1. I really hope this team can pull it together and replicate their guard play from the regular season. The lack of in-game adjustments by Casey and not using JV more when your guards are building entire buildings with the bricks they are launching baffles me.

  2. Jamally says:

    Casey will get the extension which scares me for the next few years. JV needs to be the focal point IF and only IF Lowry and DD continue to play awful.

  3. Alex says:

    Bad week of TO radio for me, since i skip basketball and football segments. Glad i had lots of pods discussing Leicester City to make up for it. 🙂

    May i recommend site fav Richard Deitsch’s appearance on Alexi Lalas’ podcast, where they talk about real vs fake debate and a bunch of media stuff.

  4. Mike Kett says:

    So if you (those reading this) could do anything to improve the Rogers hockey broadcasts…what would it be? What would make it more appealing to you? A little twist though, if you say “fire Strombo” you need to say who you’d replace him with. It’s easy to say fire everyone, but who DO you want to see on the broadcasts?

  5. Steve says:

    Why is Mike Richards broadcasting from BMO Field for the TFC home opener? The guy probably doesn’t have a clue about soccer. I mean, better than Wheeler I suppose.

  6. Eric says:

    Richards knows soccer, It’s baseball he has no clue about.

  7. Rob J says:

    Surprise! Now that presumptive Leaf Matthews is playing for Team USA in the WHC, guess what country is being highlighted by TSN_Sportsnet?

  8. Mike S says:

    Here is my nomination for zinger of the week………it happened on Friday’s hockeycentral at noon:

    Damien Cox: “So John, do you think the Pavelski goal in overtime should have counted or was it goalie interference?”

    John Shannon: “I haven’t talked to anyone at the league office……”

    Damien Cox: “It’s OK, you’re allowed to form your own opinion without talking to them first”

  9. Curt says:

    Agent Shannon must report to HQ.

  10. Hans says:

    As crazy and tinfoil hatish this sounds I really do think that Shannon is actually an NHL employee (being posted at Sportsnet to monitor the product and stooge on Rogers to the NHL when they do something wrong) given how he tows the league line and seem to always be in lockstep with them and is somehow involved in all of the NHL related programming on the station.

  11. Daz66778 says:

    Also cannot understand how come Shannon is still on PTS so often not to mention all of the other shows he is constantly a part of. It seems that he often irritates Bob during the show but Shannon just ignores Bob’s responses to him or laughs them off. Very strange situation unless Rogers thinks it makes for good televison programming.

  12. Antonio says:

    Re: Shannon
    He’s not an agent for the NHL – he simply feels in order for an incompetent boob like him to be employed he sucks up to Rogers (and all of their media properties) while sucking up to employees at the league who he hopes can get him a job when Rogers finally wakes up and realizes he’s in fact an incompetent boob. I know, that’s a long sentence…

  13. Marcus says:

    If I’ve missed this being pointed out already, my apologies.

    Podcasts for TSN – don’t go to http://www.tsn.ca or search at that site.

    Go to http://www2.tsn.ca/podcasts/

    Friday’s shows are up already (yes, I meant May 6th).

  14. Howard says:

    What a joke hearing that idiot Blundell call D Wade disrespectful over the anthem thing,therefore he hates Canada. Didn’t he get fired for disrespecting gays,so I guess he hates them. The guy is a complete joke on sports radio,he’s just a Howard Stern wannabe

  15. yaz says:

    Bugging me these days is the iOS bug in the Podcasts. Some podcasts, after you download them still have the little cloud beside them meaning they are not downloaded. There is no fix as of yet though several tricks I have seen on the web apparently work, though not for me. ( unsubscribe, resubscribe for example). So after you download it, if you have cellular off for podcasts as I do, and you try to play the pod, it says ‘cellular is off, adjust settings’. Meaning you have to play it and suck up data. ( worked out for 90 minutes yesterday, used 401 mb, sorry, not doing that every day on a 6 GB plan) Curious for me is that the only Pods this is affecting are TSN Pods Naylor & Landsberg, Macko & Cauz and Mike Richards. Not Leafs Lunch or thankfully Overdrive. Doesn’t affect one Fan pod or any of my other 10 or so random pods. Hopefully the next iOS update will fix this.

