Keith Pelley Leaving Rogers

April 17th, 2015 | by torontosportsmedia
Keith Pelley Leaving Rogers
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With the playoffs kicking off for the first season of the NHL Rogers empire, word broke this morning that Keith Pelley is bolting Rogers to become the new CEO for the PGA European Tour.

From the release:

Keith Pelley said: “I am very honoured to be joining The European Tour as its new CEO at an exciting stage in its development. The Tour already has a highly regarded reputation and I look forward to building on this using my previous experience in both media and sports to ensure it remains at forefront of the game across the globe.

“Throughout my career in North America, it has been a privilege to work with the best sports organisations, athletes, and media assets. I am excited to build on these experiences on the international stage.”

This is huge news given where things stand in the new sports world at Rogers. As has been written here and in various outlets, the Rogers NHL ratings haven’t been what was expected, and Rogers execs have publicly questioned the accuracy of the ratings system. Also, while only just a few weeks, the ratings at the Fan 590 under the new lineup featuring Dean Blundell have been underwhelming as well leading to all kinds of rumours out of Ted’s Place.

Personally, I think it’s interesting as many folks thought that Pelley would have liked to have been a candidate to take over the MLSE role when Tim Leiweke leaves in 74 days. Obviously that didn’t pan out.

Is this just an exec jumping to a bigger role or is there more going on here?

Should be an interesting couple of weeks to say the least.



  1. mario says:

    Very interesting devolpment. ..curious on why he’s leaving now and was he pushed. There have been lots of changes in very short order maybe he just need a change. He doesn’t seem to last vert long no matter where he’s been

  2. Joe says:

    It’s pretty obvious he is leaving before this 12 year deal blows up big time. It will be tough to make any profits after overspending 5.2 billion for the NHL rights. They clearly don’t have the on-air personnel to attract the younger audience and there is not an appetite for all things hockey in Canada to watch all those games from the audience and advertisers.

    Also, he was gunning for the President/CEO of Rogers and that didn’t pan out when they hired a more experienced Guy Laurence who more than likely pushed him out so he can bring in his own people. Also, And he couldn’t get the MLSE job because he had ties to Rogers and with Bell co-owners they need to get someone with no ties whatsoever to either company.

    Good move on his part. He has a knack for leaving before the ship sinks just like when he left the Argos President’s role before the bankruptcy news came out with previous owners Cynamon and Sokolowski who were losing money during their tenure.

    However, his legacy will be this Rogers NHL deal which is not looking good after Year 1. Stay tuned for more changes for all those Executives hired by Keith who are now obviously watching their backs for a domino effect.

  3. mickey b says:

    it really isn’t at all surprising he’s leaving rogers.

  4. Claire A Fye says:

    Actually I believe it was Scott Moore who publicly questioned the ratings system. It will be interesting to see who replaces him as the head of Rogers broadcasting. It’s a tough job because revenues are dropping in both TV and radio.
    I don’t believe Pelley was pushed, but he’s a smart enough guy to know leaving was a good option.

  5. Kyl says:

    Pelley can’t stay at one job for too long. He needs a new job every 3-4 years. Really surprised it took him this long to leave Rogers.

  6. Roger says:

    When the head of a media organization leaves one year into a twelve year multi billion dollar deal you know there is a serious serious disaster brewing behind the scenes. That just does not happen. Couldn’t have happened to a better organization too 🙂

  7. Sam in Scarb says:

    Get real people…He is jumping the ship before it sinks.
    Media people will SUGAR coat it…Robbers leading the way.
    Just guessing,he has enough in the bank for his children & grandchildren ..
    Sooo why bug out to Europe….Hummmmmmmmmm

  8. Sam in Scarb says:

    Also,does anyone find it ODD that there is NO mention of this on the sportsnet website…
    There is a story on their FRONTPAGE about the Minny Wild re-signing a rookie defenceman..
    I guess that is breakin news.

  9. If you look at Pelley’s career, he’s been a winner in every aspect. We first worked together when TSN was in its infancy. He branded Sportdesk, and subsequently Sportscentre to their lofty standard today. The Argos were relevant under his leadership. The Vancouver Olympics were an unmitigated success. He wa susscessful with the NFL Europe and he’s been a leader at Rogers. Keith Pelley is a winner, no doubt, his move to PGA Europe is just another step on his life’s journey. They’re lucky to get him.

