Blue Jays Depression Settling In

October 1st, 2016 | by torontosportsmedia
Blue Jays Depression Settling In
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I had a lot written down, however the 18 Wheeler Blue Jays season has be too depressed to finish writing it.  So once the horse has been shot and we've been put out of our misery I will finish that bad boy off.


In the meantime some random thoughts:

If Shomi, Sportsnet the Magazine print edition were not enough, good the Jays implosion complete the Guy Lawrence bad week hat trick?  Exploding Iphones anyone???

David Shoalts wrote this morning of the lack of financial success of the World Cup Of Hockey.  Is anyone surprised by this?

If the Jays do in fact bow out how much of a dive does Bob McCown's interest in his show take after Gibbons is fired and the season totally dissected?

Marner and Matthews headline the best Maple Leafs camp in terms of youth in years and yet I don't get the sense that Maple Leaf nation has awoken from the long hot summer.  

Steve Buffery wrote earlier this week about some strange going ons with the Blue Jays.  Reporters having to follow pitchers into private sections of the clubhouse, photos of the media with "x's" on them as well; things aren't well in Blue Jays land.  Which two media members do you think the players hate the most???

Haven't seen it written but Atkins and Shapiro's old team is in the playoffs this year, as ESPN is suggesting the two headed monster for MLB executive of the year.

A few weeks back it was written that Gibby should be manager of the year.  If they do indeed falter out of the playoffs it's almost certain he gets gonged.  Has a winner of manager of the year ever been offed in the off season before???

ESPN's Friday night baseball coverage was AWESOME of the Jays and Red Sox.  No bias either way; great, great work by the world wide leader.


More soon.




  1. Joeybutts says:

    Cathal Kelly and Richard griffin?

    Certainly not a Rogers scribe!

  2. NefCanuck says:

    I think part of the reason why "Leafs Nation" hasn't started frothing at the mouth can be put down to two factors:

    1)  The World Cup of Hockey. It may not have made the NHL/NHLPA much scratch but it made for compelling TB (frankly, who in their right mind given the ticket prices that they were asking for the games thought they would make money?)

    2)  Despite the fact that it is the Centennial Season for the team, folks got a long hard dose of reality last season.  The delusions of being a Cup contender are gone for now so folks are taking a "show me" attitude (which IMO is refreshing, even as a Leafs fan myself, I know a train wreck when I see it)

    As to the Jays,

    This is a team that is imploding because there are too many competing interests in the clubhouse this year, last season it was clearly all for one and one for all.  This year its "all about me"…

    • Drumanchor says:

      Interesting takes, NefCanuck.

      After last year's trade deadline deals, the Jays instantly became much watch TV (or whatever device one chose). A likeable team that you couldn't help but cheer for. Players and management that seemed to care for the fans, the city and the crest on the uniform. 

      Fast forward to this season and not so much. As you accurately say, "it's all about me"…


  3. Mark says:

    Was the ESPN game of the Jays on TSN?

  4. GreyCountyMike says:

    A lot of people justifiably rip ESPN for various reasons, but Jonah is dead-on in praising that network for its MLB coverage. It is so refreshing to watch and listen to a Jays' broadcast void of the unnecessary Rogers rhetoric. Regardless if the season ends this weekend or not, it's high time for Buck, Pat and especially Jamie just to go home and hide under the covers.

    • Darren says:

      Couldn't agree more, Pat "The Parrot" Tabler is a complete F'M joke, he's never had an original thought of his own in his life, Jamie's crush on Gregg (Steroid Freak) Zaun is laughable and Buck is simply stuck in the middle.  MLB.TV has saved my baseball viewing life, unless Dan Shulman is doing the game with JUST Buck, I watch the other teams feed, so nice.

  5. Hans says:

    I get not liking the meida and I get that players don't want to talk with certain members of it if said reporter burned them in the past but to put up pictures in visible view of the media is either just plain stupid or the height of complete arrogance to think they could do that and no one would notice much less say anything.  Which leads to the question: If Jose Bautista is considered a lockroom leader is this mini "blacklist" his way of giving the finger to reporters he dislikes before he leaves the time at the end of his contract?

    As for Bob McCowan – I get the feeling he'll go right into a bunch of "I told you so's" about evenything from the team offence fizzling out, to the bullpen falling apart to Gibbons (extremely likely) firing with his collective of Hivemind pals agreeing with him should the Jays not make the playoffs. On a side ntoe, I personally feel that Gibbons is done with the team no matter how they end up outside of a World Series win.  

