Toronto Sports Media, Ask The MSM: Ray Ferraro

December 9th, 2015 | by torontosportsmedia
Toronto Sports Media, Ask The MSM: Ray Ferraro
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by TSM @yyzsportsmedia

Ok sports fans, time to submit your questions for Ray Ferraro, retired NHL player turned media member and father of current NHL player Landon Ferraro.

Ray’s become one of the best in the business and is a great guy to boot.

“An 18-year NHL veteran, Ray Ferraro brings a unique perspective to TSN’s all-encompassing hockey coverage as a lead game analyst.

Ferraro joined the TSN team in 2008, and has since become one of Canada’s most recognizable and respected hockey broadcasters.

Ferraro delivers game analysis for TSN’s hockey coverage, including the IIHF World Junior Championships.

Ferraro played for six teams during his NHL career, scoring 408 goals and 490 assists in 1,258 NHL regular season games played. With 898 career points, Ferraro retired as one of the top 100 point scorers in NHL history.” From the TSN website

So, ask away!



  1. Rob J says:

    Who was the toughest goalie for you to score on in your career?

  2. Wayne says:

    I enjoy your work, try to never miss Leafs lunch at 1pm to hear your perspective. A couple of questions.
    1. What was your biggest enemy highlight and lowlight of your NHL career?
    2. I understand loyalty, I understand TSN does 100 hockey games/year (but all regional) why did you not switch to Sportsnet ( which I’m grateful you didn’t). Surely they offered you a job, you would have been by far the best in hockey that they have.

  3. Wayne says:

    Sorry take out the word enemy in the first question. I have no idea how that got there, lol!

  4. alex says:

    Do people still bring up the chicken parm thing?

  5. Marcus says:

    Multi-part question: What drove your decision to become an analyst rather than remain in the game as a scout/coach/etc., what were your biggest challenges, and what habits did you develop to ultimately succeed?

  6. Rob J says:

    A MSNer who got in trouble for criticizing an NHL player said that in this era, only former players have carte blanche to speak the truth, while the non-explayers in the media feel more pressure to use kid gloves. Does this sentiment ring true?

  7. Tighthead says:

    Ray, have heard you a million times on radio. Always good value.

    Did you feel a moral obligation to harass EliottebFriedman for wearing women’s yoga pants on the media flight in the 2011 Finals?

    A serious question – how did you enjoy being the morning co-host on 1040 and talking about other sports than hockey?

  8. RichieD says:

    How come we don’t hear u on Toronto morning shows with richerds

  9. Jp says:

    Ray, why does Leafs lunch always seem to get players on phone interviews to be candid and seemingly happy to talk, as opposed to monotone afraid-to-be-baited-into-a-bad-quote boring cliché answers when doing the same on hockey central at noon? Wait that might just be a rethorical question you don’t have to answer that…

  10. Dogpounder says:

    Must be a Searasil Joint Formula question. I’m trying to come up with something funny but it’s late….

  11. yaz says:

    What is the worst experience you have had with people immediately behind you or next to you while the cut to your camera for your analysis?

  12. Uncle Slick says:

    Why are you not in player development with some club or Hockey Canada?
    or Coaching?

    How did you hook up with Cammi?

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