Maple Leaf Games To Be Split On Radio

December 9th, 2011 | by torontosportsmedia
Maple Leaf Games To Be Split On Radio
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About to jump on a plane, but I am told, so take with a grain of salt, that Sportsnet Fan590 and TSN 1050 will share next years Toronto Maple Leafs radio rights. Each station will get 41 games. Look for the on air crew to split time between the two stations. The Raptors remain with the Fan until that current agreement is up and then that two will likely be split between the two stations.

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  1. Mike S says:

    This is bizarre…………..I guess everyone who said that 590 would carry Leafs games next season can say they were right and everyone who said that 1050 would carry Leafs games next season can say they were right

  2. Another Steve says:

    Remember to turn your phone/computer off on the plane; we don’t want to hear about any Baldwin-style incidents. 🙂

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  4. headsup says:

    WHAT A MESS! This bodes well for the broadcast companies, but leaves the listener to try and figure where and when to be tuning in. I’m calling it – this is the first of many business-first and fans-second decisions made by the new majority owners. Get used to it folks. So when is Toronto’s second NHL team coming?

  5. Alex says:

    beginning of the end of HNIC?

  6. Ticky says:

    If I have to hear that moron Joe Bowen on TSN, I’ll neck myself.

  7. Daniel says:

    Hey now that Rogers will have a stake in the Jays, Leafs, Raptors and FC, I guess Dave in Bolton will just have to stick to watching the Argos from now on..

  8. alex says:

    I guess my prediction of a brunt cox shannon roundtable was premature.

  9. Dave in Bolton says:

    Lol nope thats NFL is for and I might just switch teams now

  10. Wholly Cannoli says:

    Big news today, but it will be quite a while before we find out if it’s good or not.
    I haven’t heard anyone on The Fan or TSN saying anything but how great this is, and how it won’t impact how they talk about any of the teams involved. I’ll believe that when I see it, but if today is any example, I’d have to say that’s nonsense.
    You have to think this is good news for the Raptors, as TSN will now be much more interested in them. The Fan, who won’t have Smith and Jones on every day anymore, will also up the Raptor contact. Don’t believe me? Just look at how TSN treated the CFL, and they weren’t owners.
    It’s good for TSN radio, because having half the Leaf games will force listeners to go looking for them. I don’t think it’s necessarily good for Richards though. They will definitely want a major market morning show when they get the Leafs. The theory is, you listen to the Leafs, and you keep the station on in the morning. The Richards show needs a lot of work before that’s a positive for TSN.
    A lot of people have viewed the Teacher’s Fund as a bad owner, only interested in the bottom line. I don’t think that’s fair. They’ve certainly spent money to try and win with the Leafs, Raptors, and TFC. They just don’t know how to win. It’s true they have taken every cent of revenue out of everything they’ve touched, but you’re pretty naive to think anyone else would have done different.
    This move also explains the sudden change of direction with the Blue Jays.
    It’s pretty obvious Rogers was reallocating funds to this purchase. It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in winning, it’s just that they don’t have the cash. It’s kind of like when you want to take a vacation, but all of a sudden the house you’ve always wanted comes up for sale. There goes the vacation!
    It will be fun watching how this plays out.

  11. dsscpu says:

    TSN confirmed the 50-50 split for next season during Sportscentre tonight

  12. Rome says:

    So when TSNR went on the air, is this the competition we are talking about. Sitting around equally dividing everything among themselves.

  13. Martin says:

    TSN & Sportsnet sharing The Leafs radio broadcasts will be interesting if/when The Leafs make the playoffs so one station gets home games with the other
    away games? Back in the 70s & earlier CBC and CTV used to share broadcasting The Grey Cup with CTV the first half & CBC the second.

  14. mike (in boston) says:

    what a strange day … so much to process. i’ve enjoyed reading the comments.

    in other news, Zelkovich is back in the Star doing a brief Q&A on what this means for radio and tv.

    Bruce is also reporting that Tim&Sid start next week.

  15. MEDIAJOE says:

    “If I have to hear that moron Joe Bowen on TSN, I’ll neck myself.”

