Blue Jays, Yankees, Maple Leafs & New TV Season… Oh My

September 21st, 2015 | by torontosportsmedia
Blue Jays, Yankees, Maple Leafs & New TV Season… Oh My
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Happy Monday!!

So, when you are done watching the Blue Jays and Yankees, finished whatever coverage there is of Maple Leafs exhibition Hockey, and you are done with Monday Night Football it’s the first night of the Fall 2015 TV season!!

So, I ask you, what shows are you going to be watching????

Here’s a good report on what to watch tonight:


Gotham- I am a BIG fan of this show.
Scorpion- Like this show too

I may watch Life in Pieces and Minority Report

Yes, I do not sleep.


interesting email from a reader:

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  1. steph says:

    Just in time for the season, our friends at Rogers have removed leafs TV from my cable package. If I want it back, it’s 5$/month. Bunch of savages.

  2. Antonio says:

    “As long as aboriginal and French channels are free, I’m a happy customer.”

    No one

  3. Bob Canuck says:


    Last week I called Rogers to ask why Leafs TV was no longer part of my package and they too said it was now a separate channel. The Rogers rep offered to add Leafs TV to my list of channels for $4.60 a month, which I refused. The Rogers rep then said that they could give me Leafs TV for free for 12 months; I accepted that offer. Also, on the Pension Plan Puppets website, a person posted a comment to an article in which they stated that their Leafs TV service was reinstated for a year for free. Perhaps a call to your friendly Rogers rep maybe worth your while!

  4. mario says:

    I am not sure and could be wrong leafs tv are not showing any games this year , so why would anyone want to pay for it?

  5. Keith Murdoch says:

    No one is watching the Leafs tonight. Get real.

  6. Alex says:

    Three hours of Bob every day from Skydome would have been a whole lot better w Brunt. 🙁

  7. steph says:

    Thanks Bob. Yes I got it free for the year as well after tweeting them last night. I don’t expect to watch much, but it sucks that they so readily take advantage of their customers. They make it up after spending for the jays, but still.

  8. Gerry says:

    Have there been any announced changes with rogers hockey this year.
    Typically, year 2 is a time to fix things/people that didn’t work out, tweak the broadcast here and there.
    Have they changed up the broadcast teams in any way ?
    Personally, I’d hoped they realized they were not featuring Ron nearly enough and would address that.

  9. mickey b says:

    I couldn’t imagine in a million years that drastic changes aren’t in the works for Rogers telecasts. Moore seemed super stubborn last year as everyone could see their broadcasts were horrible for the most part. Never met one person who spoke positively about them. It was common water cooler talk to discuss how bad they were though. I also know for a fact that there were people involved in the production who were embarrassed and down about the product they were putting out. Only thing I can say is that I’m sure they can’t get any worse than last year and I trust that major changes are in the works. Hopefully start by getting more respectable personnel involved. I like George but worst decision ever for him (other than money I’d assume) and rogers to put him as the host. He used to have a solid reputation but between the CNN debacle, his ABC reality show, and this… he’s not at all popular amongst his fall back Queen West crowd anymore. Not sure who he’s appealing to anymore. Too bad, again I liked him as a music broadcaster and again he seems like a nice guy- it’s just fitting a square peg into a round hole…

  10. Carl A says:

    Anyone losing Leafs TV should lodge a complaint with the CRTC. Rogers and Bell seem to waging campaigns to get as many people as possible locked into contracts before they are forced to offer pick and pay options to people come March. Suddenly they are offering 3 year contacts instead 3 month deals.

  11. Jaybird says:

    great ‘playoff’ baseball last night. but can someone PLEASE tell the frigging director of Sportsnet baseball coverage that we would rather watch the actual game instead countless views of random fans clapping and cheering, right up to the milli-second that the pitcher delivers?
    putting up with Buck and Tabler are annoying enough, but now its multiplied by the worst camera shots ever. the closeup of Osuna’s forehead while he delivered a critical pitch in the 9th was especially rich.

  12. yaz says:

    Exactly Jaybird – the pan shot from the top of the upper deck 50 times a game is grating. Started as soon as the Jays started selling out – which was understandable. Now it has been beaten to death & is a pain in the ass.

  13. Greg says:

    I agree about the camera shots on the crowd. I have been cursing at the TV ever since David Price’s first start. I expect lots of fans but constantly showing it is driving me crazy.

  14. Bora says:

    As if it wasn’t bad enough that GOL Tv and NHL Network went off the air (crappy as they were) now Rogers takes away Leafs TV (as shitty as it is) and do they reduce my bill? Of course not.