  10. bobclobber says:

    With the rights deal done, a successful, ambitious executive is moving to a new high-profile challenge. Nothing to see here – except who succeeds him.

  11. Jamally says:

    Can someone explain or point me to an article about the Rogers NHL deal being a disaster so far? I’ve read comments that ratings are not as high as hoped, but it’s just year 1 – can’t be that bad yet. Of course, I always felt that hockey being shoved down the throat of people would backfire since many new Canadians and kids growing up have no emotional attachment to the sport, and they’d much rather watch the NBA, soccer, etc..

  12. Peter Ballantine says:

    @Jim Van Horne

    Yes, Keith Pelley is a winner! Just look at those Jays!…..oh wait.

  13. Darrell says:

    Is there a way to fix the train wreck at the FAN?

  14. Paul Dossey says:

    The reason the ratings are poor, the people on the show are unwatchable, damien cox has no clue about hockey, PJ Stock has even less knowledge. The only good hire this year was Elliotte Friedman, Don and Ron are even getting tiresome.

  15. Not that Chris says:

    “Personally, I think it’s interesting as many folks thought that Pelley would have liked to have been a candidate to take over the MLSE role when Tim Leiweke leaves in 74 days. Obviously that didn’t pan out”

    I don’t know if Pelley wanted the job, but over George Cope’s cold dead body, was he going to get it. Pelley played a MAJOR role in TSN not having significant NHL rights for the next decade, and Rogers having them. Bitterness is a big deal in that boardroom.

    Can’t say I’m surprised Pelley is leaving now. He accomplished what he wanted at Rogers, now he’s moving on. It’s his history.

  16. Matt says:

    “Is there a way to fix the train wreck at the FAN?”

    I really don’t know but if TSN 1050 hasn’t been gaining big ratings for their programs, then it’s my guess that there will be little (if any) changes at the Fan.

  17. Neil says:

    This decision is not very hard for Pelley, as the European Tour is a much larger brand globally with much more financial resources. With the future of media being in question why continue to be on the side that delivers content as oppose to now be the one that contributes to creating it.

  18. Don River says:

    “He was successful with the NFL Europe”

    Based on what? The NFL took a huge bath on NFL Europe. Putting games on the air was part of his basic job description, not a measure of success.

    Pelley has always struck me as a pretty smart guy, so either he realized he was about to be forced out, or the opportunity was just too good. Either way, this suggests the Rogers NHL deal has been far rockier than Rogers makes it appear.

  19. Neil says:

    Based on an article written about the Rogers Family a few months ago, It’s pretty safe to say that the Rogers Family, Particularly Edward his wife and Melinda Rogers are not easy to work for. They treated Nadir like crap, yet Nadir was hand picked by Ted to succeed him. Edward and Melinda are a bunch of spoiled Rich kids.

  20. Nan Young Lee says:

    Most people have probably seen this, but if you haven’t it’s a must watch:

  21. Antonio says:

    Rogers just became a little less slimier. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still slimy.

  22. Rob In Aurora says:

    He’s leaving before the hockey deal is exposed for what it is: A financial house of cards. (Can you imagine the bonus he got for closing that deal? He’s taking his cash and running. After he’s gone, he can claim they blew it after he left -and it becomes someone else’s problem ) – I am sure the hockey business meetings are tortuous to attend. This deal is bound to fail. TSN will have hockey again – who knows, as soon as next year maybe?

  23. Mike V says:

    Rob, you are in lala land if you think TSN will have national hockey games next season.

    Jamally is right, there’s nothing so far that comes close to proving this deal is the disaster the amateur arm-chair pundits say it is.

  24. yaz says:

    Guy Laurence is on a 5 year plan so he has no time to sit around to give Pelley time to turn it around. Pelley convinced Rogers to spend 5.2 B but whatever he was doing after the deal was not working and his leadership was falling on deaf ears. ( and Nadir, who ultimately is most responsible for the deal as the CEO at the time, jumped ship even sooner, hmmmm ).

    I watch a lot of golf. On the few occasions at 8 AM or 4 AM when I’m watching a PGA Europe event it feels like it is being filmed by a junior high school media club with a 90s handicam. If whispering is the level of commentary on NBC Golf, its catatonic during a PGA Europe event; its like the purpose of the broadcast is to show the grass growing and the fact a golfer is hitting a ball in the background is incidental. Pelley’s success there is guaranteed and pretty much a working semi-retirement. Most would go hang around golf courses for the next 10 years vs getting beaten up in Toronto.

