Seen & Heard – Weekend Edition

May 2nd, 2015 | by mike (in boston)
Seen & Heard – Weekend Edition
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by mike in boston / @mikeinboston / hatemailaccount at gmail


Good morning sports media watchers. After this weekend we can all stop pretending we care about boxing and get back to our regularly scheduled sports interests. Sadly, with the Leafs and Raptors out of the playoffs, the next month or so is going to be a little dull. Good news is that CFL camps open soon. On to this week’s news …




Longtime readers will know that the stories I care most about involve the intersection of sports and social issues. From Penn State to Michael Sam to Black Lives Matter, there are distinctive angles to these important issues that emerge when viewed through the lens of sports.


As anyone who has lived in the U.S. can attest, racial and class warfare are real and ongoing battles. As Canadians we are mostly shielded from this, partly due to geographic happenstance (we don’t share a border with Mexico), partly due to our political history (we didn’t have a civil war over slavery), and partly due to reasonably successful multiculturalism policies. This is not to deny the realities of our own racial and social issues in this country, but it’s not the same in terms of scale, depth, or history.


In the wake of the Freddie Gray protests, the Baltimore Orioles have been thrust into the spotlight. First, fans were essentially locked in the stadium after a game while protests and acts of vandalism took place outside. Then the Orioles and White Sox played a game in an empty stadium, so as to avoid putting fans at risk but also to avoid creating fertile conditions for a riot. The next event was their lead executive eloquently speaking out in on behalf of the background social issues behind the protests. If you have not read them yet, do yourself a favour and go read the comments by Orioles COO John Angelos on the decision to cancel Orioles games at Camden during the protests. Here is a snippet:


“The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance and other abuses of the Bill of Rights by government pay the true price, and ultimate price, one that far exceeds the importance of any kids’ game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards.”


I’m quite sure MLB would much prefer their owners refrain from taking such strong political stances on current issues, so the fact that Angelos (the son, not the father) stuck his neck out in this way is quite impressive. Don’t forget that there will be a strong contingent of Orioles fans who will be turned off by these comments. As with all cases involving police and poor black youth, there is a predictable Conservative-Liberal divide. What is unique about the Baltimore case is that a wealthy white person is now joining in the discussion, and siding with the protestors. Angelos’ position may be an unpopular one within MLB management. It may even be unpopular within his own family.


My general point is that sports are regarded by many as an escape and thus not appropriately a domain in which social issues ought to infiltrate. It’s easy to imagine people saying “just play the damn games, and leave politics out of it.” But the last several years have chipped away at that. That’s a good thing in my opinion. Professional sports makes millionaires out of some of the nation’s poorest, and these people are well situated to speak from first hand experience about what it’s like to grow up in disenfranchised communities.


We’ve seen a few glimpses of this in Canada. Jordin Tootoo, for example, drew attention to the plight of First Nations communities. With the recent discussion of carding in Toronto, one wonders if we are due for some prominent Canadian sports figures to start speaking out about race. As polite Canadians I wonder if we have the stomach for it.


Here are some must reads:


– ESPN’s Howard Bryant has some very intelligent thoughts on sports and race relations.

– Orioles outfielder Adam Jones speaks to the protestors.

– Vice’s Jorge Arangure Jr. on pro sports and the communities of which they are a part.

– Dave Zirin of the Nation on the history of the intersection of sports and social issues in Baltimore.


Quick Hits


Both NBA and NHL ratings are down in the US, per Sports Media Watch. Obviously the timing of the NFL draft had a lot to do with the decline, but the overall trend is not great. Is it possible that people are burned out on too much sports and are making sitting down in front of the TV less of a priority? With so many games and the ease of keeping up to speed on Twitter and real-time league apps, I wonder if the value of TV rights is due for a correction. How often do you keep up with games on your phone rather than sitting down to watch?


The Jays’ youth movement has hit a bump in the road. Media darlings Pompey and Norris are now in AAA, and Sanchez is likely headed to the pen or to the minors as well. Castro and Osuna have both struggled in high leverage roles. Alex has begun his annual fantasy baseball approach to roster management, and the parade of scrubs and reclamation projects is getting ready to start its march towards the big league club. It’s early but with all the injuries and the poor starting pitching, the obvious lack of depth and talent is coming home to roost. The team is below .500 but not far off the division pace. That said, the way they have been winning seems unsustainable. Hopefully that money they are saving for the trade deadline can be spent a little earlier.


Dave Naylor and Rick Westhead are reporting that Bell may buy the Argos and move them to BMO. This is all very logical since Bell has strong relationships with the CFL. The fly in the ointment is that BMO is part owned by MLSE, which is part owned by Rogers, who would not want to facilitate the success of the Argos if that means good things for Bell. The further complication is that Larry Tanenbaum, also an owner of MLSE,  is apparently in on the Argos deal, which would then make him slightly less neutral as between Rogers and Bell at MLSE. The Argos at BMO makes sense, but it’s worth pointing out that this is the last card to be played. If this doesn’t work, then there are no remaining excuses for why Toronto hasn’t supported the Argos. Are you excited to see the Argos play at BMO?


Low Hanging Fruit


  • I’m so far behind on podcasts so I can’t comment on what PTS has been doing this week with Bob in Vegas. One question: Bob has always come across as knowledgeable about boxing, but most of his references are from the 70s and 80s. Do people find him credible on current day boxing?


  • If you have time, go back and catch Brunt and Bob talking with Ray Ratto of CSN (Wednesday April 23, 5pm). Great discussion about PEDs, Barry Bonds, and the baseball hall of fame.


  • How do others find Screamin’ Wilner’s excited approach to play-by-play on radio? The contrast with Jerry’s understated style is, well, jarring. I guess I prefer announcers to maintain a little air of neutrality rather than wearing their hearts on their sleeves.


  • Tim & Sid fans — how are you holding up? It’s a long way to July. What are you listening to instead? Has Hayes caught your attention?


  • After a few weeks of using the Star’s iPad app I have given up. The layout is fine, but it’s too hard to find content. I hope they didn’t spend too much money on this thing.


  • Watching Kypreos and Hrudey wearing suits and standing on fake ice demonstrating hockey plays while holding sticks is like a bad SNL sketch. Both guys are serious hockey experts. This is demeaning. Just play clips and use tele-strators.


  • And lastly … look out Bob McKenzie. There’s a new insider in town. P.S. I love you Dean.



Dean Blundell (@ItsDeanBlundell)
A reliable source has told me for the #Leafs to get Babcock, it will take around 40M/6years to become HC & have a front office position.




thanks for reading and commenting,

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mike (not really in boston)


  1. rob j says:

    Its odd hearing Blair read a live ad after Bob’s Vegas hits. Never heard that before

  2. Matt says:

    PTS has been unlistenable this week. Blair is not good and then to have on Ken Reid just throws gas on the fire.

