Seen & Heard – Weekend Edition

September 26th, 2015 | by mike (in boston)
Seen & Heard – Weekend Edition
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by mike in boston / @mikeinboston / hatemailaccount at gmail


Good morning sports media watchers. Media outlets are ramping up for the upcoming barrage of daily sports stories as the Jays, Raptors, TFC, and Leafs will all be making news. Lots of bubbling items to watch over the coming weeks and months. Let’s get to it.


Unsolicited advice


A number of things happened over the last month: 1) Bob and Brunt split up, 2) Mike Richards returned to mornings at TSN1050, and 3) Dave Cadeau took over as Program Director at the FAN. These events vary in significance, but the consequences of each set up a very interesting set of choices for some key players in the Toronto sports media market. Here is how I see the options and the outlook for some of those people.


A) Bob McCown


David Shoalts has delivered a trilogy of pieces on the Bobcat over the last few months. You might remember the Bob is Bored article from July, which was followed by the Bob is Angry article from earlier this month. The latest installment in the series is a new piece called Bob is Sad. In it Shoalts describes McCown as increasingly marginalized at his network, as management invests in younger personalities like Tim&Sid and George Stroumboulopoulos.


Shoalts’ new piece also includes several anonymous quotes and paraphrases from some of McCown’s current and former colleagues. The tone of these comments suggests that Bob is out of touch and not especially well liked at the FAN. This echoes what many people in the industry have told me, namely that Bob is all about Bob and doesn’t show much interest in others. One can easily imagine that recent events have not helped improve work relations at Sportsnet. Bob has lived on an island for a long time, but tides turn quickly in media and he must feel very isolated at the station he helped build. Bob’s statements suggest as much: “[But] it’s difficult for somebody like me who’s been around for so long, because the whole infrastructure has changed. It’s human nature to cling to the people you know.”


Just a few years ago a lot of work went into signing Damien Cox and Stephen Brunt to be the rotating co-hosts for PTS. Now both have left for other pastures, and McCown is left with a motley crew of less talented or lower profile personalities. The writing is on the wall: PTS is the past and Sportsnet wants to invest in the future. So what do you do if you are McCown and you have 2 years left on your contract?


Here is what I suggest:


First, see if you can poach Bruce Arthur from TSN1050. Arthur had good chemistry with Bob in his short stint on PTS. Arthur is also one of a few people in the market who doesn’t really need PTS to raise his profile. This would generate good results, I think, because some of the worst times on PTS are when a co-host is sucking up to Bob. Brunt didn’t, and I don’t think Arthur would either.


Second, go back to your roots and make business of sports the priority. Kick all the boring local stories to the 4pm hour and make the rest of the show all about topics you actually care about. The audience can tell that you don’t really watch anything other than the Jays and the Browns, so don’t go through the motions of talking a lot of NHL and NBA. When the host is mailing it in then nobody else is motivated to work very hard. The proof of that is in the pudding.


Third, kick as many Rogers personalities off your show as you can get away with. The network is done investing in you, so why would you indulge the endless parade of Sportsnet people who sit in the co-host chair or appear as guests to pump their .ca pieces that you haven’t read?


Overall, my advice is to go out on your terms as much as possible. The audience will appreciate it, and you’ll get to reverse the decade long decline of PTS into its current impoverished form. My biggest fear is that McCown will “work-to-rule” and the show will continue its slide into being unlistenable more often than not. Don’t let that be your legacy.


B) Stephen Brunt


When Shoalts wrote that Brunt was done on PTS the question that came to mind was whose decision this was. As a listener, I often wondered how happy Brunt was on PTS. McCown would often try to bait him into boring and tired debates and Brunt would basically stop talking rather than get sucked into arguments not worth having. (Note: this is the same bait that Shannon, Madani, and Reid cannot resist chowing down on). The quotes from McCown in Bob is Angry suggest that Bob “fired” Brunt when the latter refused to commit to more time on PTS.


This leaves Brunt in an interesting position. Since leaving the Globe to become Mr. Multi-Platform for Sportsnet he has mostly appeared on PTS while doing some TV talking head work, as well as some video profiles. The one thing he is not doing very much of is writing. I’m not a Sportsnet magazine subscriber (and no one at Rogers has offered a review subscription) so I don’t know how much he writes there, but over at .ca his offerings are sparse and fairly narrow in focus.


My advice to Brunt:


First, mend your fences with the Globe and negotiate with Sportsnet to allow you to write a weekly op-ed column over there. Cox retained a position at the Star when he went all-in with Rogers. Get the same deal. The paper is struggling in the Cathal Kelly era and having you would automatically put them back on the map. There was a time when Brunt shaped public sports opinion in Canada, and that was due in large part to being at the Globe. Brunt’s reach has not been the same since.


Second, get the fart sound effects out of your system but then don’t let Tim&Sid drag you down to their level. If you’re going to be a regular on that show use the opportunity to make them better. They will soon be a little too old for the demo to which they pander and you don’t want to get caught in the undertow when that happens.


Third, this will never happen, but … consider becoming a free agent. I know you have long term commitments to Rogers, but nothing would shake up the current sports media market more than breaking the model of network exclusivity. A world in which people like Brunt appear on both radio and TV stations and write for multiple outlets would be amazing. I know the economics don’t make sense and that Brunt is very loyal to Rogers, but the idea is tantalizing.


C) Dave Cadeau


Congratulations on your promotion. As an office warming present you have been handed two bad shows in the most important time-slots. We will talk about the line-ups more in the coming months when the Fall book comes out, but Cadeau doesn’t have a lot of time to settle in to this new role. Despite all his flaws, Kollins steered the FAN to massive ratings wins over fledgling TSN1050. If the Fall book shows any gains by TSN1050 then Cadeau will be under immediate pressure to reverse that outcome.




First, get a sense of whether Bob is going to stop mailing it in and then act accordingly. There is no point in keeping an unhappy McCown around. Negotiate a buy-out or a reduced schedule and get to work on finding someone who can write the next chapter in the FAN’s drive time legacy.


Second, decide now wether to keep Blundell or not. The show is what it is and it’s not going to magically turn into something else even if you swap out part of the supporting crew. The ratings will either be a bit better or worse or the same, but there is little chance they will be the massive share that Kollins was betting on. Don’t let small changes in the ratings affect what you do.


Third, be better at fielding complaints than your predecessor. Nelson Millman set a standard for how listeners expect to be treated. Radio is a dying medium among younger listeners. Do right by those who take the time to contact you.


D) Jeff MacDonald (TSN1050 PD)


Mr. MacDonald is at the head of a station that has failed to make a dent in the FAN’s ratings after 4+ years on the air. He has been in the job for about a year now and has not made any real changes. That, of course, was partly because Mike Richards took time off to deal with his cancer. (Note: welcome back Mike!) This presumably put a hold on any major changes he might have been planning.




First, make sure your bosses know to hold the course. It took Sportsnet 15 years to catch up with TSN. Given how much inertia there is in radio, it’s going to take a long time to change listener habits.