    Blundell’s ratings were on anybody’s radar in making this decision.

  25. Neil says:

    Pelly has a great relationship with the NHL, it seems like wherever he goes NHL rights follow. He was instrumental in the NHL on TSN and was equally as instrumental in the NHL on sportsnet. While he has been instrumental in bringing eyeballs to the telco’s owned sports networks, he’s now been recruited to do it on a global scale in a different capacity. Pelly is simply scaling his brand and will assist in scaling the brand of the European tour, that’s what a brand is all about. The mlse ownership split with bell may have made the decision for Pelly a little easier, as the ownership split creates a lot of issues as far as atonomy when making mlse decisions.

  26. Mike T says:

    I gave Blundell a chance – never followed him on CFNY, so wasn’t familiar with his style. He’s totally out of place, he can carry a show, but not a sports show. It’s very obvious that he doesn’t have the background so he does what he does – general entertainment. I don’t listen to sports radio for that – I want insight and analysis of the teams I follow. Joking around is fine, but sports knowledge is a must. I used to be a regular FAN listener in the morning (except for the Krystal period), and now I am tuning into Mike Richards – he’s reasonably competent. Bottom line – the FAN blew it on this decision – I feel bad for the guy, but I hope he’s gone soon.

  27. Dave in Bolton says:

    If Rogers ever decides to sell off some of the national rights no way it’s to TSN/Rogers. it will be to Shaw which has a good relationship with Rogers and not like Bell who are at war in everyway with Rogers. Plus Rogers selling back to TSN will look really poorly to the investors and place SN second to TSN forever. Rogers and Shaw deal is more likly then TSN getting back the rights

  28. Dave in Bolton says:

    ^^^ I mean TSN/Bell

  29. Mike S says:

    I wonder how Mr. Pelley’s bosses at Rogers feel about spending a fortune on NHL national rights and then having to show a TSN logo on the ice in Winnipeg on a playoff game that is being broadcast on Sportsnet

  30. alex says:

    I’d have expected them to try and digitally cover it up.

  31. Neil says:

    Rogers reporting some bad news in overall earnings. Seems like profits dropped by 17% overall. Much of this being attributed to a huge loss of subscribers in wireless totaling 64000 (looks like people aren’t buying gamecentre as projected) and a 32million dollar loss on the media side due to the NHL rights deal according to executives. The puzzle pieces might be all coming together in regards to Pelly’s departure. 32 million dollars in a quarter to investors is unexceptable. It certainly looks like the demise of this NHL deal is near. Pelly gone, investors loose big money, gamecentre obviously not helping the wireless side. hmmm what’s next.

  32. Neil says:

    The media side will obviously cut cost. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Mcowan may be a casualty simply because Mcowan no longer carries the show yet is drawing a very lucrative salary in a declining media business. Although PTS is well associated with Bob it no longer requires Bob to be successful as it did initially. If the fan goes in a different direction fiscally which is inevitable and removes Mcowan PTS can be hosted by committe until a tangable yet cheaper successor is named. The names that come to mind is Tim and Sid. I think they are ultimately apart of the big picture given that they will be on TV in June in the 4-7 timeslot. Mcowan will likely be sent packing with his friends Beeston and Pelly.

  33. Rob In Aurora says:

    Dave in Bolton – I am unfamiliar with Shaw as a hockey broadcaster. Do they have the infrastructure set up to buy hockey from Rogers? I don’t get Shaw where I live, so I guess I don’t get to watch those games (or does Shaw own some stations carried nationally?).

    I think Rogers is going to sell to whomever wants to help them cut their losses. 12 years is a long time to absorb these kinds of losses. With Pelley gone, the Rogers spin doctors can save face by blaming him.

  34. Antonio says:

    CBC could be another company that picks up some of what Rogers decides to sell. God knows the CBC needs the revenue from hockey – as nothing else on that network sells. So yeah, I expect Rogers to parcel off some of that colossal $12 Billion deal.

    Good job, Pelley and Moore. He’ll be the next pantload to move on.

  35. Antonio says:

    **sorry meant 5.2 billion, not 12.**

  36. Mike V says:

    Again, Rogers is VERY unlikely to sell any games from the NHL deal and the CBC is certainly in no position to bid for any properties that would cost that much. The people wishing for this are going to be disappointed next year.

