Better Late Then Never Saturday Post

August 6th, 2016 | by torontosportsmedia
Better Late Then Never Saturday Post
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Ah yes, that time of year – Olympics.

Curious am I alone in my complete lack of interest in this summer's Olympics?  Wake me when they are over.  I hope every athlete wins gold…but wow am I bored by the Olympics.

Here, let's debate this: I believe many athletes use PED's.  I believe the athletes stay ahead of those who test the athletes.   Therefore I believe that PED's should be legal in attempt to even out the playing field.  Tell me how wrong I am…


The Blue Jays flip flopped on their decision to send Aaron Sanchez to the bullpen this week.  What did we really learn?

Well, President Mark Shapiro went on the national MLB media circuit telling anyone that would listen that Sanchez was going to the pen.  Gibby said he wasn't sure and then GM Ross, not to be confused with Ross the intern Atkins said that Sanchez would be staying put….for now….


So what did we learn?


I think we learned exactly why Alex  Anthopoulos decided he couldn't live in a world where Mark Shapiro is the President.  Shapiro has the keys to the car.  He can do what he wants, and it's clear he wants to have his hands on the wheel along with Intern, I mean GM Ross.  That's totally fine.  However, that's exactly why Alex left.  Beeston wouldn't be out there making baseball type comments to the national media and Alex clearly didn't want to work in an environment without baseball autonomy.


What else did we learn?


We learned that once again the Blue Jays get different treatment from the media in Toronto.  If the Leafs flipp flopped like this, every media outliet would have been all over the for flip flopping (irrespective of whether the new decision was the right one).  The Jays plan to send Sanchez to the pen was wildly unpopular with several media types.  Hoewver the decision to suddenly change their mind?  CRICKETS…

Again, do what they want, right or wrong, I don't care.  I don't care for the double standard.  It's not perceived it reality.


The answer to the question of why does it happen is not ROGERS OWNS THE TEAM!  So tell me, why does it happen please.


Lots of rumblings about a certain radio host in Toronto sports looking to take his game south of the border. Hmmmm I wonder if that could happen.  Could we see changes yet again in the Toronto Sports radio world?  Of course we can…it's been too quiet for several weeks.


Enjoy the Olympics if that's your thing.  Go Jays!




  1. Kevin says:

    “Tell me how wrong I am…”

    You are, in many cases, encouraging illegal behaviour. Sure you could say “well, only allow the legal ones”, but then you’d have to have a testing program and encounter all the same problems.

    That’s how I see it.

    • torontosportsmedia says:

      Your comment reminds me of this awesome Seinfeld clip:

    • torontosportsmedia says:

      Thanks for the response Kevin.  I am not going to argue on the legality as I hear what you are saying however what people do to or put in their bodies, it could be argued should be their own business.  

  2. Rob J says:

    No reason not to allow PED’s. WADA needs to admit defeat and turtle.

  3. NefCanuck says:

    Re: Allowing PED’s

    The problem is that most (if not all) PED’s while they may provide a short term athletic gain, its the long term effects that are the problem.

    Do we really want to, as a society, encourage athletes to commit extended suicide?

    Personally I’m not comfortable with that.

    Re: Jays and Sanchez

    Glaringly obvious that the new “brain trust” and the manager aren’t on the same page anymore (if they ever were) but unless the team tanks Gibbons is safe and (assuming) the farther the Jays get into the postseason firing Gibbons would make the whole AA thing last year look like a minore disagreement

    • torontosportsmedia says:

      Thanks for the comment NeFCanuck.  I hear you on the slippery slope issue.  However dont you agree that dopping is happning in large scale already?  If we later find out that atheltes were dirty, taking away their medals is a hollow sanction for those who end up winning.  I say it’s time to move on, accept that the athletes will remain ahead of the testing.

  4. GreyCountyMike says:

    Completely agree on the Olympics … vastly overrated and a tonic for the most jingoistic and syrupy sports reporting there is.

