TSN RADIO 1050 Launches- 8:43 Update

April 13th, 2011 | by torontosportsmedia


WOW thanks for all the comments. I am trying to find audio clips from the beginning. Meanwhile, the guys at the Fan certainly aren’t taking TSN radio lightly, check out this lineup for Jeff Blair:

Toronto Maple Leafs great Wendel Clark at 9AM
current Leafs goalie James Reimer at 9:20,
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment President/CEO Richard Peddie at 9:40
Sloan guitarist Patrick Pentland at 10,
Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell at 11:40!

More as it comes….
It’s here, let everyone know what your listening to and what you think…. I will add comments to this post as it is updated throughout the day.




  1. PBI says:

    “I know….but where?!”

    10 minutes in and TSN already made a pretty hilarious blunder.

  2. Jack says:

    Sounds like ameteur hour!

  3. Jack says:

    I can spell but not type.

    Sounds like amateur hour!

  4. Andrew says:

    Not content related but Richard voice is much fuller than Brady/Lang.

  5. Bryan says:

    I know eh? I searched for a site and then just happened to find it at the top tight corner of the tsn site (if you can’t listen on the radio). If they don’t have a website up then I think they are already behind the 8-ball because first impressions can be lasting.

  6. Bryan says:

    I dont know what it is but TSN Radio already has a more professional feel to it than I would have thought.

    BTW I found the site link: http://tsn.ca/radio

    TSN’s site looks the same for everything…

  7. Pat says:

    Not impressed so far. For something that had so much publicity and time to prepare, lot’s of technical problems. Music is too loud during updates, can barely hear the announcer.

    Bumpers coming back from updates way too long. Felt like reaching for the button to get back to the Fan

    Jim Barker as the first live in studio guest? REALLY???

    No where to go but up TSN !!!!!

  8. Mike says:

    So far so good… its nice to FINALLY have options as a sports radio fan in the mornings….. Richards is pretty good tho…so far so good… looking forward to hearing James Cybulski & Company at 4PM to compare it to Bob McCown and Damien Cox on Fan!

  9. Am only going to listen to the Fan at 7 am for the Burke interview. Otherwise Will be tuning in to here McQuire and Dreger on TSN.

    Richards voice is a little easier on the ears than Brady’s. I can take Brady mid-day but for some reason his voice is grating first thing in the morning.

    1050 is really hard to pick up at my house for some reason they need to boost their power. I am only in Burlington and only one radio in my house seems to get the signal in a strong fashion.

    Also – a full hour with the argos coach? Yikes!

  10. dsscpu says:

    CJCL-AM and CHUM-AM both broadcast at 50kW. But the CHUM tower is near the 403/QEW in Oakville. Not sure where The 590 tower is…

  11. dsscpu says:

    They need to get their web domains sorted out. 1050chum.com still redirects to cp24.com

    Meanwhile, tsn1050.ca, tsnradio1050.com and tsnradio1050.ca are redirecting to nowhere!

    Anywho they got Johnny Bower coming up. God I know they won’t, but I wish more than anything they would lead off the top with http://rockradioscrapbook.ca/chum-stanleycup-63.ram which is the 1050 CHUM news report from when the Leafs won the ’63 cup…

  12. MwG64 says:

    I am listening to TSN Radio!So far so good…A little more laid back then i thoughtit would be?Which is kinda nice..But i do not expect it to stay that way!…Gonna miss Jim Lang…But the list of TSN insiders is to strong and thats what will keep me listening!!And no whiny Brady!!!

  13. RonNasty64 says:

    I switched over during the commercials on Fan590 and they kept talking about football. …And now back to the Fan590 for yet another message from our sponsor.

  14. static says:

    The signal is seriously weak all over my house. I’m switching to Dean Blundell

  15. headsup says:

    Currently listening to TSN Radio. Couldn’t pick it up very well here in Cambridge, and had a heck of a time finding the webcast. I hope they get that figured out. A few embarrassing technical gliches (I.E the dead air fter the Gordon Ramsey bit… well dead except for Richards’ voice saying “ID…”). I enjoy his interview style, as he definitely seems to have an experienced inside view of sports (well at least hockey so far). Jim Barker may have been the first guest because of TSN Radio’s holding the Argos radio rights. One hour may have been a bit much.
    Overall, so far so good.