    Once the Jays are done I suspect Leafs Nation will begin to rise again in Toronto.

  6. mario says:

    Rogers is truly had a bad week, here's hoping there NHL coverage is a lot better this year.

  7. scarboro_scamp says:

    The only example I can think of for Lauded to Fired is Coach of the Year Ted Nolan getting canned in Buffalo. I’m purposefully not Googling this, and wouldn’t be surprised if something similar has happened in the game.

    I know the TSM blog is not the place to go to talk about Sportsnet magazine, but as a day one subscriber I am a little saddened it will be device only. In trying to limit my device time I know I won’t be reading the new digital version.

  8. billyjoejimbob says:

    Jays on Tuesday: 1.5M

    World Cup on Tuesday: 2.1M

    Jays on Wednesday: 1.9M (season-high)

    Not sure about Jays on Thursday, but I understand World Cup did 2.3.

    Not a bad week for Rogers at all. 

    However, no Jays in the playoffs is very bad, no matter how they try to spin it. 

    • Original Mitch says:

      It's interesting. While no doubt Rogers will tout this, if you dig deeper all they did was use their money to create this. They bought a baseball team and waited 15 years for it to become relevant and overpaid for the NHL deal and plucked them on their network. they had nothing to do with those ratings. Whereas Shomi and the magazine were creative ventures that could not be solved by money. They needed to be creative, relevant and other good business attributes where money has nothing to do with. they failed. Anything that Rogers tries to do that can't be successful just because of money, they generally fail. 

      • Mike V says:

        Good news for Rogers Media: you can't credit them, they just bought it.

        Bad news for Rogers Media: it's all their fault!! 


        In actuality, the sports property strategy is doing exactly what it was developed to do which is produce profits that buffer against the revenue declines in other segments of media facing structural issues (conventional TV and print).  It doesn't matter if the content was bought – so was Maclean's at one point as well as all the Shomi programming.

      • Lemmon says:

        I'm all for shelling out blame where it's due, but come on. 

        Shomi was a joint venture between Rogers and Shaw, yet it is touted on here as solely a Rogers (failed) entity. 

        Further to that, if they have sports ratings that are doing well right now, why isn't that taken at face value? I don't ever remember hearing arguments like this in my 20 years of following sports in this city and country. Only within the last 2-4 years have people piped up on who exactly is getting the ratings and how much a network plays into ratings success. 


  9. Darrell says:

    Does everyone speaking on talk radio (sports wise) talk sense 100% and their thoughts as gospel? Nope. Something has to be done about axing the radio voice who talks telephone calls from fans – no matter how 'off' the fans thoughts might be?

    The Toronto Blue Jays are heading toward a massive fall off the ladder of the AL East.  The Rogers empire were trumping this team as a team destined for playoff glory. However, heading into game 161 tonight – they need to win both games before the end of the day tomorrow.

    Many, many times the radio host of Jays Talk will beat the drum that "its still early" and "nothing is wrong as there are still a lot of games to play!" I even heard phrases similar to that just last night. Fans would call in and express their thoughts or theories and are repeatedly shot down by the host and unless you agree with everything the host has for views – you have a 99% opportunity to be told "they are an idiot" and the host would stink of arrogance.

    I am a New York Yankees fan. Every single team has faults and pros. Something needs to be done with the removal of the radio host and co-radio announcer of the Toronto Blue Jays. It is totally unlistenable and although I am a Yankees fan, Toronto fans are not dummies and they should be allowed to vent without ridicule.

    • Cowboyskanuck says:


      Jays have a playoff game.


      This place has gone to hell.

      • Darrell says:

        OK you do realize I sent that before tonight's game and you write 10 minutes after the game? The Jays do NOT Have a playoff game "yet" – they are assured of game 163 on Monday or a playoff game Tuesday!

  10. Howard says:

    Bobcat can’t say I told you so, he called the jays winning the division by six games

  11. mikew says:

     Pat "The Parrot" Tabler is a complete F'M joke, he's never had an original thought of his own in his life.

    I couldn't agree more. It's impossible for me to listen to any full game with him in the booth.

    • 4x4 Time says:

      Buck – "Betts is a dangerous hitter against the Jays"

      Tabler – "That's right Buck, his job is to hit the ball"

  12. Colin says:

    I had the chance to speak with Steve Buffery about his article on my show this week which airs in Peterborough, Ontario on Extra 90.5 FM.