    • torontosportsmedia says:

      Great point GreyCountyMike! The games were built upon the idea of the best amatuer atheltes competing.  Like all things it’s been ruined by the almight dollar.

  5. mario says:

    Count me in as well , couldn’t care less on watching the summer Olympics . As for radio shake ups should be happening soon September is just around the corner.

  6. Matty Zero says:

    The Olympics are becoming more expensive AND irrelevant all at once. I will probably watch a couple of basketball games, and Usain Bolt. That will be about it.

    As for Sanchez, this should have been the option all along. They should have also skipped his start before, and start after the all-star game. Massaging the Monday/Thursday off-days will be important.

    I’m ok with an innings limit, but it really all is arbitrary. It gets really tough when the window to win is now, so why preserve his arm for some other team down the road?

    • torontosportsmedia says:

      I can’t think of a specific reason I am not into this Olympics Matty Zero.  I thought it was becuase I am just getting older.  With the Jays, I have no clue what the right thing for them to do is, I know it’s been handled poorly.

  7. Nanaman says:


    You’re wrong. Teams inevitably will seek to win at all costs, as proven by teams at all levels.

    That being said, what controls will be in place to protect children or minors from being encouraged to gain an edge? If it is not outright illegal, then it will only allow for greater usage.

    • torontosportsmedia says:

      I respect that Nanaman, however I think it’s nieve to think doping isn’t happening enmasse already.  I think athletes like entertainers as a group remain flawed role models (yes there are exceptions)

  8. Alex says:

    Totally on board with making everythng legal. No more second guessing and double standards.

    I presume Jays get good graces because they are first major team to win in years in Toronto.

    Still, it’s funny how certain 590 people will agree with Shapiro/Atkins no matter their flip flopping. And some 1050 guys ate the exact opposite.

    • torontosportsmedia says:

      It’s not just the Rogers folks who give the Jays the pass it’s most (not all) outlets.  Thanks Alex.

  9. Hans says:

    Count me in the “I don’t really care” camp as well when it comes to these games.

    Maybe it’s me but I don’t recall either TSN or Sportsnet hyping these Olympic games at all. Hell, even CBC seem to not really push it in the last little while and it actually felt like we were getting more hype for the upcoming Tragically Hip concert that the actual games.

    As for the Jays – in my opinion it’s another case of Shaprio misreading/misunderstanding the team, the city, and the media. I’m not saying he’s evil or anything but he needs to spend less time trying to push his plans and ideas in the media and more time getting an actual feel for the team he has and realize that the Blue Jays are not the Cleveland Indians.

  10. Ron H. says:

    Perhaps I’ve been in the dark, but curious as to who the speculation is about on “rumblings about a certain radio host in Toronto sports looking to take his game south of the border” ???

  11. Bingo Bango Bongo says:

    @Ron H I’m sure the reference is to that alleged overheard conversation regarding Elliotte Friedman. The story was posted by someone here so I seriously doubt there’s anything to it.

  12. Nanaman says:

    My mistake on the wording of my post. I didn’t mean the impact of legalization on the children by way of role modeling. I meant, it would then give coaches the option of literally drugging youth under their supervision. In many cases, the coaches take on the guardianship of the athlete.

    I just can’t imagine what the removal of controls, however weak and ineffective they may be, would have on some coaches, organizations and even countries on the administering of drugs amongst those under age of 18.

  13. Tighthead says:

    Friedman isn’t really a radio guy. i can’t see Bobcat relocating at this age and stage of his career. Not sure who else would fit the bill.

