Sorry P.J. I’m Not Buying It

September 23rd, 2011 | by torontosportsmedia

““I feel terrible talking about it,” Stock said this week. “The situation won’t go away. I feel bad for making those comments that maybe [are] leading anyone to any type of thoughts.””

That’s what PJ Stock told the Globe and Mail upon reflection after voicing his opinion on the death of Wade Belak.

Now, I know what one person will say to this, as you always do whenever voices an opinion, “dont you ever make a mistake?” So, I’ll say it again, I’m not perfect, this is my site, I will voice my opinion here, sorry.

So, here goes. PJ doesn’t get to say sorry here. PJ is, a member of the media. When you make a statement like the truth will come out, you can’t take that back. Your on the hook, you’ve gone on the record, you can’t be half pregnant. Almost every media outlet called Belak’s death a suicide, right or wrong and you called them on it. Not only do I think you can’t take it back, you are obligated to explain yourself. You’ve directly lead to speculation. This is on you.

Your no longer an athlete. Your a member of the media, on the National broadcaster. Your in another big league now. Own up to it.



  1. Mike says:


    First, he is HARDLY a media member. Second, the guy is allowed to be emotional because his friend just died.

    Who cares if he was wrong…

  2. In my mind, this entire Wade Belak tragedy encapsulates what is wrong with the MSM in Canada.

    PJ Stock (though not a journalist in the classic sense of the word) was obviously wrong by tweeting a nebulous statement too quickly after the news of Belak’s death broke. His lack of follow-up clarification is also wrong.

    Just as wrong, in my mind, is the majority of the MSM that quickly and cynically turned Belak’s death into a soapbox for their own political agenda. Now that it appears more and more likely that the death was not related to depression or hockey violence, how many of these “journalists” have admitted they were premature in their assessment? None as far as I have seen.

    In fact, their hypocrisy goes even deeper. They are now unwilling to speak about the likely cause of death to protect Belak’s family and reputation, but they were more than willing to use him for their own purposes when the body was still warm.

    Simply another example as to how ill-served we are by many in the sports media.

  3. EugenesAxe says:

    The problem is that his statement, by all accounts was true. I am sure he would have clarified the staement but no doubt was bullied into silence and then contrition.

    The hockey industry is a closed shop and they always take care of one of their own. Its the 1950’s all over again. They are doing what they feel is best to “protect the family”. Sadly in this case, suicide puts everything to rest. Death by accidental means raises more questions. The old boys of the NHL don’t want anymore questions

  4. Petti says:

    Lee could not be more correct. Now that it appears to be accidental no one is talking about this anymore.

    The truth is the truth, and if the job of the MSM is to get to the bottom of stories, they should be reporting on them whether unsavoury or not.

  5. mike (in boston) says:

    TSM, you clearly think he;s in the wrong but you haven’t really explained what you think the right decision would have been.

    Assume PJ Stock gets some information from a reputable source on the day the story breaks that the death was accidental. Everyone else starts reporting that he killed himself on purpose. What should Stock do? If Stock got the information that it was an accident then it’s reasonable to think that other media members will also get that information soon. He has a good reason to report the information since it’s relevant to a developing story.

    Why does Stock have any special obligations just because the rest of the media is misreporting the facts? Why should he refrain from adding to the speculation when the rest of the media is already speculating about the cause of death?

    I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t quite see your argument yet.

  6. Pete says:

    “Your no longer an athlete. Your a member of the media”

    If you want to be recognized as a legit blogger then maybe use “you’re” instead of “your.”

  7. Drumanchor says:

    Lee is absolutely correct.

    However, I hate to say it, but so is Pete. The constant grammatical errors lessons what is a very good blog.

    Please don’t take this as a shot but as light, constructive criticism.

  8. Bobby G says:

    ” So, I’ll say it again, I’m not perfect, this is my site, I will voice my opinion here, sorry.”

    YOU’RE certainly entitled to YOUR opinion.
    I happen to agree with everything except your spelling.

  9. Mike S says:

    I could be wrong but I think it should have been “lessens” and not “lessons”

    Please don’t take this as a shot but as light, constructive criticism

  10. Don Mandrie says:

    Lee (Oakville) Stock did not tweet anything. He was a guest on a radio show in Montreal. See earlier posts on this site.

    Every media outlet in the country is gearing up for the new hockey season. Stock is in Toronto with Hockey Night In Canada. He’s not exactly Elliotte Friedman in terms of experience or job security. I’d be very surprised if, in addition to working out plans for the upcoming season, he’s had a discussion or two on what he said on Melnick’s show and how to proceed.

