but here’s why I’d say your comparing Sam and Tebow is off the mark:

    Sam did not decide to be gay. I think he did 1 or 2 pieces after coming out to his teammates at Mizzou. He doesn’t – or at least didn’t when active – regularly strike overtly “gay” poses (whatever they might be) during a game or wear gay-centric messages on his eyeblack. He didn’t consistently include gay-related references when answering generic questions about football. I think when someone is as aggressive with any set of beliefs and choices as much Tebow as is then it’s fair game. If someone talked about their vegan lifestyle or belief in extra terrestrial life that way I’d expect it to be brought up sometimes

  51. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    @Steve G
    A well thought out reply-

  52. Big G says:

    @ Steve G

    ” I think when someone is as aggressive with any set of beliefs and choices as much Tebow as is then it’s fair game. If someone talked about their vegan lifestyle or belief in extra terrestrial life that way I’d expect it to be brought up sometimes”

    So Does this mean people are fair game when they decide to come out puplically about their sexuality or when their is a pride parade in Toronto parading about ones sexuality? Pride is a pretty aggressive stand on something in life. In regards to Tebow It sounds like your saying everyone does not need to know what one’s religion is every time he is on the microphone, O.K fair enough, and if this is what you are saying then you must apply it across the board, Their are celeberties that hold press conferences or interviews just to announce their sexuality, then in your viewpoint this should make them fair game.

    If one has the freedom to openly express their sexaulity then why doesn’t religion apply?

  53. Sperk says:

    I think MontfromLondonOnt’s point was that the media person who used a silly name to demean Tebow’s religious beliefs didn’t have any class…I’d have to agree, name calling is pretty juvenile.

    There is definitely a double standard in the media when it comes to one’s beliefs…think how the media would cover if an athlete outwardly supported Hillary Clinton vs how they’d react if the athlete supported Donald Trump.

    Anyways, before anyone sheds a tear on how poor Tim Tebow is treated, he totally benefits from how polarizing he’s chosen to make himself to be. The media still talks about him three (four?) years after he last played in an NFL game. When was the last time you heard anything about Michael Sam?

  54. yaz says:

    I’m not going to stand for the anthem until sports radio stops yakking about Kaepernick.

  55. Pete says:

    I noticed Marty York made his Twitter account private and RobJ altogether deleted his. I wonder why.

  56. Joe From Oshawa says:

    I agree Big G.

  57. Big G says:


    What highlight has Sam had in his career? vs Tebow who at least had some success while playing albeit for a short period and with a very unorthodox throw, On the other hand The media made Sams abreviated career about his sexuality, Sam’s success story in the media’s eye was not within the sport but rather within the area of courage in coming out.

  58. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    @Big G
    You are quite correct – I was pointing out that no media person
    would dare take a shot at any gay for fear of being hounded into the pavement for an apology or lose their jobs – For some reason people like Tebow(who wear their beliefs on their sleeves)are fair game for ridicule but posturing in your face gays are not – Double standard much?

  59. robinauroa says:

    I think people simply hate on Tim Tebow for his religious beliefs. That is about as “fair” as hating a Jew or a Muslim player for their faith. Somehow it has become socially acceptable to bully Christians, yet being anti-semetic or anti-muslim —or anti-gay for that matter isn’t ok….

    Anyway, Tebow won a Heisman and 2 national championships with the Florida Gators – and the run with the Broncos was compelling enough to border on “storybook”….Michael Sam was noteworthy for being openly gay and illegible for the NFL draft and was effectively a complete bust as a pro. (When you can’t make the CFL as a defensive player after being a cut from the NFL, then you are not meant to play pro)…So there is no comparison between Tebow and Sam as far as accomplishments.

    Tim Tebow should take his high profile as a former player and go the Kirk Herbstreit/Jesse Palmer route as a superstar college QB turned college football broadcaster. It would be a can’t miss for him. This baseball thing he’s into is cartoonish and no one is taking him seriously.

  60. Bingo Bango Bongo says:

    It’s been mentioned by others but I will agree; this site has gone to the Land of Idiots. I won’t demean anyone in particular but I shouldn’t have to. Let me address some of the more recent grievances. Too much Tebow talk ? I would bet most of that comes from American sources. Yes his attempt at a baseball career means there has been some talk of him here, but south of the border he drives numbers. That is, he brings an audience. Listen to any American talk network . They all have the same topics ( Kaepernick, Tebow, Lochte) because they have to be relevant in New York, California, and everything in between. It’s not rocket science. It’s the same reason the cable news stations (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC) keep talking about Trump. He drives ratings. The Fan talks a lot of baseball? Of course they do. They carry the play-by-play and it’s a first place team. Now to the Michael Sam , Tim Tebow comparisons. Sam was a great college player at Missouri, just as Tebow was great at Florida. Yes Tebow won the Heisman, but Sam was the co- Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC, the best conference in college football so yes his success story was within the sport. And TSN running promos for the return of Overdrive is not an admission of anything. It’s just telling their audience that they’re back on Tuesday.
    Listen, the world isn’t one conspiracy after another. It’s just the way things are, and sometimes it’s pretty simple.