  14. yaz says:

    I was confounded at the lack of Sanchez talk immediately after the Atkins announcement in a scrum from Houston. On Overdrive they spent most of the 5-6 PM hour talking about the Sanchez situation then Macarthur read something off Twitter regarding the 6 man rotation and they mentioned it briefly – then opened the 6 pm hour with 10 minutes of ‘mini-van guy’ talk and ‘I’m-not-a-jersey-guy’ talk. Down on whomever was on PTS that day, they were interviewing the AGM from Vegas when it broke and didn’t mention it, then opened the 6 pm hour mentioning it briefly before bringing in Arash Madani ( who broke the story on Twitter at 5:46 PM Aug 4) to talk about, of course, the first mosquito he saw in Rio.

    After weeks of being on the receiving end of an unending aural bludgeoning of Sanchez talk, you would think each station would have dedicated the next hour to discussing the end of Sanchez-gate. Bizarre.

    Friedman isn’t a radio guy. Even if he did go to the States, he wouldn’t shake anything up here radio-wise. Richards is likely going. He’s the only guy here with an agent from CAA. Obviously a much bigger market, one city down there will take a shot to see if his schtick sticks.

    Other than Rob Faulds on PTS ( who never introduced himself once ) -worst radio of the week was easily the ‘Matt the intern’ spot on Walker. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel there. In a couple of weeks we will likely see where Brady lands. Put Brady with Cauz and you’d have a really fast paced funny show.

  15. yaz says:

    Sorry, ‘Dave the Intern’.

  16. Nanaman says:

    Oh, I’m not naive to think it doesn’t. But the legalization of it would make the production and distribution of it to be greater. As a result, I would think that costs would decrease and thus, more readily available for trial and use amongst a younger demographic.

  17. Nanaman says:

    My biggest problem with the Olympics is the fact that some countries have a greater edge due to their economic advantage. I know this will never be equitable, however for sports such as swimming, withany it be ideal if they all had to swim in the exact same swimsuit material?

    It’s like Rocky vs. Drago (well, without the Hollywood ending)

  18. Steve says:

    Toronto is king of the bangwagon fan and seeing as Canada fairs so poorly in the Summer version versus the Winter Olympics, I’m not surprised at all from the comments that people aren’t interested in the Summer Olympics.

    The above comment from “Nanaman” may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on here. What economic advantage does Kenya have that allows their athletes to excel at long-distant running or Iran with all their wrestling medals?

  19. Nanaman says:


    Key word … some.

  20. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    I too have no interest in the Olympics – What really burns my posterior is the fact that these athletes are doing it on my tax dollar – I resent even one dime going to support a bunch of so-called sports no body would pay to see if there was a league of them – Synchronized swimming? Pentathalon? Rhythmic Gymnastics? I don’t think so – A bunch of probably ‘roided up people running jumping and standing still – No thank you- And let’s not forget all the trough feeding bumboy ‘executives’ living large on my dollar –

  21. Alex says:

    As someone who only listens to Blair/BC and PTS, you couldnt escape the Sanchez story, especially Bob, as usual, adamantly staking a position on something and beating it into the ground.

    Good thing he is on vacation to avoid the dreaded 6 man rotation that will “further baby the pitchers.”

  22. Giorgio says:

    Comment Deleted

  23. Warren says:

    “I too have no interest in the Olympics – What really burns my posterior is the fact that these athletes are doing it on my tax dollar”

    I wouldn’t get hung up on that topic at all – these athletes get very little from the government. Save your rage for a topic that matters.

  24. MontfromLondonOnt says:

    Any frivolous use of my tax dollar matters to me – Read my entire post – I also mentioned the ‘..the trough feeding bumboy ‘executives’ living large …’ – Sadly I am resigned to this waste of money – However I realize a great many enjoy the flag waving and pageantry – If you are among them I hope you enjoy the games –

  25. Rob says:

    ….because Lyle Alzado.

  26. NefCanuck says:


    I’m in the camp that says we have to stop the cheating, if not for the issue of fairness, for the health of these athletes. Look at the ex *pro* players (that we know of) whose lives have been ruined (or ended) by the use of illegal drugs (including ones that were at one point legal because no one knew any better)

    Hell, it took the International *Paralympic* Committee to finally take a stand against the doping in Russian sport regarding their athletes (and the fact that a paralympian would take PEDs given their health concerns already makes me sad speaking as someone who is also disabled and on more drugs than I want to be)

    The IOC should be ashamed of itself, the way it chickened out and “left it to the individual sanctioning bodies” to decide whether to ban or not.