    As I flipped by 590 in the morning this week I stopped when I heard Bobcat’s voice. Thought it was tape from PTS the day before. Turned out it was live and Bob was actually on with Blundell.

    This encapsulated what the problem is with Blundell. On his previous show he spent a ton of time ripping Bob, making personal attacks on him, mocking what Bob does on PTS & Bob’s shades. Nothing Blundell does on 590 can be taken as authentic. Every insider is a guy he used to make fun of on 102.1.I would really like to know how the insiders feel about having to do spots on his show. It must make most of them cringe.

  3. Peacefulposter says:

    It’s too early to judge the success of multiculturalism. We’ll see when whites become a minority.

  4. Drumanchor says:

    Excellent column. Only to be outdone by the wonderfully insightful ESPN column you shared by Howard Bryant. Good for him for articulating what we all have, or should have, noticed.

    As for your other points:

    – Have already completely given up on the Jays as it appears to be yet another season of them spinning their wheels.
    – Like most people in Southern Ontario, I just can’t bring myself to muster any interest in the Argos. However, unlike most CFL fans, I think the league would survive just fine without them. The CFL is very strong in other markets, so, as everyone likes to say about the Arizona Coyotes, let them fold and focus on the markets that embrace the product.

  5. Darrell says:

    Very simple post here but I do miss Tim + Sid a lot on the FAN. They were hilarious! It was nice to see Tim on PTS last night.

  6. Sam says:

    I’m already tired thinking about: “Alex has begun his annual fantasy baseball approach to roster management, and the parade of scrubs and reclamation projects is getting ready to start its march towards the big league club. It’s early but with all the injuries and the poor starting pitching, the obvious lack of depth and talent is coming home to roost.” If I wanted rotisserie baseball I’d join a league. Another year of corporate bafflegab coming up. Its hard to believe the new Beeston will have any actual power to do anything except manage Alex/the GM to a salary number. Baseball is the only sport with no cap and after a winter of constant hockey cap discussions it would be nice to get a break in the summer – but its not to be.

  7. Jamally says:

    That Tim and Sid podcast the other day was awesome. That really did remind me of The Score days or the days of their online podcast.

    Why? Lots of Raptors talk and things I, and people like me, like to discuss. No time wasted on hockey/NHL (which Tim and Sid don’t care about)….and some Jays talk. About time.

  8. Sam in Scarb says:

    Ahhh Tim & Sid they were entertaining on a 590 sked that was and is not entertaining.
    SOOO like the question asked before,The Fan had 2 top properties following each other 1-7 pm.
    Soo take one of the properties off the air totally for 3 months,then bring them back in the “dog days of summer” Quote from radio experts and put them on TV at the same time of the day against each other!!
    If a grade 2 student came up with that idea,at parent /teacher night it would be brought up that perhaps the younin’ has a problem.

  9. Daniel S says:

    So…I am not the only one who laughed out loud at Dean Blundell saying “my source is telling me….”? This is the same man who guarenteed the Leafs would win the NHL draft cause it is fixed. Noticed we never heard bout that again …funny! What a joke he is.

  10. Mike S says:

    Only one NHL playoff game today and here is the best Rogers could come up with for a studio crew:

    Daren Millard
    Darren Pang
    Billy Jaffe
    P.J. Stock

    However the game was also on NBC so I guess if viewers wanted brilliant analysis they could have changed channels and got some from Mike Milbury………..uh, never mind

  11. d says:

    Contrary to popular belief, the people at Rogers are not stupid. Tim and Sid cater to a completely different demo than McCown. McCown is a name, Tim and Sid is a brand. Bob will lose few listeners to Tim and Sid and vice versa.

    Probably better to give Tim and Sid a higher profile TV show now then have a competitor from across town or across the border offer them a show in a year.. you know.. around the time McCown plans to retire.

    Tim & Sid are the logical choice to replace McCown because their shtick is exactly what Rogers thrives on. Cross promotion across all platforms. Seems better to put them in the same time slot for now then risk losing both in a year, especially when neither of their ratings are likely to drop.

    As for Tim and Sid being away for 3 months.. absence makes the heart grow fonder. Just like your favorite TV show or the first game of a new season. Build a buzz.. sounds like Rogers to me

  12. Alex says:

    I wonder if Bob and/or Brunt and/or whoever hosts monday will only talk about the fight and not how a bunch of the anti-Floyd media had their credentials revoked (disputed by Floyd’s PR people).

    I noticed they, to my knowledge, never discussed the coverage leading up the fight, the stuff about the SAS puff pieces and the Outside the Lines Domestic Violence,

    I asked Brunt about it and he said it was too inside baseball. I noticed they did not book Deitsch in his usual Thursday 4:05 slot this week, either,

  13. Daniel says:

    I’ll say this for the Jays. A lot has gone wrong so far. They’re hitting .240 as a team, and have a 5 team ERA… but if they win tomorrow they’ll somehow find themselves at .500 and just 2 or 3 games out of first. Hutchinson, Buerhle and Dickey aren’t going to have ERAs of 5.50 or 6 all year, and Bautista, EE and Martin aren’t going to hit .200. Travis is probably the only guy really playing at an unsustainable clip. So, even without anything crazy happening, lots of key guys should improve, and the team should get better.

    That said, it’s so frustrating the bullpen wasn’t addressed. It was obvious the pen needed to be addressed all offseason, and lo and behold it looks to be the team’s achilles heel yet again. I think the offence has a chance to be really, really good. I think the starting pitching MIGHT be passable. But that bullpen needs help.

  14. dogpounder says:

    “Media Darlings” is a bit rich.

    The Bob from Vegas spots were useless. I may as well haave been watching “ET”

    “Who’s the most famous person you’ve seen, Bob??” F*** off.

    And the bunged up the sponsor for the first 3 days. That was amusing.

    Roundtable on Friday was great.

    Tsn’s mobile site for podcasts needs improvement. Bigtime.

  15. yaz says:

    I used to complain about Millard/Kypreos/Maclean on HCN. But god I miss Kypreos and Maclean as consistent components to that slot. Millard has nothing but a cursory knowledge of hockey. And PJ Stock, while he did used to play, you would never guess it by listening to him. Millard is a shill for the NHL, he’s useless.

