Jeff Marek Officaly Joins Rogers Sportsnet

July 7th, 2011 | by torontosportsmedia

Ok, so now Marek has more than Brunted a deal with Sportsnet, he has officially joined team Sportsnet.

Marek spoke “exclusively” to me this morning:

“It was a tough decision to leave CBC Sports but the opportunities at Rogers Sportsnet made this too good an offer to turn down. Rogers laid out for me where they plan on being in one year, three years, five years, ten years that is extremely exciting. It’s growing on all platforms with a clear direction of who they are and where they are going to be. I wanted to be part of that. In addition I have worked under Scott Moore at CBC Sports and have seen first hand how he can galvanize a place and push it forward. He’s one of the main reasons I made the move. Also, the opportunity to work with the crew at Hockey Central was really attractive.”

More from Boston later.



  1. kyle says:

    TSM, by “exclusively” do you mean that no one else was on the phone with you at the time? 🙂

    Good scoop.

  2. Dadesh says:

    Work with Hockey Night in Canada? Did he not just leave CBC which airs Hockey Night in Canada!?

  3. Steve (in Hamilton) says:

    If we have the verb “to Brunt” now, perhaps we can also include the verb “to TSM” now as well. Just look at the the story below on MLSE: “a formal offer has not been formalized.”

    Be willing to take it if you can dish it, I say.

  4. dsscpu says:

    TSM, I would love to hear you ask him about what his responsibilities at Sportsnet are going to be and if it will at all include him picking up any of the ‘fighting’ profile (MMA/Boxing/Wrestling) or anything on the radio properties outside of being on Primetime and the morning show.

  5. Gerry (BUrlington) says:

    I heard him a couple days ago on the Fan talking about his responsibilites, sounded like hockey, hockey and then a bit more hockey. Said he would be involved in more of the later in the week Hockey central TV, and mentioned he would be blogging and podcasting daily.

    Kind of wonder if Millard isn’t potentially on the way out.

  6. yuck yuck and double yuck!!!!!

  7. Dave says:

    well said Steve.

  8. Bobby says:

    This guy is the worst sportscaster in history. Ron Maclean and Don Cherry couldn’t stand his comments on HNIC. I am glad i will not have him taking away my enjoyment from watching HNIC, but I will now watch TSN only so I don’t have to see his snivelling face. What a dork.

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