Second, decide in the next year whether you’re committed to Naylor’s show. In 2 years PTS disappears and there will be a gap in the marketplace for smart journalistically focused radio. I think Naylor is doing a credible job and the show has room to grow.


Third, think about poaching one or both of Brady&Walker. They were both mistreated by Sportsnet during the Blundell fiasco, and they might be interested in a change of culture and scenery.




Over to you: what advice would you give these people in the year to come?


Quick Hits


The Patrick Kane case has brought to light just how dreadful the combination of sports media + Twitter can be when people try to comment on a criminal case when it is still in the discovery stage. PPP has an interesting angle on how some hockey writers seem to struggle when commenting on violence against women.


I have spent a couple of weeks with the Star’s new tablet app. It’s really good. More than any other app or website it properly replicates what it is like to browse through a newspaper. Warning: there are a decent amount of ads interspersed in the content. Even so, I found myself reading the entire sports section, which is something I have never done when visiting the Star’s website or any other paper’s website for that matter. This is good news for a paper that has struggled financially in recent months.


Congratulations to David Alter who is joining the Post:



Low Hanging Fruit


  • If you’re not following Jays SVP of Business Stephen Brooks on Twitter, you’re missing out. Lots of useful and funny stuff.


  • Speaking of the Jays, for the love of all that is holy please stop with the crowd shots from the balcony. We get it … people are drunk and happy and we should all buy tickets. It’s embarrassing.


  • Speaking of embarrassing, if you’re a fan of another team and have just started watching Jays telecasts, we all hate Buck’s cheering on home runs as much as you do. We have now lost the moral high ground against Hawk Harrelson. Let that sink in.


  • Strombo will be returning to the airwaves soon. I wonder if we will see much change in his style after his widely criticized first year on HNIC.


  • Is there anything better than listening to WGR after another Bills loss to the Patriots? I heard one of their hosts openly wondering if the Pats might have been cheating. Awesome stuff.




thanks for reading and commenting,

until next time …

mike (not really in boston)


  1. rob j says:

    Amazing that time and again people refuse to believe a woman when she claims rape. If she said she was ‘only’ robbed I doubt people would speculate about her motives and truthfulness while spouting vile filth about her.

  2. DJ says:

    A few off the cuff thoughts.

    A) McCown – If you are Rogers you cant buy him out unless there is a specific no compete clause in that buyout. Say what you want about the show quality if he leaves Rogers and goes to TSN it would be a ratings bonanza for TSN. Would it make TSN an equal of Rogers? Of course not…..but I think it is safe to assume it would give TSN automatic numbers boosts.

    B) Program Director advice – If you are going to advise Cadeau to look at his morning show do you not have to do that same with MacDonald at TSN? The shows are clones of each other. Bad jokes. Bad laugh tracks. If one deserves a look over, both do.

  3. Drumanchor says:

    Lots of food for thought here.

    1) I would ask McCown what it is that he wants. If, for whatever reason, I am unable to deliver to make him happy and motivated, I buy him out.

    2) TSN 1050 would be a better alternative if I had the sense that they were willing to invest in decent on air talent. Retreads and a number of second rate broadcasters gives me the impression that they really don’t care to fix their dismal numbers. No wonder people aren’t listening.

    3) Nice to see a mention of the tremendously annoying practice of Sportsnet’s never-ending scenes of deliriously happy Blue Jay fans during games. I generally try to watch the games with the sound off – I don’t have to hear Buck and Pat tell me how dangerous the lineup is or hear the really bad on-field audio (the “crack” of a bat always sounds like someone dropped a cardboard box). However, now I have to actually view these dumb scenes over and over and over? Ugh!

    Enough already. As you properly mention, it’s embarrassing. It’s more than embarrassing, it’s amateur hour.

    I get that they are excited about the Jays and that lots of people are watching their network but, please, be professional broadcasters – not corporate cheerleaders!

  4. Steve Jones says:

    Good column. Lots to ponder.

    On Bob, I’m thinking the case is overstated to some degree. As a comparable I’ll point to my favourite show of all time, Stern. Now in no way are the shows comparable, it’s the situations that have some similarity. Way back at the end of his run on K-ROCK Stern was under heavy criticism as being done. He’d lost interest and was becoming irrelevant. But his ratings weren’t suffering. It was show listener expectations vs show business results. His move to Sirius and his successes there even with the continued critical complaints showed his core audience stuck with him. Same here with Bob. I tire some days of his show now for all the same reasons otwhers do. But I do give it a go pretty much every day. Less so lately because the Jays talk is mind numbing. But until the numbers tank I think Bob is in the chair. Radio may not be a priority and if you’re going to make a change it will cost you money to do it. Something they are unlikely to want to do given those economics. So steady state it is.

    Brunt, I think he’s making a big mistake. Bob’s show gave him a great platform. It was high profile and let him talk about the relevant issues of the day to a large audience. I also sometimes thought he chafed at Bob’s needling. But Brunt needs to accept one thing, he’s not a leading man. He can’t carry a show so if he’s going to be a #2 then do it in the best place you can. T&S is way off strategy for his brand, and being on with Blair is hardly good radio. So he should take a hard look at it and then get back in the game.

    Cadeau. I’m not much of a morning show listener. But recent events have caused me to be able to listen to Bludell a bit lately. It was shall we say unmemorable. In fact I’m not sure how to describe it. It wasn’t a sports show, it wasn’t the morning zoo, it was just, there. If ratings hold it will be absolute proof that dial inertia is a real thing.

    On the topic of TSN radio I think it’s just a who cares over at head office. The morning show is bad. Who knows what’s happening over at the 9-12 slot. With M&C not even on the website one has to assume the show is gone, but they’ve said nothing. Leafs Lunch can be fun, but this pre season stuff is a huge waste of 2 hours. I want to like Naylor, but he’s so dry. I will admit I have no idea how to fix it. It’s all about talent and I see precious little to step in.

    Last, thanks for the Buck mention. On top of your point I have to flag his inability to shut up for a moment. I imagine him driving home post game in his car. All the while talking to himself just to hear his own dulcet tones. Has he never heard Vin Sculley call a game and understood baseball is a game that has space and moments where you just sit back and enjoy the moment. I guess not because anytime that moment appears Buck finds an irrelevant, uninteresting and unneeded factoid to fill the gap.

  5. Mike, great job in making this an incredibly readable and topical piece. So many points to discuss, I will just bounce around a bit.

    Firstly, Buck Martinez is absolutely brutal with his homer calls. There is absolutely no need to be a cheerleader like that. The best home broadcasters have a standard call that does not outwardly cheer like that but is reflected in their voice delivery. I implore all of you to listen to the feeds of the Russell Martin 3-run homer that is all over the place to see the varying broadcasters and how they handled it. Here they are courtesy of Toronto Mike:

    McCown – Hard to feel sorry for someone like Bob who has had a tremendous run, for the most part without any competition, and who is incapable of change. Enough is enough Bob, even if you were thrown under the bus, you were the driver for decades, so deal with it as a professional or get out.