  16. Neil says:


    Championships in baseball most definitely come down to pitching therefore we can’t always sit here and talk about the offence. If you’ve clearly watched the games it appears that the book is out on the jays two biggest hitters, everyone is now starting to pitch Bautista and Encarnation very different which we can say is equating to their slow start. If the two biggest hitters in the lineup have slightly below average years your left with a good hitting Donaldson, an always injured Reyes, A rookie of the year candidate in Devon Travis (that the league really hasn’t seen yet), a streaky Kevin Pillar a terrible hitting Michael Saunders a terrible hitting Ryan Goins and an O.K Russell Martin and most of all a currently way below average pitching staff front to back which definitely puts the team out of contention. When the Jays run into some great pitching along the way(as they have so far) then what happens? Pitching is key. I’ve always said they jays team is simply a marketing push to bait the fans. A real GM would know that a team that’s in serious contention would not load the team with so much inexperience or uncertainty with pitching it just doesn’t make sense the jays are in a year where they should be crossing their t’s and dotting their I’s. It seems that to in order to get fans away from slamming Rogers about spending money the Jays are trying to sell people on all these factors 1. All the rookies that will be in the lineup (No one even knows them or has any track record of these guys). 2. The amount of Canadians the team is fielding this year(what does this have to do with winning). 3 The big three homerun hitters in the middle of lineup. This team in my view is setup to make Rogers money even if the jays don’t make the playoff. It’s all about marketability.

  17. Neil says:


    you mean Mclean is a shill for the NHL. Mclean is always saying that the league is in the best state and always commending Bettman for something that really kind of fell on Gary’s lap for example the league digital platforms, the Toronto maple leafs and it’s fan base and other lucrative properties, Darren on the other hand is always against fighting which we all know kind of rubs Gary the wrong way, as Gary feels that it’s part of the entertainment package. Everyone should know that fighting does not necessarily ad value just have a look at the World Juniors and it’s numbers without fighting or the Olympics or the NHL playoffs. In any event back to my original point, you would have to give me an example of how Millard shills as oppose to Doug who has probably been dying to get a job with the league head office next to Gary.

  18. Bob Canuck says:


    With respect to your assertion as to why the Blue Jays are marketing the rookies, the Canadians on the club, and the elite hitters, I offer the following alternative reasons:

    1. Teams market rookies because they are often exciting and provide a reason for the fans to optimistic for the future.

    2. It is perfectly understandable that the sole Canadian MLB franchise would try to appeal to fans’ nationalism. Also, only Martin (a proven, elite catcher) and Pompey (a local who rocketed through the minors) have been heavily marketed.

    3. Bautista, Encarnacion, Donaldson are proven, elite hitters. Why wouldn’t the Blue Jays market them? Fans love offense and power, in particular. Do you think the ’27 Yankees marketed Tony Lazzeri because he turned a nice double play? Or do you think the Yankees promoted Ruth, Gehrig, et al?

    With respect to Rogers spending money, I realize this is a point of much discussion; however, according to Deadspin, the Blue Jays have the tenth largest payroll in 2015. Given that the Blue Jays revenues rank 18th according to Forbes, I don’t think charges that Rogers is cheap have much merit.

    Another point to address is your explanation regarding the early-season performance of Bautista and Encarnacion. First, Bautista’s wOBA and wRC+ are both well above average in 2015. Second, you think the “book” is just out on Bautista and Encarnacion despite the fact that Bautista’s break-out year was 2010 and Encarnacion’s was 2012? According to you, it takes a minimum of three seasons to develop a “book”. Therefore, using your logic, MLB won’t figure out Travis until at least 2018. How about this as an explanation? Encarnacion is off to slow start, which is his history. Also, he missed a fair amount of Spring training. Bautista, while not quite up to his elite past record, has not had a “slow” start.

  19. Curt says:

    Hey, nothing to worry about. It’s early…

  20. Claire A Fye says:

    Where to begin? I am constantly amazed at how many people on this site bitch and moan about McCown, The Fan 590 and Rogers and yet they keep listening, and watching. If you think McCown is mailing it in, as I do, listen to Naylor and whoever his co-host is. They’re all better than Reid. Naylor also works at it, doesn’t make constant references to the 70s, 80s and 90s. You know, McCown’s “I’m paying attention” days. As for Millard, McLean, Strombo, Stock and the rest of them, we get it. They’re bad. Really bad. Get over it. Rogers has to know how bad their presentation is and I’m sure they will work to improve it over the next 11 years. I have to say though that theirs is not an easy job. Sometimes broadcasters get better, sometimes they don’t. And sometimes they’re put in the wrong position. Think of Stromboulopoulos. He’s a very good broadcaster, but his strength is certainly not in hockey. Here’s an analogy. Imagine he’s a good goalie, and Rogers has him playing centre. He’s still very good, just not at what they have him doing.
    As for the Blue Jays talk on the Fan, you’re a fool to listen. Who didn’t see this team having problems with their youth and lack of depth? You know, other than ANYONE on the Fan?
    By the way, @d has it about right. Say what you will, the folks at Rogers are not stupid. They may be wrong sometimes but they’re not stupid. I believe most of the people who like Tim & Sid are younger and/or more in to basketball than McCown’s listeners.

  21. Curt says:

    “Think of Stromboulopoulos. He’s a very good broadcaster…”

    No, he isn’t and he never was. He benefited from having an excellent producer at the CBC who booked great guests. But his interviewing skills amounted to no more that pathetic pandering wrapped up in a hipster package – no real engaging questions. People also seem to forget about his epic flop at CNN.

    The rest of your post, though, I agree with wholeheartedly.

  22. Alex says:

    “Naylor also works at it, doesn’t make constant references to the 70s, 80s and 90s.”

    No, just the weather (especially snow), the CFL, BMO field being approved for football and a distain for soccer. 🙂

  23. Wayne says:

    McCowan does mail it in, sometimes! However, when he’s on, he’s the best sports interviewer in Canada, bar none! His U.S. Guests raise the bar on the show. Reid is a terrible cohost and should never be on the show. He just hasn’t gotten any better. Naylors show is good and getting better! Both shows are worth listening to IF the topic meets YOUR needs and IF the GUEST is good. Naylor and McCowan are vehicles. Tim and Sid while I think their show was good they appeal to 20-40’s not guys like me 60 plus. If you don’t like a show it’s simple stop complaining just stop listening.
    As for the Blue Jays I predicted they would be out of the race by July 1. I was wrong it looks like June 1. Everyone seems so excited about AA, and I just don’t get it. He hasn’t done anything! It’s all about winning!
    It’s sad that stations like the fan don’t talk CFL just because they don’t have any stake in the sport. They are selfish and a disappointment. I’m sure glad TSN hasn’t taken that same approach to the NHL.
    As for george he’s an awesome interviewer, just not in hockey. His interviews on his previous CBC show were great. This hasn’t translated into the hockey world although on normal nights that’s not his job. His job is only a vehicle to get the experts talking. But when he does interviews occasionally in small groups off the set ie with the three NHL team owners the interview was awesome!
    My two cents worth!