    The media division has always lost money in Q1, including $24M just last year, so the $32M shortfall is more seasonality than hockey driven. Also, the deal is structure so the cost is recognized evenly over the year, while the revenue from the playoffs are naturally higher than it is in the middle of the season. In short, it’s an easy headline for newspapers but doesn’t reflect the reality of the finances or the earnings call.

  37. Kamlesh says:

    From Dave Shoalts.

    “Rogers Media isn’t the only struggling partner in the NHL’s $5.2-billion, 12-year Canadian broadcast deal. The league itself is hurting, too.

    The contract with Rogers is paid in Canadian dollars, which sharply declined in value against the U.S. dollar after the deal was announced on Nov. 26, 2013. As a result, the NHL is taking a large hit in the contract’s first season: One NHL governor, who spoke anonymously because league officials are forbidden to publicly discuss NHL business, said the currency hit for the 2014-2015 season was pegged at about 17 per cent, which, based on the annual average rights fee of $433-million, works out to a $73.61-million loss for the league.”

  38. Steve Clark says:

    It would be a natural and nice to have CBC back in the fold for something other than just being a carrier, that won’t happen. They are not in the business of pro sports at this time, and there would be a fight over games on Saturday night too. CBC does need to reboot the sports department and define itself more than just the place to go for the Olympics or the Pan Am Games.

    I would not read anything more than just a desire for a new challenge into the departure of Keith Pelley. He helped negotiate the contract, and brought it to fruition. The first year had the odd growing pains, as many ventures like this do. Guessing is that Rogers creative will put their heads together and figure out how to improve what lacked (i.e. finding the games/ not having a real, new break out star) and make some corrections in the off-season. They are getting a break having 5 Canadian teams in the playoffs. That should add some more revenue, though it is too bad that two of the series featuring Canadian teams see them on the verge of being swept. Rogers would love to see Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver in the 2nd round, but likely will have to settle for Montreal and Vancouver/Calgary

  39. Chef Mike says:

    I wouldn’t read too much bad Rogers mojo into this, love him or hate him, Pelley has worked at very high levels with very serious money coming in for the best part of the last 2 decades, so maybe it’s his time to kick it and chill for the few years and live in Europe….plus I expect his base salary there to be at least $1M, likely more, he’s hardly scratching by…

    Sounds like a great deal to me…

  40. Still A Leaf Fan says:

    Probably left before he got kicked out. No coincidence it happened just before Rogers earnings report. Every division he was in charge of appears to be hemorrhaging money. The 2010 Olympics were no big money winner either and then he bailed before London. There is one thing that he certainly looks good at, spending OPM.

  41. Jamally says:

    Incidentally, if you’re a Rogers Internet/Cable subscriber, you can get a severely reduced bill now if you just (nicely – that’s the key), threaten to cancel or say your bill is too high….I had my bill cut from $170 to $94. Faster Internet too….and I went back to basic digital TV.

    If you have Internet, a brain, and any technical skill at all, you can watch every major sport in HD for free on your TV or Laptop.

  42. Neil says:

    For those who are optimistic about the 5.2billion dollar investment
    Don’t be mistaken I would project that the mighty NHL package will be a lot less profitable in years to come because of a changing demographic, different viewing habits and ongoing subscriber losses on the wireless and cable side. Mr Jamally, Rogers will not be able to recover from profit losses if they continue handing out retention plans like the one you make mention. Rogers clearly stated in their Q1 report that Retention plans played a part in the profit drop. Not that I care, Good on you for demanding Value.

  43. Rob In Aurora says:

    when someone this “high profile” decides to move on, they usually give an interview to discuss why they made the decision. Not just a sugar coated quote or two. They avoid probing questions…(case in point Tim Liewicke). Pelley realizes they have created a monster and he wants to get out while the getting is good. If it were all good news, he would be sitting down to discuss what a great job he did at rogers and his “job here is done” and what a great job he’s moving on to take on…There’s none of that – this smacks of skulking off

  44. Neil says:

    @Rob In Aurora

    I totally agree, exit interviews are very common when people of Pelly’s status leave on good terms. Pelly’s sudden departure reminds of the way Nadir left, equally after a very short term as CEO of RCI. Just as the reason for Nadir’s departure was fully outlined in the press last year, and mind you it gave the Rogers family a pretty bad name. I don’t doubt that if there is an internal reason Pelly is leaving it will be leaked.