  27. koko b.ware says:

    Actually Steve it’s the same argument that’s debated every for years. There’s convincing arguments for both sides (countries with velodromes vs. countries without) or genetics/history (Iran and wrestling). Then it becomes confusing because of Iran’s great history with wrestling (like hockey for Canadians) they have more interest and money invested there. So not clear cut as you made it seem. Both you guys are right and wrong.

  28. Anthony says:

    Interesting question indeed.

    There was a topic on PTS last Week (I wish I could quote those involved, they deserve mention) about what are PEDs? Are pain killers PEDs (they are really), is coffee a PED? If your Quarterback needs to get his foot frozen to play, is that not benefiting from a PED?

    Most drugs, like steroids and human growth hormones, they where never created to be evil or given this evil connotation. It was made for those with development or health issues re-generate. Under doctors supervision, they are helpful and probably leave less of a negative health impact as pain killers do. Im not suggesting that PEDs be available for all, I just don’t understand how something as dangerous as pain killers never get a negative when steroids, HGH, etc do, despite the fact that the former could be more harmful if abused.

  29. yaz says:

    For me the bigger question raised about Sanchez-gate is the fact that Shapiro and Atkins have seemingly lost the room. Gibbons publicly stated he didn’t get putting Sanchez in the bullpen. Martin said the same thing – and you can bet Martin was speaking on behalf of the team. Atkins flies down to Houston and whammo – all of a sudden Sanchez is not going to the bullpen. They had a team mutiny on their hands. In the morning Shapiro was rambling on again about Sanchez going to the bullpen and in the afternoon Atkins is holding a scrum saying Sanchez will stay in a 6 man rotation. Gong show.

  30. Alex says:


    I presume you mean the segment with Patrick Hruby of Vice Sports. He was on PTS and Blair talking about his article about legalizing certain drugs for athletes.

    One reason i am in favor is the whole sliding scale. Whats bad? Whats good? What was bad now good?

    blood doping is bad, but hyperbaric chambers are good? HGH is bad, but lasic and tommy john is good?

    Everything is arbitrary.

  31. Anthony says:


    Thanks for that.

    I don’t understand the arbitrary nature here. If someone is hurt, they are not allowed to use HGH to get themselves back to where they where (like they would in society, my son used it after a significant injury), yet they are allowed to have Tommy John Surgery, use pain killers, get their injuries frozen, take uppers.

    As you say, its all completely arbitrary and lack consistency.

  32. (Another) Andrew says:

    the reference is to that alleged overheard conversation regarding Elliotte Friedman

    Speaking of Freedman I was surprised to hear him doing the commentary “play-by-play” for Olympic swimming. Seems like an odd fit. That said, he did fine.

