Rogers Sportsnet Re-Ups Nick Kypreos

February 13th, 2013 | by torontosportsmedia
Rogers Sportsnet Re-Ups Nick Kypreos
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Happy Wednesday morning!
I am told by multiple sources that Nick Kypreos will be at Rogers Sportsnet for a LONG time. I don’t know the exact term, but I am told it is more than 5 years but not longer than 10!

That’s a strong move my Rogers to lock him up. He has developed into a good broadcaster and plays the ying to MacLeans yang perfectly. It’s not perfect radio by any stretch, but it’s the best hockey show on the radio bar none.



  1. mario says:

    Have to agree the re-signing of Kypreos is a positive step in the right direction. Now I think its is time to do some more additions by subtraction and bring in more depth to the hockey panel/ insiders, when they lost Darren Dreger to TSN they never really replaced him as a true insider. Having said that Kypreos is a lot better than when he first started.

  2. Alex says:

    I can’t take the bickering at noon any more.

  3. Dave in Bolton says:

    Good move but don’t think TSN would of went after him.

  4. Steve in Waterloo says:

    Kypreos is a bit like Grapes – too much exposure and he grows tired very quickly. I watch/listen to HockeyCentral at noon, but if I do so too many days in a row, his approach just annoys me…

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