Bryan Hayes & Jim Tatti land @ TSN Radio

April 7th, 2011 | by torontosportsmedia

Busy day for TSN. Bryan Hayes is moving over to TSN radio to host a show from 10-1pm. Also, Jim Tatti, yes Guy, will be hosting an nhl playoff radio show, nightly on TSN radio with scott macarthur.

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  1. PBI says:

    They’re going to find someone for the 1-4 slot any hour now. I had doubts that they would actually hit the air with Dan Patrick and Jim Rome when they the FAN might be ripe for the picking.

  2. Chris F. says:

    Crap….Well the good news is that if Blair is too hockey-centric I will have an option to turn to and it means I don’t have to listen to HockeyCenttral “does a jig”

  3. Mike S says:

    TSM is full of interesting news today.

    If Son of Hayes is going to TSN Radio I am trying to figure out why he is still on 640 as I type this………….usually when someone is leaving to go to a competitor they don’t let that person on the air anymore…………..maybe TSM knows about this news before the management at 640

  4. mike (in boston) says:

    the Hayes hire is a good one that people here have been pushing for since the news of TSN RADIO’s arrival broke. I suspect that if he performs well in the 10-1 slot that he’ll be transitioned to late afternoon or early morning slot within a couple of years. I’m not a hockey puck so his expertise is a little lost on me, but he sounds competent on the radio. having a local guy is key, especially going up against Blair.

    great work TSM breaking these stories. i look forward to your side by side comparison of the line-ups once they are finalized.

  5. dsscpu says:

    TSM: IF Hayes is going to TSN Radio, what does that mean for (1) the Dan Patrick show (10-noon) and (2) Thats Hockey 2Day (noon-1pm).

  6. Chris F. says:

    Mike S. Maybe TSN has assurances from 640 that once TSN radio launches 640 will be done with sports radio completely?

  7. PBI says:

    Chris F.: That would certainly explain why TSN employees are still appearing on 640 literally days before the TSN Radio launch.

    We all thought the “talent freeze” would begin weeks in advance but it hasn’t.

  8. mario says:

    Hayes is a good pick up….. but Tatti were has he been all these years? Oh well they have to try something to get a listening audience,, the only one worth anything is Bruce from the Post…the Fan will still be hard to beat…

  9. MwG64 says:

    I have been listening to Hayes for a couple of months and his work is pretty good.He does a great job when interviewing Ron Wilson…Who is not the easiest interview….What happens to his sidekick?..Guess Wilbur will be set out to pasture???Or working Saturdays on Live From Gretzky’s.

  10. Mike Cohen says:

    I think this is a good move on the part of TSN Radio 1050 Program Director Rob Gray. I know when I used to Produce for SPIDER JONES when his now defunct program aired on NewsTalk 1010 both JIM TATTI and “Stormin” NORMAN RUMACK were guests on numerous occasions. Both are great guys. The lineup is looking good so far. I’m thinking that Steve Kouleas and all the NHL on TSN Hockey Insider’s will get more ratings then the Sportsnet guys over at Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590. Next week will be interesting!!!

    Congrats on BREAKING this story!!!

    lets see how long it takes Dowbiggin to get this story or Zelkovich

  11. Chris says:

    Does Wilbur know his show is about to be cancelled? Also, I noticed a tweet from Brady to Steve Simmons where Brady chuckled that Hayes was still on air at 640 today because someone was on vaca again. Watters couldn’t even host his own show when his host was swiped away.

  12. dsscpu says:

    Chris F., interesting theory. It could be that the two have worked out some sort of agreement. Maybe Leafs radio rights aren’t too far behind…

  13. Adhish says:

    Bryan Hayes will be great from 10-1. Now I have a local option as I cannot stand Blair. I will miss listening to the Herd though

  14. Daniel says:

    Interesting. I’d rather he was up against Krystal, since I like Blair a lot – but, nice to have a choice for sure.

    I also would have preferred he go from 10 – 1 and they put the Hockey Show at 1. Then you could flip to something else if you didn’t want to hear a hockey show.

    All in all – pretty interesting!

    I bet 640 is days away from canceling Watters and letting go of the Leafs.

  15. Daniel says:

    Funnily enough – I’m pretty sure Jim Tatti’s last gig was sidekick on Frank D’Angelo’s hilariously awful late night talk show.

  16. Terry says:

    good times! competition means more choice for everyone. i’m surprised that hayes is not in the afternoons against krystal. While the lineup is improving i think that Cybulski will struggle against bobcat, and that Hockeycentral at Noon will continue to thrive against the tsn guys. They already forced the cancellation of Dreger’s Leafs Lunch, and Kouleas really annoys me.. Either way good times ahead!!

  17. Carm says:

    Hayes is a great add by TSN. He has a bright radio future ahead of him.

  18. dsscpu says:

    The Hayes announcement is now confirmed

  19. dsscpu says:

    TSM got a lead for you. We figured Hayes would displace Dan Patrick from the TSN Radio lineup since both shows air head-to-head, BUT, has gone and REMOVED all mentions of Jim Rome and still lists Dan Patrick, along with Hayes airing on the network. Could Rome airing live from 1-4pm be off the schedule while Dan Patrick will air on tape delay from 1-4pm? Hmm…

  20. Mike S says:

    Hey Dsscpu……..that is very interesting

    I am a fan of Patrick’s show and I am not a fan of Rome at all so if they put Patrick in the afternoon against Krystal it is a no brainer for me, even if the Patrick show is on tape delay…………and Rome would still be on 550 for those who are fans

    Hayes is still on the air at 640 but he has not said anything about the move to TSN………….but Jonas Siegel just congratulated him and wished him well

  21. gerry says:

    If TSN chooses Patrick over Rome, I’ll pick Romey up locally on wdfn Detroit live from 12-3 est. (not live 1-4)
    Also, don’t see 1050 radio on bell tv. Since fan590 IS nationwide on satellite I would expect that to be significant difference for listening ears.

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