  33. Harrumph says:

    Better late than never. By that, I offer a large thank you to Richard Deitsch for mentioning TSM while co-hosting with Mccown on PTS several months ago and by extension all who work for this site. I eagerly look forward to your latest post.
    What a revelation to discover, after all my years ( 60+) following sports through local media outlets, that, in fact, there is a place where creditable( I feel) scrutiny of those who do the ‘reporting’ can be had.
    The incessant drone of the corporate minions has only worsened what with media convergence and all that it inevitably brings.
    Really, would we be hearing about soccer( I call it fixball)if the sports broadcaster did not have a vested interest? They have airtime to fill and by gum they’re gonna fill it! Yep, these on-air types, let’s name them all Homer and be done with it,will tow the party line and when confronted the feckless will feign indignence.
    However, there is no defense for the lacklustre and consistently mediocre broadcast that is Blue Jays Baseball.From the omnipresent music?- outset to conclusion-to the appalling technical gaffes(laziness?),i.e., is there a reason they do not show a batted ball replay wherein the pitch graph is shown(like other local American broadcasts with a much smaller budget, I’d guess) so we, the people, can observe what the pitch speed and location were without replaying it ourselves, through the mandatory and obsequious Barry Davis post-game player interview, “golly (insert Jay player name here) just how great are you guys?”,and yes, Buck repeating himself ad nauseum?
    There is more to be sure(I trust I’m not alone here) where this acursed broadcast is concerned.
    The detritus that is this broadcast can only persist in a world of no competition. If another broadcaster were in the mix I venture to suggest I could never have come up with the following variation on a hockey theme: I was watching commercials the other day and a Blue Jay game broke out! God bless the mute button.
    I have said my piece and it is this site that inspired me to do so.
    Better late than never.

  34. yaz says:

    I’ve complained about that droning Jays theme song before. It is so bland and dull and depressing. Time for a change. I do think Zaun is one of the better colour commentators around.

  35. Cirroc says:

    I love to complain as much as the next guy, but people complaining about something as arbitrary as the wave at a Jays game is pretty funny.

  36. Original Mitch says:

    Harrumph FTW

  37. Drumanchor says:

    @ Harrumph. Better late than never, indeed. And, yes, where would we be without a mute button? Works remarkably well on Sportsnet Raptors playoff games, too – i.e. Incredibly longwinded Raptor apologist, Leo Rautins.

    Come back soon.

  38. RobInAurora says:

    Saying that Barry Davis is obsequious is a perspicuous use of the word

  39. Steve Clark says:

    So sad to hear of the passing of Canadian born sports broadcaster John Saunders. He was the original TV play by play voice of the Raptors and worked at CITY TV along with a long career with ESPN working many different sports. A true pro He was only 61 years old.

  40. Alex says:

    We saw Saunders in Baltimore before he went to ESPN. Always came off as good guy.

  41. Mike S says:

    @(Another) Andrew

    Steve Armitage was supposed to do the swimming play-by-play on CBC but it was announced a couple of weeks ago that he wouldn’t be able to do it because of health reasons……….that’s when they moved Friedman to that role (he was scheduled to be the swimming reporter)………I agree that he has been fine

  42. yaz says:

    I think Friedman could be a better generalist sports anchor than strictly a hockey guy; a CBC/Rogers Duthie type. But if he goes to the States there isn’t an American Producer that will allow him on-air with his Bazooka Joe hair or blinding, screen-flaring bald spot – rare to have both at the same time.

  43. Dogpounder says:


  44. Mike S says:

    In my opinion Zeisberger has been one of the better summer fill-ins……….he can talk intelligently about several different sports topics

    Zeisberger is the kind of guy who should be on the Friday PTS roundtable more often if his schedule permits……………instead of having Shannon on the roundtable 11 weeks in a row (which happened earlier this year) it would be nice to hear some other voices………I would rather hear guys like Perkins, Zeisberger, Doug Smith, Fitzgerald, etc on the PTS roundtable than hear full time Rogers employees over and over again

  45. MjwW says:

    McCown’s interview with Brian Kenny and the way he outright lied about Kenny’s position on advanced statistics was awful and extremely unprofessional. Time for McCown to retire, because either he can no longer hear the guests or he’s resorted to lying worse than Trump.

  46. Alex says:

    I think the PTS producers should have known not to book Kenny, a strident stat guy, on with Bob. Would have been much better to have him on when blair was guest host.

  47. Mike S says:

    Michael Phelps wins another gold medal comfortably but Friedman mixes up the lanes during the call of the race and thought Phelps finished off the podium………oops………I feel really bad for him

  48. Huz says:

    Wow, Mike Johnson has left Sportsnet? Rogers just lost their best Colour Man.

