More Changes At Rogers

July 7th, 2015 | by torontosportsmedia
More Changes At Rogers
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Multiple sources told me that the replacement for Keith Pelley would be named by Rogers tomorrow. Several told me that the race to replace Pelley was a three horse neck and neck battle with internal Scott Moore being the first candidate with two external candidates being the other two.

A reliable source told me this morning in fact that winning candidate was a very senior female candidate. That rumour was repeated by two other sources, however in each instance I was asked not to divulge anything until tomorrow morning.

Good thing I didn’t 🙂

The new head honcho is Rick Brace (who is not female). Brace lists his current title on Linkedin as Current Chair of CTV Specialty Television and Media Advisor. Chair of MuchFact.

The Ryerson website lists the following information about Brace:

“As President, Specialty Channels and CTV Production, Rick Brace oversees the development, commissioning and scheduling strategies for the company’s specialty channels, including Discovery Channel, MuchMusic, MTV, The Comedy Network, E!, SPACE, and Bravo!. Brace also presides over the strategy and development of all CTV original productions.

From 2001 to 2007, Brace served as President of CTV Inc. Brace also served as President of CTV Specialty Television Inc. From 1998 to 2000, Brace was President of TSN, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the all-sports network, where his experience, insight and leadership helped TSN emerge as Canada’s most-watched specialty service. Brace began his broadcasting career in 1975 as a technician with CBC and was part of the network’s 1976 Olympic Games coverage. Brace joined CBC Sports in 1980 where he produced and directed the weekly program Sportsweekend, CFL games, Formula 1 races and the 1984 Olympic Games.”

It’s a fascinating development to see a long time CTV’er flip sides and join, “the enemy” Rogers.

It will be fascinating to see what changes Brace makes both on the media side (sportsnet properties), the NHL broadcast side and then on the sports ownership side (100% of the Blue Jays & 37.5% of Leafs/Raptors etc).

Will this lead to improved relations with partner/enemy Bell or worse?

These are crazy times in the media world. What does this mean in a world where, according to the Globe and Mail:

“But in its most recent quarter, Rogers Media posted an operating loss of $32-million on revenue of $464-million – though Rogers cited a seasonal cycle in hockey-related expenses and revenues as a factor – as television viewership continues to shift online and media of all types struggle with declining ad revenues.”

Happy hump day!



  1. rob j says:

    Irrational Rogers bashing in 3…2…

  2. Darrell says:

    Can you ask whomever will head the Rogers empire, that enough with Scott Farrell overnight and his swallowing a pencil voice? It is NOT enjoyable radio.

  3. Bill Waters says:

    I thought Guys of this stature usually have a no compete clause in their contract, nonetheless this move has a chance to yield instant benefits for Rogers and it’s media properties. Going forward it will be interesting to watch as there may be no rescue from the attack of online streaming and cord cutters.

  4. Bill Waters says:

    “irrational” Rogers bashing. Is Wilner 2.0 in the room?

  5. Littletony says:

    Brace “retired” from Bell at the end of 2013…

    So any non compete he had during his severance period has likely expired.

  6. mario says:

    Good hire by Rogers , just another move to piss off Bell. Let the name calling being.

  7. Roy says:

    Anybody have any numbers for Tim and Sid’s first week?

  8. Antonio says:

    I would have been shocked if they went with Moore. He’s been a disaster in his current position and its a bloody miracle he is in fact still employed by Rogers. Then again he could have some awesome pictures of Rogers’ executive in compromising settings.

  9. peacefulposter says:

    Brace may have “retired” but he was still Chairman of the Board of CTV Specialty channels which includes TSN. He must have been privy to all their current financials and strategy.

  10. William D says:

    Bell and Rogers need to anchor the ship from the hit it will take from online streaming and cord cutting(Shomi and Crave are useless), not to mention pick and pay. These executive shuffles will change nothing in terms of the losses that are happening. Networks and cable providers in North America are gearing up for online streaming. That said all the money lost in media revenue will likely be gained back through Internet subscriptions, as more consumers turn to streaming the ISP’s stand to gain large especially Rogers as it looks like to add more internet subscribers through a rumored Shaw acquisition. I have a feeling the new president will be just as short lived as Pelley.

  11. Mike S says:

    Brace is an interesting hire………..I agree with TSM, it will be fascinating to see what changes he makes

    Meanwhile Brady is on vacation this week………instead of trying to find someone to fill in for him it appears the 590 strategy is to have Walker go solo and take significantly more calls than that show usually does………….this is not really a surprise, just disappointing

  12. The Londoner says:

    Solid performance today by Kevin Barker on baseball central. I guess he couldn’t have known Sal Fasano had cancer, but still he created an awkward moment that would make even Billy Bob Thornton proud.

  13. Sam in Scarb says:

    @ The Londoner – Love the concept of Baseball Central don’t ever listen anymore due to the terrible hosts.
    What did Barker (whom should not be in any media at all) say to prove his lack of talent?

  14. The Londoner says:

    @Sam in Scarb

    Nothing major. He went on and on about how Sal Fasano was a physical specimen when they played together. Then when Sal came on, he did it again, and forced Sal to explain he doesn’t have the same routine anymore cause he is battling cancer. The real cringe worthy thing was Barker’s reaction, namely trying so quickly to change the subject without saying a word.

  15. rob j says:

    if no none had heard of tim and sid and only saw the latest commercial for the show, literally no one would tune in

  16. yaz says:

    Fast forwarded through a couple of PVR’d Tim & Sid shows. Repeatedly in the last week of their radio show Sid said they were going to ‘lock themselves in a room until July 1st and bounce ideas around for the new show.’ Now we get to see the fruits of their labour: same format as the radio show on a dimly lit, early 90s looking ‘Off The Record’ set. But don’t worry, there’s a Jordan jersey hung behind Tim’s shoulder to lend their commentary some gravitas. Oh, and Sid doesn’t wear a tie but Tim does. Tour de force. Congrats Sportsnet.

  17. WouldStaley93 says:

    If he is given full power and no interference from the Board of Directors at Rogers then I think Rick Brace could make a difference. But they have to allow him to make changes and not veto him.

    When he ran CTV/TSN that brand was strong with all sports including hockey. I’m hoping he shuffles the announcers on the expensive property that is hockey on Rogers.

    Stay tuned.

    Did anyone hear TSN 1050 today ? Todd Shapiro was filling in with Jay Brody for Macko & Cauz. Anyway Michael Landsberg was a guest. And towards the end of the segment Landsberg brought up when Todd worked with “the other guy”. Who we all know is Dean Blundell. Anyway they were talked about Wade Belak and how Dean and Landsberg had a huge issue that turned personal over Wade’s death. It’s available for download Todd posted it and TSN has it up online.

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