  15. Keith Murdoch says:

    It’s hard to disagree with McCown that Rogers are favouring Chuckles & Tool. PTS used to be on main Sportsnet channels until relatively recently and now it’s been replaced by Baldy & Greasy while McCown’s been demoted to a lesser channel that many people don’t have, don’t get, or don’t even know exists.

    I, for one, hope TSN buys out his contract from Rogers and puts him in the 4-7 slot on TV and he demolishes Tedious & Stupid.

  16. Not that Chris says:

    It’s easy to understand his anger. Not only has he been the top dog in the industry, seemingly forever, he saw the two young guys who were his lead-in show as his heir apparent, and treated them as such. He would sometimes arrive early and appear on their show, something he rarely does for any other show. Had them on his show very, very often, and always allowed them to promote themselves. No doubt this was encouraged by his employers.

    Suddenly, the guys who he felt he was grooming to take over his spot, were handed a show directly opposite him, by the very same company they all worked for. Not only that, he was moved to a lesser known TV station, so they could take his slots in the good ones. His producer? The company took him and handed him to T&S too. Brunt, who was long considered and promoted as one of the main co-hosts of his show, was never appearing anymore, but the company had no problem having him co-host the new show.

    Say what you want about Bob, and I do, I know he’s been mailing it in a LOT for some years. Dude has reason to be pissed.

  17. Steve Jones says:

    Another interesting read from Shoalts. I get a kick out of reading the comments. Seems people love to hate Bob. It’s not surprising so many people don’t like him, he’s got actual opinions. A lot of people hate opinions. Or they only want to hear someone parrot their opinions. It baffles me. If you want bland there’s plenty to listen to out there. And given their inability to hire talent I’m betting SN will find a hack to fill 4-7 in the not to distant future.

    As for T&S they have but a few years to transition. No one wants to listen to mid 40’s guys doing the wacky thing. Kids in particular don’t. Guys that age are ancient. So if they don’t find a more mature approach to what they do they’ll just die the natural death all “young” broadcasters do when they age and fail to adapt. Not to mention as they age they will increasingly be competing for the same demo as the radio side. They have in my estimation some tough choices ahead.

  18. Dros says:

    Tim and Sid is a way better show, hands down.

    McCown has been phoning it in for a long time now and it’s not even remotely subtle.

    Tim and Sid are definitely playing to a demographic (mine) that doesn’t need sports to be serious, hard-hitting “analysis” 24/7. In an age of 24 hour news cycles and all-sports radio stations, blogs, social media, television, etc. etc, the fans can be just as knowledgeable as the actual broadcaster. Ergo, speak to us like a few buddies chatting about sports in a pub, not some faux outrage and yelling at everyone that crosses your path.

    P.S Does Shoalts actually write about sports anymore, or just Sportsnet?

  19. Alex says:

    Arent tim and sid the kings of “faux outrage” these days? That seems to be Sid’s go to move for a while, espafter that one bit went viral.

  20. Not that Chris says:

    The king of “faux outrage” is Bruce Arthur. After the Kane accusers lawyer had a press conference today, holier than though Arthur jumped on his pulpit on twitter, and tried publicly shaming anyone who dare laugh at his drama queen “outrage”. Because lawyers are never full of shit, right?

    2 hours after that, Erie County PD issued a statement saying all evidence (including the rape kit the lawyer dragged out for display) was in their custody and intact.

  21. Mike S says:

    The TSN website has taken “Macko & Cauz” off of their list of 1050 shows and replaced it with “Game Day With Gareth Wheeler”…………..not sure what that means because I was under the impression Cauz would be back in the 9-12 timeslot when he returns from vacation and Mackowycz would rejoin him eventually………..maybe the change on the website is just temporary

  22. Wally says:

    @Dros I completely agree with your take on Tim and Sid. I’ve mentioned in another comments that it would be interesting to see the demographics of the users of this website. My guess would be that many are in their 40s just based on their historical knowledge of Bob McCown (specifically who his co-hosts were). This audience is clearly not the intended one for a show like Tim and Sid who are looking to attract a much younger audience.

    There is also something to be said for radio as a whole. With new generations of cars being produced with native Bluetooth and USB connections, there is almost no need for traditional radio. This also plays a factor in my demographics question. Who really listens to AM radio these days? Is the 18 year old with their hand-me-down car from their parents immediately going to AM (or even FM) radio? I have my doubts.

    With respect to this article, I think people are just afraid of change. Bob clearly doesn’t like the shift in focus mainly to the NHL and the half-assed co-hosts he has been getting of late. But also Bob’s audience seems to be fiercely loyal to him and seem to have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that his time may be ending. I am by no means a Rogers supporter but from a business point of view you can’t keep maintaining the old horse just because. Evolution is natural and they have to be prepared for the landscape to come rather than shape it with what has been.