  45. Mike V says:

    Geez… now it’s that there hasn’t been an interview yet after four days is proof that things are bad. I mean, you do realize that he’s not leaving for a few more months right?

  46. Neil says:

    Hey Mike V.

    Given your perception that all is Rosey at the communications giant clearly your not a stake holder and clearly you have not seen the massive downturn this company has taken in the past few years. There has been talk of Rogers spinning of there media unit to return value to shareholders. There is absolutely no guarantees with the NHL package(it hinges on multiple Canadian teams in the playoffs for more than one round), shomi has been a bust and print media is about to be obsolete, Not to mention subscriber losses in cable and wireless could also affect the NHL package. Portfolio Manager talks of possible spin off of media division to return value to shareholders.

  47. Kamlesh says:

    Even though regular season baseball is boring(especially a non-Jays game) and the ratings have been decreasing in the past decade,(I guess it wasn’t Joe Morgan’s fault), the revenues, are high due to TV deals which are based on spreading fees to people who don’t watch the game and something that baseball deserves credit for – BAM. Here’s a great article on BAM.

    I’ve noticed that lately Doug Smith and Michael Grange haven’t been talking about how the Raptors are really Bryan Colangelo’s team and what a great job he did.

  48. Neil says:

    Mike V.

    Pelley being mute after the news has been made public looks suspect and leaves many to read in between the lines, especially when Rogers Q1 report was less than great and a contributor to that is a very expensive media property which may never provide investors with an ROI.

  49. Don River says:

    We at Rogers paid $5.2 billion for NHL rights, and all we got was TSN signature voice Gord Miller broadcasting our games.

    (Would that fit on a t-shirt?)

  50. Mike V says:

    1. I never said everything at Rogers was rosy. Nice straw man.
    2. One PM in a smaller shop talking about spinning off a division really means nothing, unless you think Davis Rea has the means to become an activist investor on a $20B company. No one else is talking as if this is coming.
    3. Your criticism of the NHL package relies on faulty assumptions (what do wireless subscribers have to do with the NHL deal? Because they have the option to pay for access to special views on Gamecentre? Seriously), trends that have been talked about ad-nauseam for a decade but have had no impact suddenly appearing out of nowhere, cherry-picking one line of one quarter’s results without any context and an complete lack of understanding of what sports broadcast rights are worth. Just look around, TSN bought local Sens rights, games that averaged just above 100,000 last year, for 1/9th of what the national English broadcast rights are costing Rogers, the NBA just signed a deal for $2.6B/year, BPL signed for about as much (1.7B GBP) from England alone and they don’t even have a playoff and ESPN is paying $470M for exactly 3 (yes 3!) college football games. The Rogers deal is not out of line with any of those, nor is it out of line with numbers that were bandied about as fair value for the individual nights before the deal was announced. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s Rogers, or because $5.2B is so much bigger than say $200M/year for HNIC, $75M/year for Wednesday, $120M/year for TVA’s French rights etc.. but there’s been so much perception lost.

    Oh and in the interest in full disclosure since you seem to think I’m such a Rogers fanboy, I dropped them in 2011 because of a dispute over my bill and never considered going back. Doesn’t mean I have to think this deal is bad as well.

    You like to talk a big game and probably fancy yourself a bit of an expert, but time and again you have shown yourself completely out of your depth by the number of things you get flat wrong.

  51. Neil says:

    Mike v.

    Please tell me where the faulty assumption is or where several not one several portfolio managers are wrong. Smart investors don’t touch a stock that has underperformed for the past five years. Anyways I guess you obviously don’t realize that
    This 5.2 billion dollar deal appears not to take into account a few key factors, factors that you are absolutely clueless about.

    1. Wireless- The NHL package needs a big push from Rogers wireless side as Rogers attempts to use a Rogers wireless\ Rogers media synergy to attract eyeballs to games on rogers wireless devices as wireless is clearly the companies most lucrative business. Problem here is that after regulatory intervention, the 30 day cancellation and 3 year commitment have been removed and consequently subscribers have been defecting to other carriers in very large numbers, not to mention competition and issues with customer service have hurt the wireless carrier. Rogers is resorting to retention plans to win back customers.

