Anniversary, Free Agent Day, Canada Day, Open Thread

July 1st, 2015 | by torontosportsmedia
Anniversary, Free Agent Day, Canada Day, Open Thread
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Happy Canada Day!

The year was 2008, and it was this final week of June when I launched as a means to cure my own frustration for the lack of balance in the Toronto Sports Media world.

Some seven years later here I remain. I’ve come out of the basement on occasion and met face to face with several of you. Some who have stuck around since the beginning and other newcomers.

To each and all I say thank you.

This is a passion for me and for reasons quite frankly I can’t explain or understand.

I don’t want to speak for Mike (in Boston) but I think he would echo that sentiment. We both just enjoy writing about this stuff for no real apparent reason.

I’ve tried several things over the years and have arrived at one conclusion; stick to covering those that cover the games we love. So, while we work on new things and YES the return of the podcasts, they will remain focused on the coverage of the games. There are literally 100’s of awesome sources for you to get your daily news from, we’re here to comment on those who provide it.

The best part of this website has been the comments. From time to time they have gotten nasty and personal and I don’t like it. So, I am reminding you that this is a place to talk about those who talk about the games. If you want to bash each other go elsewhere. For those of you who simply post repeatedly that you hate TSN or Rogers, seriously, go elsewhere.

This is not the place to keep dumping on the same guys or each other day in and day out. We will be removing those posts from now on. If those who keep posting them don’t subside you will be blocked. I’ve never had to do that but am I ready and willing!

Let me be clear. I have no problem with challenging people’s opinions. I do that all the time. Just don’t make it personal.

Ok, off the soapbox. The sun is kind of shinning and it’s free agent day in the NBA and NHL. The Jays are playing the red sox and my kids are at camp!

Once again, thanks for visiting, whether you have been here for 7 years or 7 seconds I appreciate it. Happy Canada day to one and all and be excellent to each other!

Have at it!!


  1. Dave in Bolton says:

    First Happy Anniversey! Cheers

    Thank god for the TSN coverage I can’t handle SN coverage it’s just awful

  2. rob j says:

    With the ongoing collapse of Eugenie Bouchard and the unexpected loss by the women’s soccer team the MSM has again raised the ire of fans who still believe the media’s role in covering women’s sports is as a de facto PR firm

  3. The Scarborough Scamp says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    I have really enjoyed your take on Toronto Sports Media. Keep truckin’.

    Bob Ryan on PTS had an interesting take a few weeks back – if games weren’t televised would the product change? (Think the bench high fives after a goal in the NHL or the high fives after a free throw in the NBA etc.) That would certainly be interesting to see.

    Unfortunately, I’ve given up on sports radio in the AM. I just couldn’t get into either offering. End of the day and dial goes back to 590 without fail.

    Last thing – loved Perkins column growing up as a kid and love him on the radio. He really takes no bs, does he?

    Enough holiday rambling! Enjoy the day.

  4. rob j says:

    Tweets by Damien re: Bouchard and Cahal’s article on the women’s team loss produced lots of negative reaction by readers defending the athletes and urging the media to be more positive and ‘supportive’. I think the dynamic of men covering women’s sports and telling it like it is rubs people the wrong way.

  5. rob j says:

    Haha, Shannon retweets a fake account and comments on the ‘deal’ (Semin to Pitt)

  6. Curt says:

    Good comment about Perkins. I love the guy.

    I’m also getting a little tired of the nastiness of some of the comments. It’s just not necessary. This shouldn’t be Twitter. But, I do take issue with the threat of banishment for being critical of TSN (Bell) or Rogers. These companies control the overwhelming majority of sports media and there is plenty to be critical about. Also, we’re often asked on this site what we think about their sports coverage. (I think only a couple of weeks ago Mike asked if we considered ourselves TSN or Rogers people, and why.) That said, the vitriol aimed at these companies (mostly Rogers) can get tiresome, but you kind of get what you’re asking for, don’t you?


