Seen & Heard – Weekend Edition

February 13th, 2016 | by mike (in boston)
Seen & Heard – Weekend Edition
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by mike in boston / @mikeinboston / hatemailaccount at gmail


Good morning sports media watchers. The media layoff wheel keeps turning, flinging bodies left and right. I am on the road with a bad internet connection right now so please forgive the extra grammatical and syntactic infelicities. I will be off for a little while and was planning to use this column to clear out a queue of stories I had been meaning to discuss. My comments on the layoffs will be brief, and I’ll say more later. As always, please be in touch via email or DM with any corrections.


Bye Bye Brady, So Long Sammut


At the end of 2015 I wrote this:


“After much shuffling and vacations both radio stations will have their complete line-ups back in the game starting next week. Bobcat comes back, Vendetta goes back to California, Blair goes back to mid-mornings, Naylor is back full-time as are his regular co-hosts, and Brady & Walker are each done with their vacations.”


Ooops. Scratch that. We are completely back to the drawing board early in 2016. To be fair, I also wrote this:


 “If I’m a betting man, the spring ratings book will be the last one with these two lineups. I expect major changes by this time next year. Remember that 2016 is scheduled to be the last full year of Bob’s tenure on PTS.”


So let’s recap: as compared to 13 months ago Toronto sports radio listeners now have two new morning shows, one new drive time show, two new early afternoon deadzone shows, and a new lunch hour hockey show. We can throw the loss of Macko into the mix as well. For the statistically inclined, that’s a 70% turnover rate. Despite all the changes, there are very few new voices but that’s another story for another day. We also have one new program director, though he has been at the FAN for a while, while the other has been in his role 20 months but is new to the market. Also, notice that despite the huge disparity in listenership between the two stations, both have made significant line-up changes.


I am not going to bother recapping Greg Brady‘s tenure on the FAN. He bounced around a lot and delivered decent to spectacular ratings everywhere they put him. I am also not going to spend much time wondering “what if”? It’s clear to me there is no way he is fired if Blundell is not brought in by Kollins. Under that alternate timeline, Brady&Walker spend 2015 killing Richards in the AM, and TSN has a much harder job figuring out how to compete. By bringing in Blundell, the FAN made the next move easy for TSN, and made Brady’s salary stick out like a sore thumb relative to his time-slot. Lastly, I am not going to summarize Greg’s strengths and weaknesses as a host. He has a polarizing personality, but as Chuck Swirsky used to say, “that’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla”.


My main question in dissecting this outcome is the following: was this entirely about money? This layoff was folded into the company wide cuts in media at Rogers so that explanation certainly seems to fit the evidence. But when you look a little deeper it doesn’t really make all that much sense.


Consider the following: Bob’s money is about to come off the books. That is a massive savings. Even if Bob sticks around in some part-time role, there’s no way the radio station is going to give him another million dollar contract. Second, Blundell has no long term future at the FAN. That’s a two-way street — Dean has been fighting to do more non-sports talk, and the station has not seen the M25-54 ratings bonanza Kollins promised. Both sides will eventually shake hands and go their separate ways. Blundell makes a semi-Bob salary, and whenever he leaves, there will be cost-savings as well.


In light of this, firing Brady seems short-sighted. You will soon have holes to fill in your two most important time-slots and Brady has proven he can hold his own on two stations, and in both major slots. He is a recognizable voice in the market and, beyond Bobcat, he is a big part of the continuity on your station.


So either it is not about the money and SN decided Brady had no future at the network for whatever reasons, or it is about the money. If the latter, Moore & Co are engaging in short term thinking about budget lines and fiscal years when they should be casting their gaze to where the puck is going. I’m not going to speculate about where the truth lies. After several negotiation windows Brady was among the best paid people on sports radio. He will leave with a handsome severance package that will give him some time off, and also time to plan his inevitable return to radio.