    Rogers Media- The media side of the business is quickly eroding as a result of struggling ad revenue. A 5.2billion dollar purchase of NHL rights is intended to alleviate the problems in the media division, however in my estimation it will only compound the issues fiscally. The National NHL media property was grossly overpaid for at 5.2 billion dollars. Fan interest is clearly more local than national, hence the reason regional deals are absolutely through the roof so the TSN deal you knock, to me was worth it as there are guaranteed eyeballs in Ottawa’s local market. Fans in Winnipeg do not care about the games between Pittsburg and Washington neither do fans in Toronto. This is not the NBA, MLB or NFL where teams in major markets draw interest nationally on both sides of the border. NFL MLB and NBA’s ability to draw such a wide scope of interest is correctly reflected in their huge national rights deals with ESPN. From a synergy standpoint where Rogers attempts to use it’s exclusive rights to gamecentre to push it across it’s cell phone business, this will likely backfire as it’s wireless business is gaining very little subscribers as oppose to those who are defecting from the wireless carrier. To minimize the risk of the deal I would spinoff the media division into a separate company as what has been suggested by investors.

    Cable- The NHL package is ultimately married to sportsnet TV network, however there is a massive trends of cable cutting, as people move online for their content. Shomi has failed to keep subscribers in the Rogers stable.

    Mike first what baffles me is that your comparing Rogers to ESPN. It’s not close. The hours of content isn’t close, the amount of homes Rogers reaches in comparison to Espn is not close. ESPN the sports media arm of Disney is worth north of 40 billion dollars. ESPN is a worldwide leader in sports. Rogers had an extremely rocky year in ratings for the NHL package and decided to blame the ratings system. They got absolutely hammered in ratings for the trade deadline show. I have no doubt that the games will be sublicensed to other networks, cause this is one massive mistake among many that will sink the media their business.

  52. Mike V says:

    “Smart investors don’t touch a stock that has underperformed for the past five years.”

    Wow. I mean… WOW! Yes, smart investors buy stocks that have underperformed recently. They do it literally all the time. Why? Because stocks that have underperformed recently on average do much better than the recent outperformers. It is a pretty basic and well-documented pattern in the market. If you don’t understand that then there’s really nothing you should be saying about the tendencies of “smart investors”.

    I was going to FJM your post but after that opening, what’s the point? It’s all the same rehashed nonsense (problems in wireless means that there must be a problem in the NHL deal… knows they “grossly overpaid”, even though the competition would’ve matched… refuses to say what he believes fair value really is… local TV deal great, national deal bad, completely ignoring the relative value between the two… nobody watches out of market NHL games but they do MLB and NBA games, even though ratings point to the exact opposite… incorrectly states GCL is exclusive to Rogers wireless, it’s only certain views of the action that is exclusive… one guy running a $100M equity fund that doesn’t own RCI/B or any telcos for that matter using BNN as PR means that shareholders want a spinoff … “massive trend” cord cutting of under 1% annually… somehow shomi comes up… for some inexplicable reason you thought I was comparing the subscribers and market cap of Rogers media and ESPN, not the relative value of the TV deals they signed… trade deadline show ratings must be vital to the value of the contract… finished with the illogical conclusion that more sub-liscensing must be coming without explaining how that would be better for Rogers. Is Bell going to overpay by more than what you say Rogers did?).

    But Neil, even to someone who had no knowledge of Rogers or the TV industry in general, they could still see problems with your argument because it has the fundamental flaw of being inconsistent. You shit on one deal and only one deal, coming up with whatever points you can think of to show why it’s such a problem. But all other TV deals or exorbitant amounts, which most of your points rightly or wrongly (and they are mostly wrong) can be applied to, won’t be a financial problem and get a pass. It’s like saying all the houses on this street are worth $1M, but not #16 because crime is bad in the area, there aren’t many amenities nearby and property taxes are too high. The only explanation I can come up with for this is that the one TV deal is held by Rogers and the rest aren’t.

  53. Antonio says:

    Hopefully Rogers brings in a real media guy who knows you can’t succeed with a host like Strombo and “analysts” like kipper and Cox. Hire real hockey people – people who the fans respect. Those jokers don’t garner much respect from anyone.