  16. Curt says:

    Mendozza’s okay. Not great but far from the worst colour analyst out there (Pat Tabler…?) She’s had a few head-scratching moments, but who hasn’t? And she’s a big improvement over perennial Tea Party candidate, Curt Schilling (a Fox favourite no doubt).

  17. Donny says:

    Although I understand why Shannon can be disliked, personally I love him on the PTS first hour, as well as HCN. A great sense of humour, and some great stories from his prior career.

    TSN1050 remains in my opinion much further behind The FAN 590 on nearly every level. The lineup change was due, and although an improvement it is still second fiddle. 0verdrive is great, however Bob still sets the standards.

  18. Alex says:

    Every day, in my Naylor and Landsberg pod listing, one old Naylor in the afternoon still shows up.

  19. Mike S says:

    Jays are in San Francisco……….the 1050 beat reporter (Scott MacArthur) is not there…………Raptors are in Miami………the 1050 beat reporter (Josh Lewenberg) is not there…………don’t think that would have happened two years ago but it’s the reality these days I guess

  20. Rob J says:

    Just read that Trump may grant a ‘ban all Muslims’ exemption to London, England’s new mayor. Hopefully for the Leafs and their poor fans, he’ll do the same for Kadri.

  21. Marcus says:

    @Rob J, Kadri played for the London Knights. Maybe the city can give him honourary mayor status so he can fall under the “Mayors of London” exemption.

    Stop worrying, people. Reality will set in pretty quickly for whomever gets elected.

    Back to sports media talk, please. But if you want a politically related topic, I thought that the discussion on Overdrive yesterday of Dwayne Wade’s shots taken during the National Anthem and the relevance of playing anthems at sporting events was quite interesting. There’s definitely a new generation who believes that it’s not disrespectful to say that it doesn’t matter.

  22. Eric says:


    I disagree with almost everything you said.

    Shannon is a boring old man who shills every chance he gets. TSN’s line up change stinks. And the Fan 590 is complete garbage.

    Bob sets no standard unless that standard is how to be co close to retirement that you no longer give a crap.

    The only thing I do agree with you on is Over Drive. it is great in fact it is far and a way the best show on radio in this city.

  23. yaz says:

    I am a bit baffled by the across the board unanimity of local sports personalities regarding the Dwyane Wade anthem story. Every single one of them ( unless I missed one) is absolutely incredulous that anybody would possibly be offended and that it shouldn’t even be a story. ‘I could care less.’ said most.

    Wade’s actions were disrespectful. I’m not dousing myself in gasoline and setting myself on fire outside the Heat stadium in protest, but on its face, it was disrespectful at the very least. It would have been nice to hear at least one local media member say so rather than laugh and scoff at people like myself who found it offensive, which it objectively was.

  24. Rob J says:

    Do all the anthem patriots take their caps off and stand quietly and respectfully when the anthem airs on TV at home or a sports bar? Didn’t think so.

  25. Cirroc says:

    @Rob J


  26. Alex says:

    My experience is that the media often is working through the anthem(s), esp tv/radio.

  27. Steve in Waterloo says:

    Not surprised that no one in the media took issue with Wade…its the NBA. They are generally desensitized disrespect, individual, me first… its the NBA way.

    Follow the league long enough, and you get used to this.

    Is the National anthem necessary before an entertainment event? No. but as long as it is played, there should be some respect.

    Bad on Wade, and the media who excused it.

  28. Jamally says:

    I love the site to read comments from puck heads who will take a shot at the NBA and basketball when a story like the Wade anthem situation comes up. Because it tends to indirectly point to their dislike for the sport. But don’t worry, hockey is great dislike it’s universal lack of appeal world-wide.

  29. Rob J says:

    What’s the sports media angle of your post? Focus, man.

  30. Steve Jones says:

    As they say, maybe it’s just me. It seems to me that PTS has become uncomfortably close to all the other shows on radio landscape. Used to be, and the reason I listened, that Bob talked issues with interesting guests. Now we get the rote segments with a baseball talking head. Along with more random Jays talk. A Raps segment with a talking head. Lately Bob can’t stop nattering on about the lack of hitting. And….IT’S NOT THE BULLPEN!!!!!!!!!! Plus it’s all Rogers guys all the time. One after another. Where did the issues segments go. The breadth of guests. Maybe I’m misreading this because I turn it off many days.