  61. Sperk says:

    Thanks for all the thoughtful comments everyone

    I do think that saying Tebow was a better player than Sam therefore that’s why the media still talks about him is naive. Tebow is a good story because everyone hates him or loves him and they feel that way largely because of how he wears his spirituality on his sleeve (and other places). It’s not because of his excellent college career and a good playoff run. In a similar argument, Johnny Manziel is great talk radio fodder not because he is/was a good football player but because his personal life is a train wreck.

    If talk radio was a meritocracy then we should be inundated with Derrick Henry updates as the guy won the Heisman last year and a National Championship. I’d bet a casual NFL fan can’t even name what team he is playing for this year.

    This point has been made before but talk radio is too gossip reliant now. Tebow/Manziel/Sam appeal is pretty much exclusively based on factors that have nothing to do with what they did or can’t do on the football field. It makes me long for who the “who is going to be the Leafs’ 7th defense man this year?” talk….ok maybe not….

  62. Bingo Bango Bongo says:

    @Sperk Of course talk radio is gossipy but there’s a good reason for it. That’s what the majority wants to hear. Don’t be fooled, it’s all about ratings. I mentioned before that Trump is always on because he brings ratings. A lot of people say they would actually like to hear about the issues, but the reality is most people want to watch the train wreck. That’s the world we live in. And it’s just as true in sports talk.

  63. WheelsBob says:

    Hello all, I have been following this blog for several years and I would have to say I miss discussion of sports related topics! What is happening to this discussion? If I wanted political discussions I would look elsewhere as it is I will be watching for a few more days if things don’t change I will find my sports-talk fix elsewhere. Very disappointed in you TSM!!

    • torontosportsmedia says:

      You are disapointed in me?  We try to leave this up to you the audience.  If we find thing go over board we block and take down.  While I enjoy having all people attend and visit, it’s a free world, if you aren’t finding what you want here there’s other great places out there

  64. Antonio says:

    Arash Madani used the term “Timmy Jesus”. No doubt a derogatory remark that was just one of many Madani took at Tebow. Not sure why many in the media dislike this guy. Sure he’s religious but off the field there haven’t been any issues like we’ve seen with Adrian Peterson, Johnny Manziel and the thug who beat the crap out of his finance (I forget his name). The guy does a ton of volunteer work and now just wants to give pro baseball a go.

  65. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    Spot on – Just what I have been trying to get across –
    I was iffy about Madani and his crack about Tebow decided it for me –
    As far as I am concerned this is a relevant topic as it was on a sports talk show and is about a sports personality –
    Hurry back Bobcat before these clowns completely ruin your show-
    I won’t listen to PTS with these tier two hacks running things –

  66. steve w says:

    ethics of journalists….
    My take is some of them appear to have an ethical approach, ie Elliot Friedman, he would be my most recent example; and some lack an ethical approach, ie, Damian Cox, he would be my most recent example.

    Arash Madani, he speaks far too deliberately whenever he speaks. My guess is “Timmy Jesus” wasn’t spontaneous, but something he’s been “itching” to spit out for some time. He’s another good, recent example of a journo lacking in ethics.

    Given that September is the start of a significant ratings period, I’d love to hear TSN Radio’s version of a Friday roundtable, head-to-head vs 590.
    My preferred panel: James Duthie, Jim Tatti, Dave Naylor & Rick Westhead.

  67. Jake says:

    Arash is too clever by half. Classic case of a guy who thinks he’s smarter than everyone and ends up sounding like a smug jerk. He probably still thinks the Tebow line is hilarious and everyone is too stupid to appreciate it. Skip Bayless has the same affliction.

  68. yaz says:

    Overdrive ( with the full crew) and formerly Leafs Lunch used to be my goto Pod at the end of the day. For awhile now it has been Baseball Central. I don’t know of any other show that delivers more actual details at a fast clip about the game and the details about it. ( by game I mean any sport). Love the nuances Barker delivers and he leverages more out of Blair and doesn’t let Blair get away with anything not on the mark. I could live without the quite frankly, hunnerd percent punctuations to every sentence though.

  69. Cirroc says:

    I guess I’m in the minority of disliking Tebow regardless of his beliefs. Sure, he sounds silly, but it’s altogether harmless. I wouldn’t even say I dislike Tebow himself, more the constant discussion and continued hype about a less than average pro athlete. I’m sure he’s a great guy and tries real hard but come on, I haven’t seen this much praise for so little output since Jesus himself.

  70. Tighthead says:

    Khalif Mitchell is bringing Marty York back into the CFL universe.

    Speaking of which, does anyone else find the CFL way less entertaining than 10 years ago? Lots of short passing and little scoring.

  71. Frank says:

    Did anyone listen to the Patrick Kane “interview” on Prime Time this evening (5PM hour; Thursday). Shudder….