  13. WestDale Rocks says:

    Big deal, re: players vs media disagreements.  That has been going on since time immemorial in baseball, and will continue to do so.  As for who it was, I would be surprised if it was Griffin who is one of the more respected ink-stained wretches in the city.  It would be nice though, if distractions like this weren't around at this time of year.  The players should just focus on the games and not on which colour sharpie to use.  

    I love the Jays and am hoping they advance….but I do have to admit that I enjoy seeing multiple media members fall flat on their face with egg all over it, like they did on Thursday.  All the so-called "experts" were bascially writing off the game against Ubaldo and writing in a Jays win. Andrew Walker, Wilner, Walker's producer, Kypreos (like he knows anything about baseball…he doesn't even know much about hockey!!), Cauz, the TSN clowns in the afternoon…..ALL were writing off Ubaldo and looking ahead tp Friday.  And then Ubaldo one hits the Jays.  LOVE it!  

    Re: Gibby.  In some ways, I feel bad for him,  After all, the bullpen has been a concern all year and Shatkins didn't shore it up sufficiently.  Benoit going down hurt a lot as well.  None of this was Gibbons fault.  And Gibby isn't the one striking out 10+ times a game swinging for the fences either.  However, where Gibby IS at fault is in the Jays inability to play small ball and manufacture runs.  In ANY game where they've been either up by one, tied, or down by one from the sixth inning onwards, how many times have we seen them try to manufacture runs?  Last night's game in Boston might have been the first time I saw it in the whole month of September.  And look who did it.  The bottom of the order.  When you can't score and can't hit, you change your mindset and play small ball.  The extra inning game in Seattle they lost, they had plenty of opportunity to forge ahead if they had chosen to sacrifice instead of be the hero.  But nope—the Jays fortunes have been strikeouts and double plays when they should have been focused on advancing the runner.  And that DOES come down on the manager, who has to recognize his team is in a funk.  Doesn't matter who it is.  If I'm Gibby and I have two on and nobody out in a one run game, the message is "BUNT".  I don't care if it's Donaldson, Bautista or EE.  Get those runners into scoring position.  My two cents.  


    • Matty Zero says:

      Giving up an out is not smart baseball. What I would prefer to see is an adjustment at the plate in the 'two-on' scenario described, and driving the ball to the opposite field. The pull-and-swing-for-the-fences approach at all times is this teams biggest problem. WAY too many strikeouts from the whole lineup.

  14. Steve in Waterloo says:

    Blair stated that the two reporters in question were in fact Kelly and Griffin.

  15. Cirroc says:

    Anybody know what's going on with Donaldson in the clubhouse, as Steve Simmons wrote in his Sunday column?

    • Big G says:


      It probably has something to do with either Donaldson or Stroman

      Donaldson and Stroman are hotheads,they have toxic attitudes. makes you have to wonder why Billy Beane moved Donaldson when he still had years of control left and is a very rear talent. Stroman has Brett Lawrie like antics and is turning out to be just as mediocre, Stroman last season after being taken out of a game had an issue with his coach on live TV this year Chase Headly  told the media when the Jays were in a series with the Yankees that Stroman was telling the Yankees to get the F off the field after getting them out. I can see Stroman playing for multiple teams because of his attitude. Again just like Brett.

      • Rick in Barrie says:

        The immaturity of these two (Donaldson and Stroman) was on full display last night during their champagne and Bud sponsored celebration. I haven't heard so many childish laughs and inappropriate comments in my life. 

         I am all for a proper celebration (when called for) and hate how PC we've become as a society but I can't believe Rogers showed what they did last night…giddy little teenagers. Foul language, insults – even Barry Davis took some shots!

  16. GreyCountyMike says:

    Cirroc: Who knows? And that is what bothers me about some of the sports journalists in this city. If they know something, then by all means come clean … that is their jobs after all. But this game of throwing out little tidbits without context or details is just so bush league.