  7. Alex says:

    The CDN women’s footy team asking for positive questions after a disastrous loss was high comedy.

    Funny to read twitter today and see only a handful of MSM acknowledge both SN and TSN reporters. Everyone else seems to keep party lines.

  8. Sam says:

    I’m glad that Kessel’s been dealt, if only for the reason that it should stop the broken-record Kessel topics on Leafs Lunch.

  9. Sam in Scarb says:

    Ahh I see Tim & Sid on 4 sportsnet channels this afternoon.
    PTS on 1 channel !!

    What will be louder at dusk tonite?
    Canada Day fireworks?
    Bobcat sulking and whining from his chair at his Polashio Estate?

  10. Jp says:

    I don’t get the whole ‘first to announce’ craze by sports reporters on Twitter. Greg Brady was proud to announce via tweet that his company were first to ‘report’ the Kessel deal. What difference does it makes when the official team feed will announce the deal mere minutes later? It makes no difference to me, who in my hundreds of sport follows will report first. In fact the whole timeline is filled with rushed misspelled tweets for the sake of being the ‘genius’ with fast fingers.

    same with those useless beat reporters who will report 5% of what they know just to keep their job. We see games, we get stats, roster moves are announced by each teams. Anything else is useless info, unless we crave the TMZ kind of stuff that none will report.

  11. Keith Murdoch says:

    After watching a few minutes of Tim & Sid, I don’t think Bobcat has anything to worry about.

  12. Alex says:

    It took over 90 minutes on naylor’s show to mention anything but kessel trade or its ramifications.

  13. Matty Zero says:

    Happy Anniversary, fellas!

    Strange that in the 7 years, there is no longer a true mainstream media columnist where there were once 4 or 5 of them, yet you guys still remain. That is outstanding.

    A cool feature I discovered on Twitter today, was to block John Shannon, so that not even any retweets concerning him ever show up. I recommend this move.

    As for today’s coverage, I was happy to have the choice to see the TSN panel, instead of Rogers. Too bad the games don’t have that option. I’m sure PJ Stock was brutal.

  14. (Another) Andrew says:

    The CDN women’s footy team asking for positive questions after a disastrous loss was high comedy.

    I think they considered any media coverage other than drooling sycophancy to be sexist trigger alerts. LOL! I’m glad they lost.

  15. Darren K Johnston says:

    So women want to be treated as equal to men in sports and even have equal pay in Tennis or Golf? How about you act like them then when it comes to owning up to the shit way you played and answer the tough questions after?

  16. Jacob says:

    Tim and Sid’s first show was okay. It kind of felt like a radio show with a fancy tv set. I’m sure it will become more polished as they go along and get their grove.

  17. Phil says:

    Haha, “be excellent to each other” – great Bill and Ted reference

  18. Dave in Bolton says:

    So the national broadcaster of the NHL ends their broadcast of one of the most important days early. while TSN who was left at the alter by Gary, goes all day with wall to wall coverage of signings. Intresting

  19. Dros says:

    @Dave in Boston

    They didn’t end it early, it just moved over to their other channels, since they had the Jays game.

    As for Tim & Sid’s first show–I really liked it. Then again, I’m a huge Tim & Sid fan, but nonetheless, I like the look of the set and I like how the whole thing just flies in the face of anything SN has done before. I agree that the first show felt a little clunky, but I don’t see that being an issue for long.

  20. Gerry says:

    Congrats on the 7 years TSM. I rarely post anymore here, but still check in often.

    I think this site is more important than ever, with both primary media giants in Canada now owning virtually all the teams in the GTA the coverage has deteriorated.

    Also i find the partisan reporting of TSN and SPortsnet very annoying as it often reminds me of 2 school children fighting. Seems it isn’t as much about the sport they are reporting on but rather it depends on who owns that particular team in the way they report it.

    Continued best success with the site.


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