Common Sense Prevails: Joe Bowen & Jim Ralph On Road With Toronto Maple Leafs

September 28th, 2015 | by torontosportsmedia
Common Sense Prevails: Joe Bowen & Jim Ralph On Road With Toronto Maple Leafs
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Just heard from multiple sources that the decision to leave the on air talent at home while the Toronto Maple Leafs are on the road has been changed. Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph still have to fly with the Plebs on commercial airlines but they will be conducting the road games from the road arena.

It is a little bit unclear as to what exactly transpired. It sounds like the Leafs were taken aback by the combination of Joe’s tweet, the article here from earlier today and then the public bashing on social media and elsewhere the team took and the decision was either killed or reversed depending on how you look at things.

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  1. Bob Canuck says:


    Excellent reporting on this story; well done!

  2. Bora says:

    A lot of people bash Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler about being ‘homers’. I don’t think there are any bigger homers than Bowen and Henderson and to top it off they’re not good broadcasters either. They may be nice guys but their amateur hour act belongs in the AHL or OHL.

  3. Species 1967 says:

    Great to know ‘common sense’ prevailed. Listening to Bowen call a game is like being in a bar with your best buddy; he gets you excited when it matters.

  4. Justin says:

    I had a feeling this would inevitably happen. The NHL isn’t the ECHL, and the Leafs aren’t the Fort Wayne Komets. Rogers and Bell looked incredibly bad today. A lesson learned.

  5. SC says:

    HOLY MACKINAW! Great work on this one. Awful Announcing quoted you!

  6. Rob J says:

    Amateur hour indeed. Amazing how low the bar is set for broadcasting around here that people actually got ‘up in arms’ over Bowen and Ralph, and have blindly accepted a fairly horrific on-ice product the last 50 years give or take.

  7. Marcus says:

    @Bob Canuck, I agree. Great turnaround on a breaking “media” story by TSM.

  8. Happy says:

    I think the wives win out on this one.
    Congrats Ms. Bowen and Ms. Ralph!

  9. Steve Jones says:

    If management was taken aback by the outrage then they’re as out of touch as they’ve been for decades. The Leafs aren’t the NJ Devils. Hiring the guy they deemed as done did nothing to improve the clubs relationship with fans apparently. It’s gonna be a long season if this a sign of things to come.

  10. Steve Clark says:


    As an OHL and former AHL TV broadcaster, I will take exception to your reference to OHL and AHL broadcasting as “amateur hour”. I take pride in what I do, and feel I call pretty damn good game. We have limited resources for cable TV, and not all the cameras and bells and whistles that the big boys have, but we do very well, and our productions stack up with the big guys (Rogers/Bell) in terms of content and production. Sure there are some that have their share of mistakes, and ours does too. We do well for the market we serve.

    Again, the man’s name is Paul Hendrick, not Henderson. Paul Hendrick is a solid veteran reporter with a ton of experience who does his job, which is to provide content on a day to day basis, admirably.

  11. Not That Chris says:

    Eh, Rogers and Bell deserve shit for plenty of things, this fiasco ain’t one of ’em. This goes right on Leafs management.

  12. Keith Murdoch says:

    There is only one response to Zaun’s ridiculous rant against Bryce Harper last night:

  13. Bora says:

    Steve Clark, yes I realize all that and I still agree with what I wrote. Yes I meant Paul Hendrick not Paul Henderson.

  14. Steve Clark says:


    Fair enough! I’m just defending my territory!Cheers..

  15. billyjoejimbob says:

    Honest congratulations to this website for breaking the travel story. Without it, things don’t change. It’s not the most serious topic, but it’s what reporting is supposed to do.

    Good work.

  16. Darren Johnston says:

    So, no PTS tonight? No internet, radio or TV, all cause of the Jays game?

  17. Keith Murdoch says:

    All cause of the Jays game? You mean the game where they won the AL East?

    Yes, sorry if you don’t care about the only sports team that matters in Canada right now.

  18. Darren Johnston says:

    No PTS this week, Reid is co-hosting.
    And Keith Murdick, it was a question, not a complaint!!

  19. Severn99 says:

    Watching PTS. They are discussing resting regular Jays and David Price. Bob has now officially become a charicature of his former self.

  20. Darren Johnston says:


  21. Happy says:

    @Darren Johnston…

    Really? Is this what our society has been reduced to… You listen to Reid on the radio, and then announce to the world that you hate him. Hate? Are you aware of what the word actually means?

    You do know most people in a civilized society would just change the station or turn it off.

    And if you dislike his skills, then provide some constructive criticism. But to hate HIM? C’mon, get a grip. Take up a hobby….

  22. alex says:

    I would have no problem saying i hate Reid’s on air persona. I wouldnt say i hate him as a person because ive never met him personally.

  23. Happy says:

    Good on ya, Alex… That’s how one should phrase it. Here’s hoping people understand the difference.

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