    • Original Mitch says:

      It's true. I wonder if Boston Mike or TSM know? I can tell you its known amongst the media members (whether true or not) 

  17. 4x4 Time says:

    Buck – "Pedriora is a tough out for the Jays, he always seems to get timely hits"

    Tabler – "Thats right Buck, his job is too hit the ball when he is at bat"


  18. Sam In Scarb says:

    Buck-" (Xplayer takes a low breaking ball on a chew chew pitch to the opposite field"

    Pat-" Yes Buck Xplayer is a good opposite field low ball hitter when he has 2 strikes or more on him"


  19. Bobby G says:

    As reported by the Canadian Press in various publications across the country, Sportsnet Magazine will, indeed, become online only. Only the print publication is dead, as with MoneySense, Flare and others.

  20. Sam says:

    A quick comment on the new thread style – I find it hard to follow.  I suggest going back to the old way or better yet (if its not too much work) go to a full forum style commentary.  Thanks for the site regardless of the outcome.

    • mike (in boston) says:

      "A quick comment on the new thread style – I find it hard to follow"


      Me too! But I see the other side as well … people want to be able to hit reply and have it show up under the comment in question. For me, it''s not too much work to do a quick c&p into the comment box when I want to respond to someone in particular. I think we will stick with this for a little longer. 


      There is nowhere near enough discussion here to warrant doing a full forum. We would end up with dozens of threads with 1 or 2 comments. 

  21. Original Mitch says:

    I picked up the very first issue of Sportsnet magazine. Noticed two glaring errors. Never read another issue. 

  22. TD says:

    Buck – " The Detroit Tigers have the easiest schedule this weekend. They're in Atlanta to play the Braves. "

    Pat – " Yeah and they're playing the Atlanta Braves. "

  23. TD says:

    Buck – " The Blue Jays have on game left against the Yankee's, 3 more against Baltimore and 3 more against Boston. "

    Pat – " Yeah, there's not many left. You can count them on one hand. "

    Buck – " No, you need two. "

  24. jeff says:

    Marty York and his minions have been on absolute Twitter-Tilt the past few days.  I had to create a new Twitter account just to be able to read his inane ramblings.  I cant tell if he is a troll or a lunatic.  Im thinking both

    • Anthony says:

      Just looking for attention. He's been pushed out of every main stream media outlet, so now he has to use twitter to get attention. Happy he's protected, I blocked him but his RTs use to show up once and a while. Locking his account fixed that issue for me. 

  25. Bobby G says:

    How long has Marty York protected his tweets?
    What’s the point of rambling inanely on Twitter if only those who want to be fawned over can follow along with the fun?

  26. Not Anthony says:

    Hahaha, I love how inevitably Marty's name is invoked week after week. He rents a lot of space in your heads free of charge, haha.

  27. Original Mitch says:

    Marty York is a great follower for all the reasons that someone is when their tweets aren’t protected. Now that they are protected I will unfollow.

  28. yaz says:

    @Sam I agree.

  29. dogpounder says:

    Did PTS just cut off the Shapiro interview and go to commercial or did Shannon put me to sleep again?

  30. Big G says:

    Great piece in the globe & mail last month regarding Rogers and selling the Jays to cash in on an investment that has quadrupled since the purchase in 2000 especially now when the hype is at peak. The Jays believe it or not, year to year don't even bring in half a million despite what you see at the dome or the TV numbers,  A sports team is just not a magnet for profit like a cell phone or internet business. The return year to year is just not worth hassles with contracts, payroll, stadium reno's etc.

     Media companies just don't own teams any more. If Rogers were to sell the team to Ed Rogers&Family, they can't loose it's a win for shareholders, the Rogers Family and the corporation.Broadcast rights stay in tack, the family controls everything and the company pays down debt(15.2b).  Private ownership is more fitting in sports.

    • Lemmon says:

      That won't happen. 

      • Big G says:

        It may very well happen, as there is absolutely nothing but gain for shareholders. The Blue Jays don't line shareholder pockets especially not with an annual revenue of 250mil and 3% to the overall media division, which within itself is lagging, The jays are not particularly a Golden nugget monetary wise for a corporation the size of Rogers, Don't be fooled by thousands of screaming fans wearing jersey's and all the media hype. If Ed Rogers acquires 100% ownership of the jays nothing changes from a /media/rights standpoint, however from a financial standpoint it's a significant return for shareholders and also a great tax write down for Edward as a sole owner. In the end it's all about the shareholders and right now their pockets are lined by profits from internet,wireless and cable subscriptions.