  11. Al from Burlington says:

    Eyes dunt no wat yous ar tulkin bout

  12. Drumanchor says:

    @ Mike S:


  13. I was starting to think that maybe Stock goes under the heading of “no good deed goes unpunished…”

    But to quote Stock” …“let’s just call it an accidental death right now. But he did die of strangulation,”. Later he admitted that “he had no firsthand information, and that he perhaps didn’t articulate his thoughts properly.”

    “I just wanted to protect Wade, protect his family and his role in the game. Unfortunately it has snowballed into something like this.”

    Yes, we all make mistakes, and yes, things slip out in the heat of the moment, but lets be clear here… “IT” didn’t snowball, Stock started it. He spoke without thinking, without facts, without objectivity. He wears a tie, not a jersey, he’s paid to provide insight & analysis, can’t be a homer and do that effectively for a national broadcaster.

    I don’t know Stock, or watch HNIC often, but he takes a big boy cheque of my tax dollars, this can is his to carry.

  14. Capn2patch says:

    2 basic things

    1 – Most of us come here to this unique site to get the inside scoop on the scoopers, so practice a little humility and look past the grammatical tid-bits that are obvious to you. That’s not what this blog is about.

    2 – Unless you’re printing an expose with solid PROOF of what happened to Wade Belak, if the local constabulary does not reveal the official cause of death, MSM’ers would be setting themselves up for libel if they were to print or comment on what could be slanderous comments concerning WB’s unfortunate demise. IMO, Stock learned a valuable lesson and does not want to be sued. He can’t defend himself here until the truth comes out from official sources. If you want to know the truth, call up your local Cop Shop and complain there.

  15. Capn2patch says:

    Don’t know where else to post this.

    To Mike (in Boston)

    Heard you on extendo Jays Talk the other day. Although I enjoy reading your comments here, your episode with Mike Wilner was not your best moment. :p

  16. EugenesAxe says:

    Capn2patch says…

    Thanks for the sermon but you fail to recognize WB’s MOTHER called it an accident. I am tired of the Mike Landsberg’s of the world/ Three former enforcers did not commit suicide. One had a drug over dose, one died of suicide and the third died in an accident. That is not speculation. Those are the facts.

    Far be it from me to defend the NHL on anything these days but to say the NHL “has a problem on it’s hands” is not really supported by evidence.

  17. Al from Burlington says:

    EugenesAxe – Hard to argue with you dude….

  18. mike (in boston) says:

    Capn2patch Says…
    Don’t know where else to post this.

    To Mike (in Boston)

    Heard you on extendo Jays Talk the other day. Although I enjoy reading your comments here, your episode with Mike Wilner was not your best moment. :p

    wasn’t me. i’ve never called in to sports talk radio.

    what night was this? now i’m curious to hear the call.

  19. Bobby G says:


    You’re wrong on both counts…

    1) Basic grammar and spelling count. They speak to credibility.

    2) Regardless of what the cops do or do not say, if PJ Stock knows the truth and repeats it, he can’t be sued for libel or slander. Hell, even if someone doesn’t know the truth but what he or she says turns out to be true, no foul.

  20. Plebian Slob says:

    Wow some brutal ignorance of mental illness on this comment board. Yep lets all beleive WB had an “accident” thats exactly what my old man called his attempted suicide, even though he left bitter phone messages before his attempt. I don’t think I’m ever going to comment on this board again, since individuals with mental illness are disparaged so “Hockey: can protect itself have nice lives PUCKWITS.

  21. Another Steve says:


    I just read through the comments on this thread and failed to see any disparagement of mental illness. Do you care to back up your accusation with evidence?

    We all have personal stories involving suicide – perhaps many of us have even attempted suicide (or thought about it) – but I see no evidence of anybody speaking poorly about mental illness on this thread.

    Yes, do call people out for poorly worded, hurtful, and childish comments, but a blanket statement like this, with no evidence, does nothing to prove your cause. Rather, you only make your point look all the weaker.

  22. Capn2patch says:

    Mike, I believe it was Wednesday night.

    …and to all who disagree with me, if the the cause of death turned out to be something other than what PJ inferred, then that would libelous if the comments diminished WB character.

  23. Bobby G says:

    As sad as this is is for everyone involved — family, friends and fans alike — you cannot libel a dead man. You cannot “diminish his character” in the eyes of the law. Someone can only diminish their own by reporting something other than facts.

  24. Capn2patch says:

    True, you cannot libel a dead man but the comments can be libelous if they were to prevent WBs family from potential income.

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