  24. Antonio says:

    I heard the interview/preach session with Ray Ratto. I hated it. How many times did this idiot use the line “those same people were fine with the color line”? Um, those people you’re asking about are all dead. The current voters of HOF entry were not voting back in the 50s and earlier. It was a stupid argument made over and over.

    Ratto thought, like so many people out there, bringing race into the debate would help his cause. He completely lost me there and his cheerleading for Bonds (who I admire as a player) became a sad joke.

    He was even more irritating than Brunt.

  25. Antonio says:

    Regarding the complaining about the Fan/Rogers. Here’s the thing, most of us would rather be irritated than bored to death. I like Naylor but after 5 minutes, I fear I would be in danger of nodding off – and considering I’m driving a car, is not a good thing.

    As for Strombo, I have no idea what he would be good at. It sure aint hosting, interviewing or anything I’ve seen him do.

  26. Neil says:

    @Bob Canuck

    It sounds like your shilling for Rogers, Nonetheless where do you want me to start with the Rogers propaganda manipulation machine.

    1. Let’s set aside the generalization of why teams market rookies, because this team has it’s own agenda and not every team in the mlb is owned by a publicly traded company where baseball is not a core asset. The window is clearly closing on the massive trades Alex Anthopolous made,they brought in two old guys way past the prime of their careers and two others that are always injured Reyes and Josh Johnson. The Rogers PR department, fan590 pumped it up and the masses got baited into excitement.
    The deal years later is now clearly taking a nose dive and now Rogers Propaganda machine fan590 is on to the next marketing scam this time the jays media scammers are pumping up the fanbase about rookies that have absolutely no track record or innings. They did the same thing to Travis Snider, David Percy, J.P Arencebia, Kyle Drebek, Travis Darnough and these guys are where today? it’s a complete scam. So far this year an important year none of the so called exciting future has worked out. Hutchinson,Sanchez and Norris have major control issues and can’t get to seven innings and Pompey at times has looked terrible in the field but most definitely looks terrible at the plate, I don’t trust that pillar will be able to do what he is doing Devin Travis has been the savior in terms of this ridiculous experiment.

    2. The Canadian players scam. I could care less how many Canadians are on the teams, because at the end of the day if Latin American players come along and pitch like heck or tear the cover off the ball those Canadian players are irrelevant point, it’s about winning it’s not a nationality contest these Canadian players will not put the team over the top. Only weird fans who don’t care that the team hasn’t had a winner in two decades would care about this.

    3. The home run Scam. Sportsnet has continuesly displayed a stat pertaining the jays in game success when they hit home runs, and based on that stat it would appear that the jays win a lot of games when their hitting the long ball, so on the flip side of the coin when their is a power outage the chances of the jays slipping away with a one or two run win is very slim. My question for you is this, When was the last time a team that led the league in homeruns with no pitching win a title? How many titles did the cards win with McGuire? or the cubs with Sosa? or Ken Griffey with Seattle? The Blue Jays and every other baseball organization know that the homerun is the most exciting aspect of the game and Rogers is using this as a selling point just in case this team fails, a ton of homerun hitters does not make the team a winner, especially without pitching but it does make the jays a more attractive entertainment venue. I can just see it now, the Jays don’t make the playoff but the silver lining brought to you by Mike Wilner (the biggest shill in Toronto sports,) “Take solace in the fact that the Jays hit the most home runs and made games entertaining” Again only weird fans that don’t care that the team has not won in two decades would get excited about this. The jays World series run is called the team homerun title. (Whatever that is)

    Your Statement about Yankees and their marketing- The Yankees are a storied franchise, they market and win at the same time. Their marketing over the years has been justified and they have marketed the right things. Jeter, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera and the list goes on.

    3. To the point that Rogers is cheap. I think people are tired of Rogers not taking the extra mile to add salary in order to put them over the top. There was so much uncertainty about the bullpen coming into the year and if Rogers is not cheaping out why would you not bring in one of the best closers in the game? Andrew Miller today’s best closer was eventually signed by the Yankees and is perfect so far this year. Yankess lead the division and on the flip side jays are last in the division and without a good closer. Does it make any sense that everything was hedged on the cheaper inexperienced controllable players in an important year? It does from a Rogers shareholder standpoint. In the world of a Publicly traded company decisions are based on quarterly results. This pisses me off as a fan and yes that is cheap.

    Edwin Encarnation and Bautista Struggles: Mlb has often times in the last couple of years stated that offense is down this can somewhat be attributed to the fact that pitching is getting better.If pitching has vastly been improving and two prolific homerun hitter are getting older and more pronged to injury, I’m not sure why you think this is 100% all about a slow start. MLB current era is 3.89 that is pretty darn good considering the amount of big bats that exist in the league. Slow start is Wilner reasoning.

  27. Claire A Fye says:

    @Antonio Well I guess that explain the bitching and moaning I referred to. I disagree about Naylor being boring. He’s not exciting but he is thoughtful and informed. It’s the informed part McCown lacks. It’s funny. You and Curt don’t see Strombo as a good broadcaster. You don’t get a shot on CNN, a show on CBC and the gig he’s got without being one. I accept you don’t like him or his style, but to say he’s not a good broadcaster is ridiculous. That’s a matter of opinion I guess. The real thing I was attempting to address is the very negative tone most people on this website have. I really wonder who people like. They don’t seem to like, in no particular order, Blundell, Blair, Millard, Kypreos, Brady & Walker, Rusic, Wilner, McCown, Brunt, Shannon, Sammut, Richards, Cauz, Hayes, Naylor, Simmons, Cox and that’s just some of them. Isn’t there anybody people like?

  28. Curt says:

    Opportunities are always presented to people who are undeserving of them. (Just as an example, can somebody explain the longevity of Suhanna Marchant? I’m watching her now.)

    As for George, he got a shot at CNN probably because of the popularity of his CBC show and, more likely, because he has an amazing agent. But he was found out there very quickly. Conversely, Jay and Dan (who I like!) have done very well in the states. Look, George was okay years ago on radio, where it’s a very different gig to tv (talking a mile a minute works on radio, not so much on tv). As to why he seems to be liked by some people, I can’t explain it. But we have a way of tolerating, even rewarding mediocrity in our journalism/broadcasting in this country. George, for me, is the poster boy for mediocrity.

  29. rob j says:

    @Curt: ‘Jay and Dan are doing great’. Maybe healthwise and financially but their show is basically watched by family, friends, and those too lazy to switch to Sportscenter.

  30. Antonio says:

    I hear what you’re saying but unfortunately there isn’t a lot to like in this market. Cathal Kelly is a gifted journalist and funny as hell on Twitter. outside of him, I really have to think hard about who is worth listening to (in term of sports). I also like Brady but now that he’s moved to between 1&4 its difficult to hear him now.