    Brunt – IMO Brunt himself has dictated to management how he wants to be a major part of this Jays run, as he has more knowledge of the Jays past and present including player relationships than anybody, so why wouldn’t management use him to his fullest abilities and motivations. This runs contrary to Bob, who instead of looking at the glass half empty, or fully empty, harkens on the negatives and not vice versa. Bob needs an attitude change more than anything, and I am loving listening to as much Brunt/Jays talk as I can get. I agree with you that Brunt must not play into Sid’s level of humour, as it is not Tim who institutes the frosh behaviour, but easier said than done.

    Cadeau (Sportsnet) – Love your point about listeners being acknowledged on any level, as his predecessor intentionally avoided any other than a steady stream of surveys sent out to those willing to be accomplices to his programming without any thanks other than useless bonus points. Give us something in the morning rush hour that not insult our intelligence.

    McDonald (TSN) – Naylor is a solid interviewer and analysis, but on an entertainment level he just will never get there. He needs to have co-hosts that will produce that element for him and bring out whatever you can get out of him. His voice is part of the issue, as it is pretty monotone, and a study on Bob and his delivery and nuances would do him some good.

    Walker – I love hearing broadcasters with smooth, velvety voices who know how to use it effectively in their craft. Radio and podcasts are IMO driven by that, and Walker has that “it” factor for me. Dan Patrick is the best and Walker can get to that level, but he has to have his own show to be able to pull that off. I look forward to when Walker was on his own, and I get the feeling that he is a team player, but one who in a leadership role would do very well. Put Walker where Naylor is, and I would listen a lot more for example.

  6. McLean_Deluxe says:

    The comments about Buck Martinez are some of the most ridiculous things I have read on this page. I am pretty sure this isn’t the first time you have intimated his homerism is worse than Harrelson’s, which is absurd in its own right. I don’t get this expectation for LOCAL tv broadcasts to be impartial. Why? Almost every local broadcast has the same tone regardless of sport. It is one thing for a commentator to argue something so obviously wrong just because he is biased, but hoping something positive happens for the local team? Come on. Buck mumbles in cliches, mispronouncing names and generally speaks dreck, so to complain about this is just nonsense.

  7. McLean_Deluxe says:

    People talking about other home broadcasts clearly don’t actually listen to other teams local broadcasts. Almost every single one is impartial. Also, imploring a broadcaster to be like the greatest, most legendary of all time is just a little unrealistic. Lastly, linking to the SoundCloud created by @james_in_to is brilliant, especially since the most universally enjoyed clip was the TVA one, which was of course, the most homerish sounding. The others? Either national, or Yankees affiliated. So do me a favour, next time another team, say the Twins or Astros, hit a big home run, compile the local TV and radio broadcasts to show how impartial they actually are. Hint: They aren’t.

  8. Wally says:

    Going to respectfully disagree with a few points in this article @mikeinboston.

    – “Second, get the fart sound effects out of your system but then don’t let Tim&Sid drag you down to their level. ”

    What exactly is your metric for comparison between these guys? They have achieved their popularity in different ways, both have substantial followings yet for some reason Brunt is portrayed as the all-mighty in the sports landscape and T&S are once again looked upon as frat boys. To beat a dead horse once again, if the show is not catering to your demographic what chance in hell does it have to actually appeal to you? T&S have the younger demo locked, perhaps Brunt wants a piece of that younger demo rather than sticking with the older generation that has traditionally listened to Bob. It’s incredible to see the reaction to T&S using a soundboard rather than listening to what they are actually saying. Their discussion is not hard-nosed super-serious sports analysis but rather in my opinion it’s more reflective of the types of conversation the average fan of the sport would have. I don’t know where you came up with these “levels”, but at the very least here I feel you are comparing apples and anvils.

    – “Speaking of the Jays, for the love of all that is holy please stop with the crowd shots from the balcony. We get it … people are drunk and happy and we should all buy tickets. It’s embarrassing.”

    I don’t completely disagree with this, but once again showing the fans enjoying their time at the park is nothing more than business. Tone down the amount of shots from the flight deck yes but don’t eliminate it entirely.

    – “Speaking of embarrassing, if you’re a fan of another team and have just started watching Jays telecasts, we all hate Buck’s cheering on home runs as much as you do. We have now lost the moral high ground against Hawk Harrelson. Let that sink in.”

    I’ve been on the fence about Homerism for a while now. “We have now lost the moral high ground” sounds a lot like a quote that would get people upset at Bruce Arthur on Twitter. Personally I don’t see a neutral broadcast being exciting. Buck was hired by Rogers who owns the Blue Jays so why must he remain neutral? This reminded me of PM Harper asking Canada to get excited about the Vancouver Olympics. Has the sports fan become so perched on their moral high ground that showing any outward affection for a team is seen as negative? I have my issues with Buck as well, but saying things such as “embarrassing”, “hate Buck’s cheering”, “lost the moral high ground” seems to be crying wolf. Devlin, Wileman, Bowen, Romanuck, Black, and more all cheer for the home team, yet Buck is singled out.

    Regardless of these points, I always enjoy your take.

  9. Mitch says:

    Buck’s HR calls doesn’t fall into the homerism or not category. Of course he’s a homer (pun) but that’s not the point. The point is his ‘homerun call’ is borderline insane. He’s losing his mind every time a Jays hitter hits it out of the park. Its one thing to be excited for an important HR as a home broadcaster. Its another to lose all sense of control and go ballistic. Its not normal. Its embarrassing.
    And yes, the drunken crowd shots have got to go. They are already missing great nuances from the players on the field with the crowd shots..soon they’ll be missing pitches and plays just to show me Jim and Betty being super excited about the team sine July 31st.
    Brunt is wasting his talents right now. Hopefully (i’m sure) getting paid high 6-figure makes up for it.

  10. Sam says:

    Great column MIB.

    McCown shouldn’t sulk that Brunt doesn’t want to do his show. As pointed out McCown constantly tried to get Brunt into totally off-topic and occasionally sexist/misogynistic conversations. Brunt wasn’t having any of it.

    As to what the SN decision-makers should do its (I really doubt Cadeau is calling the shots on how to handle McCown) – start to identify the successors, develop a plan, and execute the plan when McCown has two successive negative books. I doubt McCown could be bought out for anything but a very large number – despite the fact he talks about being about the money – I’d be surprised if ego wasn’t his biggest motivator, going out on his terms.

  11. McLean_Deluxe says:

    Yes, it’s crazy how out of control and over the top Buck got on this amazing home run and ruined such a great moment. Oh hats right, he didn’t. But let’s not ruin a good narrative. Listen, I would prefer other broadcasters but no need to just make things up here.

  12. Darrell says:

    Buck Martinez to the Toronto Blue Jays is exactly the same as Greg Millen to the Toronto Maple Leafs. The best homers in Toronto. They are worse than Joe Bowen and I love Bowen.