    I tried to listen to Overdrive as a replacement. Loved it as a noon hour show. Don’t like it much in drive. To me it’s just not a fit. The discussion on non hockey stories has the depth of a wading pool and too many times no matter the topic it comes back to hockey. Plus, how many times can you go back to the Beef Baron well. My take is it’s a one trick pony that won’t last 2 years.

  31. Claire A Fye says:

    @Steve Jones I agree with you on pretty much everything you said about PTS. Bob is mailing it in and has been for years.Where we differ is on Overdrive. You give it 2 years and yet you just gave every reason their competition has weakened. So who will replace Bob? Arash Madani? I like him but he can’t do it everyday as the host. He’s great as a reporter with an opinion. Jeff Blair? Please. Some might say Walker but he’s not a Toronto guy. My point is they don’t have a bench, nobody to take Bob’s place when he inevitably leaves physically. Of course he’s already left mentally. To my way of thinking that leaves Overdrive as the natural successor. It’s already a whole lot more entertaining.

  32. billyjoejimbob says:

    All the people who love TSN radio must be on this site. Crushed in the ratings.

  33. Drumanchor says:

    Optics. It’s always about optics, to me.

    The Fan is, seemingly, becoming more and more Rogers centric – if that is even possible – and I get the feeling that that tune is really starting to get old. As much as they deny, they honestly convey the impression that The Fan is little more than one long, drawn out Rogers ad. They may still be number one but, just like any hit song, after a while the public tires of it. They look past it to see what else is out there. Eventually, I see this happening here – if it has not already.

    TSN is more and more a viable option.

    Sure, it’s far from perfect but, optically, they do seem to be trying. They’ve shaken things up. They have regular guests who are not employed by the parent company. In fact, I would venire to say that you hardly hear the word Bell at all on any TSN broadcast. That may be a conscious effort or not, but it’s a good thing.

    Because I, for one, have pretty much had it with The Fan and now find myself on 1050 almost exclusively. Now, when they step up and provide more improvement to the programming, personalities and advertising of their shows, I suspect I won’t be the only one moving on up the dial.

  34. Rob J says:

    @Rogers critics
    If only someone on this board would consistently point out the total conflict of interest of media companies owning the teams as well as the rights…

  35. Claire A Fye says:

    @billyjoejimbob I don’t know what the ratings say but I do know ratings are fluid. The Fan has been around a long time and TSN has done a terrible job of letting people know TSN radio exists. People don’t know it’s there. Part of the problem is their programming; no question it could be better. But it’s getting better and will keep growing. Competition is good. We are better served with a choice. You’re right about one thing though. People who visit this site are fans of sports radio…and if they’re switching to TSN, it’s only a matter of time before others do too. And remember, it’s an extremely small sample size

  36. Daniel says:

    It is interesting how TSN has been abysmal in the ratings from its inception, but The Fan is far more criticized on here.

    I think part of it may be that people are more invested in The Fan generally, and more ready to complain when something is on they don’t like. People aren’t really complaining about shows like Wheeler and Cauz because nobody’s listening.

  37. Brandon says:

    I agree with Daniel. If people were listening to the TSN shows, there’d be a lot more criticism of them on here. For example, people were apparently listening to Landsberg and Naylor out of the gate because there were specific examples of an interview or segment that they liked, or that annoyed someone writing a comment. The show’s been on 7 or 8 weeks now and that’s happening far less and less, and the anemic ratings would bear that out.

    It’s not quite the same with Blundell, but there is a loyal audience at The Fan that will pretty much put up with anything. They’d love for the show to be better, and for someone else to host it, but it ain’t happening for now so they stick with it. Again, everyone’s pretending on this one. The listeners are pretending to like it because it’s what they’re used to. The host is pretending to know or be real into sports because that’s the gig. The management of The Fan is pretending there’s nothing wrong with the show or it’s well-received when they all know, they’d love to wake up and be able to change it without anyone noticing.

    But I couldn’t tell you why TSN has done so poorly. I haven’t listened to the shows all that much and preferred Hayes when he was in the noon slot and early afternoon, but it’s not just the signal or that nobody knows they exist. They do more TV advertising than the Fan has over the last 5 years. Overdrive still has a commercial running. Naylor appeared in a few commercials and no one cared at all. Ever since Blundell started and they knew what a mistake they’ve made, there’s been zero promotion. Tim and Sid and Brady and Lang/Walker used to get commercials on regularly on other channels to promote them. Oh, I forgot Bob’s commercials last year with the wannabe intern. How could I?