    Stafford and Carroll on 640 are fun to listen to but wouldn’t fit in the sports broadcasting category.

  31. Curt says:

    @rob j: Well, from what I know of ESPN, they don’t pay very well. If Jay and Dan are making good money and living in California (instead of Connecticut in winter), that doesn’t seem too bad does it?

  32. Bob Canuck says:


    Just because I take issue with some of your comments does not make me a shill for Rogers. Let’s leave personal comments aside. For the record, I have no connection with Rogers.

    With respect to Rogers marketing, my point is that all MLB teams market. You think that the objective of the Rogers / Blue Jays 2015 marketing campaign is to divert attention away from a flawed on-field product; in my opinion, you have offered no compelling evidence that this is their objective. I think all teams, be they contenders or not, market in order to raise awareness, spur interest, and build the brand all in the belief that marketing will increase revenues. For the reasons I noted, the focus upon rookies, the number of Canadians, and offense make sense from a revenue-generating perspective.

    We will just have to disagree on whether or not Rogers / Blue Jays are cheap. I don’t think that a team that has the 10th largest payroll, 18th highest revenues, and, as a percentage of revenues, spends the fourth most on payroll is cheap; I have used the Deadspin and Forbes data I noted previously. This is not to say that there is not a reasonable discussion to be had regarding the allocation of payroll dollars.

    On the subject of Bautista and Encarnacion, you failed to address my point that Bautista’s wOBA and wRC+ are above average so far in 2015 (per FanGraphs). Also, let’s go back to what you originally wrote.

    “If you’ve clearly watched the games it appears that the book is out on the jays two biggest hitters, everyone is now starting to pitch Bautista and Encarnation very different which we can say is equating to their slow start.”

    You attribute their start to the 2015 arrival of the “book” on how to pitch these two players. I don’t understand how it took MLB so long to develop a book on Bautista and Encarnacion, both of whom have had successful seasons since their respective break-out years.

    For the record, since April 17, Bautista’s line is as follows: OPS – .988; wOBA – .413; and wRC+ – 162. His hitting has been excellent since mid-April. I guess MLB must have misplaced the new book on Bautista.

    With respect to Encarnacion, his stats in the first 26 games of 2015 and 2014 are as follows: wOBA – .283 (2015) and .322 (2014); wRC+ – 75 (2015) and 103 (2014). Encarnacion’s 2014 season totals were .389 (wOBA) and 150 (wRC+). I think the view that Encarnacion has a history of slow starts is supported by the data.

    I will close on one point of agreement: I too thought the Blue Jays should have signed Andrew Miller. It represents an additional US$ 9 million or 7.3% increase to payroll. However, whether the Blue Jays spend US$ 122 million or US$ 131 million on payroll changes the argument that they are / are not cheap.

  33. Bob Canuck says:


    I would like to clarify the final point in my previous comment. I should have written the following:

    I will close on one point of agreement: I too thought the Blue Jays should have signed Andrew Miller. It represents an additional US$ 9 million or 7.3% increase to payroll. However, my opinion that the Blue Jays are not cheap remains the same whether the payroll is US$ 131 million or US$ 122 million.

  34. Curt says:

    Good discussion on payroll. I would add that while the Blue Jays sit 10th in MLB payrolls, they’re still only 3rd in the AL East. Granted, the AL East isn’t what it was, it’s still worth considering. The Orioles aren’t that far behind the Jays in payroll but they have a great GM to help make up for it. I think it’s safe to say that the Jays do not have a great GM and so, in order to really compete in the division, you’re going to have to spend at least as much as the Sox or Yanks. Remember, the Blue Jays had the highest payroll in baseball in the early ’90s but also a great GM – best of both worlds.

  35. Antonio says:

    The Jays need a decent manager as well. With “Gibby” they are a .500 team – at best.

  36. mike (in boston) says:

    I think there is a semantic disagreement about the word cheap here. Obviously Rogers are spending way more on the Jays than they were spending 5 years ago when they had a bottom third payroll. But they have not been smart about the marginal value of the dollars they are not spending. I refer to this as the “half-measures” problem.

    You can trace it back to 2013 when they acquired Dickey et al. The team still had obvious problems up the middle but went with Bonafacio instead. Same with the 2014 Jays. They had clear deficiencies in the staring rotation and on the bench. It would not have taken much money to fix those gaps, and give yourself a chance of going from 83 wins to 88 and being in a race. Same problem with this year. Spending all that money on the Martin contract makes sense if you also invest in the pitching staff so as to maximize your return on his abilities. It seems pennywise pound foolish not to do so.

    As I have said many times here, you have crazy cheap deals with JB and EE and you have them in their prime. Now is the time to spend the extra 10 or 20 million dollars to put you over the top, and to protect against regression and injuries. Instead, we have seen young guys rushed to the majors and prominent playing time given to borderline major leaguers. More than any other sport, baseball is a game where small improvements can make a big difference to your overall win total. This team doesn’t need superstars; it just needs a few more average to above average established major league players.

  37. mike (in boston) says:

    p.s. – I’m a little surprised about how polarizing Strombo’s track record is. While very few people seem to think he is thriving in the Ron MacLean role, lots of people think he was great in his previous role. I wonder if there is an explanation for why people who liked his approach when interviewing Gordon Ramsay aren’t fans of his approach when talking to Kypreos and Friedman. Sounds like the same guy to me.

  38. Claire A Fye says:

    @Mike (in Boston) I think the polarizing you refer to is a result of Strombo being a hipster Pinko CBC type, and this might be a pro- Don Cherry site. I’m being facetious of course. I think there is some validity to that but the biggest problem George has is he’s such a huge departure from his predecessors. I’m looking forward to the draft to see if he’s the one doing the interviews of the drafted players. Duthie did a terrific job doing that, mostly because he had a pretty good rapport with the GMs. That could be a problem for George.
    I also get a “fish out of water” vibe when George is on a panel. Kypreos specifically seems to almost avoid or ignore him.

  39. Curt says:

    “I think the polarizing you refer to is a result of Strombo being a hipster Pinko CBC type, and this might be a pro- Don Cherry site.”

    Eh? Not being too presumptuous are we? You’ve done this before – insinuating that if someone doesn’t share your point of view to the letter that they must be some regressive troglodyte. I wouldn’t presume to know much about someone based on their opinion of Strombo.

  40. Claire A Fye says:

    @Curt No not being too presumptuous at all. The question was asked about why Strombo is so polarizing, and I gave an opinion…and you may have noticed the facetious self-confession. I am flattered though that you seem to be closely following what I post. Maybe I’m just presuming that.