The big question is where he goes from here. Here are two plausible options:


A) Brady sits out a year and re-emerges in spring 2017 on TSN1050. Landsberg & Brady, Naylor & Brady, Brady & Hayes, Greg Brady in the morning … I can see lots of possibilities.  Obviously they would have to forget about his anti-TSN tirade from late 2015. But if the ratings don’t show sustained improvement over the next 12 months then hiring a proven commodity is a pretty straightforward choice.


B) Brady moves to general talk on 640/1010. As a listener it is clear that Greg loves discussing parenting, the Oscars, pop culture, music, etc. I could see him occupying the space that Mike Stafford did in his younger days, i.e. sarcastic, funny, smart, but still in touch with the middle-age demo. It would be a waste of his wide sports knowledge, but he might still find some room to fit that in here and there. When I think about the Motts and Michael Coren and the rest of the people who filled that niche when I was growing up, Brady is much better.


Greg will spend the next few months trying to figure out which option is best. Of course he could try to go to another sports market, and PDs in those markets will surely be inquiring. But his best options likely remain in Toronto. As I have written many times before, very few people have succeeded in cracking the Toronto radio market as outsiders. Greg has done it in many slots and with many co-hosts. He put up competitive numbers against PTS, which is no small feat. Best of luck to you Greg in your next venture.


Jeff Sammut has been with the station in one form or another for a very long time. With scheduled raises that made him very expensive for the time-slot. This move makes sense on financial terms.


We always complain there is no farm system for radio and Jeff was partly caught in that quandary. He should gave gone to another market to try to level-up years ago, thereby freeing up the evening slot for a younger guy. I’m sure he had his reasons for sticking around, and this is certainly not a criticism of his choices. However it should have been clear to him that the station was unlikely to give him his own show any time soon. It should also be clear to the rest of the fill-in crew that the chances of getting your own show on the FAN are next to nil. Cite the case of the person who has done it. There’s the Eric Smith/Mike Wilner career trajectory where you latch on to the broadcast side of things, but that’s about it.


I’m hoping this motivates Jeff to look for other options in other markets or in other corners of the industry in Toronto. With his depth of experience he should be able to land on his feet.


Cord Cutting


Over the last 12-24 months we have lost a lot of familiar voices due to cutbacks in media: Brady, Sammut, Hebscher, John Lott, Down Goes Brown, Kaitlyn McGrath, Eric Koreen, David Alter, Sheri Forde, and many more I am forgetting. (Not sure if you want to count Aaron Ward in here). Those are just the ones with a local connection.


The same story is playing out in markets across the continent. While most of these have been on the print side of things, many are not. The loss of jobs in traditional sports media — print, radio, TV — is far from done, as the entire ecosystem deals with a new reality.


According to a Bloomberg story, live sports are no longer seen as the goldmine they once were. In the PVR era dollars flowed to sports programming for the obvious reason that people did not want to watch it later. But with the rise of Twitter and Vine and the rest of the social media soup, younger people are much more willing to forego spending an entire evening on the couch when they can see clips and news in almost real time on their mobile devices.


You can see the effect across the sports media industry. ABC/Disney is getting hammered due to uncertainty about how many subscribers ESPN is losing. The just concluded Super Bowl ratings were down, especially among the 18-49 demo. All of this comes at a time when skinny cable packages are being mandated (hooray CRTC), which will provide even further incentives for people to cut the cord (according to some but not all).


The long and short of this is that traditional sports media jobs will be the first to go. As we move into a full multi-platform age, people will need to be able to handle some combination of radio, TV, writing, and social media. Very few people currently employed in sports media have been trained to handle this range of duties. Some people are naturally gifted and can shift between roles, but that is the exception to the norm. Just look at how many TV and print people flounder on radio. Could you imagine wanting to read columns written by Mike Richards? No. That’s not what he does. Being able to speak for 3 hours a day doesn’t mean you would be an interesting writer. Being able to read a teleprompter does not mean you can do live radio.