    Felt like a total infomercial for the World Cup, something that has no real buzz around in real sports media, that Sportsnet is desperately trying to shill for. Arash and Mike grange tried to enthusiastically ask questions, which Patrick Kane answered with the same deadpan he probably had during other interviews he had during the day on the same topic. I know there are paid spots on PTS occasionally, but knowing arash and grange’s takes on certain sports and events, their enthusiasm and trying to upsell the World Cup was disappointing.

  72. yaz says:

    Yes. Kane is another enthusiastic ‘partner in the game’. Players demanded and got 50% of HRR by saying they would be ‘partners in the game.’ – same way my daughter promised to help take care of the puppy if I got her one. Guess who’s picking up the doo doo off the carpet? Not Patrick Kane.

  73. Big G says:

    It’s funny how the conversation about sports in the 21st century intertwines with politics and other social occurrences. People blame the public for allowing this to happen, however this has everything to do with a line drawn everywhere in our society between left and right. People have totally defined their alligiances, leagues, athletes, media, Hollywood, Religious groups, Law enforcement etc. through public statements and other means of protest and demonstration, and so this sprinkles into our society who are heavily engaged in these area’s.

    So When you consider blog sites, at the core of many disagreements is weather you stand on the left or right, and this is a reflection of everything around us intervening. The days of just exclusively sports is behind us as sports has been synchronized with politics and other social matters to a large degree. The unfortunate thing about that is, a sit down conversation about sports can now easily lead to politics as we can see, lets not be fooled sports has picked a side and over the years it has clearly demonstrated it. Love it or hate it we are in a time of divide.

  74. Eric says:

    Why the heck is Wheeler hosting 12-4? not just the annoying side kick but the HOST! They canned Mike Richards to replace him with Freaking Wheeler? I mean I know Richards was a love him or hate him kind of guy and there were plenty who hated him… but Does Anyone…Anyone at all even like Wheeler a little bit? He is easily the most universally disliked radio personality in the city, I don’t even think it’s close. It’s not even the good kind of dislike where you hate the guy but listen anyways because you like to hate him. it’s the turn off your radio or flip to the fan kind of hate. To top it off freaking Taggart was on in the morning? I mean Landsberg and Naylor are garbage anyway but Taggart has no business doing sports radio.

    It’s almost like Rogers is paying Jeff McDonald to kill TSN Radio. I’m not saying that is the case but honestly If it were I’m not even sure he could do a worse job if he tried.

    I’d rather listen to the fire place channel than this junk. I only feel bad for Scott MacArthur and Bryan Hayes because they are actually 2 quality broadcasters stuck on the titanic.

    How does Jeff McDonald still have a job?

  75. edge says:

    You can’t fool everyone all of the time. Everyone knows there’s a spat between the IOC and the NHL, and everyone knows the WCH is just the NHL/NHLPA’s way of saying “I’ll show you!”, with Rogers happily playing along. The only problem is it’s not going to work. I don’t care about this event in the least, and from my scouring the web, very few do. NFL season is starting, the MLB pennant races are heating up which includes the Blue Jays even though all of the WCH games are in Toronto, and we’re supposed to care about this manufactured ‘best-on-best’ tournament? I know hockey is number 1 in this country, but I think the attendance and ratings for this thing are going to surprise some people at the NHL head offices.

    Whoever said there are too many hockey tournaments gets a hat-tip from me. You were spot-on.

  76. Hans says:

    Edge – the question is will Rogers Sportsnet shuffle the Jays around at all (such as sending them to SN1 or 360) for WCH games to appease their NHL overlords? Personally I think this will be an interesting study in what Sportsnet and Rogers values in terms of programming and sports properties.

  77. Rob says:

    Did I miss a TSN 1050 programming announcement? Is Gareth wheeler really the new 12 to 4 host? So that means Andi Petrillo is gone from leafs lunch? What else is happeming? Any other news? What’s the scoop?

  78. Mike S says:

    Leafs Lunch is back on Tuesday and Petrillo will be the host……………as far as I know Wheeler will still be the co-host of the mid morning show with Cauz……………since Richards is now gone I assume they will use fill-in hosts (Hogan, etc) for the 1:00 to 4:00 time slot for now

  79. Paul G. says:

    @ Hans

    As of today the Sportsnet Broadcast Schedule for the Jays lists SN1 as the channel for games on Sept. 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and Oct. 01 ’16.

    It will indeed be interesting to see if this remains unchanged, as the season enters its’ final days.

  80. Bgolz says:

    Dale wasn’t uncalled for, but he was being a dick. Clearly that reader doaxxxerajjjjjaaaxaaaxax rm

  81. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    ???? – Has your spell check let go?

  82. yaz says:

    Along the lines of politics and sports and more specifically how political correctness is watering down the coverage of everything and forcing on-air personalities to so carefully choose and parse their words is the Artie Lange 7/16 podcast and his interview with Tony Siragusa, formerly of Fox Sports; one end of the spectrum to be sure, but an interesting and hilarious convo ( after the Dennis Miller interview)

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