    Not a fan at all of Blundell and most of the Sportsnet 590 coverage.

    I remember meeting Bob McCown years ago during a high school job shadowing assignment over 20 years ago and he seemed bored back then with Jim Hunt.

  13. Mitch says:


    You are bringing up an example in a 9-1 game? That’s your example?

  14. Ken says:

    Speaking of mailing it in…I feel I’ve read this post about ten times now.

  15. Toronto Mike says:

    Here’s my response. “Pure Speculation: Is There Collusion Between Sportsnet 590 The Fan and TSN Radio 1050?”

  16. William D says:

    @ McLean_Deluxe
    @ Mitch

    I’m with you on this.

    Buck loses his marbles when he thinks it’s a homerun until it turns into a catch at the warning track by the opposing team. Buck at times judges by that sound off the bat, he then Yells “SWING AND A DRIVE” and finally simmers down when the ball is caught at the warning track, he’s done these falls alarm calls several times this season. Another thing that ticks me off is when a blue jay infielder makes a clear error and he points out that he disagrees with the scoring, knowing full well that the play in the field should have been made. Buck has clearly lost credibility. There is homers and then there is just straight up fabrication.

  17. William D says:

    Sorry that was for @Mitch

  18. Sam in Scarb says:

    Bob has driven the bus at 1430/590 for the past 30 + years.
    Over that time he has made an obscene amount of cake/money.
    He should be flying out on a cloud. NOT using David Shoalts as his print-boy bitch to come across as a cranky old man.

  19. Rob J says:

    Bob made a specific point with Reid on Thurs that he’s frustrated with his image as a jerk and seems to want to present a newer lovable self. He even said he wouldnt do the ‘bite me’ ad again if asked. I met him for an afternoon at his winery and he couldnt have been more friendly, humble, and gracious. He even made sure I didn’t forget the cheese I had purchased. He’ll always be my alltime favourite broadcaster, and this piling-on now is absurd in the extreme.

  20. yaz says:

    I predict that at last once before the end of the Jays World Series run, Bob will let the 5 PM lead in song play in its entirety before he says his first word.

  21. Pete says:

    I’ll do it in reverse:

    1. Jeff MacDonald. Offer what it takes to get Brady & Walker to take over your morning show. Secondly, present Bob McCown a blank cheque for five years and let him fill it. Instant massive ratings bump and begins the crippling of Fan 590. The fact that Richards can’t make any headway after four years, especially going up against a horrible Blundell, should be the end of him. Move Naylor to the 9-12 slot, where I think his style would do well against Blair.

    2. Dave Cadeau. End the Blundell experiment once and for all and put Rusic back on nights if you decide to keep him. Instil Brady & Walker where they belong before TSN swoops in. There’s no adequate replacement for McCown in the system, so insulate him with talent he is comfortable working with, then trying to force feed co-hosts in the attempt of appealing to a younger demographic. Reid…Blundell…Strombo on TV…they’re not cutting the mustard, and I’d venture to say cause the company to lose listeners/viewers/customers.

    3. Stephen Brunt. I think he is too good to be doing Tim & Sid. He’s undercutting himself on an amateurish show. Valid point above though about capitalizing on a younger demographic. But he’s good on his own to cut his own niche. Lately, I’ve found him going the way of Bruce Arthur — well spoken, but very firm on his set of views that comes across as condescending, which is off-putting. Would love to see him in writing again for one of the papers. The city desperately lacks someone of his calibre these days.

    4. Bob McCown. Bored? Then take the chance of trying to breathe life into a dead TSN 1050. The guy is a legend…doing so would just add further to his legacy.

    Quick point about Strombo and if he is going to chance his style. If his fake hysterical laugh for Subban’s Cherry impersonation is any indication, I’d say no chance. The thought of Strombo continuing to host HNiC is enough to make me not want to tune in. I’d love for Rogers to validate who these people are in polls in which a majority claim to enjoy him as host.

  22. Andrew says:

    First off, great article Mike. Appreciate the time you put into this column; something I personally look forward to reading every Saturday.

    Secondly, it’s nice to see so many opinions/comments/critics on here. As sports fans living in Toronto, it’s nice to have a place for discussing the TSM landscape (good and/or bad).

    A few points:

    1. Agree about the fan shots at Jays games, it’s gotten to a point where half the time I feel we miss the delivery from the pitcher. The games are/were sold out, you’re not gonna sell any extra tickets showing people having a good time at a baseball game but you are pissing off those who watch.
    2. For all of those complaining about Buck’s homer-ism, have you listened to other broadcasts? It’s usually equal. Plus, other broadcasters are saying the same thing about this team, so what are Buck and Pat supposed to be saying?
    3. One of the best things about PTS and Bob, was Brunt. The second is the roundtables. With Brunt now on other shows, I feel PTS is way less compelling. We get the occasional roundtable that makes for a good listen (usually involving Friedman, Blair, Brunt (RIP), but the rest of the time I’m no longer itching to set my dial to 590.

    I’m glad there will be some meaningful baseball to distract ourselves from the debacle that is HNIC. I love Strombo’s music show on CBC, but can’t stand him (or his tight pants) on HNIC. I know Elliot Freidman is not as hip as Strombo, but I think he’d make a better host.


  23. Curt says:

    The entire sportsnet coverage of Blue Jays baseball is an embarrassment – it has been for years. And yes, Buck continues to redefine “obnoxious”. For those who defend him and have no problem with his bullhorn act, I have nothing to say to you – we live on different planets.

    I agree that Brunt is somewhat wasted at Sportsnet, but I think he burned his bridges at the Globe. I seem to remember him complaining about how cheap they were when he signed on with Rogers Communications (!).

    Regarding Bob…I’m so over him.

  24. Anthony says:

    @McLean_Deluxe Ive brought up that point before, its a non starter, people want to rip on Rogers and will do so no matter the topic. This one is homer broadcasts. Was watching the Yankees/Sox game on SN1, White Sox feed with the anounces using ‘We’ and mocking whenever a Yankee argued a close strike. I was in Detroit two weeks ago, not as over the top as that but most definitely homers. Ill offer support to your cause but it wont matter, the need to hate Rogers seems to tump thinks in this argument.

    Their job is to promote the team, thats what home town teams do, every sport. It is what it is, this isn’t ESPN or Dan Schulman. But hey, ce la vie, not worth opening that can of worms again for me, but I haven’t seen an out of town blog complain about our announcers like I have with others (White Sox, Boston, Yankees mentioned often), so obviously they aren’t the worst.

  25. Anthony says:

    ‘I have my issues with Buck as well, but saying things such as “embarrassing”, “hate Buck’s cheering”, “lost the moral high ground” seems to be crying wolf. Devlin, Wileman, Bowen, Romanuck, Black, and more all cheer for the home team, yet Buck is singled out.

    Regardless of these points, I always enjoy your take.’

    Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner….

