Dennis Beyak Bolts For Winnipeg? Ralph Gone Too?

August 25th, 2011 | by torontosportsmedia

Dennis Bayak is said to be bolting Toronto where he did some 50+ radio games on 640 Toronto for greener, okay maybe not greener pastures but for Winnipeg.

I’m told this will be both radio and tv for Beyak who probably saw the writing on the wall with 640’s contract for Leafs games coming up after this season. If 640 were going to be in bidding for leafs radio I can’t imagine Beyak bolts.

So, the Marlies and the Maple Leafs are in the market for radio voices.

I am also told this could be the end of Jim Ralph on Leafs games too. After losing his gig as the co-host for the now extinct Bill Watters Show, it seems like Ralphs days are also numbered.

So, who’s in the running for the leafs gig? I’ll throw Dan Dunleavy’s name in the hat. It would require him leaving Rogers, but that could a short 1 year think if the Leafs radio rights end up on the fan next season.

Who else?????

Stellick could fill in, though I wish hed get the hosting gig for hockey central at noon.

Any other names out there?

Would Burke try to grab John Ahlers from the ducks? Would 50+ games be enough? Anyone but Jiggs Mcdonald please.

Who’s on your list?

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  1. JoeG says:

    McDonald is retired

  2. littletony says:

    I am not sure who would replace Beyak, but it would not be Burke deciding. Obvioulsy the Leafs would be asked for their opinion, but the PbyP and colour guys are paid by Corus, and not MLSE, I believe.

  3. Chris F. says:

    I think Stellick could be good as an in-game analyst though i’m not sure if he’s done that before….

    I can’t see an established name wanting the PBP gig unless it’s full time. 50+ games is almost a full season’s worth but still I think guys who’ve been doing PBP for years would demand a full schedule of calling games for the biggest market in Canada.

    Then again what do I know?

  4. Isles Fan says:

    Can’t imagine that Jiggs would want to return to Toronto–he’s got quite a gig on Long Island for 8-10 games a year. Besides, why would a HHOFer want to go to a team that last defended the Stanley Cup in the year he debuted in the NHL? πŸ™‚

  5. Jamally says:

    Back in the glory days of the Leafs (well 1993-94), Gord Stellick was the colour guy with Joe Bowen. They were pretty decent if I recall.

    He’s got a good voice and I think would fit in nicely.

    Something not discussed is if Rogers Sportsnet Fan590 gets the Leafs back, this could mean the end of the Toronto Raptors as being relevant in the city. Which is sad because 10 years ago this team was on the cusp of greatness the way the Jays were in the 90s.

  6. walt says:

    Beyak is a prairie boy, don’t underestimate the draw of being closer to family/home. Also, Bowen is still in place as numero uno bingo caller for the Leafs, no matter what, Beyak would always be playing second fiddle here.

    I’ve been a fan of Beyak’s since his days at CFQC TV in Saskatoon and when he called Blades games there.

  7. Darrell says:

    Is it an absolute given that the Leafs will be on AM 640 this fall?

    Dennis Beyak had fingers on chalkboard broadcasting voice and Jim Ralph was a bit dopey (listening on the radio anyways).

    Get the Leafs to the FAN 590; bring Joe Bowen over to the FAN 590 to do sports updates like in the 90’s and then throw someone like Gord Stellick or Dan Dunleavy in there.

  8. If I was TSN Radio I’d pay whatever was needed to get the Leafs radio rights. Instant audience for a struggling radio platform. Agree to bring Bowen over for the non-TV games and give the PBP to a Dan Dunleavy-type. What about Wade Belak for colour?

  9. Gerry (Burlington) says:

    Belak has a gig in Nashville with the Preds. Please nobody suggest Peter Loubardias…

    I am with Darrell, I think TSN needs to be willing to overspend to land the Leafs Radio rights. Having control of Leafs and Habs Radio rights has to be somehow beneficial to helping their sports radio in both cities.

  10. San in Scarb says:

    TSM..Bayak bolts? Ralph too? Changes at Sportsnet? The Star Sports changes???
    I feel I am watching City News at 6….All teasers and no follow up?????

  11. Eggbert says:

    I hope they don’t go cheap and consider Marlie broadcaster

    John Bartlett.I vote for Jerry Howarth, if nothing else it would be an interesting transition

  12. PBI says:

    There’s nothing more entertaining than the people who suggest Gord Stellick for any job that has even the potential of opening up.

  13. Darrell says:

    Not sure where I stated that it would be good for TSN? If TSN Radio were on a lower dial – I would totally soak that up. However with it being at 1050 AM in Toronto anyways, getting that high dial is not easy.

    Eggbert, I hope you are joking about Jerry Howarth doing Leaf telecasts. He is a great broadcaster for Blue Jays but that’s all.

  14. Gerry (Burlington) says:

    Sorry Darrell I got your comments mixed up with Lee’s comments. Didn’t mean to do that.

    Eggbert, John Bartlett has left the Marlies and will be doing Habs games on Team 990 owned by Bell.

  15. Chris F. says:

    Egbert’s suggestion of Howarth for the Leafs gig reminded me of my fascination at the idea of Chuck Swirsky doing Jays games. Unfortunately I missed that one time where he did an a couple ABs when he was in the booth as he was preparing to leave the Toronto market.

    Now THAT would’ve been interesting!

