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TSN RADIO 1050 Launches- 8:43 Update

April 13th, 2011 | by torontosportsmedia


WOW thanks for all the comments. I am trying to find audio clips from the beginning. Meanwhile, the guys at the Fan certainly aren’t taking TSN radio lightly, check out this lineup for Jeff Blair:

Toronto Maple Leafs great Wendel Clark at 9AM
current Leafs goalie James Reimer at 9:20,
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment President/CEO Richard Peddie at 9:40
Sloan guitarist Patrick Pentland at 10,
Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell at 11:40!

More as it comes….
It’s here, let everyone know what your listening to and what you think…. I will add comments to this post as it is updated throughout the day.



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  1. dsscpu says:

    He dropped 5 wrestling references in the first 10 minutes… this sounds more like an ESPN Radio show than something I would hear at 590 so far… the intro was a tad too long though…

  2. mario says:

    Listened for awhile this morning on the way to work and a bit at noon… not to impressed just sound like 640am with all the TSN guys and I am not a big fan at all … I know it is only their first day but….glad to see the Fan has picked up a notch…I am not a TSN fan at all so the Fan will be #1 station of choice…

  3. Chris F. says:


    Yeah the intro reeked of ESPN Radio stylings to me although listening to the show at this moment it’s settling into a groove. This show is definitely skewing towards a younger audience than what Bobcat caters to.

  4. miracleviolence says:

    This is probably a case of opening jitters; but this is very 1995 DJ stuff. I’m expecting a Sheryl Cow tix giveaway any moment. We get it; you’re young and “hep”, just calm down. The update dude…yeesh

  5. Chris says:


    Agree 100%

    Listening to Cybulski and Co now, and I’m not very impressed. btw, 1050’s signal sucks.

  6. Tyler says:

    Not bad. Some technical glitches. Not very tight coming in and out of breaks. Dead air- not very tightly produced.

    Richards sounds good. Good voice, decent sports knowledge- not sure if it is up to Brady’s level though… Time will tell.

    Hayes seems ok. Only heard bits and pieces of him on 640. It will be interesting to see how a “hockey guy” can cover other sports- Jack Armstrong has shown that versaility is possible.

    Didn’t hear Kouleas but I’m sure it was typical.

    Also- while I enjoy Dan Patrick’s show… You absolutely need to be local. This is radio. Local wins. If local didn’t matter terestrial radio would cease to exist. Stick your syndicated guys on the overnights.

    C-balls- not bad. I hated the grill room so we’ll see how Wheeler does.

    All in all- lots of promise.

  7. Daniel says:

    James Cybulski seems like a good guy, and I don’t want to rag on him since it’s his first show, but I don’t think what I’ve heard so far is very good. Sounds like it’s trying very hard to be young and hip. It sort of sounds like a show on The Score on satellite radio to me.

    I do wish him luck, it’d be nice to have an alternative and the competition has already made PTS better (Cox replaced Shannon). But yeah, haven’t enjoyed what I’ve heard so far of his show.

    I find it curious that TSN has gone so CFL heavy today. With all due respect to Argo fans, I think it’s safe to say that the team is a solid #4 in the market. And it’s nowhere close to the season even starting.

  8. Mullah_Kintyre says:

    I want the juvenile humour from Mike Richards. That’s why people listen to him.
    After Richards left Toronto, Landry tried to be a replacement, and was okay sometimes, but he was never quite up to the same quantity or quality as Richards.
    If I wanted to listen to someone who doesn’t do that, I’ve got everyone else on radio to choose from.

  9. Peter says:

    Yes it was their first day and they’re bound to get better but that was a pretty poor effort to start things off. Every show had a ridiculously long intro and it just sounded very amateurish at times. I listened to the first 15 minutes of Hayes’ show and he was on for all of 4 of the first 15, that’s brutal. It’s also the opening night of the NHL playoffs, the Raptors, Jays and TFC are all in action and you spend 2 hours talking CFL football (it’s April!!) during Richards show. Not a good start

  10. Dave from the suburbs says:

    Did not like Cybulski. Holy Ryan Seacrest! IN-UN-CEE-ATE much?

    And their bumpers are horrendous. Sound like a meat grinder. Whoever does their audio needs to know how to mix.

  11. Terry says:

    Fun day of listening. Felt like so far the winners were FAN moning show, Hayes vs Blair pretty close, Hockeycentral better than TSN (Gretzky interview was great!!) but also think its a better show for radio. People seem convinced here that TSN hockey coverage is better, but on the radio, Kypreos and MacLean are more fun and beat the crap out of Dreger before. AND Kouleas is the most annoying person out there!!!Afternoons seem like a waste right now on both, and it will take a lot to beat out Bob. Hogan on the weekends a great move. FAN590 still number 1, but nice to have choices.

  12. Chris A. says:

    Just realized I was looking forward to Jim Richards all this time. A bit disappointing to find out I was confused. But the production quality on TSN just sounded so much better. I was very impressed.

    Hard to take the Fan seriously anymore when they continue to let Krystal poison the airwaves.

  13. Neal says:

    TSN Radio was very CFL heavy on its first day, but rightly so…they have the radio broadcasting rights headlining is play by play lineup. Good of Mike Hogan to find a home there to continue his CFL play by play duties (here’s hoping).

    Jim Barker was a great guest on the inaugural morning show.

    A good start…it’s going to be tough for the Fan and TSN battling in out for listeners. Humans only have one set of ears and flipping channels doesn’t usually occur as quickly in radio as it does in TV.

    Round 2…who wins Leaf broadcast rights?

  14. Daniel says:

    Neal – no offense to Argo fans, I know there’s a fanbase there, but I’m not sure they’ve been a ‘major’ topic on sports radio in this city in years.

    Plus..I mean..they’re not even using a broadcast team for the play by play. Just simulcasting TV. So it’s not like they have much invested in it.

    Anyway..hey, I’m not complaining. Nice to hear variety. I just think it’s an odd choice – especially for opening day.

  15. Rome says:

    The Argo talk was a way too much on the first day, I appreciate being the alternative and TSN has the rights to it. But it’s sill over a couple of months away from opening the season, and so much other sports going on.

    I actually didn’t mind too much Krystal talkig basketball with Armstrong. But I thought it was funny when Krystal said “Today will be the last day of Raptor talk” and a caller asking “Just because the season ends that means there nothing else to talk about” I don’t know if Krystal misspoke but it sounded funny and good fuel for the “angry basketball fans” who think they don’t get enough respect.

    Oh and Daniel, totally agree Bullard is a way better radio host than a TV host.

  16. Jimmy Jam says:

    TSN Radio-Hockey,Hockey,Hockey…..Hockey is a great sport but so is basketball!!!Did you know the B-Ball playoffs are about to start and it barely got mentioned this week on this channel! Channel has potintial just add more content. All the Argo talk?/Really??

  17. Jimmy Jam says:

    is it 4:20 yet?

  18. Jimmy Jam says:

    I have just become self aware and I have been programed to beleive tha the Fan 590 must be defeated!

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