  16. mike (in boston) says:

    good luck TSN. As a listener i have been looking forward to having options for toronto sports radio, and that day is here.

    in my opinion the market is big enough to support two sports radio stations, and so i really don’t care who wins the ratings book. Just put on quality content, with people who care about their jobs and have respect for the listener, and i will be happy to tune in.

    happy listening everybody.

  17. dave says:

    tried to pickup TSN Radio in scarborough on my drive down kingston road and it was barely listenable. The other stations come in nice and clear. I hope it gets better, somehow.

  18. Greg says:

    Listened to it on the drive to work. Considering people have been calling him the second best sports talk host in the country, I had to give this a big meh. The Gordon Ramsey bit was horrible. It was no better than any of the unfunny bits that Landry used to do. People criticize Blair for all of his ums and ahs but Richards was doing lots when I was listening. If he was up against Krystal he would probably be killing but I really like Brady and Lang.

  19. Doug says:

    Let’s give them the rest of the week to sort out the kinks and see how they do on Monday. How lucky are we to have 2 sports radio stations in this market. Can only benefit the listener. A real scoop for TSN getting Hogan on the weekend for 7 hours a day!. No one talks baseball and football like him!

  20. dfish says:

    Good Morning Toronto

    So far so good for TSN Radio. They need to work on the web edition it times out after a while unlike other stations on the web. Hope they can solve these few problems and make this the station to turn to for sports in TO.

  21. Jim says:

    Not sure about Richards but it is only the first show. Good to have choices but found myself listening to Brady/Lang more. Here is the direct address for the TSN player if anyone needs it to bookmark http://devimages.tsn.ca/radio/listen/

  22. Sam In Scarbrough says:

    Huh …It seems TSN/1050 has gotten someones attention at wkrp/590..
    Real guests on Mr. ahh hun aah Studders show 9-12…
    (I was looking forward to” will the Leafs make the playoffs next year”??) and open the phones for an hour.
    Amazing what competition does !!!
    Is it true 590 will be dropping Live Turkeys from an airplane this afternoon??

  23. Adhish says:

    One hour of Richards from 9am-10am and two hours of Bryan Hayes from 10am-12pm. BYE BYE BLAIR!! Finally a local alternative. Cant wait to hear Hogie on the weekend!!

  24. Chris F. says:

    Haven’t been able to listen to TSN Radio much today as i’ve been out on the road and well….The signal is extremely weak. You’d think TSN would know about the issues with the signal/tower and rectify it in time.

    Let’s see what they do about that. Now that i’m home though I will listen to TSN on the web.

  25. Awguy says:

    Not impressed with TSN radio so far. Been listening for an hour and it’s wall to wall hockey. This is what I feared when TSN decided to start a radio station.

  26. @awguy you shoudl have listened from 6-7 when it was wall to wall CFL

  27. leafsfan1967 says:

    I’m listening to TSN1050 here in Philadelphia. I could do without the juvenile humour but it’s less irritating than the rubbish on the Fan 590.

    My other comment is that I wish they would make an audio stream available that didn’t require having a web browser open.

  28. Chris F. says:

    meatriarchy….yeah shove another sport at 6 in the morning that really works!

    Anyways while it’s all hockey talk i’m hearing right now i’m really enjoying Son of Hayes’ interview with James Reimer. This has to be the most in depth and somewhat informative interview i’ve heard with Reimer. It also shows that Hayes can be a pretty good interviewer when not encumbered by old man Watters.

  29. leafsfan1967 says:

    Hayes is good. He’s off to a very solid start.

  30. headsup says:

    Bryan Hayes is the man. I’m also glad to see WKRP590 stepping up their game. I wonder how long it will be before either station resorts to “Will the Leafs make the playoffs next year?” or “Should Ron Wilson be renewed?”
    Also I think that TSN Radio needs to get their twitter going. They are falling behind.