    It’s a strange landscape right now. The Fan lineup isn’t great, but I agree Brunt has been a breath of fresh air on Blair’s show. Walker’s show isn’t a show I’d listen to, and McCown has his moments, but you have to go through the equivalent of a root canal many days to get there. And yet, TSN can’t take advantage of any of it, at all. Fascinating.

    The only things to me as an observer that change the game are McCown going to TSN after his contract ends, Greg Brady going to either place after his payout ends however long that is, or Tim or Sid being available if the television experiment ends. There’s no one else you’d give a new show to except those people anymore.

  38. Sam In Scarb says:

    2 years ago 2014 fan/590 had a pretty good thing going..
    Brady /Walker AM…Tim /Sid Aft and BJ baseball at night..
    THEN a suit having to make changes to make it look like he he/she is doing something to justify their job..
    Move Tim/Sid to tv….blow up their listenable show and make them nothing but a 2 hour pre-game Jays/Raptors show
    Replace the AM show with a has been..
    Move a successful AM show to afternoons and then gas one of the hosts..

    If a grade 4 was given a project on “how to fix the fan” and they did that, the class would have got an “F”

    and robbers is paying BIG money for the suits!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Art says:

    Funny because I can’t give you any real recent examples of anything the fan has done that I don’t like, because I don’t listen to the fan at all.

    I am 100% a TSN guy for both TV and Radio. Sadly since the changes I don’t really listen to TSN 1050 all that much any more either. I can’t stand Landsberg and Naylor. I l think you are bang on with people complaing less about them recently because most people have stop listening.

    I like Matt Cauz but not his current co host Wheeler. Leafs Lunch stinks now with Andi. I do still like Mike Richards but he isn’t the same with out David Bastl.

    So Overdrive seems to be the only new show that works out. Other than Overdrive I’m not really listening much. But that doesn’t mean I am switching over to the fan. There is nothing in that current line up that appeals to me. Instead I’m listening to TSN 690 Montreal online or podcasts like Bastl’s Bytes.

    I wish TSN 1050 would just go back to the way things were.

  40. Art says:

    @Sam In Scarb.. See i don’t really even love that Fan 590 line up either.

    I prefer the way they were Years ago with Landry & Stelleck in The Morning. Although I couldn’t stand Mike Hogan or Chuck Swarsky but at least they had a good morning show and Bob McCowan was still interesting back then.

    I feel like I’m getting old (only 36) because I find myself pulling the back in the day stuff way too much.

    Damn it I still want Jesse & Gene on CFTR or AM640 lol!

  41. Alex says:

    TSM bingo

  42. Art says:

    @Rob J

    You are going to think I am crazy… But yes I do stand for the anthem at home with my cap off and hand on my chest. And I sing along too.

    I know I’m alone on this one but it’s one of my many pre game things I do.

  43. yaz says:

    10 pm. NL still doesn’t have today’s (May 11) Podcasts up- not surprising. This is also first time I have ever seen PTS miss a day posting Pods. Still not up. All others up today.

  44. Rob J says:

    PTS didn’t air today.

  45. Joe says:

    I have no idea why I keep tuning into Landsberg and Naylor. Maybe It’s just a habit to turn on the radio as you drive. But each morning I turn it on listen for 10-15 minutes then turn off my radio angry that there is nothing worth listening to in the AM.

    Yesterday Landsberg & Naylor were talking about goalies in the playoffs. They brought up show much stuff that wasn’t even accurate. for example in the 2014 playoffs Carey Price was hurt in game 1. They said that Budaj played game 2 before Tokarski took over. This was wrong Tokarski played games 2-6. Naylor then brought up “remember Cristobal Huet? Landsberg responded I know the Capitals do. I know Huet played briefly for the Caps… but I am sure Landsberg was making reference to the 2010 NHL playoffs were a young Habs goalie shut down the Caps in the playoffs. Problem is that goalie was Jaroslav Halak. I am almost positive Landsberg thought Huet was Halak.

    This is just one example of how their supposed sports knowledge is a joke. They are issue guys not sports guys. They talk about the stories around the game and don’t actually know much about what’s happening on the playing surface at all.