  26. Anthony says:

    Here’s some extra context from my previous posts, awful announcing did an independent review of homer broadcats, Jays finished 20, not great put pretty average. Im pretty sure most people here don’t spend a ton of time listening to other teams broadcats

    ‘No team received more C votes than the Blue Jays. Hooray for being supremely average! Most readers feel that Martinez is better in the analyst role as opposed to the play by play role, something Toronto should consider in the future.’

    There average, which is pretty accurate based on what Ive seen…

    (apologies for the multiple posts, just not a fan of people making posts without an awareness or facts to back it up, thanks)

  27. HRM says:

    PTS is definitely not as strong as it was when Brunt was a semi-regular. I really think they need to find someone to co-host and just stick with them. I can understand Mike’s suggestion of Arthur though I would not personally be happy with this pick. For me Arthur is far too sanctimonious and his Twitter behavior completely detracts from his writing …. I cannot take him seriously. I think Friedman is really the obvious choice..he is knowledgeable and will stand up to or refute Bob as required.

    For the new Program Manager – Blundell needs a new co-host. When Stellick was on with him this past week the show was much stronger. Stellick keeps Blundell on point and still has the quirky humour needed to work with Blundell. If the Fan is going to stick with Blundell they need to find him someone else to work with. If they could poach Hayes from TSN I think that would work very well.

    In general a big shakeup on both TSN and 590’s side would be good…with some talent switching stations.

    Finally, Arash Madani on PTS is not too bad but could he stop interrupting the conversation to read breaking ‘tweets’. It is terribly distracting.

  28. Keith Murdoch says:

    I honestly can’t believe the complaints about Buck being a homer. Does no one remember the last series against the Royals? Buck and Pat spent the entire series fawning over the Royals. I’d be willing to bet they spent more time talking about, and praising, the Royals than they did the Jays.

    And same goes for anytime the Jays play the Red Sox, Orioles, or Yankees. Buck and Pat are why I have MLB.TV and almost always listen to the opposing team’s broadcast or just the park audio.

  29. (Another) Andrew says:

    During the 1996 Olympics few Americans seem to have a problem with the OTT homerism of NBC’s broadcasts. In Vancouver 2010 a sizeable number of Canadians (though probably a minority of overall viewers) found the homerism embarrassing. Everyone here who defends biased broadcasting points to American examples. Maybe Canadians – outside of inferiority complex-ridden small towns – just don’t embrace homerism as much Americans do? Since the Blue Jays embrace their identity as Canada’s team, something unique in MLB, maybe they should reject American-style homerism. With Rogers broadcasting for an entire country – not an insular market like Minnesota or Houston – I think they should move beyond that bush league small town mentality. Alas, they won’t. I’ll still watch though as it is not that big a deal. At least not yet. Unfortunately they’ll probably ramp it up to 10 (no, 11!) if the Jays go deep in the playoffs. Then it will be a turn off.

  30. Mike V says:

    Good news for those who can’t stand buck and pat, according to this Star article they won’t be calling the postseason games.

    I can only imagine this is due to some weird quirk in the MLB TV rights that forbids it (article refers to Sportsnet as a regional broadcaster, not the national broadcaster for Canada), otherwise it looks like a bizarre and real cheapskate move on Rogers to not produce your own Canadian broadcast for your team and for what will be the highest ratings in network history.

  31. Alex says:

    The BBC of all people is amazingly homeriffic and nationalistic for things like Wimbledon and track. The London Olympics were 1984 LA levels of nationalism.

  32. Happy says:

    Not a fan by any stretch of Steve Simmons, but it must come as a great relief to him not to have to read the vile comments each week after the Last Word. Now, according to Simmons, Sun Media does not afford readers to post comments.

    Interesting development… Any thoughts?

  33. Dave in Bolton says:

    Andrew Walker should be the talent that TSN 1050 Pouches. He’s stuck with crappy Detroits own Brady. I’d have him be the replacement for Nailer

  34. Paul says:

    Happy, the Sun announced this past week that they were no longer allowing online comments on all article categories. Not surprising given the obscene language and vitriol that was accepted on those pages. Unfortunately, the minimal oversight used, has led to legitimate commentary being eliminated.

  35. Mitch says:

    You know why the majority of the people here rip Rogers? its because its not a good product in general. Great live events (because of $$), poor production/talent. pretty straightforward. We, as sports broadcasting fans want a better product. They don’t deliver. Its fair criticism especially when its from the majority.

  36. Alex says:

    I’m all for no comments if they cannot be policed effectively.

    On sites of which i am in charge, no comments. If you provide an email link, that often filters out the immediate BTL vitriol, since trolls are usually too lazy to go the extra couple steps. Plus, their bile is not displayed publicly, removing their visceral thrill of riling people up.

  37. Anthony says:


    But its not the majority, its just those who post on here. The ratings would suggest that a ton of people like watching the Blue Jays, even when the team isn’t great they have strong ratings. If the show was THAT bad, people would find alternate ways to watch, you can find away team feeds pretty easy, baseball fans are like that. I find that on this blog (full credit a few people have mentioned this ahead of me), most commentors hate ever thing rogers (Fan590 is said to be awful despite killing TSN in ratings). That fine, I just added some factual evidence from an independent body that showed not only are the Blue Jays braodcasters not ‘the worst’, they’re pretty average.

  38. yaz says:

    The new PD or any PD can mix and match, steal anyone he wants from 590 – until TSN1050 spends money on signal strength they will never ever compete with 590. Start there.

  39. Blue Jay Fan says:


    People in this country are not necessarily baseball fans, they are mostly Toronto centric/jays fans not to mention the most tolerant to losing, how many times over the years have fans supported losing Toronto teams by going to games Leafs/Raptors/TFC/Jays

    I say all that to say that it is not true that fans (especially in this city)will always turn their attention away from a garbage product and find alternate products when one is terrible. Seeking an alternate product when it comes to morning Radio is one thing it’s another thing for the fans to replace commentators that call jays games. To replace Buck and Tabby on the TV side one would have to subscribe to MLB tv, or the super sports pak, I don’t think it’s practical for the average fan (especially a casual fan which there is plenty of) to take on additional cost for better commentary of their games.

    We are creatures of habbit people don’t necessarily listen to Buck and Tabby because they are great broadcasters, they are just simply easy access at no additional cost and most of all what people are use too, sort of like another Rogers product called sportnet590 the fan.

    Toronto is probably the most tolerant city to sub par entertainment.

  40. Blue Jay Fan says:


    By the way your always complaining about commenters and their opinions about Rogers broadcasting. Why do you have so much of an issue that people are dissatisfied with some of Rogers Broadcasting practices? You say it’s only this Blog with complaints about Rogers, I’m not sure you realize but Rogers is in the media business and are subject to scrutiny especially with their reach in this country and secondly this is a sports media blog. I think it’s great that people are objective to a company that a. has so much control on the message and lets face it happens to abuse it at times.

  41. Antonio says:

    I agree on all of your points.

    Like “all good things must come to an end”, Bob is nearing his “end”. He is the dean of sportscasters and a pioneer of sports talk in this city and perhaps the country but his time is nearing its end.