    • edge says:

      I don't see it happening, but that's not to say there isn't precedent.  Think the Yankees.  They built the YES network, and then invested in expensive free agents to get the team to perennial contender status and spent considerable time and energy showcasing their history.  All of this turned the Yankees into "THE" baseball brand and thus the value of YES Network increased.  A few years go by and then they sell a majority stake to FOX for billions.  They capitalized on the value of their brand. 

      The setup for the Jays isn't ideal because they don't make third-party TV revenue as both the team and the network that broadcasts their games are the same company.  Sure, they can ask Rogers for more money, and after a year of sellouts they most certainly will.  But remember, the media division (that includes the albatross of an NHL deal) still lost money even with last year's playoff run, and public companies have a fiduciary duty to shareholders, not sports teams.   Ideally the team is a private company and another private company pays them money for rights.  Or, as the Yankees and Dodgers and other clubs are trying to do, set up your own network, and then sell it off. 

      The reason I can't see Rogers doing it is because there's only one company I can think of that has that kind of cash and that is their direct rival Bell/TSN.  The Jays fill out a ton of content hours on SN and they wouldn't want to risk losing that.  Also, Rogers likes to boast about the Jays making them the no 1 sports channel, and they wouldn't want to lose that leverage with advertisers. 

      • Big G says:


        If there is a sale it would be left pocket right pocket and as I mentioned nothing would really change with the exception of this corporation and shareholders no longer having to deal with player affairs or stadium reno etc.( things that cost shareholders money that they really don't care about and that does not bring them significant ROI.)

        It would be Rogers communications Inc selling the team to Edward Rogers a sole proprietor. In this scenario the games would most certainly remain on SN and the Fan where they would continue to charge high premiums to advertisers, Rogers would technically still control the content because of the Ed Rogers-Rogers communications relationship. This would be a good move for Edward to return value to shareholders and to slim down a regressing media division and it's stagnant investments not to mention it would be beneficial to Edwards taxes.  The Jays are a dead weight to Rogers communications on a whole certainly not a core asset but rather an advertising vehicle for their other lucrative assets, their revenue numbers are more fitting to a sole proprietor, not a multi billion dollar communications corporation.

        The Yankees on the other hand is the 24/hr 365 day asset for the Steinbreners that gives birth to other lucrative businesses. It is their bread and butter in a city that is the size of Canada.  Yankees business and Finances can better be compared to RCI on a whole than just the Jays.



  31. Anthony says:

    So, I guess depression is cured in one day šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

  32. Original Mitch says:

    If Rogers could sell to a private owner with a clause that ALL games remain on SN, it seems like a win-win for investors.
    Personally I believe the Jays would be best served if they appeared on both networks, giving both Bell and Rogers equal incentive to promote the team.
    The NFL did it correctly by spreading games accords each American networks while the NHL did the opposite and are suffering.

    • edge says:

      @Original Mitch,

      I agree selling to a private owner would benefit everyone.  There is an MLB rule that regional broadcasters pay market rate for broadcast rights even if they own a stake in the team, but even so, whatever Rogers pays the Jays is essentially Rogers paying itself.   If you're the Jays, you want third-party money.

      I also agree the NFL did it right when they spread out the rights.  You want multiple groups hyping your product, not just one.  In fact the NFL makes all their partners hype games on other networks.   I'm sure the networks hate that, but what the NFL wants it gets.   I don't know why the NHL went with a single partner for its rights in both Canada and the US, but I think who's really hurting is the CFL.  TSN does an admirable job on the games, but by being the sole broadcaster, all the games look, sound, and feel exactly the same. 

      • Big G says:


        Rogers could care less about  sub licensing Jays games, the jays in not the corporations bread and butter. Rogers is all about keeping the Jays on sportsnet to lure people to the network to see ads for their other products. Why would they sublicense their games to another network and end up having to spend money to buy ad space from that  network when they have multiple stations they own and can broadcast their team and  advertise on. Rogers cannot turn the Jays into the cash cow enough to meet, exceed or even come close to  the profits of their other ventures , The Jays fans or viewers are  not equal to millions of subscribers in Internet, Cable or Wireless that pay for service all year around and are on contracts and bundles. 3rd party money may be a big get for a private owner, but to Rogers it's smail fries.

  33. Joe in Vancouver says:

    Rogers selling to Edward would be equal to Shaw selling their media assets to Chorus, both companies are controlled by the Shaw Family. These types of transactions happen all the time. It's all about tax savings, profit taking, shareholder appeasing etc. There is no loss to shareholders. This is the benefits of being a billionaire you can setup two companies(one public and one private) and move assets back a forth.