The conjunction of a more versatile workforce with media conglomeration means that you need far fewer people to generate the same amount of content. Why pay several full-time salaries when you can get most of the work out of a smaller group?


I’m not saying I think this is great. News organizations are cutting photographers, having reporters film their own segments, and slashing research support. The loss to the consumer will be tangible in some cases, and not in others. But the overall direction of traditional media is clear: you need to be able to do more than one thing well because there just aren’t the dollars anymore to continue under the old model.


Quick Hits


I have a mountain of things to put here but painfully slow internet, and linking takes forever.


Low Hanging Fruit


  • Great Bell Let’s Talk day interview on TSN Drive (Jan 27, hour 1) with NY Jets WR Brandon Marshall.


  • We are not sure who will join the co-host crew for Hayes’ new show but they need to put an end to the Hayes & Hayes father-son duo. It’s sweet and all but it’s also hokey and devalues Bryan’s credibility as a leading man.


  • Unlike some of you I believe in Michael Grange as a PTS co-host. With the Raps about the take over the front page, Grange should get lots more radio time. Memo to Grange: Bob loves two things – disingenuous arguments and talking about himself. In order to survive one needs to master the Brunt strategy: don’t take the bait. Just nod until he moves on to topics the audience actually cares about.


  • Walker + Micallef sounded pretty good (Feb 8, Hour 2). Solid sports talk without the hysteria. Then Sid showed up …


  • Still loving most of what 2016 Damien Cox is writing and saying.


  • Nice to see both John Lott and Down Goes Brown land at Vice after being let go from The Post and Grantland respectively.


  • Lastly, if there ever was proof that delusional people don’t know they are delusional it is this: Gregg Zaun approached Shapiro to let him know he would consider taking the Jays’ GM job. ““I’d be willing to listen.”




thanks for reading and commenting,

until next time …

mike (not really in boston)


  1. mike (in boston) says:

    I’ll be back tonight to fix typos and errors. Sorry for the hurried post.

  2. mario says:

    Thanks for the interesting read as usual. The media business if truly a tough one to survive in these days. If you young and think about making big money think again.

  3. Chris says:

    What kind of salary rage are we talking about with Brady??

  4. Chris says:

    What kind of salary range are we talking about with Brady??

  5. Too Much says:

    I don’t think the skinny cable package which consists of Canadian networks (CBC, GLOBAL, CTV) plus regional/local stations and if they choose to, American over the air TV networks like ABC is going to satisfy a lot of people. Watch pick and pay rates for all others go sky high – you want Sportsnet? $15 a month, please and thank you. And then the likes of Rogers and Bell will hike their data plans as well just to cover off the cord cutters.

  6. Not That Chris says:

    He was in AM drive, and only PTS had higher overall ratings on the station. I would guess Brady was able to negotiate himself a fairly nice raise at some point during that run. Perhaps the second third highest paid talent on the station.

  7. Original Mitch says:

    “Moore & Co are engaging in short term thinking about budget lines and fiscal years when they should be casting their gaze to where the puck is going.”

    This pretty much sums up everything Rogers has ever done with regards to media. Short term fixes, massive spending while letting the guys in the future worry about the consequences. I guess Moore is like a team GM in that sense and signs these ludicrous contracts (NHL) and doesn’t think long term.

  8. Darrell says:

    The FAN 590 programming has not been the same since 2010 when they did all those cutbacks. The quality of programming ahs gone down, the maturity of the hosts have also gone down and they change their lineup as often as people change underwear.

    They finally had a good thing a few years ago with 24/7 local Toronto sports and they blew it.

    TSN 1050 has some warts but the maturity level is much higher than down the dial in the Rogers campus.