  31. Also I enjoyed having Bob McKenzie for an hour over lunch time. I didn’t get to listen to all of it but I do think that the combo of McKenzie; McGuire and Dreger as regulars on TSN Radio gives them an excellent hockey lineup to compete with thefan

    Conspiracy theory: The leafs radio rights will be split. Games that are being shown on TSN will also be broadcast on TSN Radio and ditto for games on sportsnet.

  32. Anthony says:

    I think it will be hilarious when The Dan Patrick show destroys Krystal in the ratings, its not even going to be close.

  33. Raptors Devotee says:

    The hockey lunchtime show on TSN 1050 Radio was far better than the one on the FAN 590. I know 100% where I will be tuning in for my playoff fix. Doug Maclean is as obnoxious as they come, and I am happy to never need to tune back.

  34. dsscpu says:

    TSM, if you are looking for clips, you need to get two sets. The first being when they killed the CP24 feed at midnight and went to ESPN Radio and the other at 5:30 when Mike Richards started with some difficulties…

  35. Daniel says:

    I’m usually pretty patient with Krystal..

    But he’s doing a topic later on ‘is there a future for basketball in Toronto’. I’ve heard him do that about 5 times, and it’s pretty much the only basketball topic I’ve ever heard him do. He’s pretty much the same with baseball – he only generally asks ‘is the game too slow’ as a topic.

    I guess he doesn’t know much about either sport, so he jumps to those kinds of things. It’s so predictable and boring. How bout he just … I dunno… talks about the team? How they’re playing? What the future looks like?

  36. Rome says:

    I was listening to Brady most in the morning. I turned to TSN during the Gordon Ramsey skit and had no idea who it was suppose to be (and I am a Ramsey fan) but didn’t sound nothing like him (when did Ramsey ever sound posh?) than the awkward silence after it. From the bits I heard (mostly during Fan morning show down time) it didn’t really connect

    During the Blair/Hayes hours. I had an open mind but found myself listening to Blair more often than Hayes.

    The Hockey hour I stayed with Fan, come on they had the Gretz on. But honestly I can see myself skipping both.

    TSNRad first win for me came with Dan Patrick, no doubt smarter than Krystal and has more substance. Then again that isn’t much of an effort.

  37. @rome see for me I had no interest in tuning in for Gretsky. I just don’t find him an interesting interview.

    I’ve never been one to tune into a radio show just because a star athlete is on. In fact I find star athletes to be usually the most bland guests.
    Of course there are exceptions like Jeremy Roenick who I enjoyed when Krystal was doing mornings.

  38. Daniel says:

    The bits I heard of Richards and Hayes today seemed fine. But I like Brady/Lang and Blair a lot. So I’ll probably be listening to them mostly, unless Richards or Hayes have a topic that interests me much more.

    I won’t really listen to either hockey show, other than quick hits. Mike Bullards noon show on 1010 is surprisingly good (considering his TV show was terrible).

    I’m not sure I’ll listen much to Krystal or Dan Patrick. If TSN puts a half decent local guy in there, I’m sure I’ll switch.

  39. Bryan says:

    TSN good debut yes they had some glitches but I enjoyed listening to Richards, Hayes was a lot better then I expected didnt listen to much of the TSN hockey hour I went back to the FAN. Patrick show is disappointing but definitely better then listening to Krystal TSN needs to find something to replace it with and they will be in good shape till 4 when McCown will keep ruling.

  40. Cam says:

    I only got to listen to the 9-10 Richards hour and the first 10 minutes or so of Hayes. So far it has been a more comfortable fit for me than the Fan during that same time slot. Largely because it was sports radio without the call-ins but time will tell.

    However, there is no doubt that I am enjoying the Patrick show far more than anything else I have heard in the afternoon slot at the FAN for a very long time.

    All I can say is it absolutely great to have the choice and do hope both find enough audience to survive.

  41. Daniel says:

    How is Jack Armstrong taking calls on The Fan with Krystal right now. Doesn’t he work for TSN?