  41. d says:

    Yes.. Gibby’s got to go. If Joe Maddon or Bruce Boche managed this team they’d be six games over 500, Reyes wouldn’t have cracked a rib and all 12 pitchers would have a sub 4 ERA. Oh and the bunts. Think of all the exciting sacrifice bunts.

  42. d says:

    To be fair to Gibbons.. he has done a fantastic job at making Travis hit bombs and Pillar make catches.

  43. Neil says:


    As I’ve stated the Rogers/Blue jays Rookie hype and the other hype (Canadians, homerun hitters) was ridiculous, Anyone that watches the game would know better than to fall into the hype of players that have no track record or haven’t even played a full season in the league.
    Now as it turns out 3 out of six Rookies have been sent back to the minors and one is being closely monitored. For some reason you must have thought this marketing of the rookies was legit, for me I look at it from the standpoint that the Jays have not spent money in order to better some important aspects of their team and hoped that the rookies would bail them out of having to spend. There is no reason a company worth billions in a non salary cap league should not spend to fix the flaws if the company is all in on winning. How often do you see the other power houses in the division (Yankees and Red Sox) Marketing unproven rookies.

    Regarding your assertion that the team is not cheap well we know that all signs are to the contrary, as I’ve mentioned above, big market teams like the Jays should not be marketing unproven rookies rather they should be showing off the players they have used their money to aquire in order to put the team over the top. Big markets don’t rebuild they use big market money to reload. You make reference to the deadspin article regarding where the jays are placed as far as spending, If jays are not cheap and if the deadspin article has so much merit, then why all the talk coming into the season about unproven rookies. I understand Tampa Bay Rays marketing rookies Tampa is a budget team, as for Jays it’s unacceptable.

    Bautista and Encarnation- Funny how you mentioned Bautista’s bat since Apr 17, this scews his overall numbers for the month of April 2015. In the overall, Bautista year over year going back to April ops -321 obp -150 Ave -130
    Encarnation ops -165 obp -87 AVG. -55. You make the excuse that Edwin only had 29 AB in spring training as a reason for his slow start, that reasoning is flawed, In 2013 when Edwin had no spring training due to the world baseball classic, his numbers were as follows in comparison to April this year. ops +644 obp +61 AVG +33. Clearly this year early we are seeing a drop off.

    Andrew Miller- You say you agree with me that the Jays should have acquired Andrew Miller, but you don’t agree that they are cheap. Newsflash this just in, they didn’t want to pay for one of the best most proven closers in the game, instead Andrew Miller was acquired by a team that showed consistently throughout the 90’s that money for a proven Pitching talent has a good chance to generate a big return.

  44. d says:

    Or Miller just preferred New York.

  45. Neil says:


    Players tend to like big money situations with a lot less pressure than a New York or Boston. Toronto is clearly a lot less of a pressure cooker than those two market, it’s not close.

  46. Phil says:


    I’m not in agreement about Rogers being cheap. I think they have provided a payroll large enough to compete. We can argue about whether or not Rogers should spend more – see Mike (in Boston)’s post about “marginal value.” That said, the dollars given to AA should be more than enough to compete, in my opinion.
    In terms of marketing, I take the approach that every major league team will market their players in the best way they see fit. For the Jays it makes complete sense to play the Nationalism angle, rookies, etc. I don’ think the marketing department is really trying to get the hard core fan to spend more – I think they are trying to get the casual fan to buy tickets, watch the game, etc. So to market the way they are makes sense to me.

  47. Jones says:

    TSN just cut off the end of the Rockets/Clippers game with 3 minutes left to go to a rerun of Open Gym. It’s been about 15 minutes real time since and it still hasn’t been corrected.

    Wonder how this’ll play on the FAN tomorrow – Tim and Sid would have had a field day with it.

  48. d says:

    Clearly Toronto is not as much of a “pressure cooker” but to suggest players prefer Toronto over NY or Boston at the same money is silly.

    It seems the same people who bitch about trading young players to get Dickey, Reyes, Johnson, and Buerle are the same ones who want to sign players of similar age, with similar skills, to similar deals. BJ Ryan was lights out in his first season as a Jay. Please tell me you remember what happened there. Andrew Miller was a very good reliever and didn’t close until he was traded last season. If I’m AA I save the 36 million over 4 years for Miller and hope to trade for an elite starter closer to the deadline. That’s if they’re in contention, and looking at this division it’s hard to see them not being in contention in July.

    The Jays are stocked with good pitching prospects that have the potential to be good for a long time. Stroman, Hutchison, Norris, Hoffman, Osuna, and Sanchez. They aren’t all going to be elite starters, but they are all controllable for a long time, and any of them can close games for $900k. Buerle is off the books this year and it is a very strong free agent class. Pay your bullpen peanuts and spend the big bucks on sluggers and starters. But I hope you’re right next off season when Cueto, Price, Grienke, Zimmermann, Samardzija or Latos prefer to sign in TO over one of those large market pressure cookers. I would take ANY of those guys over the 200 innings innings Andrew Miller gives you over the course of his contract.

  49. Mike V says:

    Paying big money to a “proven” closer is one of the most inefficient uses of a teams cash. But it’s probably what you would do if your sole purpose was to prove to a subset of fans how not cheap you are.

  50. Rob In Aurora says:

    Jones: TSN apologized on Twitter – cutting aaway from the game was unintentional and an honest mistake (look up the “Heidi Rule”). Sportsnet can’t throw stones when it comes to broadcasting. If TSN chose to pick on them they would have a heyday with the quality of the hockey broadcasts alone.

    Mike in Boston – I can’t believe you are equating Strombo’s ability to interview Noel or Liam Gallagher or Steven King with the job he is doing on HNIC. To use your (very strange) logic, the CBC should have hired Brian Linehan instead of Ron McLean all those years ago. Strombo is a very cruel joke in that role. He reminds me of the girlfriend that goes to the beer league games, then tries to keep up with the conversation afterwards and pretends to know what she is talking about- but then he’s not even the worst thing about HNIC. I am sure the people at TSN are loving this…

  51. Rob In Aurora says:

    For those complaining about Hockey Central at noon…why sre you listening to that garbage? Leaf Lunch may be the most entertaining show on sports radio…not “may be”… “is”. They have great guests and they are informative and quite funny. (Anyone who finds Tim and Sid funny, may not like the humour on Leaf Lunch though)..Macko and Cauz from 9 to noon is very good too…as info