  9. William D says:

    What a meat grinder this transition is from traditional formats to digital. It’s absolute carnage, can’t say we did not see this coming or were not warned. Those who were not ready for the internet of things are about to be awakened. Netflix, Voip, and other internet telecommunication property’s have absolutely made their stamp, eliminating all sorts of cash ultimately forcing the media conglomerates onto a serious cash and employment diet. More to come.

  10. yaz says:

    Brady, as you said, is a proven Toronto radio commodity across stations and time slots. How many among the current roster on both stations can you say that about? He’ll be back. Brady would be great with Landsberg. Brady would also be good with Cauz. Brady would also be great with Hayes but they won’t pay 3 guys for that slot and they can’t spread Brady’s salary on the TV side.

    I agree Blundell’s sojourn into sports radio is short lived. The real money is in FM and if he continues to prove he won’t say something inflammatory or libelous, he’ll be back on FM and Brady goes back to mornings? He hasn’t burned his Fan590 bridge if you read his Tweets.

    I think there are more layers to the Richards move. Bastl was likely up for a contract renewal in November and got fired because MacDonald knew he was canning the show in February anyway. Richards just got through the worst of his cancer treatment and was forced to carry a 3 1/2 hour show on his own – he likely raised serious hell with MacDonald. And Richards is a guy who one time when fired, tried to buy the station. He thinks outside the box and who in this market other than Richards has an agent from legendary CAA? Even if Richards maintains the Leafs Lunch success, his 3 year contract is up for renewal in Feb of 2017 and the Noon-4 slot doesn’t pay near as much as the morning slot so he’ll either have to work for less or walk. Try it for a year and if it doesn’t work? They let Richards walk at the end of his contract and slip Hayes/O’Neill back down to Noon. Or bring Brady in with X.

    Since MacDonald has just radically changed 75% of daytime programming, it is surprising Wheeler survived. Is Wheeler working for minimum wage? Was Bastl making 300k a year? Now is the perfect time to put Bastl with Cauz or Bastl back with Richards. And did Macko go into the witness protection program? And if Wheeler had Walker’s voice would we like him as much as Walker? Would we like Walker as much if he had Wheeler’s voice?

    Again, 1050 has to go FM or boost the AM signal. The Fan vs TSN 1050 is like two bands comparing their revenues when one is playing at the ACC and the other is playing at the Horseshoe.

    And keep Bruce Arthur off TSN. His nose is so far up in the air I can drive my SUV through his nostrils.

  11. IG says:

    Any chance Brady will move into Afternoon drive slot at 640?

    bill Carroll just left the station 2 weeks ago.

    Side note: im surprised blundell makes so much

  12. Brian says:

    Maybe Brady boosted ratings wherever he went but when he started doing Hockey Central, I stopped listening. When he went to mornings? I stopped listening. Afternoons? Nothing. So I think he benefitted greatly from Walker’s presence. Some people can talk a lot without it being nauseating, Brady is not among them. I’m not sad to see him go and hope he moves to another market.
    Speaking of nauseating, I didn’t listen much to The Shan590 this week. John Shannon was on at noon and co-hosted PTS all week. How does this happen? Who’s the genius that said “let’s take our worst broadcaster and put him on our biggest and third biggest shows” ?? It’s like the PD doesn’t want us to listen. Hearing ol’ Shanny talk about the Super Bowl is mind-numbing.
    I won’t miss Sammut either. He’s just is not someone that’s going to bring people to his show. Nice guy but that’s it. There are others, though, that would I prefer never to see/hear again. Guys like PJ Stock (who has trouble putting together cohesive thoughts), Blair, Shannon, Todd Warriner, Sutter, Blundell and Reid.
    I also think that PTS is missing former producer Ryan Walsh (who left to join Tim and Sid). We don’t really pay enough attention producers here.
    As for TSN, I’m looking forward to the Hayes drivetime experiment but I could see him being a placeholder until Jay and Dan return to Canada (maybe in September??). Dan’s recent anti-Fox Twitter rant can’t help things.
    I’m also hoping Wheeler is moved from the morning slot. He has no chemistry with Cauz and sounds like he has a permanent cold. After a recent anti-Wheeler tweet he started following my Twitter feed. I thought that was odd.