    Even if he goes to TSN, obviously some listeners will jump with him but it won’t be as dramatic as he or some of his fans would think. Part of success of PTS is the station that its on. Fan 590 is also a pioneer and a “dean” of sports talk radio.

  42. mike (in boston) says:

    Good discussion on Bob’s options.

    I really like the idea of him negotiating a buy out and then resurrecting a revamped weekly “business of sports” show (podcast or TV show or both) with a heavy focus on guests and experts. If he wants to stay at Rogers then this would compete well with TSN’s “the reporters” and Lansberg’s show. If he wants to stick it to Rogers then I’m sure TSN would jump at getting McCown on their network, even if they have to wait a year while Bob sits out his non-compete clause. Either way, Bob gets to be in the driver’s seat.

    This seems much better for all parties than dragging out the final 2 years of his contract under the status quo. No one is well-served by Bob being on PTS 5 days a week.

  43. BenW says:

    @Blue Jays fan

    No issue at all with fans complaining about Rogers, have at it, I just like to show a bit of facts to offset the narrative. The narrative on here is that Buck/Tabler are the worst of homers, but the closes thing we come to facts are that they are ‘supremely average’ via a national blog that looks at announcers. If you listen to them daily and already have an issue with Rogers, of course you’ll feel one way, its physiology 101, everyone finds things they dislike with what they hear the most. Those who look at it from more of a 30 team view feel they are 20th out of 30. Not great, but by no means the worst. It’s no different then the Fan, everyone on here seems to feel as thou TSN Radio is light years ahead in product, yet the ratings arn’t even close (again, this isn’t my point, just re-enforcing what a few others have noticed).

    You don’t feel that many subscribe to MLBTV (I do use it and love it), using that logic how can anyone know Buck and Pat are ‘the worst’, its simple, they can’t have that knowledge. They think they are because its what they are familiar with and what they know, but there isn’t a great scope of awareness as to what ‘bad’ is if you’re only watching one product.

    Watch the White Sox games for a week, you’ll be begging for a Rogers delivered product. Watch YES or NESN, you’ll see why I find it hard to believe that Rogers broadcasts are ‘awful’, there average and boring perhaps, but no different then most of whats already out there. As Awful Announcing said, ‘supremely average’

  44. Dros says:

    Funny to me that on one article people are advocating for Joe Bowen (the biggest homer there is) to be included on Leafs road trips, but on this article, they’re complaining about how big of a homer Buck is. Where’s the line?

    What differentiates it for people?

    Also, as for the talent stuff, people seem to be beyond the notion that talent evaluation is subjective.

    I’ve said time and time again that I like Tim and Sid, and it’s obvious a lot of other people do, too, but everyone on here automatically assumes that Brunt being on the show is “beneath” him. Some real bush league arguments on here.

  45. Curt says:

    Just to put to bed a couple of myths regarding YES and NESN: I have and watch several different broadcasters. I’m no Yankees or Red Sox fan at all, but those guys are professional. Yes, Michael Kay has his patented “See Ya!” home run call. But he does that with both teams. Buck barely says anything when the other team scores or is ahead in the game – almost like he’s in a sulk with the rest of the fanbase. The NESN guys are also fairly balanced. I think this is because they realize there is a national audience that they need to consider, and they cannot just pander to the locals like say in Houston or Minnesota.

    To me, it’s not a matter of “homerism” (virtually all home broadcasters are homers by definition, meaning that there will always be a slant in coverage which leans toward the home team). Fine. But the Hawk Harrelsons and Bucks of the world, who completely lose their shit at any good play made by their team while barely acknowledging a home run by another team transcends homerism into some embarrassing and unprofessional fan pandering. No doubt some fans love that, but personally, I find it a big turn off. And I’m a Jays fan – who watches the other guy’s coverage.

    Tom Cheek was a homer (again like most local broadcasters) but he was also a total professional who didn’t insult the intelligence of the average listener.

  46. Stephanie says:

    It’s like clockwork….MIB posts a blog, people bitch about Rogers. You can set your watch to it. Can we go a week or two without the constant complaining? It takes away from the other content MIB produces, and to be honest, we know you don’t like Rogers, youve said it every week, every day for the past year on here…perhaps we can expand the talk to something a bit different?

  47. Dros says:



  48. Stephanie says:


    I just wish we could get a break from it, there are a lot of topics worth looking at, but for week 23 (it seems like it) in a row all the same comments are about how awful Rogers media is. I said this before but think we should put a moratorium on it for a bit, its overwhelming, tiresome and takes over every single post on here.

  49. Curt says:

    Well, when Rogers controls so much of the sports content out there I think it’s natural that there is a lot of discussion/debate about it. Should we discuss TSN’s coverage of the CFL more often? How about CBC sports…Oh yeah, that’s controlled pretty much by Rogers too isn’t it. Thank god the FAN is independent…whoops

  50. Dros says:


    TSN owns 6 radio stations across the country, have CFL, NFL rights, NBA playoffs/finals rights, Raptors, regional hockey, as well as owning the Argos.

    There’s no shortage of sports content to go around.

  51. Curt says:

    True. But does TSN actually cover NFL games or pick up simulcasts? Same with the NBA playoffs. The CFL is what it is… Rogers solely owns most of the valuable sports content in Canada – NHL and the Blue Jays. Fair enough. All I’m saying is if/when Bell bring back the Expos, and if their production is equally as bad as Rogers, I’m sure there will be no shortage of criticism on this and other sites.

  52. Stephanie says:


    Not sure the need to troll (or if that’s encouraged) but there are plenty of things to talk about.

    -lack of women sports personalities on the radio
    -The Star’s new app and if that platform can the dial for newspaper industry
    -the financial impact of the decision to leave the Leafs radio crew on the road and is this a sign of a new normal for radio properties
    -The new rating book is out soon, what happens if Blundell doesn’t move the needle?

    MIB offered a litney of options to talk about, but again, as if on cue, it’s becomes ‘Rogers is evil’ for the n’th consecutive week…

    Id like to think that as mature adults we can talk about things like The Fan and their personalities without it downgrading into the same boring talk we’ve heard for months now, but sadly not…

    One time I brought up a question about female broadcasters (nothing to do with and company or property) and the first comment in response was about how Rogers is bad…really?

    It’s exhausting and sad that this blog that I use to love has turned into a Rogers bashing page. I don’t care about Rogers, but we honestly must have another topic to discuss, this ‘Rogers are homers and they suck’ theme is on week 23 or so and its a very old, tired discussion, yet like geoundhog day, here we are…again…

  53. Curt says:

    LOL! So, I’m “trolling” now? Is that the default response for having an opinion that is different from yours? Whatever. I think I made my point, without trolling, as you say.

  54. Stephanie says:


    Sarcastic condescending messages about ‘The Fan being independent’, making my comment seem uneducated and not welcome, would certainly be considered trolling. Not sure if it’s a female thing or what, but I’d be happy to engage you without that condescending aspect to your post, I like to think that I deserve a small level of respect.