  54. Claire A Fye says:

    @ Mike V and @ Neil You’re both right to some degree. Rogers did overpay for the National rights, and they did it for a bunch of very good reasons. First and foremost, they had always been the smaller sports network and this move was designed to take Sportsnet a long way towards beating TSN. That will take time, it’s not going to happen overnight. And don’t discount the morale boost that was for Sportsnet staffers. Both Rogers and Bell play the long game when it comes to investments and this is a deal that will take years to determine its value. The other thing that bears watching here is the drop in advertising revenues across the television business. Part of that is due to Netflix and its spawns (Shomi and Crave) and part of it is the fact that advertising dollars are increasingly going elsewhere, mostly online and digital. Rogers may make some of this investment back through its digital division. It may mean they do allow TSN to take some games but that would be because at the back end of this deal, the delivery system could be radically different. Cable may be dead by then, although that’s not likely.
    My point is, the landscape has changed radically in a very short period of time. How will that impact the value of the NHL deal? I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone does, but I do believe there won’t be any big changes in the deal until at least the four years the CBC is involved are up.
    One last thing. This first round of the playoffs has really shown how far Sportsnet has to go to bring their in-game production up to acceptable standards. Millard is atrocious, a shill for the league. Strombo is a fish out of water and the panels featuring Kypreos, McLean,Shannon, Stock et al leave much to be desired. I hope it’s just a work in progress, that Sportsnet will realize they must improve.

  55. Rob In Aurora says:

    “This first round of the playoffs has really shown how far Sportsnet has to go to bring their in-game production up to acceptable standards. Millard is atrocious, a shill for the league. Strombo is a fish out of water and the panels featuring Kypreos, McLean,Shannon, Stock et al leave much to be desired”

    …Sportsnet were terrible for many years before the NHL deal (unwatchable). Now they seem worse only because they are now front and centre and we are force to watch only them. I avoid watching, and when I do watch, it is more to reconfirm just how terrible the whole off ice package truly is…The guys at TSN have too much class to gloat via social media. But I am sure they are loving this. They are doing remotes from game sites and I am sure TSN is getting good mileage from it for Sportscentre…It is not just a train wreck, this is a disaster of biblical proportions. I can’t believe how terrible Strombo is and Millard is a walking punchline

  56. Neil says:

    I’m convinced you work for RCI (Real Complete Ignorance)

    Dude you are out to lunch. Why in God’s green earth would a smart investor touch a stock that has for the most part been trending downwards FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS and showing very little signs of turnaround? Subscriber acquisitions in it’s core businesses, cable and wireless have been lack luster and trending down, the stock performance if you look at the chart has not been the performance of late, this trend goes back at least five years. You talk about underperformers coming out on top, your quite delusional if you think this is the case with RCI, As I mentioned before and maybe you just don’t get it and live under a rock or know nothing about media, the Rogers media business like many other media companies with similar assets is under pressure, Shomi has been a bust Yes SHOMI a media property and will never be a legit rival to netlix, ad revenue is down as advertisers move online(this is an industry wide trend) their magazine business is history( many large media companies are divesting of the print business as you are clearly unaware of as print has been destroyed by digital i.e. Time Warner divesting of time and people magazine, Quebecor divest of the sun media and other publications) Where do you see this so called turnaround?
    Oh yes the 5.2 billion dollar NHL package that struggled right out of the gate,the investment in which you think Rogers will be able to extract large profits pver twelve years in order to resurrect the entire media division. It’s funny that you praise this Rogers media ridiculous investment that had a rocky road out of the gate in terms of ratings, cost 5.2 billion dollars, and which greatly hinges heavily on the success of Canadian teams in the playoff, which everyone knows how that goes. Then on the other hand You make blanket statements about PM’s/investors and their analysis, you make blanket statements about the stock and company performance, and you make baseless statements about the cord cutting being less than what was reported, then why exactly if subscriber loss was less than 1% annually as you pulled out of your ass why the rush to push Shomi out onto the market and why would Rogers invest so much in retention deals which contributed to their Q1 losses according to Guy Lawrence.

    Your words
    “illogical conclusion that more sub-liscensing must be coming without explaining how that would be better for Rogers is bell going to pay more than Rogers did if sublicensing were an option”

    This completely makes no sense as I never suggested that the entire package would be sublicensed, in order for bell to pay more, the entire package would have to be in play.

    Your ignorance
    Trade deadline shows- Trade deadline is an innovative way(designed by tsn) to push the NHL while promoting the networks ability to cover the sport You obviously have no clue how this lifted tsn as a rights holder. Rogers trade deadline gets utterly destroyed.