    I’m going to speculate that he was unhappy with who he was working with? Or the direction they’re going in? Or maybe got a better offer in the States?

    Wouldn’t it be something if be returned to TSN?

  49. Huz says:

    How is it that Johnson gets canned, but Kypreos, Millard, Doug Maclean are still there?

  50. Dave says:

    Friedman becomes our own Steve Harvey.

  51. Matty Zero says:

    Poor Elliotte. He is getting roasted internationally. I really like him as a broadcaster on all formats, feel terrible for him as well.

  52. Tighthead says:

    I feel sorry for Friedman. That had to be sickening. He also blew the gold medal race – thrice calling Oleksiak “Overholt”. The Canadian media certainly tweeted a circle of support, which seems to still be going this morning.

    Apparently Johnson’s departure was about money. I assume Rogers wanted him to take a haircut and he balked. Money must be tight if you are doing that to one of your best talents.

  53. Huz says:

    Are they going to be running one man Commentary Team now since they barely have any Color guys left? LOL.

  54. Curious says:

    By my count, that is two nights in-a-row where significant on-air gaffes happened at the swimming venue (Byron’s comment about the Chinese swimmer – this never should have gone to air – and Elliotte’s problems last night). While it might easy to point the blame at the talent (and if Armitage – who is great calling swimming – is in the play-by-play seat maybe none of this happens??), where were the production resources when this was going on? Producers and the technical crew own this as much as the faces of the broadcast. Here’s hoping they bring a “gold medal performance” tonight.

  55. Huz says:

    I thought Elliotte was done working for CBC after Rogers got the NHL Rights?

    Guess I was wrong….

  56. another steve says:

    What I’m learning about the Blue Jays is that three key people (Shapiro,Atkins,Gibbons) can’t stay on the same page.

    Gibbons just wants to win ball games, and wants to deploy players as he sees fit.

    Atkins tries his best to stick to Shapiro’s script but he struggles; he reminds me of the frat boy who got in because his older brother and father were members of the same frat.

    Shapiro is still trying to figure out how to make this his team and not Anthopoulus’s team.

  57. another steve says:

    I’m not watching the olympics at all, or paying too much attention to them. But it didn’t take long this morning to figure out what went down with Friedman last night.

    I appreciate Friedman’s work, on air and in print. I’ll watch, listen or read whatever he has to say because he’s one of the few local MSM members that consistently makes the effort to be accurate, informative and professional.

    His mistake last night was significant, but it appears that he owned it almost immediately. Will it haunt him personally, probably.

    But overall, his body of work will prevail and those who know his work will move on.

  58. another steve says:

    Didn’t realize Penny Oleksiak is sister to Dallas Stars D-man, Jamie Oleksiak.
    Talented family.

  59. Curt says:

    Really feel for Elliotte. We all screw up in our jobs, but most of us don’t have those mistakes broadcast to the world.

  60. Bingo Bango Bongo says:

    Let me first state my admiration for Elliotte Friedman. His work is topnotch and he’s a good guy. This is more a comment about the posters here. I find it funny that he’s getting so much sympathy and empathy here after last night’s errors, which is as it should be. If this had happened to Shannon, Wheeler, Landsberg or one of several other popular whipping boys though, the outrage would have been massive and immediate. And one other note. The production crew owns none of the blame for these mistakes. The mistakes were made by the presenters. Kudos and much respect to Elliotte for owning it.

  61. Curt says:

    Not hard to understand really – Friedman is likeable and not a play-by-play guy, who was brought in late. Conversely, Shannon and Landsberg are arrogant and unlikable (for most on here) and would therefore not solicit much if any sympathy. (I can’t speak for Wheeler – never listened to him.)

  62. Mickey b says:

    Yikes….unreal how much the cbc swimming announcers thing has blown up globally. Definitely seems like a much bigger story outside of Canada. The two of them have made quite a name for themselves around the world. Too bad o dog isn’t around. I’d love to hear him and Hayes talking about it on overdrive.