    That said, just going to ignore at this point, don’t think that anyone cares.

    To the others, I’d love to engage in an intelligent dialog about absolutely anything not Rogers related…

  55. Dros says:


    I’ll attempt to get the ball rolling.

    TSN1050 has to be losing massive amounts of money. With how minuscule their ratings have been for 4+ years and the salaries of their on-air talent…I don’t know how they haven’t made any extremely drastic moves yet regarding talent. They’re contented being faaaaar in the rear view mirror. All of their shows sound like my college radio show did.

    With lots of their hockey talent being used sparingly for regional coverage, you’d think they have a little more time these days. Why can’t they be given some sort of show? If you’ve got any combination of Dreger/Duthie/Mckenzie, suddenly you’re talking about stealing some real market share. If they had a show syndicated across the country with all of three of them (similar to hockey central), you’d figure that’d move the needle.

  56. Curt says:

    Apologies for this silly hijack everyone – though my posts were initially on topic. To Stephanie, I think you’re making a lot of presumptions there. If I came off as sarcastic, I’m sorry. But, a bit of sarcasm is quite a stretch to being called a troll. I’ll point out too that your posts weren’t lacking in sarcasm either (“I can set my watch to it…”). But implying that my response might be a sexist thing is way over the top. It’s something a troll might resort to. I’m not sure why you made this a personal thing, but I was actually responding in general to the posters who do not like to read “Rogers bashing”.

  57. Stephanie says:


    Generally when you insult someone’s intelligence the way in which you did will result in a reaction. I can’t see how you expected a different reaction? But I’m done regardless


    I think the biggest issue with TSN is a lack of fresh thinkers/inovative programming on either side of the dial. The personalities are tired and bring the same discussion points that we hear all the time. One would think they would try to bring in new voices of invest in their on air talent, but I honestly don’t think they see TSN as anything other then a platform to promote and enhance their content, like a website. New thinking/direction is required at the top before any change will occur.

    I’d love to see TSN pull in Some young hungry out of town talent and let them be the new identity (Like what 640 did with Brady(, the same old same old isn’t working. Bigger question is, do they care?

  58. Stephanie says:


    Forgot to add, utilizing McKenzie/Duthie on the radio side has never happened and doubt it will now, which is to bad. I wonder if they are worried about stretching Bob too thin with all his TV commitments, or perhaps he has no interest?

  59. mike (in boston) says:

    Please keep your comments directed at points of view and not at people. Personal comments will be deleted. Ignoring posts and posters you find annoying is also a fine option.

  60. Mitch says:


    People definitely tune into Rogers for their live sports. they have them all! But it doesn’t mean they hire good talent. I’ll still watch a sport I love no matter what bonehead is doing the game (Romanuk anyone?), the guy broadcasting the game will never deter whether I watch or not, that would be silly.
    There’s a reason nhl numbers were significantly down last year. That’s a good, tangible example. Blue Jays are on one channel available in Canada, not to mention baseball skews way older and i’m not sure the 50+ crowd know anything about streaming. Plus i’m not letting bonehead Buck keep me from watching on my 50 inch HD tv.

  61. rob says:

    Nothing wrong at all with a broadcaster showing honest emotion when the home team hits a home run. This is not the exception, and if you watch MLB enough you know it is closer to the rule and Buck isn’t exceptional at all. What IS objectionable is Jamie Campbell’s crush on this team. Up to this year he had been a true pro, but now I am just waiting for him to ask Zaun “how many ways can we say I love you Jays?” at which point I hope Zaun will go completely Papelbon on him. And speaking of Zaun.. he continues to impress with honesty and expertise. I learn more from 5 minutes of Zaun, Hayhurst or a Pat Hentgen radio hit than 3 hours of PTS talking baseball.

  62. Antonio says:

    “Trolling” is the most over-used accusation a person can label someone on a blog. If you don’t agree with someone, fine, state your case and move on.

    I find frequently when someone has an opinion that may differ from the majority, they get labeled a “troll” which is not only unfair, its usually inaccurate.

  63. Mullah_Kintyre says:

    If McCown has become frustrated with doing three hours a day on Sportsnet, I doubt he would be leaving to do the same thing somewhere else. I think it would be more likely he transitions into something that involves a lot less on-air time, regardless of if it’s radio or TV and who may employ him.

  64. mitch says:

    I’m confused @stephanie

    We comment and discuss the basis of the blogs we read on this page. This particular blog touched on a topic we feel passionate about and thus have actively commented/debated on. As it happens, this blog touched on numerous Rogers employees, so we chimed in. You seem to want to start a discussion on random topics. That’s fine. But a comments section is for commenting on the articles written.

  65. Mullah_Kintyre says:

    “There’s no shortage of sports content to go around.”
    Yeah, I’m not sure what to say about anyone in 2015 who can’t see beyond only what gets presented to them by two particular media conglomerates and thinks he’s somehow trapped into seeing nothing else.

  66. Stephanie says:


    Perhaps trolling was an incorrect term, not overly familiar with message board fights, but when someone suggests that your not smart enough about a topic, sarcastically initiating conflict, seems to be against the theme of this site, regardless of what you call it. MIB sadly has had to intervene since, so I don’t think it was ‘inaccurate’. Regardless, have moved on, hope others have to

    I’m fine with anyone posting about whatever they want, but for the life of me I don’t understand the need to complain about all the evils of Rogers every single week. It’s the same comments, over and over.MIB had a cool idea about advice to people, but like every other week, it just turned into another Rogers bash fest. One time through it’s interesting, the 14th time through? Not so much, it’s exhausting. It’s been talked about to the point that I don’t want to look at the comments anymore, it’s the same thing over and over again. Comments section is for commenting on articles, but why does it always go back to Rogers = bad, can we not look at the many other things MIB has posted about? I tried, and it went right back to Rogers complaints.

  67. Kamlesh says:

    I wonder what Bob not showing interest in others specifically means. When Jim Kelly was the co-host and was living in a downtown hotel for part of the week, Bob had him over for dinner every day. Also Neil Smith and his son were apparently living with Bob for a while. This generosity would be beyond most people, probably myself included.

  68. Hans says:

    Bob has regularly said in the past he’d like to move into a Johnny Carson deal where he only works 3 days a week as opposed to the full five. Perhaps Rogers/The Fan can offer him that now as opposed to the future and see if that helps the situation as bit. Could be a way to try out possible replacements for Bob down the line when he is gone from PTS and the Fan.

    In any case, I think the new Program Director needs to sit down with Bob and have a fully open discussion on how to bring some life back into PTS. If Bob is not interested in pushing NHL as much as the corporation wants then let him slide by with the minimum. Does Bob not like the co-hosts being pushed on him? Get a short list of who is does want and try to work it out.

    Question to everyone: could this possibly be a passive aggressive means to trying to force Bob out by making him unhappy and wanting to quit instead of outright firing him and being forced to pay out his contract?