    Today, I again made the mistake of tuning in. Landsberg once again got side tracked with his favourite topic. OTR! and his favourite guest from OTR and the comedy bit he did with him on OTR. He then compared Dikembe Mutombo’s voice to Cookie Monster. Even had Motombo call in (it was a cookie monster clip). It wasn’t funny, It was really just stupid and honestly I don’t know maybe a little offensive. To compare a African accent to cookie monster a puppet who talks in simple sentences like “me like cookie” I dunno it didn’t feel right to me.

    Maybe it’s a reach, but stuff like this makes him unlikable to me.

  46. Greg says:

    I used to be huge fans of Tim and Sid on radio but I am very disappointed with the new show. I don’t even tune in most nights anymore. Maybe its because they don’t do as much non sports banter and segments like cut or uncut anymore, but I think others on here got it right. It really does feel like a 2 hour pre-game Rogers commercial. Its pretty frustrating.

    Does anyone else find it insane that they often start the show half hour to an hour late a lot of days becuase the White Sox/Rays game is running long or going into extra innings? A couple weeks ago they set up in Jurassic Park the evening of a Raps game and were on the air for like 45 minutes because of a ball game cutting into their show time. Like at least put the show on Sportsnet One or something? It seems like a huge waste considering the money they appear to throw into that show.

  47. Donny says:

    @brandon I don’t see that happening. Bob has mentioned in the past that he did receive an offer from TSN for more money (I assume prior to signing his last contract) and turned it down.

  48. Curt says:

    @Greg – I agree with you. I laughed on Tuesday when T&S were preempted for the closing ceremonies of Upton Park (West Ham United’s ground). When they finally finished with that, T&S had a half hour left and you could tell they were pissed. Maybe someone at SN is a Hammers fan because I didn’t understand why it was necessary to show almost an hour of these closing ceremonies. If it were Anfield or Old Trafford closing its doors, then sure, but Upton Park?

    Anyway, I found it telling that SN would rather show that than put T&S on. You’re right, the tv show is not good at all and is basically a big promo show for what is coming up later on SN. I think T&S know that too, but what can they do. They are property of Rogers Communications now. (Dada da da!)

  49. Alex says:

    It might depend on the contract and being required to stay with it until the end of the event.

  50. Cowboyskanuck says:

    At the beginning of PTS today Bob and Arash were talking about djs who had or have changed their names for the radio. He specifically talked about a “former program director at the station” who changed his name for radio, his on-air career lasting about an hour, then kept using the name. Wouldn’t name drop, but said it was “the guy who went to San Francisco” lol

    I never knew Don Kollins wasn’t his name.

  51. Jason says:

    Vendetta is the better than most hosts on either and the guy actually talks about a bunch of sports. How does he also guest host Jim Rome too??? Seems like he make to much money to move from where is based (LA maybe?).

  52. Sam says:

    2 quick observations from listening to TSN Radio a bit.

    1. Michael Landsberg spends more time talking about weather than 680 News. Maybe he should switch stations.

    2. A producer on Richards 1-4 (Shawn Levigne) talks more than a host David Naylor does on the morning show.

    I’m I the only one who thinks the balance if off here?

    Tell Michael to shut up a bit about the weather so his cohost can talk sports. and tell Shawn Levigne to know his role.

    Or don’t I don’t really care I’ll be listening to the fan either way.

  53. Matty Zero says:

    I was more concerned that Gibby emails Bob on the regular..4-man rotation coming soon!

  54. Alex says:

    Does Gobbons think relievers are all failed starters?

    Did he ever mention that Hoyt Wilhelm was a knuckleball relief pitcher?

  55. Steven says:

    Just want to thank the management team at The Fan for taking Ken Ried off Prime Time, what a difference

  56. Paul G. says:

    @ Steven

    Agree whole heartedly about Reid.

    Now if they could just apply the same solution to Shannon…

  57. yaz says:

    @RobJ Lol. Good reason. thx.

    @Sam Richards likely asking Levigne to join often. It is hard to be the only voice for 3 hours. Like after Bastl was fired, Richards had more guests. Walker does this too. Not sure if the guy is his producer, but some guy chimes in and is often uninteresting. Two hosts are better than one, even if I can’t stand one – like Wheeler.

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