1. At that price, absolutely.

  2. At that price it’s a ridiculous steal.

  3. TK421 says:

    At that price for 4 years, yes. But I can’t imagine them not signing for more somewhere else. Someone will give them $7 mil each at least and there’s no way we should pay that much for them. I might be willing to accept $6 mil but no more.

  4. torontosportsmedia says:

    Really?? You think there are teams out there with 14m in cap space who are going to use it all on the Sedins? I am not saying you are wrong, I just can’t see it.


  5. TK421 says:

    I could definitely see Minnesota paying that much if Gaborik leaves, which he probably will.

    Possibly LA if they think they’re ready to make a push or Atlanta if ownership smartens up. Montreal is another possibility depending on what direction they go with all their UFA’s.

    I’m not saying that they’re worth that much, but we all know how GM’s get on July 1.

  6. I think that because of the lack of other top flight offensive options that there will be a GM that will offer the Sedins that kind of coin. Despite all of the beliefs that the economic downturn and possible drop in the cap will scare people away there will always be someone that thinks that they are getting a steal.

  7. lister says:

    No unless they came stupidly cheap which isn’t going to happen. By stupidly cheap I mean $1M each or less.

    I’d rather see the kids play next year, draft whomever in June, roll the dice on next season and see the UFA landscape then (I’d rather see $$$ spent on Nash.) I would prefer to see the kids grow and the team again finish out of the playoffs to get another good pick.

    IMO, it would be a big blunder by Burke if he signs the Sedins, other than that stupidly cheap figure.

  8. jaredoflondon says:

    5.5 is the absolute max I would be willing to go, id be a lot more comfortable at 5 even

  9. mf37 says:

    I’d do that deal in a heartbeat.

    Burke says he wants to make the playoffs next year. With the Sedins eating big minutes up front, the Leafs are a more credible threat to finally make it to the post-season dance.

  10. Steve says:

    $5.5 million each is a huge discount… so yeah no way I turn that down if I’m the Leafs.

    Thing is, anyone who has their head on straight knows that, which is exactly why the Sedins are going to get more than $5.5 million – from somebody.

    If the Leafs are left holding the hand grenade and they pay anything north of $6 million, they might regret it in a few years.

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