Is A Matt Gilroy Decision Imminent?

April 11th, 2009 | by torontosportsmedia

The championship game in the NCAA tourney is tonight. How long thereafter will Matt Gilroy sign his first NHL contract? Everyone and their mother has an opinion and thought as to where he is going to land. I have it on good authority that the teams he is talking to is down to 3. I am also told that one of them is the Toronto Maple Leafs. When I say he is talking, I mean his agent, as Gilroy can’t technically talk to anyone if he wants to play in tonight’s game. I have yet to hear with any degree of certainty who the other 2 teams are, but Hanky is suggesting that he is going to either the Flyers or Blackhawks. While these are among the teams I have heard from a few folks, none of the people are very reliable. Should be interesting to see if Burke can swing this one. He followed him when he was with the Ducks and now the buds.


  1. Nealio says:

    Good news so far today TSM, the Kings won their game so we can stick at 6th IF we lose tonight. As you know, a loss by the Leafs and a win by Phoenix can put is in 5th, which would be absolutely fantastic!!!

    Let’s see if we can continue the luck, as the Kings beating the Sharks was the 1st hurdle..

  2. Is Burke still in Sweden? If so, is that a bad sign on the Gilroy front?

  3. Mike S says:

    Sorry Boyz…………..looks like Wilson and the players didn’t get your memo instructing them to lose tonight’s game

  4. Nealio says:


    there goes 5th and 6th..are we going to be 7th again now??

  5. BUTerr says:

    Coming from the man himself, Matt will end up a Ranger or Devil

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