  13. Alex says:

    Bob’s new talking point about the NL getting the DH “as early as next year” is as bad as his 4 man rotation idea.

    I agree with notion put forth by the baseball talking heads that it wont happen until the next cba after the new one if then.

  14. Poker Guy says:

    @Alex: OMG yes, and he won’t let it go. He keeps bringing it up. Enough!

  15. Rob J says:

    Off topic but Rovell hasn’t been on PTS in 2016. Too bad, the show’s at its best when discussing the business side IMO

  16. Joe says:

    @Yaz Yes please bring back Bastl. I’d love to hear him back with Richards but Your idea of him with Cauz is great too. I thought they were awesome together over the summer. They are like the odd couple. Cauz is a nerdy pest and Bastl is more of the typical guy who loves to take shots at Cauz. To me this pairing is gold. they bring out the best in each other. Bastl also has top level sports knowledge and has fantastic interview skills. my only concern is they would use Cauz as the host. I think Bastl should be in the big chair with Cauz playing the wacky co-host role. If anyone has listed to Bastl’s pod cast Bastl’s Bytes you would see Bastl should be a host not a cohost. Stop holding him back.

    This would be 100000000% better than Cauz with Wheeler. Please for the love of all things holly get Wheeler off the air.

    Make it happen TSN 1050: Bastl & Cauz!

  17. Elayne says:

    Add Sunil Joshi to the departed list after 25 years at CFTO.

    And Mike Toth at CFRB

  18. Alex says:

    I had asked the pts guys on twitter about Rovell a few weeks ago but never got an answer. As far as i know, i javent heard him on 1050 yet.

  19. Cirroc says:

    @Brian. Wheeler following you after your rant is the oldest trick in the book. Trying to show you he isn’t bothered by the criticism. He should be. He’s consistently terrible.

    Thanks @mikeinboston for mentioning Sid and the hysteria. I’m no MIcallef booster but he is a capable broadcaster that is slumming it having to deal with Sid.

    It’s tough seeing cuts all over the place in media. Whether you want to chalk it up to bloat or not, just thinking of a world where any blogger can write a click bait piece and get the hits makes me cringe.

  20. dogpounder says:

    @Joe but duuuuude. Wheeler.

    I think it’s odd that all the talk in the 3 major sports (sorry not sorry nhl) is about “all the new TV money coming down the pipe.”

  21. Dave in Bolton says:

    Anyone know if Keith Olberman is joining Rogers? On twitter he’s been thanking Shannon among other SN personalities

  22. yaz says:

    ya what did happen to Aaron Ward? Matthew Barnaby made it back on the air after a worse domestic situation.

  23. Alex says:

    KO is a big hockey fan and had marek on his last espn show.

    Not having Rogers, i assumed he was either a guest or got mentioned on the marek/shannon pregame show.

    (Bob has said they have talked to KO about co hosting pts for a week, like deitsch did.)

  24. Rob in Aurora says:

    If Rogers wanted to trim the fat and save money, why not blow up HNIC? It is the worst thing in Sports TV coverage…fire the idiots that created it, fire the on air “talent” and start again with lesser known, cheaper and more talented people from TSN, etc.

    I’m fine with Brady moving on to another market. I don’t see Jay and Dan ever doing radio. If they return it will be to their old jobs, or to Sportsnet for silly money….and I too remain puzzled as to where Macko is – and also how Wheeler ever got and keeps a high profile slot. It makes no sense to me. Obviously Macko has had a personal catastrophe of some kind – its his business but its curious. Cauz replied to an email i sent (complaining about Wheeler) before Christmas saying Bob would ” be back early in the new year”. He also mentioned it on air, but in the last several weeks there has been no mention to it. I think Bob is likely not included in the future plans. I enjoyed him and Cauz. But without him, I have had to move along the dial to AM640.