  52. Neil says:

    @D @Mike V @Phil

    Clearly if we’re talking about how a team owned by a multi billion dollar corporation should allocate it’s funds in a non salary cap league then the team is cheap or is a budget team like Tampa Bay which it is not. Rogers and Liberty media which owns the Braves are the two huge media companies left in ownership and have a ton of financial resources arguably more than a lot of other teams in the league. I could care less about how much money Toronto blue jays spend towards important quality proven players, it’s a non salary cap league and market dictates the price. As a fan I’m not an accountant for Rogers but I do know this, Blue Jays under the media side of the business generates a lot of cash flow through TV, Radio and a multitude of other revenue streams i.e revenue sharing, not to mention the attention the team gets being the only Canadian MLB franchise. Everyone needs to stop trying to be a Rogers accountant. The team has not sniffed a playoff in 20+ years
    I should remind everyone that when the jays won the world series back to back they were the highest payroll in baseball and we are certainly not looking back now at who the Jays overpaid especially if they were proven. The Rogers propaganda Machine has led everyone to believe that some unproven Rookies 3 of which have already been sent back down is going to get the team over the hump or that Rogers has limited resources as it pertains to cash, I know everyone at some point has heard Bob say “this company has a lot of money”

    I would never put the 3rd and most important year of the 3 year window that this team has to win and has not done so, in the hands of unproven rookies and a very questionable “cost efficient” bullpen, it’s ridiculous given the size of ownership and this size market. This market needs to demand a winner and quality proven players that will get us over the hump specifically in the pitching department. Pitching clearly wins games.If your in non salary cap league and have the fortune of an entire market to yourself and have millions of dollars in revenue, there is no excuse for penny pinching absolutely none.

    Blue Jays are in win now mode and people are talking about the use of unproven rookies for a serious playoff run. UNBELIEVABLE

  53. Dan says:

    A day after Blundell’s “inside source” tweet that mentioned a coaching job with the Leafs and a front office gig, Babcock came out and said he has zero desire to ever work in a front office. Fantastic work from the NHL’s newest insider.

  54. Darrell says:

    Made a mistake this morning to flick on the morning show, driving in the car. Apparently hearing about masturbation and which gender does it more apparently now fits the model of the FAN 590 sports coverage.

  55. d says:

    Screw the cost, throw the cat another canary. I understand Rogers makes a lot of money and there is no salary cap, but just spending money because you have it is crazy and does not make sense in baseball or any aspect of life.

    Propaganda??? It’s advertising. Same as Kia, Lysol, Under Armor or ANY other company that sells a product. There are car company’s that advertise air bags and hands free parking and WiFi and gas mileage. Would they advertise the fact that there were 700,000 recalls in the last 5 years. NO CHANCE! Why? That’s bad business. Perhaps you don’t understand marketing or maybe you don’t understand baseball. Or maybe you just have a serious disdain for all things Rogers.

    If not home runs, or rookies, or Canadians, how would you market the team?

  56. Antonio says:

    Spot on comments about Strombo. The thing is he was lousy as an entertainment host as well. He did his interviews on his knees (literally and figuratively). He laughed at his guest’s jokes, even when the jokes weren’t funny.

    And the best was his self-anointing of being “Canada’s boyfriend”. Freaking hilarious! What sad, desperate girl would want a wanker like him for a boyfriend?

  57. Pete says:

    Riveting hockey chatter this morning on the Fan’s usual 7:15 insider slot — Dean Blundell and Colby Armstrong. If you could pinpoint two guys to listen to to talk hockey intellectually, these two certainly would be at the top of most people’s list. *rolls eyes* “Hey buddy!” “Deaner…how’s it going buddy?!”

    The Fan’s morning show is slipping quickly.

  58. Neil says:


    Maybe you just don’t get it. Im not sure why your trying to be a personal account for RCI. Love it or hate it. Rogers spent 5.2 billion dollars on the NHL why? It’s a heck of a lot of money and there is an argument to be made that they overspent, their shareholders hate it nonetheless it is an investment that they feel based on the response to hockey in this market that it will yield a substantial return on investment. Investing in players is no different. Players have value and if Rogers decides to break the bank for a player that solidifies an important part of your lineup why would you care, RCI doesn’t go bankrupt if they pay a premium for a player they feel is the final piece.

    Advertising- Your clearly one of the fans that are drinking the cool aid and have no clue about big sports entertainment markets, appears that you want to save a mega conglomerate some money.
    I’ll tell you this. I don’t want to be sold on the things that are clearly not going to make the team a winner i.e all the Canadians, all the homerun bats the unproven rookies etc. SELL ME GOOD DAAAMMMM PROVEN PITCHING. Dude you are out to lunch on winning in baseball. PITCHING WINS GAMES. I could care less about saving Rogers money and their advertising scams
    and yes I call it a scam because none of the things that they are marketing is bringing a championship back to Toronto.

    Your Lysol, Kia example is just stupid. Rogers media is in the sports entertainment business and has an obligation to the paying fan base and long suffering season ticket holders. Anyone that knows this game and seen the jays quality pitching back in the early 90’s Would be disgusted at this current crop and knows Pitching is the x factor. Bringing unproven rookies and other irrelevant aspects like the amount of Canadians into what should be a Win Now advertising campaign is just DUMB. Tell me who was the last team to win or be in a win now mentality that brought a bunch of unproven rookies into their pitching rotation. What baffles me is Just how much the amount of Canadians and unproven Rookies matter to some people.

  59. Neil says:


    And by the way if you cannot sell me on Proven Pitching the very thing that cultivates winning in baseball, then to me your marketing noise is a scam. I guess you just don’t get that from here in my chair it’s all about winning.

  60. dogpounder says:

    I’m can tell I’m going to like “d”‘s commentary. Good stuff. But I must just be a paid shill too.

    Neil: you say Toronto is a big market team, but then say players should come here in favour of other big market teams because there’s less pressure.


    Jays have a top 10 payroll. Are 18th in revenue.


  61. Phil says:


    We are not as far apart as it may seem. I would be all good with Rogers spending more. That said, I think the team has been given enough resources to field a playoff team. With payroll where it is – I don’t think the blame should be laid at Rogers feet – but at AA’s doorstep.
    If this continues (non playoff baseball) then the buck does stop at Rogers – they need to make a change with management.

  62. d says:

    Neil, I would argue the Jays are not in “win now mode”. Their entire core will be here next year. There is a huge crop of “ELITE” “PROVEN” pitchers available next year. What I am saying is the blue Jays.. not ROGERS have decided to wait. You keep going back to the glory years of decades gone by. Nobody made 25 million then and to pay an average player big money because he is the best available is as stupid as my kia/lysol statement. All you do is drive up the price on elite players.

    An easy cop out would be to call me a Rogers shill. That term gets thrown around a lot. I don’t care about Rogers and I don’t subscribe to any of their services. I know that every team works within a budget, and to spend recklessly is bad business. I would say the Jays are saving money this year because they have Buerles 20 million coming off the books and know that unlike the last 2 years there is a lot of PROVEN ELITE players available next year.

