1. ticky13 says:

    Your sources? I didn’t realize Bob McKenzie tweeting it out to everybody counted.

  2. Roger says:

    Great news!

    That’s 5 years the Leafs will never get back.

  3. Derrick says:

    Hockey Central is extending the show until the press conference at 1:45. They’ll probably be on afterwards as well. Tim and Sid have a pretty easy day today.

  4. Roger says:

    Great news!

    That’s 5 years the
    Leafs will never get back.

  5. Derrick says:

    Who broke the news first – TSN or Sportsnet? Would one of the board members leaked it to their respective sports network?

    • Alex says:

      based on twitter, McKenzie had it first. Then, a few minutes later, 590 said “waiting to confirm” and then a few minutes later said “Conifmed by Kyproes.”

  6. johnp says:

    just watching the leafs presser … are those strings I see attached to nonis or is it my imagination?

  7. Another Steve says:

    Anyone else notice that 590 has not been on the radio for the past hour or so? I connected via the website, but nothing is coming up on the radio dial.

  8. Mullah_Kintyre says:

    Anybody else have 590’s AM signal disappear today? It wasn’t there when I tried at about 12:30 pm, and only had it come back after 3 pm. I know there’s other ways to hear it, but still bad timing for a technical problem if that’s what happened.

    Edit: Apparently yes. Apologies for not seeing the other post.

  9. Kamlesh says:

    Tweet from Damien Cox:
    “Bell/Rogers are 50-50 partners. But those in the know say Bell’s George Cope is clearly the lead suit. And he hated Burke.”

  10. Kamlesh says:

    Interesting tweets by James Mirtle (@mirtle) and Damien Cox (@DamoSpin ). Both know a lot about the Leafs, but have very divergent views – Cox pro-Burke, Mirtle the opposite.

  11. Nan Young Lee says:

    can 1050 do anything right? the biggest leaf story of the year and on cybulski’s show they cut away to the nhl news conference in ny. of course, who wants to hear about burke when we can listen to bettman and jeremy jacobs say (surprise!) the board ratified the agreement. if you listen the both anselmi interviews you got the difference between mccown and cybulski. anselmi’s phone rang during both interviews, bob just kept going on with the interview, cybulski stopped the interview to make some dumb joke about ringtones. ugh.
    maybe now that bell’s ceo has got rid of burke he can make changes at 1050. how can tsn dominate tv but be so inept on the radio side?

  12. Itchy Butt says:

    So funny hearing the puckheads after the fact. Shannon was wrong on everything he said.

  13. Itchy Butt says:

    Fucking hell….how do you have a guy be the major mouthpiece for an organization this big and every second word is “ya know”.

  14. Kamlesh says:

    I wonder if MLSE found out Flyers were interested in Luongo. Now Burke had missed his chance by holding out for a lower return to Vancouver. Apparently the Canucks want Grossman buy would settle for, wait for it, Luke Schenn(according to Adrian Dater
    who broke the Flyer story on @adater).
    James Mirtle was on 1050 with Hogan tonight and said the Globe would have a story about the real reasons for the firing tomorrow. Anyway quite a day – Burke, Swansea. What next, Doug Smith writing something critical about the Raptors.

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