  63. Curt says:

    Sounds like Byron MacDonald is really catching hell now. He had some pretty awful comments about a Chinese swimmer… “The little 14-year-old from China dropped the ball, baby. Too excited, went out like stink, died like a pig. Thanks for that.” Stay classy, Byron.

  64. Simulcast in Mississauga says:

    I looked forward to and am enjoying watching the Olympics very much. While I admit to not following many of the sports outside of the 17 day window of the Olympics, the enthusiasm and skill of the athletes is impressive. The positive vibe translates across the TV screen to the viewer in a way that is not present for MLB baseball players in their 120th game of the season or a hockey player dragging through a Tuesday night game in February. The Olympics happen only once in four years….let’s enjoy it! Elliotte made a major error all right (I had trouble figuring out who was in which lane too) but he is such a good guy and one of the few on Rogers worth listening to/watching, that he gets a mulligan. Andi Petrillo is doing an excellent job on CBC’s afternoon coverage; hopefully it will translate into a move back to TV, likely with CBC and Rogers.

  65. Mullet says:

    Mistakes happen, rookie camera, audio problems and technical director taking wrong feeds. But Friedman was a big no-no!
    Rod Smith 2012 London Olympics best calls by far.

  66. Paul G. says:

    Nothing good lasts forever.

    Shannon is back on the Roundtable!

  67. Ricky says:

    This morning on Naylor and Landsberg they had a very interesting discussion on the Friedman screw ups. Naylor mentioned that they wouldn’t normally comment on this stuff, but because Friedman was working for a public broadcaster, he felt it was alright. I didn’t think they were overly critical of Friedman and the discussion was fair. Naylor mentions he’s friend of Friedman. Everyone screws up from time to time and it’s more apparent and obvious in broadcasting mediums. I applaud Friedman for doing what he is doing because other than these gaffes, he’s been excellent so far. Keep in mind he’s filling in for Steve Armitage, plus the influx of events Friedman’s called. Lets keep in mind Friedman is a reporter and we should be commanding him for his versatility. Naylor and Landsberg gave good context on the producers role in the situation. I applaud them for not ripping the guy to shreds. Just goes to show you what being a good person does in the sports media world despite being a broadcaster for a rival company. What do you guys think?

    You can find the discussion here starting at 13:45.

    PS. Nice to see the old CBCers all back together in Amber, Friedman, Petrillo and Russel. They are all doing excellent work

  68. Patrick says:

    I said this last week as well, but my favorite T.O radio show is Hayes and Scotty Mac on 1050. I listen to that, then switch over to Jays at 7.

    I also think the Jays theme song is very good.

  69. Alex says:

    Did they mention Elliott on the roundtable? Only heard 1st hour live.

    I dont they arent going to bury him,but this is one time Shannon would be a good person on the show, to discuss how that could happen and how to move on.

  70. Original Mitch says:

    man, goes to show you that if you are a ‘nice guy’ you can pretty much screw up in any way and you get a pass. I mean, the guy screwed up the greatest Olympian in history for about 15 seconds and also called the Canadian the wrong name for a while in the other swimming event. I’m not saying he should be fired, but we are talking about one of the all-time botch jobs in this history of sports broadcasting. and everybody this morning is sympathizing with him. There’s a lesson here, kids.
    Be a good, kind person. it really does help.

  71. Cirroc says:


    I was listening to that too and it was nice to hear N and L be very fair in regards to the situation. Friedman has always come across as an honest guy just doing his job and to be thrown into that situation and have this happen is just pure bad luck.
    He may have been out of his depth, but really, the onus should lie with the person whose decision it was to assign him that position in the first place.

  72. Curt says:

    Mitch, considering the overwhelmingly negative reaction around the world, I wouldn’t say Friedman got a free pass. But by all means, let’s pile on the guy – who was a last minute stand-in because of Armitage’s health issues. Where’s my torch!

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