Tim and Sid Back Together At Sportsnet Fan590?

September 8th, 2011 | by torontosportsmedia

A little late update while talking 9-11 and Burgers on twitter with those of you up watching a little football.

Multiple sources are telling me at this hour that Tim Micallef has inked a contract to join Sid Seixeiro at Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590. I’m not sure when they will actually take to the air in the 1-4 slot but I am told it is a done deal.

Perhaps that’s why Rogers passed on the 2014/16 Olympics today, they needed the money for these two guys.

More as I learn more.

So, sports fans you happy?



  1. Alex says:

    I dont know them, but i like morrison going to rogers.

    Will there be any reason to listen to hnic radio now?

  2. Chris F. says:

    Good move on Rogers part.

    I wonder if maybe on a day when Tim is on vacation or something they’ll put Sid’s brother Alex on with him.

    The Amazing Seixero Brothers!

  3. Mark says:

    Rogers maybe passed on Olympics because they’ll need a billion for mlse.

  4. PBI says:

    I’m elated.

    They are a known quantity and should be a great fit in the afternoon. With the chemistry they have and their diverse knowledge of sports combined with the humourous way they discuss sports, they’re a great addition. A much more fluid pairing than Lang and Brady as well.

  5. Dadesh64 says:

    I would put Sid and Tim in the morning drive slot and move Brady and Lange to the 1-4 slot where they can do the least amount of damage. This would give the Fan590 its strongest lineup.

  6. Mike S says:

    This definitely makes things a little more interesting in the afternoon…………..I will give Tim/Sid a chance but I will probably end up listening more to Hayes than to them

    When you add this move to the insertion of Grange on Blair’s show it is pretty safe to say that the competition from 1050 has forced 590 into trying to improve their weekday lineup

  7. kevin johnson says:

    this is horrible news. TimandSid are likely to be forced to water down their content by those stiffs in suits at sportsnet. sucks for thescore 🙁

  8. headsup says:

    All of this Sid and Tim talk is exciting speculation. I’ll believe its true when I hear them on the Fan.

  9. Mike says:

    It’s great IF they can keep the same quality on their podcast ….. it’s a lot harder when you have to throw to traffic or commercials every 15 mins and when every caller is going to want to talk Leafs.

    These guys can cover all the sports, that’s what makes them exciting.

    What happens to Canadian football play by play on TheScore now? I know CIS is a big thing for Tim, would be great if he could do both.

  10. Daniel says:

    Very impressed. As i said before, I feel like Tim and Sid capture the style that Cybulski and co are going for, but actually succeed.

    Well see how the ratings shape up, but i can’t remember a time that I thought The Fans lineup was this strong. (that being said, I’m in my late 20s and the Fan is clearly trying to shift toward a younger audience, so I get that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.).

  11. mario says:

    Three great hires by Rogers… Sid and Tim will only make the !-4 time slot alot stronger and give them the opportnity to mix and move other peices with other times when things get stale in time they awlays do…welcome back Scott..agreed Pelly is the man behind all these moves..

  12. Synon says:

    Love love love the pickup, but I am slightly concerned that my sports radio input has now increased to 4 hours a day.

    Now Rogers, listen up. You want it to be clean, fine. You want designated time periods for topics, fine. But don’t take callers, don’t shove the Leafs down their throat, give them at least 20 minutes a show to talk about whatever the bleep they want and most importantly let them deconstruct sports just like they were able to do on The Score. The reason I am okay with this happening is because the fact you did this at all leads me to believe that you understand what makes the show good and you won’t screw it up, but you’ve screwed up lots of other good things, so I have to make sure.

    They’ve already got a rabid fanbase who will follow them to the Fan, the only thing that Rogers has to do is put them on the air as is, and everything will be fine.

  13. Mike says:

    Who arr these jokers? From The Score? Really?

    LOL @ the guy who said move Brady and Lang to 1-4.

  14. Sam In Scarb says:

    @ Synon no need to worry PD kollins is CLEARLY not making any on -air decisions anymore…people that know the business are!

  15. mike (in boston) says:

    the contrast in styles in the 1-4 slot is going to be really interesting. i suspect some people will find Tim & Sid unlistenable and gravitate to Son of Hayes instead. As a listener, I think having choice is a good thing and this is exactly the kind of competition I was hoping for when TSN RADIO began.

    Tim and Sid have the kind of on-air rapport that other co-hosts dream of. It will be interesting to see if they can sustain it for a 3 hour live show, rather than a 1 hour podcast.

  16. Moe Howard says:

    get those 2 idiot frat boy off the morning drive and pleeeeze get Damien Cox off the air!!!! He’s making PTS unlistenable.

  17. Daniel says:

    I wonder if Tim and Sid will do any work on Connected? They would be an upgrade over what’s there now, in my opinion.

  18. Tim was still on Score on the NFL, which is their flagship show. don’t know if they’d keep him on if was on the way out. Then again , it’s not like the Score has deeep bench.

    Interesting to see if 590 goes after Cam Stewart for their gambling progrim??

  19. Dave in Bolton says:

    id like to see TSN buy the Score and turn it into TSNEWS.

  20. Dave in Bolton says:

    TSN 1050 made a mistake they should of hired Tim and Sid as their mourning show hosts.

  21. Vic says:

    If this is true Rogers Sportsnet just got the 2 best guy in the business. Congratz boys!

    Ps. Let them speak freely

  22. kyo says:

    wonder if dave pratt from team 1040 is joinging the fan 590

  23. drewski says:

    Sim and Tid said they would never work for the three letter network because of the way they do things.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Sad to see these guys go, but good pickup by Rogers. They can diversify the topics, no call-in’s though. I do worry that a clean show, and the constraints on topics will kill the original Uncut fan base. #Realtalk?

  25. martine says:

    What a huge waste for The Score. Tim is the complete package and deserves to be on television. Hopefully this leads to him being on air again.

  26. Lali says:

    Feel for you Kevin J. and the rest of the true hardcore sports fans

    Won’t believe Sid and Tim moving to the ‘3 letter’ until there’s proof, all of this just makes me sick


  27. Lali says:

    Whoops, meant the ‘net’ not the 3 letter but they’re both the same in the end.

  28. Dougiee says:

    Good to hear the Dynamic Duel back on radio! What a steal the SNfan590 accomplished! I was a mistake for THE STORE let you go? if they did. You guys were the best together on the nightly 10 pm slot THE SCORE TONIGHT! watched every night when both hosting was great you feed off each other go with the flow on whats happening in the world of Sports you made me laugh! Awesome together! you know your stuff ! Hope you get back on tv someday with own Show called THE SID AND TIM HAPPY HOUR IN SPORTS!
    PS or just send me a SNFAN590 hat logo but add Sid and Tim on top! great promotion for you guys

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