  23. Not that Chris says:

    1050 should simulcast the Dan Patrick show in the morning again. At least it gave listeners a reason to switch from the Fan to them. Right now there is absolutely no reason to at any time of the day, and the ratings show it.

    I can’t believe in all the time TSNR has been on the air, there hasn’t been a massive shake up of talent, or even a slight change in what they do. They’re essentially paying people to broadcast to little or no listeners.

    They should be embarrassed by their showing in this market, but seeing how they’ve changed nothing since they’ve been in it, I can only come to the conclusion that they don’t care.

  24. Mullah_Kintyre says:

    I’m not sure how many people still have that mindset of associating scripted TV shows with being on a particular night, since we can watch them at any time.
    And someone mentioned the pick and pay rules to be put into effect next year. It’s going to be fascinating to see the carnage this causes to the Canadian TV business that has been coddled for so long. While most assume the mainstream sports channels are immune, remember that a significant percentage of the population are not sports fans and will presumably choose to not continue paying for TSN and Sportsnet.

  25. Antonio says:

    @Not That Chris
    Agree completely about Arthur. If he’s not outraged over Harper, VW, the arrest of the muslim teenager in Texas, its the Kane issue. I just wish he would stick to sports as it seems to be the only thing he knows anything about.

    Oh and when you challenge him on Twitter, he blocks you. A total wanker.

  26. Wally says:

    @Antonio While everyone is entitled to their opinions of sports writers I think we need to remember that these individuals are using their own personal account on Twitter. Saying “they should just stick to sports” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Should a mechanic with a twitter account just tweet about cars because that’s what their good at? No, of course not. The boundary here would be if the individual was using their employers account to spread their opinions. Bruce Arthur may be controversial, but the beauty of this technology is that you never have to hear a thing he says.

  27. (Another) Andrew says:

    Antonio: when you challenge him on Twitter, he blocks you

    Bruce Arthur, the Church Lady of Canadian sports media, isn’t interested in debate. He raises social & political issues in order to a) engage in social signalling, and b) enforce dogma.

    I saw him fairly recently on The Reporters actually talking about sports. Even then, in what is a fairly informal setting, his remarks came across like judgments from a pulpit.

    Mullah_Kintyre: While most assume the mainstream sports channels are immune, remember that a significant percentage of the population are not sports fans and will presumably choose to not continue paying for TSN and Sportsnet.

    I don’t know enough about the business to know if there’ll be carnage but when looking at the TV ratings numbers it’s striking how few Canadians actually watch sports on a regular basis. Even many who do are only watching when they’re bored and because the channel is a part of a general cable package. How many of those casual fans would elect to pay, specifically, for the sports channels is impossible to know at this point, but I think most will choose not to do so.

  28. Not that Chris says:

    This makes, Arthur’s “I’m morally superior than you” rants yesterday even crazier. The accused lawyer, who just yesterday held a presser to announce how angry he was…just walked away from his client.

  29. Mitch says:

    Sportsnet has way too much $$ and very little idea what to do with it, content wise. Other then the live sports themselves, everything else about the presentation is mediocre at best. Not to mention rotating shows and talent. Is it still called Connected? Too much $$, not enough smart tv people running the place.

  30. Keith Murdoch says:

    Sportsnet needs to stop letting John Shannon talk about the Patrick Kane case. He’s become absolutely disgusting.

  31. Alex says:

    Does Madani always need to break in to a discussion with “news updates” that are never important or related to the discussion?

  32. Keith Murdoch says:

    Madani likes to show off his skill at reading twitter. Probably his best skill.

  33. Keith Murdoch says:

    It amazed me McCown let the discussion get derailed by Madani like that. There is plenty of time to talk about the Raptors, why let it interrupt a discussion about a team going to the playoffs for the first time since 1992? That whole segment, and the segment on fantasy sports in the first hour, were perfect examples of how far PTS has fallen the last few years.

  34. gerry says:

    I read that ‘Bea Arthur’ is still pulling the same shtick I turned him off years ago for…lol
    As Wally stated so well..
    “Bruce Arthur may be controversial, but the beauty of this technology is that you never have to hear a thing he says”

    I did.

    It has been very quiet on the Rogers Hockey front from a commercial standpoint anyway. Last year you could not avoid the onslaught of marketing.

  35. yaz says:

    The evening of Friday, Sept 25th every major radio show: Blundell, Blair, B&W, PTS, MR, M&C, & Naylor had their Podcasts on iTunes. Failing yet again, my favourite show:Leafs Lunch. Nothing. Nor The Hayes show. It is so stupid and consistent at this point that I have to assume they do it on purpose. But if so, why doesn’t anyone else? Sick of it.

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