  42. dsscpu says:


    ALL of the Raptors TV Guys – David Amber, Sherman Hamilton, Matt Devlin, Leo Rautins and Jack Armstrong – work for, surprise Raptors TV which is owned by MLSE. So those 5 guys have the ability to go on both TSN and Sportsnet. Both companies have been hyping them up as contributors to their stations the last few days.

    I figure the Leafs TV guys are in the same boat.

  43. dsscpu says:

    Ok, WTF, http://www.tsnradio1050.com is redirecting to Fan590 website, while http://www.1050chum.com redirects to CP24 website… does TSN Radio have a web team or no?

  44. Chris F. says:

    I have a feeling the Hockeycentral guys will have to be far more professional and tone down their frat boy annoyances especially MacLean as the TSN radio show is a lot more sleek and in some ways more informative. Interestingly enough yesterday was on HockeyCentral it was just Mac in the studio and it was A LOT more listenable because there wasn’t that goofiness they usually engage in.

    That’s the kind of radio they’ll need to do more often if they want to beat TSN Radio when it comes to the hockey shows. As for Dan Patrick…He kills Krystal easily without effort so I know where my attention will be from 1-4. I just hope that when TSN puts in local talent said talent will be as well rounded as DP.

  45. _Justink says:

    Wow, this is interesting.

    Go to http://www.tsnradio1050.com and it redirects you over to fan590.com.

    Nice one Rogers.

  46. dsscpu says:

    Haha, Naylor dropped a Team 1050 reference…

  47. Awguy says:

    Holy crap, their afternoon sports anchor sounds like a first year college student!

    Although I am impressed with Cybulski so far. I could see myself listening to this.

  48. dsscpu says:

    He dropped 5 wrestling references in the first 10 minutes… this sounds more like an ESPN Radio show than something I would hear at 590 so far… the intro was a tad too long though…

  49. mario says:

    Listened for awhile this morning on the way to work and a bit at noon… not to impressed just sound like 640am with all the TSN guys and I am not a big fan at all … I know it is only their first day but….glad to see the Fan has picked up a notch…I am not a TSN fan at all so the Fan will be #1 station of choice…

  50. Chris F. says:


    Yeah the intro reeked of ESPN Radio stylings to me although listening to the show at this moment it’s settling into a groove. This show is definitely skewing towards a younger audience than what Bobcat caters to.

  51. miracleviolence says:

    This is probably a case of opening jitters; but this is very 1995 DJ stuff. I’m expecting a Sheryl Cow tix giveaway any moment. We get it; you’re young and “hep”, just calm down. The update dude…yeesh

  52. Chris says:


    Agree 100%

    Listening to Cybulski and Co now, and I’m not very impressed. btw, 1050’s signal sucks.

  53. Tyler says:

    Not bad. Some technical glitches. Not very tight coming in and out of breaks. Dead air- not very tightly produced.

    Richards sounds good. Good voice, decent sports knowledge- not sure if it is up to Brady’s level though… Time will tell.

    Hayes seems ok. Only heard bits and pieces of him on 640. It will be interesting to see how a “hockey guy” can cover other sports- Jack Armstrong has shown that versaility is possible.

    Didn’t hear Kouleas but I’m sure it was typical.

    Also- while I enjoy Dan Patrick’s show… You absolutely need to be local. This is radio. Local wins. If local didn’t matter terestrial radio would cease to exist. Stick your syndicated guys on the overnights.

    C-balls- not bad. I hated the grill room so we’ll see how Wheeler does.

    All in all- lots of promise.

  54. Daniel says:

    James Cybulski seems like a good guy, and I don’t want to rag on him since it’s his first show, but I don’t think what I’ve heard so far is very good. Sounds like it’s trying very hard to be young and hip. It sort of sounds like a show on The Score on satellite radio to me.

    I do wish him luck, it’d be nice to have an alternative and the competition has already made PTS better (Cox replaced Shannon). But yeah, haven’t enjoyed what I’ve heard so far of his show.