  25. Art says:

    Count me as another who thinks Bastl and Cauz would be awesome.

    I think everyone can agree Wheeler has gotta go. And I really want Bastl back on the air. I thiught they were great as a pair in the summer.

  26. Art says:

    Also agree with Joe that Bastl should be host with Cauz go host.

    Everything Joe said was on point.

  27. Rob J says:

    I believe Bastl was canned earlier…makes it difficult to host.

  28. Art says:

    Yes you’re right, he was. We’re saying bring him back and get rid of Wheeler.

    They canned the wrong guy.

  29. Rob J says:

    Don’t think it works that way, but I’m sure if you email the PD he’ll make it right for you.

  30. Matty Zero says:

    The Shan590? I love it, and hate that it is a thing.

  31. yaz says:

    No Walker on Fan590 today. Show is called ‘Sportsnet Today’ described as ‘Ben Ennis talks about the salient issues in sports preview tonights action… bla bla….

    If you go on Fan 590 website and click on ‘Sportsnet Today’ there are no shows and an error message appears. And nothing appears on iTunes if you search that title.

    Nothing on Walker’s Twitter feed. Is his agent negotiating a new contract??

  32. yaz says:

    And almost everyone has given up on Podcasting I guess in advance of the new sked. Leafs Lunch nothing since last Thursday. Hayes nothing since Wed but those 2 shows are always the worst at it. Cauz is always posting fast, nothing today. Richards, nothing. Blundell, Blair HCN always fast and all posted as usual today.

  33. Mike says:

    First call today: “Bob, was this the best dunk contest of all time, what did you think of all-star weekend, you were there right?”

    Bob: “No I wasn’t there and I didn’t watch any of it” …. proceeds to rant against all-star games in general.

    This guy is a joke. Hang them up already. The 1st ever NBA all-star game in Toronto should be part of your job. If you don’t like it, go earn a living outside of sports.

  34. Art says:

    I’m a TSN guy and don’t really listen to the fan much..

    But I’m with Bobcat on this one.

    1. All star games are a waste of time
    2. Basketball sucks

    If that game was played in my back yard I’d shut the blinds.

  35. Rob J says:

    Breaking news: Longtime host with a principled stance against all-star weekends doesn’t watch all-star weekend

  36. Alex says:

    FWIW, it was called “the andrew walker show” on Tune-in radio. But naylor’s show has been called “tsn drive with dave and steve” for months.

    If you wanted asg talk today, naylors show was full of it. Other than mckenzie and dreger and 2 segments on manning story, it was all basketball talk and naylor’s usual weather talk.

  37. Brandon says:

    I think the author probably gets this right. Brady had too big a salary coming from mornings, where he started immediately after the horrific Andrew Crystal experiment. It doesn’t work at 1pm. If Q107 moved John Derringer to mornings or even when Blundell was the Edge to 1pm, the first thing anyone above the programming level would notice is a bizarre disparity in salaries. Not that Brady would be in the neighbourhood of what those two made in their prime, not saying that.

    That said, I don’t think Brady was for everybody, but he never felt settled at 1pm for me, and he and his partner did seem a bit embarrassed to be there after doing so well in mornings. If I’m a future employer, I’m just looking at whether or not the guy can deliver an audience and is he “good in the room”?

    I will admit I worked with Greg in his first radio stop in Toronto, just briefly, and couldn’t have found him to be more classy. He was working away from his wife and son/daughter in Detroit and just dove into the job and made things real easy for me as a young kid. There are divas in radio and TV and yellers and screamers, and anyone who knows him knows he isn’t one of them.