  16. _Justink says:

    There’s not much to pick from in lieu of local broadcasters. One guy I can think of though is Rob Faulds. I know he used to do play-by-play for the Sens and Habs on Sportsnet East.

  17. _Justink says:

    Another possibility I can think of is Paul Hendrick. He’d have to give up sideline reporting but can still keep his gig on leafstv doing his thing there and also be the radio voice of the Leafs.

  18. Mike Cohen says:

    I wouldnt mind Gord Stellick or yeah Wade Belak in that role… Or what about a relative new guy like Aaron Ward from TSN Radio??? But for the love of god, I don’t want that clown Howard Berger involved in this process at all…….

  19. Edge says:

    Before Beyak could leave Toronto he would have to have his lips surgically removed from MLSE’s ass. Copy same for the dopey Jim Ralph who i wouldn’t miss one iotta. And no freaking way to Dunleavy or Loubardyass.

  20. Kevin in the hammer says:

    Darrell says…
    Is it an absolute given that the Leafs will be on AM 640 this fall?

    i still listen to 640 on-and-off thru-out the day …. and i have noticed that they have re-started their line “home of the leafs” in their commercials , if that means anything ….

  21. Kenny says:

    Jim Ralph is a funny guy who knows hockey. The Fan590 should get him on board.

  22. Tom says:

    Dan Dunleavy would be terrific as the Leafs radio voice. Play by Play has always been his strength. His calls on world juniors games over the years is evidence of this. Then again, if TSN gets the rights, I wonder would they consider him.

  23. The Londoner says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Joe Bowen dumped also. I remember as a kid listening to Joe Bowen and Bill Watters together doing Leaf games on the radio. From what I recall, Bowen was really decent back then. Now he is an over-the-top homer with his holy mackinaws.

  24. darrell b says:

    Agreed Londoner about Bowen. He was great on 1430 in the 90’s with Stellick but has become a cliche of himself. If not with the leafs, then Dunleavy will deffinitely get a full time gig somewhere very soon.

  25. Joel says:

    “Now he is an over-the-top homer with his holy mackinaws.”

    I totally agree with Londener. I preferred Beyak to Shoutin’ Holy Mackinaw Joe. His stupid “Rime Minister of Defence” references to Jame Reimer made me cringe.

  26. Ben Raby says:

    Steve Kolbe is an under-the-radar name to keep in mind for either Marlies or Leafs… Spent the past 14-years as Capitals radio voice and is in market for a new position… More than 1,000 NHL games experience.

  27. Steve Kee says:

    I’m available. πŸ™‚

  28. leafsfan1967 says:

    What ever happens with Leafs voices, I hope Joe Bowen is left alone. He is the Leafs today as much as Foster and Bill Hewitt were for an older generation.

  29. headsup says:

    I remember in the early ’90’s when Bowen and Stellick did the radio side of things. They were great then! However, what was good eighteen years ago will not be good today (nestalgia just isn’t what it used to be anyway). I was a fan of the old Bowen (before he morphed into an over-the-top homer). I wonder if the Leafs would do a simulcast (a la Buffalo Sabres) with Bowen and Millen, and then have another guy do the colour for radio when HNIC does its TV thing. I’m not saying I’d like that, but just putting an idea out there.

  30. Darrell says:

    Best analyst for the Toronto Maple Leafs = Harry Neale

    Best play by play for the Leafs = Joe Bowen

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  32. lt67 says:

    I don’t know anyone in other markets…From the market I know? Dan Dunleavy would be great.

  33. Doug says:

    Maybe Brian Burke will be doing it by the end of the 2011-12 season if they don’t find a permanent replacement. He will still have a year or two left on his contract, but he won’t be GM of the Leafs. So they might as well get him doing something to justify a small percentage of the big contract. His big unfriendly ego would be very fan friendly to listen to. Imagina that.

  34. Mike S says:

    I am not a fan of Dunleavy’s play-by-play………..actually I am just not a fan of Dunleavy in general………….he seems like a nice enough guy but I just find him to be somewhat bland……………it will be interesting to see who gets the Leafs radio gig but I hope it is not him

    Ken Daniels used to do a good job in the mid 1990’s but I don’t think he is leaving Detroit anytime soon

  35. Jonas (Hamilton) says:

    Not a Bowen fan. It seems to me he thinks the fans view him as important as the starting goaltender and his self-importance is nauseating. I listen to the games on the radio because I’m not near a television, not because I want to hear his voice. He’s become like Ron Maclean of HNIC, how he thinks people tune in to hear his thoughts is beyond me.

    As for replacements, I think Dunleavy would be a great choice but as long as it’s not Jiggs or Loubardias, I’m good.

  36. Steve_O says:

    Certainly the Toronto scene got shaken up with two play by play vacancies in the same day.

    It will be interesting to see who gets the Leaf gig that D Beyak did. Dunleavy has a solid body of work amassed, at the OHL and World Jr Level and has sporadic appearances on Sportsnet. His more impressive work has been done with soccer. He’s likely chomping at the bit to move up.

    John Bartlett leaving the Marlies opens up something with them. Lots of guys at the OHL/AHL level, like myself (yes its a cheap plug) would love something like that.

    There are always lots of play by play guys around to fill gigs like this. The guy from Washington got let go, Loubardias, the list goes on…

    Next couple of weeks should be interesting and will keep TSM in business!!

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