    I find it curious that TSN has gone so CFL heavy today. With all due respect to Argo fans, I think it’s safe to say that the team is a solid #4 in the market. And it’s nowhere close to the season even starting.

  55. Mullah_Kintyre says:

    I want the juvenile humour from Mike Richards. That’s why people listen to him.
    After Richards left Toronto, Landry tried to be a replacement, and was okay sometimes, but he was never quite up to the same quantity or quality as Richards.
    If I wanted to listen to someone who doesn’t do that, I’ve got everyone else on radio to choose from.


  56. Peter says:

    Yes it was their first day and they’re bound to get better but that was a pretty poor effort to start things off. Every show had a ridiculously long intro and it just sounded very amateurish at times. I listened to the first 15 minutes of Hayes’ show and he was on for all of 4 of the first 15, that’s brutal. It’s also the opening night of the NHL playoffs, the Raptors, Jays and TFC are all in action and you spend 2 hours talking CFL football (it’s April!!) during Richards show. Not a good start

  57. Dave from the suburbs says:

    Did not like Cybulski. Holy Ryan Seacrest! IN-UN-CEE-ATE much?

    And their bumpers are horrendous. Sound like a meat grinder. Whoever does their audio needs to know how to mix.

  58. Terry says:

    Fun day of listening. Felt like so far the winners were FAN moning show, Hayes vs Blair pretty close, Hockeycentral better than TSN (Gretzky interview was great!!) but also think its a better show for radio. People seem convinced here that TSN hockey coverage is better, but on the radio, Kypreos and MacLean are more fun and beat the crap out of Dreger before. AND Kouleas is the most annoying person out there!!!Afternoons seem like a waste right now on both, and it will take a lot to beat out Bob. Hogan on the weekends a great move. FAN590 still number 1, but nice to have choices.

  59. Chris A. says:

    Just realized I was looking forward to Jim Richards all this time. A bit disappointing to find out I was confused. But the production quality on TSN just sounded so much better. I was very impressed.

    Hard to take the Fan seriously anymore when they continue to let Krystal poison the airwaves.

  60. Neal says:

    TSN Radio was very CFL heavy on its first day, but rightly so…they have the radio broadcasting rights headlining is play by play lineup. Good of Mike Hogan to find a home there to continue his CFL play by play duties (here’s hoping).

    Jim Barker was a great guest on the inaugural morning show.

    A good start…it’s going to be tough for the Fan and TSN battling in out for listeners. Humans only have one set of ears and flipping channels doesn’t usually occur as quickly in radio as it does in TV.

    Round 2…who wins Leaf broadcast rights?

  61. Daniel says:

    Neal – no offense to Argo fans, I know there’s a fanbase there, but I’m not sure they’ve been a ‘major’ topic on sports radio in this city in years.

    Plus..I mean..they’re not even using a broadcast team for the play by play. Just simulcasting TV. So it’s not like they have much invested in it.

    Anyway..hey, I’m not complaining. Nice to hear variety. I just think it’s an odd choice – especially for opening day.

  62. Rome says:

    The Argo talk was a way too much on the first day, I appreciate being the alternative and TSN has the rights to it. But it’s sill over a couple of months away from opening the season, and so much other sports going on.

    I actually didn’t mind too much Krystal talkig basketball with Armstrong. But I thought it was funny when Krystal said “Today will be the last day of Raptor talk” and a caller asking “Just because the season ends that means there nothing else to talk about” I don’t know if Krystal misspoke but it sounded funny and good fuel for the “angry basketball fans” who think they don’t get enough respect.

    Oh and Daniel, totally agree Bullard is a way better radio host than a TV host.

  63. Jimmy Jam says:

    TSN Radio-Hockey,Hockey,Hockey…..Hockey is a great sport but so is basketball!!!Did you know the B-Ball playoffs are about to start and it barely got mentioned this week on this channel! Channel has potintial just add more content. All the Argo talk?/Really??

  64. Jimmy Jam says:

    is it 4:20 yet?

  65. Jimmy Jam says:

    I have just become self aware and I have been programed to beleive tha the Fan 590 must be defeated!

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