  69. Sam in Scarb says:

    If King Bob is so ” frustrated ” with 590 maybe just maybe he could do something about having shannon co-host from 4-5 today and reid from 5-7.
    Ahhh that may help !

  70. mitch says:

    But MIB’s article was 85% Rogers-content related. What else are we supposed to talk about? I guess MIB could write less about Rogers-related content, but then again they control 80% of sports-broadcasting/live events in this country. Its hard to get away from it. TSN radio is such a non-player its hard to even bring them up. hockey, baseball, its all on sportsnet! they have given us no choice but to talk about them! (good or bad)

  71. Blue Jay Fan says:


    I 1million percent agree with you. I think some commenters forget how much of the Canadian media and sports landscape Rogers owns.

  72. Curt says:

    Yes, I get my back up when people tell me on what topics I should and shouldn’t post about – especially when that topic is broached in the original blog post. Now there are some topics I have no interest in (Joe Bowen, Jim Ralph or the Leafs in general) and you know what, I choose not to read or write about those topics. Simple as that.

  73. Stephanie says:

    My whole point regarding this was my hope we would expand on what MIB wrote, not the background issues. The ‘Rogers sucks’ narrative has been beaten to death, week after week, it’s tiresome (I think even MIB would admit that). MIB offered some new angles to look at for the fan and others, but the comments boiled down to the same thing, again. My hope, for those of us that are tired to basic complaining/bitching about Rogers, is that we may expand past that argument, look at new things, but alas we are right back to where we where, last week, last month, again.

    Rogers controls content but MIB didn’t really focus on ownership, he focused on product/personalities/offerings, and it started off well enough, people where participating in a new fun excerise, but we got stuck in the same never ending loop that these comments go to every week, ‘Rogers sucks’. I read that last month, would hope the argument/discussion could evolve.

    Perhaps I’m a dinosaur, but a year or two ago I remember thoughtful debate on a very wide range of topics. Rogers was very active in media back then, yet it never was the prime focus here, sometime in the last 6 months that debate turned, and now this place has turned into a Rogers complimaint board, not a discussion one, and I miss that. Most of the most thoughtful posters seem to have left, replaced by those looking to attack. That’s fine, but this place use to be way more then that..

    That’s it for me, I’ve said my peace and I take it that thoughtful discussion isn’t really welcomed at this point, it’s to bad, this use to be my favourite place to visit.

  74. Pingback: Bye-Bye Bob? -

  75. Mike S says:

    “Congratulations on your promotion. As an office warming present you have been handed two bad shows in the most important time-slots”

    In my opinion putting PTS in the same category as Blundell’s show is unfair to PTS……….Blundell’s show is a train wreck………PTS used to be great and could/should still be great……….but I still think it’s a good show, and when Ken Reid is not the co=host it is often a very good show…………the regular guests alone (Deitsch, Banks, Bob Ryan, Becker, etc) make it far from a “bad show”

  76. Dogpounder says:

    Listening to first segment of Roundtable. Painful. Bob’s ass is being handed to him.

  77. SportsGuy says:

    I think we’re living in an age where patience has gone out the window. It takes time to build brands, reputations and followings. Yes, TSN Radio is trailing the Fan, but look at the head start they had. Radio is a tough gig to get a good grasp on, especially in this market. If you don’t like what you hear, you switch the dial. Commercials come on, you switch the dial. Bad guest? Switch the dial. At least with television and other broadcast mediums, digital plays as a nice compliment (if not the lead) – radio is a different beast, and with the way this generation consumes media, if it’s not short, insightful and engaging, it gets lost on a large part of the audience.

    That said – I think Toronto Sports Radio programming has a huge AM hole. In order to ‘fix’ it, you need people who can just come in and talk Sports. You need someone like Bryan Hayes (TSN 1050) who can talk for hours about a multitude of sports, intelligently. Richards & co. have a lot gags, and I think he’s holding on to a big piece of what made him successful in Calgary that doesn’t necessarily translate to this audience (if I heard correctly, he used to be a stand-up comedian or something?). Blundell is a shock-jock and I truly believe Rogers grabbed him because they didn’t want Bell to do it first – Bell would have made more sense because they need that high-impact shock to their station (TSN Radio) in order to have the chance at making a dent in the Fan’s footprint. It’s almost better for Bell that they didn’t go this route. The Fan didn’t need it, but they also couldn’t afford not to. So here we are. The second you start talking real sports on TSN 1050 in that AM slot, the needle will move. They have the support system – it’s the only place you’ll get McKenzie and Dreger in the city and they have a roster of very intelligent people on their staff (Dave Hodge, Rick Westhead, Steve Phillips, etc.) that would be great in their respective areas. They also have affiliation with some great personalities like (mentioned in the piece) Bruce Arthur and the likes of Dan Shulman who can add insight and intelligence that will keep the listener tuned in. Not to say Rogers doesn’t have it either, but I don’t think there is any question who has the stronger depth chart between the networks.

    Bobcat makes a lot of coin, so to suggest anything other than him finishing his tenure with Rogers is crazy. If TSN can set themselves up for the next few years by solidifying a guy like Naylor (who is very bright, a great journalist, and getting much better at the radio thing), then they could be alright when the time comes that Bobcat fades to black on a legendary career. He knows better than anyone that you need to go when it’s your time. And if people around the office don’t like him, so what? His job is to get on the air, and talk sports. As long as he continues to do that, and it doesn’t poison the well, then the other stuff doesn’t matter.

    Dave Cadeau came from TSN where he worked on Off The Record, so he has at least had some experience working with talent who have been around for a long time (Landsberg) that constantly need to be challenged to evolve, especially in the sports debate / talking-heads world. Side note: Landsberg would be great on radio, love him or hate him, his preparation and debates are always entertaining, but I don’t think he would ever leave his current setup. Not sure if the timing lines up, but Cadeau worked on Off The Record at the same time that it was produced by Todd Hayes, who is now heading up TSN 1050 (under McDonald) – so this could be fun.

    I do like that whenever Sportsnet’s new/young approach is mentioned, we’re talking about guys like Strombo and Friedman, who are both in their 40s (I’m a fan of both). Does anyone know who the youngest, full-time personality on either network is? Young in this world isn’t young in every world – and I’m kind of glad about that – I like that they need to go through the minors before getting to the Big Leagues. No room for amateur hour.

  78. Mike S says:

    Bryan Hayes is 32 years old………….as far as I know he is the youngest host on either 590 or 1050 who has a daily show………..I believe Andrew Walker is also in his early to mid 30’s

  79. chuck says:

    So interesting to look at what broadcasters are toadies for their network’s partners.
    Would Sportsnet ever, EVER touch a story like this?
    I haven’t even seen a single one of Sportsnets crew tweet on it or talk about it on air? Am I wrong??

  80. Mike S says:

    Blair & Brunt talked about it with Greg Wyshynski on 590 this morning

  81. yaz says:

    @Chuck – Bettman discussed NHL players cocaine use on HCN with Millard, Kypreos and Maclean.

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