    This ^ and add Greg Millen to the moron list as well i hope we have heard the last of Millen on Sportsnet and Leafs tv.

    One positive out of this radio move is that hopefully this also means the end of that Leafs nutswinger Andy Frost not only on the radio but also as that annoying PA announcer at the ACC.

  16. Dave in Bolton says:

    I expect Howard Burger to join TSN1050 when the leafs make the move. Maybe as a analyst not the leafs beat reporter

  17. Darrell says:

    I wonder with this new ownership of the Leafs/Raptors – if that means that TSN 1050 and FAN 590 employees criss cross on each network now that they are joined at the hip?

    Andy Frost is great as an arena announcer but I am glad that I won’t have to listen to him blast Leaf callers for actually saying that their team sucked one night – without being hung up on.

    I am also waiting for the moment there is another announcement that the Air Canada Centre will now be known as the Rogers Bell Arena. LOL! Maybe they can steal some of the block letters from the Dome and plaster that across the arena. LOL!

  18. Daniel says:

    Is there another team in North America that splits its radio broadcasts between two rival stations?

    (actually teams, I guess, since I assume the Raptors will be doing this as well).

  19. Mike says:

    Anything to get the radio rights off of AM 640… that station sucks!!! TSN Radio 1050 and Sportsnet 590 The Fan will do a better job presentation wise… I wouldnt be surprised if Gord Stellick jumped from CBC Sports back to be a part of The Fan Leafs radio coverage… anyone else think that JOHN TORY becoming President of MLSE would be a good move for the Bell/Rogers Empire….. apparently per Bruce Dowbiggin in Globe & Mail Sid and Tim are starting at Sportsnet 590 The Fan effective tomorrow at 1PM…

  20. dsscpu says:

    Ticky and Mediajoe,

    It is to far away to guess what happens with Bowen and Millen. Leafs regional rights are up at the same time that NHL national rights are up. If we keep the status quo, they won’t be on TSN broadcasts as TSN will just work deals with the other Canadian teams to have them on Wednesday Night Hockey and Leaf games during the week to air nationally. But anything can happen. Maybe TSN doesn’t get national rights, who knows.


    It has already been said that there won’t be staff criss-crossing between TSN and Sportsnet. Dregger won’t be on Sportsnet just as much as Kipper won’t be on TSN. What will happen though is what is already happening. MLSE employees, such as Jack Armstrong, will be free to appear on both TSN and Sportsnet.

    As for naming rights for the arena at 40 Bay Street known as the ACC, the deal runs till 2019 and I believe they have a renewal option as well. Besides, both Rogers and Bell have naming rights to other major facilities (Bell Centre, Rogers Arena) and is uncommon for a company to have multiple deals.


    There are other teams where games are bounced around. The Red Wings immediately come to mind. Some of their games are on 97.1FM while other games are on 1240AM. But that is a case of common ownership.

    As for the Raptors, Rogers has exclusive radio rights for another season or two. So all Raptors games will be on CJCL. That helps Bell/Rogers split the Leaf rights for next season as any night the Raps and Leafs both play, the Leaf game will HAVE to air on CHUM-AM. Eventually, they will split those rights. The same goes for Toronto FC. Not sure how long Rogers has locked up those radio rights for.

  21. dsscpu says:


    Take it for what it is worth but the FAN website has Eric Smith & Paul Jones listed from 1-4pm for this full week.

  22. Daniel says:

    I get the feeling the non compete didn’t allow anyone to officially talk about it.

    McCown had Eric Smith on a couple weeks ago and said something like: ‘you must be relieved the lockout ended. Those other guys are doing that slot in a couple week, right?’. Then Eric Smith said something along the lines of “uhh…hey, what are you talking about, Bob?’

  23. Neal says:

    TSN Radio will probably have the lion’s share of the games at the beginning of the season and at the end where The Fan has Blue Jay commitments. The Fan would have most of the games in the middle of the season except in the cases where they have Raptor commitments.

  24. John D says:

    The big question is which stations post game show will get mike from buffalo?

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