The Day After Phil Kessel Traded Ask Sean Fitzgerald

July 2nd, 2015 | by torontosportsmedia
The Day After Phil Kessel Traded Ask Sean Fitzgerald
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I will be posting a larger Phil Kessel trade recap later however in the interim, I wanted to let you know that this weekends Ask the MSMer will feature Sean Fitzgerald of the National Post.

Please submit your questions for Sean below and I will compile, edit and add to my list of questions.

Happy Thursday!



  1. TV's Brent says:

    I’m really sad about the trade. Should I comfort myself with hot dogs from a street vendor or a giant ice cream cone? Please help.

  2. Sam in Scarb says:

    For Sean Fitzgerald..Ahh Who are you?

  3. Ann Mahdy says:

    How do you respond to the Steve Simmons column? Do you think he should be questioning his character that he is leaving? Should this not have been written while he was here?

  4. rob j says:

    Sam in Scarb stole my question

  5. Keith Murdoch says:

    Sean Fitzgerald, do you agree that Tim & Sid is a very mediocre show and will be cancelled within a year?

  6. Jeff says:

    @keith. You are so right. Same old format, same tired sound drops, and same old Sid trying too hard. Today they made a bet about how many goals Kessel will score this year. Sid said they will settle the bet live, on-air. All I could think was…they will have been cancelled by then.

  7. Jacob says:

    How does it feel to work mostly for print media in a world dominated by journalists working in multiple mediums (ie print, tv etc). Is there a pressure to (attempt to) jump aboard Tsn or Sportsnet?

  8. Skatez says:

    Dear Sean,

    What can I do about all the Sex, Nudity,Foul Language and Violence on my DVD player?

    Captain “Big” Hook

  9. Antonio says:

    God, I hope its cancelled long before a full year.

  10. Dros says:

    The people I find don’t like Tim & Sid all tend to be north of 40. Coincidence? I think not.

    Too free-flowing and humour based for them. They’d prefer more ad hominem articles by Steve Simmons. “Hard hitting journalism” and all that.

  11. Anthony says:


    32 here and I have no time for Tim and Sid, if others like him have at it. I find the ‘look at me’ noises and fake anger over the top, but if others like them, ces la vie..

    Ill agree, i have no idea why people continue to employ Steve Simmons, I guess he got alot of publicity yesterday, so that’s fine in the ‘stop and look at the car crash’ mentality. Not my thing thou…

  12. Antonio says:

    Yes, I’m north of 40. Perhaps if I was south of 15, I might find them entertaining. I don’t mind Sid on his own but together with Tim, its too much.

    Tell me, has Sid stopped looking (non-stop) at the monitor while he rattles on?

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