    And just looking at his twitter mentions and how he’s handled this, and the sheer volume of people thinking The Fan has made a massive mistake doing this, but I can’t see any possible way it was at the programming level. He’s handling it with incredible grace or he knows exactly where he’s ending up next because someone’s already reached out. Or it’s both. Again, I’m not a huge fan, there’s sports talk hosts in Toronto I prefer, but it seemed like he did everything The Fan asked of him and he delivered under constantly-changing situations and management.

    As for Walker, I hope it goes well. Going up against Mike Richards like he did when he first moved here, it’ll become pretty obvious one guy watches sports and the other really doesn’t. But the beancounters above Sportsnet just told everyone how important they find the 1pm slot. Not terribly. 6am and 4pm is where the money’s at.

  38. mike (in boston) says:

    Good discussion. Enjoyed reading the differing viewpoints.

    It’s pretty clear we are in a transitional period, with Richards and McCown (and possibly Blundell) at the end of their contracts within 12 months, which is right around the time when Brady’s non-compete expires.The radio line-ups will look different before too long.

    Worst job at the FAN last week? Scrubbing any references to Brady & Sammut from the website and feeds. Hope that intern got some overtime pay.

  39. Cirroc says:

    Ugh… did anybody catch Sid’s soapbox rant about the Nelly Furtado anthem debacle? Talk about low hanging fruit. And he has the gall to take shots at other networks (which seems to be a SN personality’s god given right). I don’t know what’s worse, that this clown is in media or that people enjoy his “hot takes”.

  40. Rob J says:

    A normal person would listen to an anthem and think ‘a little different but I’ll get over it’. An unhinged person rants about it irrationally 24 hours later.

  41. Cirroc says:

    @Rob J I’d prefer an unhinged person to a person that just wants attention.

  42. Brian says:

    @Rob in Aurora Completely agree about HNIC. I watched Leafs/Edm last week on TSN with Chris Cuthbert and Ray Ferarro doing the call. It was better than ANY game I’ve seen on HNIC since Rogers bought the rights. So much dead weight at HNIC: Stock, Shannon, Kypreos, Hrudey, Amber, Cassie Campbell… None of them would would have been hired by TSN if TSN had bought the rights. There are some pieces there but the games feel off. Randorf is not an A-list game caller and TSN let Mike Johnson go because he has all the charm of the person next to you on the subway — he’s just a guy. I think the low ratings have something to do with the less-than-compelling broadcast.

  43. Mike V says:

    Stupidity of TSN scheduling on full display right now. They own the Canadian rights to the Champions league. Have 4 feeds showing Benfica-Zenit, zero showing Chelsea-PSG. Same thing will apparently happen next week with the Juve-Bayern Munich game not being shown anywhere.

  44. MattK says:

    Mike V: I was just wondering why I couldn’t find Chelsea PSG, the game most people would rather watch.

  45. Rob J says:

    Kind of like how non Leaf fans have felt about HNIC for 40 years

  46. Alex says:

    Bob on Shannon “he’s not a broadcaster. He’s a failed tv producer.”

  47. (Another) Andrew says:

    Chelsea v PSG was on beIN Sport. It’s $19.95 a month online. I don’t know how they and TSN decide who gets what.

  48. MattK says:

    Thanks Another Andrew, wiki says beIN has the sub-licensed rights.

  49. Rob says:

    Hey guys,

    TSN and BeIn have a sub-licensee agreement. From what I understand, TSN gets first and second choice then BeIn then not sure from there. TSN often jumps for EPL teams first and/or Barcelona-Real. As a result, you’ll see Arsenal-Barca, Real Madrid-Roma tomorrow and Man City on TSN. Too bad because in my opinion the Chelsea-PSG tie and Juve-Bayern ties are the gems of this round.

    I would also like to say that I enjoy TSN’s soccer coverage. Jason DeVos is awesome at what he does. KJ can be a little over the top sometimes but nonetheless respectable.

  50. dberto says:

    Somebody explain to me again why we sing national anthems before sporting events?

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