Are The Toronto Blue Jays Looking For A New Voice?

January 4th, 2013 | by torontosportsmedia


It appears the Toronto Blue Jays have lost 1/2,of their radio voice.

The Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliot just tweeted that Ashby has left to take a similar job with the Houston Astro’s:
” bob elliott (@elliottbaseball)
1/4/13, 3:41 AM
He gone @TJHannigan Hey Elloitt – any update on Ashby’s movements?”

Ashby’s been in the booth for the Blue Jays since 2007.

If true, this is a loss for baseball fans in Toronto. I personally really enjoyed listening to Ashby. I can’t think of anyone currently in market who can fill the role.

I’ll post more as it becomes more official.



  1. Alex says:

    I’d expect to see/hear more of hayhurst, probably on radio or studio.

    For me, a good thing

    • I like Hayhurst from what I have seen of him on the Fan’s baseball show with Sam Cosentino. He is a baseball intellectual who does look at the psychology of the game as well as the physical aspects. Where Wilner can come across as condescending without even realizing it, Hayhurst doesn’t.

    • mike in boston says:

      of the current people i’d like to see Hayhurst get a chance. His delivery is passable, and the content is strong. But he’ll have to be less “affected” … he often meanders or makes jokes or self-referrential remarks. All of that has a place on a radio show; none of that works during a baseball game. We’re the town of Tom & Jerry.

      i’d also like to see them bring in someone completely new. Ashby was a breath of fresh air, and if there is another Ashby out there then let’s go find him.

      • Itchy Butt says:

        Having listened to tons of games from all over on my MLB app, there are some real stinkers out there. We’ve been blessed for the most part in Toronto.

      • Daniel says:

        I agree with that. I’d flip around on the MLB app too, and Jerry and Alan were among the best.

        I hope we can get a decent replacement. I think Hayhurst could be good.

  2. I agree, Ashby is an excellent analyst who doesn’t pull any punches, calling out players and management when it is justified. I rarely catch him during actual games, but when he is on the FAN 590 doing a segment, and always find him topical.

    It is unfortunate that the lure of going back home was too much for him to turn down after the off-season the Jays just had.

    As far as anyone in the market to fill the role, Wilner has made it clear how much he enjoys doing radio play-by-play, and last year he had the opportunity to do some. Would Wilner for now accept the radio colour role if offered?

    • Itchy Butt says:

      Really enjoyed Ashby. He had that cynical edge that Jerry doesn’t have.
      I would have no issue with Hayhurst or Wilner. At least Wilner can fill in for play by play. He does a good job with that (ducks for cover from upcoming venom).

  3. Mario says:

    That to bad… really enjoyed his views and opinions a pleasure to listen to..

  4. ticky13 says:

    He also did a excellent job MC’ing ceremonies that occasionally took place pre-game.

  5. Nan Young Lee says:

    It is time for Rogers to open the wallets and bring Dan Shulman back to Toronto as Jerry’s Howarth’s heir.

    • Robert Gibson says:

      I doubt that would be possible. First, Shulman has a much wider stage doing MLB and college basketball on national US TV, and he really likes basketball. And second, there is probably no way Rogers can match what ESPN is paying just to do radio, or even TV for that matter. I think the only way he would come back is for family reasons, or if he was tired of all the travelling, although that wouldn’t change much if we was the Blue Jays play-by-play man.

      It’s too bad Ashby is leaving, since he was the only one of the four regulars who called it like it is. Martinez and Tabler are homers, Jerry is pretty neutral, and I’m afraid Wilner would be a homer as well.

      • Alex says:

        Well, rogers “could” match it if they wanted, bottomless wallet as it were.

        I wonder if they will rry and continue the 92-93 wave of nostalgia and hire somwone from that team as a color guy.

      • Robert Gibson says:

        Maybe if it could be worked out so that he could continue to do basketball in the winter, along with Blue Jays in the summer. But then he’d have to work 7 days a week instead of 1… I’d rather see him back on television replacing Buck than on the radio. Or maybe with Buck doing colour like before.

      • ticky13 says:

        Firstly, Buck is terrible. I’m sure Schulman would turn down all the money in the world just to avoid working with him.

        Secondly, was you are preposing could never, ever work. Staying at ESPN and working for Sportsnet would be working for the competition, seeing as TSN is partly owned by ESPN.

      • Robert Gibson says:

        You’re right, forgot about that. That’s why he’s not on PTS anymore.

      • Itchy Butt says:

        You guys need to listen to other teams’ play by play. You think our guys are homers? Pffftt….

      • Robert Gibson says:

        You’re right… I get a kick out of listening to Harrelson, but then I’m not really interested in the White Sox so it’s just amusing. Maybe we are spoiled, but I’d rather have objective commentators who don’t blame the phase of the moon every time an infielder botches a routine ground ball. I think Jays fans are sophisticated enough to know when they’re being fed a line.

    • Itchy Butt says:

      Yer kidding right? Pass up an ESPN national job for a local radio job?

  6. bobthetrapper says:

    Shulman leaving ESPN for a gig doing Jays games!!
    “Beam me up Scottie” There is no intelligent life on this site!”

  7. kyle says:

    This is really unfortunate. I really, really liked Ashby. As others have pointed out, he is fair, even, well informed, great to listen to.

    I really like Hayhurst, and do like Wilner, too. Could see either, or both, used. Don’t forget Zaun. Would not be my choice.

    Compared to others, Ashby is far and away better. I’ll miss listening to him.

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