    Give your young players a chance to prove themselves. If they can prove that they are elite, why would you pay someone 10 years older 20 times the money??

    Does that make sense or did Rogers just tell me to say it?

  63. mickey b says:

    Few random thoughts…Chris Zelkovich wrote an article the other day about how great the ratings were for an OHL game on Saturday. There was no NHL on and very little else on. Obviously Saturday was fight night and thousands of people had to get to the sports bars early to reserve spots. What else were the sports bars going to put on their TV’s? To be honest, I thought the ratings on the OHL game were quite low given the circumstances. It was rare for all the stars to align for them in the way they did and the rating they got was almost purely by default.
    Scott Moore sometimes comes across as a bit delusional or just trying to spin things around the best he can since it’s his job. When he sees ratings go up finally for NHL playoffs, it’s not because of his network’s great job in broadcasting the games. It’s because of the number of Canadian teams. When the leafs eventually start doing better and ratings go up, I feel that he’s going to say, see look we’ve improved our broadcast and take credit that way. I’m not saying anything that everybody here doesn’t know already but the way Moore talks sometimes, I wonder if he’s really that delusional or just has to say it because it’s his job. Comes across as really dumb.
    For every person that thinks Rogers is doing a great job with their broadcasts, I’ll find you 99 more that think the coverage sucks really badly. It hasn’t improved this year. Some of the experts they have are far less knowledgeable than the volunteers I see on my local junior b cable hockey games. Shannon and Cox are complete embarassments to the network and the game. Not sure who George appeals to anymore…it’s definitely not hockey guys. It’s not his “queen west” crowd who knew he sold out years ago when he did an American idol knock off show that failed miserably and then went to the disaster of a show he did at cnn. Personally, I actually think he comes across as a nice guy who has just put himself in terrible situations. I think he had potential to be a great music journalist but that’s long gone now. I know he doesn’t care and is rich now but take that away, I feel bad for him and his credibility. He’s just making an ass of himself now.
    Finally, Pelley. I know he’s a perfectionist. Yes, he got a lot of money to play with and got the NHL deal. I do know that he’s a tv guy at heart and wants anything with his stamp on it to be the best it can ever be and be known for that. On his clock, the Sunday night hockey broadcasts did not work out anywhere close to what he was hoping for and the actual quality of all of their nhl broadcasts is widely criticized. I’ve always seen him leave on top of his game, that didn’t happen this time.

  64. Reggie says:

    So today on Pts Brunt is all over Brady like he’s the worst human on earth. He has spent the past wk or so singing mayweather’s praises like his Floyds lil towel boy he dreams of being. Brunt biases continue to be exposed. Another waste of air time with Pinball Clemons today as well.

  65. dogpounder says:

    Pats fan alert.

    And Reggie.

    Kentucky derby, Spurs/Clippers

  66. Reggie says:

    Spurs vs Clippers was a fantastic game. Men riding animals sounds like your type of event so I’m sure you enjoyed the Derby.

  67. dogpounder says:


    Assumptions, assumptions.

  68. Antonio says:

    I actually agreed with Brunt – which is rare for me.

    However I agree he’s inconsistent when it comes to defending athletes. He was the great apologist for Mayweather, Bonds, David Ortiz yet went after Brady and last year, Lance Armstrong. Do you notice the trend there?

  69. Sperk says:

    Yeah, I found Brunt’s displeasure over Brady curious considering his defense of Mayweather last week and Ortiz from the big bad reporter last month. I was trying to remember if he also defended Pete Rose when Bob brought him up recently. I like Brunt but his stance on Brady is a bit confusing

  70. Sperk says:

    However at least Brunt has an informed opinion on Brady…imagine what we would have gotten if Ken Reid was co-hosting. Recollections of the time where the Undertaker cheated in his match against the JunkYard Dog by distracting the referee yet the WWE was complicit in that similar to how the NFL is complicit in this example.

  71. Don River says:

    How did Brunt defend Mayweather?

  72. Neil says:

    I’m not sure how Brunt defended Mayweather I’ve never heard any media person defend Mayweathers ugly behavior outside the ring. Mayweathers problems outside the ring are always mentioned in a negatrive way when his name arises in conversation. I’ve heard Brunt say several times that Mayweather is a terrible human being but a very good boxer which is fact. Stephen Brunts did defend baseball players however his defence of baseball players caught with PED’s
    has a lot to do with the fact that the mlb are hypocrites. The mlb and owners knew that players were on PED’s and cashing in all all the benefits from the money the homerun record chase was brining in, MLB turned a blind eye to it ignoring the fact that two players hit 120+ homeruns combined in one season. finally when the Mitchell report broke and exposed all the names of the players involved in taking ped’s they began acting like they really care by imposing some suspensions and mandatory testing. Brunt has explained that this is why he refuses to judge the players, because the mlb permitted it.Tom Brady profusely denied deflating the football several times in his press conference in front of hundreds of reporters, and had a lot of people defending his talent and morality, at this point where it’s now brought to light that he didn’t play fair, why shouldn’t the media eat him alive. Brady clearly did something to alter the outcome of a game, clearly gaining an unfair advantage.

  73. (Another) Andrew says:

    He was the great apologist for Mayweather, Bonds, David Ortiz yet went after Brady and last year, Lance Armstrong. Do you notice the trend there?

    On Michael Vick he always sounded more annoyed at those who were outraged than at Vick himself though I wouldn’t go so far as to call him an apologist. Was he as sympathetic to Mark McGwire as he was to Barry Bonds? (Not that I’m qualified to say if their situations were comparable. There may be big differences).

    I didn’t hear Brunt on Brady but I did hear Brady on Brady on the B&L show today. Based on the snippet I heard he didn’t think it was all that big a deal though TBrady will get a suspension for breaking the rules and making the NFL look bad. He suggested that T Brady’s denial was due to timing (ie it came to light before the Super Bowl). I guess he meant if it came to light the week after the SB Brady would’ve been an honest guy about it! Probably. But it doesn’t exactly make Tom look any better!

  74. (Another) Andrew says:

    …continuing on…

    I can’t be sure as I was distracted by traffic but I think Greg Brady went on to compare Tom Brady’s case to a “no sales tax added if you pay cash” offer from a garage mechanic who just fixed your car. Most people will take the offer. No big deal. I think that’s being a little too kind to TBrady but it was an entertaining few minutes of radio. I’ve only heard snippets of B&L since their move to afternoons (I rarely ever hear morning radio) but the show seems OK to me based on what little I’ve heard.

  75. mike (in boston) says:

    TSM has an excellent Friday night piece up about the ratings so I’m going to hold off on my weekend column.

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