    Believe it or not companies bite off more than they can chew as Rogers has clearly done with this entire package which gives the entire inventory of games. I think this is the case with you and this conversation you have clearly bit of more that you can chew.

    To your example using a home it’s highly possible for a property to carry less value that others there are so much in terms of what goes into a homes value, I think it’s a horrible example. On cannot make Broadcast rights more lucrative they are worth as much ass one is will to pay for it.

  57. TDoug says:

    As bad as all other local announcers are, they can’t hold a candle to Pat Tabler. He just said during the Jays / O’s game ” Chris Tillman has two favourite pitch’s when he has two strikes on a batter. 60% of the time he throws a fastball and THE OTHER 25% he throws a curveball “

  58. koko b. ware says:


    Tell him how you really feel… 😉

  59. Mike S says:

    Today’s PTS roundtable will apparently be McCown, Brunt, Madani, and Perkins…………….if that is the case then it will be the 5th week in a row with no Shannon on the PTS roundtable

  60. Shannon thankfully is tied up with Stanley Cup Playoff coverage, so that is the likely reason for now and going ahead. Too bad the Stanley Cup playoffs don’t run 365 days a year.

  61. Mike V says:

    Sure, Neil. People should always buy stocks/investments that go up massively in the last 5 years because everyone knows they can’t go down. And no one should buy something that hasn’t because its guaranteed to go to 0. Just look at how that’s worked out in history, Japan 1991… Tech 2000…. US housing/Financials 2007… Canadian resource stocks since 2011, first gold now oil… That comment is so ludicrous that I feel dumber for having to point out how wrong it is. If you really believe that then your portfolio must be absolute shit.

    Shomi, magazines, wireless….. NONE OF THOSE ARE THE NHL DEAL!! Is it really that complicated?? So it doesn’t matter if shomi doesn’t make money (and Shomi and CraveTV were both designed to lose money on their own standalone basis) it doesn’t change the finances of the deal.

    Canadian playoff teams… A) no, the deal does not “greatly hinges heavily” on them. Yes, it helps the deal profitability for Canadian teams to go on deep runs and have bigger ratings (coincidentally, with two all-Canadian matchups, it’s what is going on right now as you went on this witch hunt) but the deal is not a disaster if the Canadiens lost in the conference finals like last year. B) “everyone knows how that goes”?!? Dude is, “past performance is a guarantee of future success” your life motto or something because that’s an incredibly dumb thing to say. So no Canadian team’s won the cup since 93 so none can win it in the next decade? I guess we should just cancel the rest of the playoffs and just give the cup to the last winners since no patterns can ever be changed according to Neil on TSM. Oh wait, where are the Kings?

    Show me where there is groundswell for a spinoff from RCI/B investors. For the record, you are the one who made a blanket statement about that based on a BNN interview from a very small fund manager who, as of last reporting period, DOESN’T OWN THE DAMN STOCK!!

    Cord cutting is less than 1% annually… look it up.

    Not surprised at all that you didn’t understand my comments and funny, because I didn’t say the whole package would be sub-liscensed either. But whether it’s a whole or a part, Bell would need to pay more (much, MUCH more I would suggest) than Rogers would be able to make on it’s own for this to even be a possibility. And you haven’t explained that part, either because you don’t know how or figure you don’t actually have to prove any of your crazy points.

    Trade deadline show: as far as the NHL deal goes, the ratings DON’T MATTER! A gimmicky afternoon show does not determine the value of a national deal, why is that so difficult to understand. It’s bragging rights and bragging rights only. Also, complaints about production or in studio guests (and I have them too) have only a small impact on it because content is king. Do you know for how many years people complained about ABC’s NBA coverage when they took it from NBC? Ultimately it meant nothing because Disney would absolutely do that deal again.

    I’ve bitten off more than I can chew? HAHAHA! Man, that hole you’ve dug yourself is so deep you can no longer see sunlight.

    If you had read and understood my housing analogy, you would have noticed that my three reasons listed were neighbourhood specific and applied to the whole street. That is what you’re doing when you exaggerate industry problems and apply then to one deal only. I’ll try not to use analogies anymore, even the most basic ones, since comprehension is clearly so very difficult for you.

    Are you like a 13 yr old or something that would easily explain your cluelessness.

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