1. Eggbert says:

    I was out of town for a week.Inasmuch as I’m pissed we moved farther from the “tank nation” ultimate dream,I read Shenn showed the beast he may become one day…….f the points,I’m happy Luke flexed his chops

  2. Nealio says:

    Schenn had one of his best games this season last night and showed exactly why he was such a coveted defenceman going into last years draft.

    I am so glad Fletcher had the balls to make the move necessary to grab him while there was an opportunity. Imagine what a waste it would have been for him to playing on the Islanders. Speaking of which, anyone read that article Simmons wrote about how Tavares should pull a Lindros and refuse to play for the Isles if he they draft him?

    I honestly can’t see that ever happening again (plus John doesn’t seem the type), but good Lord I think Bettman’s colon would explode if Tavares refused to play and demanded a trade!

  3. Eggbert says:

    I get the vibe Tavares is psyched to become a Leaf,but the Ilse would have the leverage,that I don’t like.I’ve sometimes thought we’d be better grabbing Hedman,and scooping a free agent sniper.If we could also sign JBO our D would be set for a decade.

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