Ask The MSM: 20 questions with Elliotte Friedman

November 18th, 2015 | by torontosportsmedia
Ask The MSM: 20 questions with Elliotte Friedman
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BY TSM @yyzsportsmedia

This weeks Ask the MSM brings us (you and I) the opportunity to pepper Elliotte Friedman with 20 questions. From his early days at the Fan 590, covering the Raptors to Hockey Night in Canada he represents the new generation of sports media members in Canada. His weekly 30 Thoughts column has become a must read for every hockey fan around the NHL and his segments on Hockey night in Canada have also replaced the ever popular Hot Stove Hockey feature.

So, bring your questions for Elliotte Friedman.



  1. Pierre Dupont says:

    Hello Elliotte, I realise that reporters need to get stories and thus walk a fine line, but why do some markets (Toronto, for example) seem more critical and well-equipped than others (Ottawa, for example) when it comes to taking hard looks at local teams and asking hard questions of their managers?

  2. I am not a hockey puck, as many of you know, and really miss Elliotte from when he did cover the Raptors, as he always found ways to bring us hardcore Raptor fans more than most others in the media, and always found new wrinkles, similar to how well he covers hockey.

    My question to Elliotte then is if he had to rank the sports he enjoys the most from a fans standpoint, and granted I know it is hard to do when you are in broadcasting, but if you can’t, then think back to before broadcasting, and also rank the sports he likes to cover from a broadcasting perspective. Be honest, Elliotte, hockey does not have to be #1 because of your current role!

  3. Lowell Williamson says:

    Ask Elliotte if he’s willing to entertain taking over from the Bobcat as host of PTS? He’s the only substitute host I consider worth listening to.

  4. mickey b says:

    How does he keep a straight face and engage in a serious conversation with colleagues that clearly don’t have the first clue or at most have nothing more than a very basic knowledge of hockey? Is it embarrassing for him (who does know a lot and provides great information) to have to sit in with guys who are so far below him in terms of what they can bring to a hockey conversation. Elliotte is way too intelligent for what he’s surrounded with for a good chunk of his on air time. I for one miss watching him but I just can’t handle the people he’s stuck talking with.

  5. Neal says:

    Question for Elliotte: Your work for the most part over your career has centered around the production of features. What are the challenges in getting the interviewee to answer tough questions to make the feature work and how do you work around an interviewee refusing to answer a question?

  6. Rob In Aurora says:

    1) What size sledge hammer would you like to hit Nick Kypreos over the head with? (5 lb or 10 lb?)
    2) Are you ever embarrassed to be on HNIC at the same time with Strombo and those really, really bad suits?
    3) What happened to the magic puck machine? — Any chance it makes a comeback? (Did you ever get the urge to put a Leaf puck in the Habs slot? I wonder if it would it simply go green screen, or actually blow up).

    4) Real question: What is your honest opinion of George as the HNIC host?
    (I realize that one can’t really be answered honestly – because I refuse to believe anyone thinks he’s been suitable or even passable)

    …and if anyone is impatient with these questions, too freakin’ bad. This is a public forum and I am furious at how bad a property HNIC has become under Rogers. Sure, it had it’s warts under CBC’s watch (MacLean was overstaying his welcome)…but now it’s simply awful, awkward, cringeworthy, just plain bad television…And Elliotte is one of the only, if not the only bright spot on the show.

  7. WouldStaley93 says:

    Hi Elliotte

    From people you’ve worked with over the years whether it be Bob McCown or Spider Jones or Scott Metcalfe or Greg Sansone or Ron MacLean who has had the most impact on how you approach broadcasting in today’s ever changing world ?


  8. Steph says:

    no question, but more a request. Can you please take over PTS soon?
    Also, I don’t understand the problem that people have with Strombo. Making fun of his suits, which is something I hear often is just silly. he’s a Canadian homegrown talent, an honest fan of the game and in the prime of his career. His credentials are above and beyond any other in this country. I would assume that you’d complain about anybody!

  9. Keith Murdoch says:

    Thanks for taking the time, Elliotte.

    On older PTS appearances, you seemed open to advanced stats in baseball and talked about reading Fangraphs. In more recent appearances, you seem almost dismissive of advanced stats. What, if anything, has changed?

  10. Jim from Abroad says:

    What is Bob McCown really like?

    Just kidding. First up I would like to say I always enjoy listening to Elliotte discussing sports, specifically hockey. Well thought out analysis with room for nuance. I put him on par with people like Deitsch and Rovell and as a co host to Bob he is among a select few to keep up with the master.

    My real question for him is how much of his career has been the result of planning and how much of it has been jumping at chances that have been offered. Secondly I would like to know which medium he enjoys most working for, television, radio or blogging.

  11. Sean says:

    What is the typical day for an insider? We know they don’t sit at home waiting for news to be sent to them, they have to actively seek it. How many people do they call/text per day, how do they harass different managers/agents/executives. When there is something breaking, how do they hear about it? Does a source contact them? Or do they chase the source? How do they establish their contacts/sources?

  12. Jp says:

    Elliotte: how important is it for you to be the first to report news? How has Twitter changed the face of media reporting with regards to news breaking?

  13. Matty Zero says:

    I have the PTS host question as well.

  14. Len in K-W says:

    Elliotte is a great broadcaster. Always enjoy him on HNIC and his radio segments, especially when he co-hosts PTS or is a fill-in host.

    My question: Given the recent trend towards simulcasted radio and television cross-over shows, where do you see sports radio going in the next decade?

  15. Daniel says:

    I third the PTS question. He is the best Bob-replacement when he goes on one of his many many vacations.

  16. Ken says:

    You could all just listen to the Toronto Mike podcast with Friedman that already covers these questions.

  17. lister says:

    No questions, just some praise. Elliotte is one of the very few media/reporter types that I actually look forward to hearing/reading what they have to say which is usually intelligent.

  18. Poker Guy says:

    Dan Shulman defected from TSN to Sportsnet? He’s on Tim and Sid as we speak.

  19. Jim from Abroad says:

    I read a few hours ago Shulman will call thirty Blue Jay-games in each of the next two seasons and appear on Baseball Central, Tim & Sid and Fan 590 shows. I used to love his chats with Bob, so hopefully, he’ll return to PTS too.

  20. Gary says:

    I’d ask him whether he thinks that NHL teams owned by major media conglomerates is, in general, good for the game or bad for the game. In general. No specific inferences here. Naturally if he cares to get specific…

  21. Marcus says:

    I’m curious to know Elliotte’s thoughts on if there is are different routes to take to become a play-by-play announcer, a colour commentator, or a studio analyst. How does a young sports journalist advancing in their career know what is the best role for them?

  22. Franklin says:

    It would be really great if Toronto Mike and his sock puppets stopped using the comments section here to try to drive traffic to his podcast. You’re not fooling anyone.

  23. Mackofan_1 says:

    Ask him if he thinks Macko will ever return to macko and cauz and if so when?

  24. Sperk says:

    As a former reporter of CIS sports when you were at Western and the Score, what does the CIS need to do to improve its level of attention.

  25. Mitch says:

    Ask him how it feels to sit next to Cox who completely makes up stuff seemingly on the spot during his segments on HNIC while Elliot actually tries and dig real stories up.

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