1. Mike S says:

    They have completely butchered the Hotstove this year…………..having guys like PJ Stock and Kevin Weekes on the Hotstove makes no sense to me because they add nothing to the discussion…………part of the appeal of that segment was hearing some outside voices……………a guy like Strachan could be a weasel at times but at least he was entertaining
    Healy comparing the proposed Markham arena situation to Oklahoma CIty last night was laughable

    • Roger says:

      Stock must have pictures of David Suzuki and Peter Mansbridge in a compromising position – just

      The guy was a 4th liner at best and sucks at his current job.

  2. Torontosportsmedia says:

    testing disqus

  3. Steve in Waterloo says:

    Never understood where PJ Stock came from, and while Weekes is improving, this new format is over exposing these guys. “Elliot” and “Ron” where passing it back and forth so much it was confusing.

    I agree with Mike S – we need different perspectives on the Hot Stove – not just all the CBC guys.

  4. Alex says:

    bring back the satellite part of the hot stove. or bring back after 40 miuntes

  5. Lance D. says:

    No surprise to read that others are confused as to why PJ Stock is on the air. He does not offer any refreshing perspectives, mumbles far more than he actually speaks, and is clownish. The guy is a textbook example of a first class hack.
    Just one more reason why I’m looking forward to the day when HNIC is finally put to rest.

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