Maple Leafs Brian Burke Going Nuts- You’ve Just Been Waived

February 12th, 2009 | by torontosportsmedia

Did anyone see Doug MacLean after the Panthers meltdown (beautiful meltdown!)? He said that he was sure Burke was blowing a gasket. Well, I can tell you that the assistant to the traveling secretary for the Maple Leafs is feeling the brunt of Burke as the waivers are being flooded by blue and white bodies.

Jeremy Williams cleared waiver and is on his way to the Marlies.

The Leafs have also placed Boyd Devereaux and Bates Battaglia on re-entry waivers. Meaning they can be claimed by anyone by noon tomorrow or they join the big club.

Hat Tip to The Meatriarchy for this as i hadn’t seen it anywhere.

Man Burke must be going buts having his hands tied with the calendar being his biggest enemy!


  1. Eggbert says:

    These aren’t exactly impact players,or even guys who have played more than a handful of games for the Leafs this year.The “waiver” issue will only become news when a “name” is sent down.

  2. I’m gonna have to sign on as your research dept 🙂

  3. Polecn says:

    Battaglia and Devo cleared

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