  34. Original Mitch says:

    Not to mention the fact that Rogers hardly ever mentions the CFL at all. When they do, you can tell by the quality of segment how little they actually care. Can’t blame them really.

  35. Rob in aurora says:

    @edge: sorry can’t agree. Rogers ignoring the CFL is petty and not smart business. They alienate their potential audience who follows the CFL…TSN does a superior job covering the Jays and the rest of MLB in comparison to Rogers. That’s just smart business. They are in the business of covering sports not just carrying it. TSN is a far superior network and Rogers is a continuous embarrassment.

    • Original Mitch says:

      Sn has tried in the past to cover the CFL, bringing in their own panel and breaking down each game. But with the carousel of bosses rolling in, I guess the new bosses didn't like the idea. Once even newer management sets in (when current ones get fired, like always) maybe they will have a different approach. 

  36. Cirroc says:

    Anyone else find it unseemly how often Jeff Blair indulges people on twitter and tosses in an insult?  What possible benefit is there to calling people idiots or making stupid Texas jokes for the public to see?  Granted most of these people are probably idiots, but whatever happened to being a professional?  I'm not a social justice warrior nor am I even offended, it just makes him look like the idiot.

  37. yaz says:

    Interesting that the ‘Home of Hockey’ is broadcasting rhe Sox / Indians game on it’s main channel and it’s SNO SNE SNW SNP channels and the Cardinals / 49rs game on SN1HD, Plays of the month on 360 HD while the next Gretzky is playing the next Ovechkin in Edmonton. Flames at Canucks is on however but just on 360HD. Broadcast budgets have been cut.

  38. Mike S says:

    I haven't been impressed so far with Patrick O'Sullivan on the Maple Leafs radio broadcasts on 1050……………but the good news is that he doesn't have a voice that sounds like P.J. Stock……………can't say the same for Todd Hlushko on the 590 broadcasts

    • steve w says:

      For me, Leaf's Nation wih Stellick & Hlushko is a trainwreck.

      I get what you're saying about O'Sullivan, I find him to be too tentative with his comments, hopefully he learns from Tatti.

      I do enjoy Bob McGill & Paul Hendrick on Leafs TV, they get right to the point. 


      • Mike S says:

        I don't dislike Stellick……………but Hlushko is a disaster………….it was much better when it was Stellick & Mark Osborne


        I agree with you about Tatti………….he is a real pro so maybe he can help O'Sullivan improve……………when Jeff O'Neill first started on 1050 it was on Leafs radio broadcasts and he ending up improving quite a bit, with the help of Tatti

  39. steve w says:

    Stellick sounds like he's over compensating for a speech impediment.
    He sounds like Captain Kirk, the delay in between sentences/thoughts.
    It's almost like he' s reading everything he says, pausing, waiting, ….
    I'm often expecting him to finish a line, then say period, or coma, and then continue with his next line of thought.

    I'll give the man his due, he's living proof of the peter principle in hockey, and he's carved out a decent career in spite of it.

  40. Big G says:

    Can someone tell me why SN360 still carries WWE. How long was the broadcast deal between the score and WWE. I understand SN360 probably honored the scores previous broadcast deals, nonetheless wresting truly does not belong on a sports network. This is how you separate the contenders from the pretenders. ESPN would never carry wrestling.

    WWE is strictly entertainment, like a movie with a bunch of stunt men, this content does not belong on a sports network. This content is more fitting for City. I think it's absurd that SN360 has dedicated news shows on the garbage..

  41. edge says:

    @BiG G

    Wrestling's big.  Back in the 90s, when TSN lost the national NHL rights and before they started simulcasting Monday Night Football, it was the height of what was the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW.  It was, as some people in the US called it 'the mother of all cable television wars'.  And in that period Monday Night RAW was TSN's highest rated program.  It basically saved the network.   Once Monday Night Football became a thing on TSN, they had no room for it because they didn't have their umpteen channels yet.  The Score picked it up, and then SN picked up The Score.   It's not as big today as it was back then, and I think WWE overexposes itself, but it's still big.  As for ESPN, they don't carry wrestling on their air, but there is a WWE page on their website, complete with writeups. 

  42. Anthony says:

    Im guesing the depression is over šŸ˜›

    Thats why they call baseball a reflection of life. You have your ups and downs but need to remain calm and just let it all play out. 

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