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March 4th, 2013 | by robg

by Rob G

First the mustache left, and now the Mike Brown era is over in Leafland, as he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers today. Here’s your drive home lineups:

On Sportsnet 590 The FAN from 4-7pm, Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. Stephen Brunt co-hosts from 5pm:

400 – Tim Micallef & Sid Seixeiro, Sportsnet 590 The FAN, 1-4 weekdays
420 – Arash Madani, Sportsnet
440 – Open segment with McCown
500 – Open segment with McCown & Brunt
520 – Jim Hughson, HNIC
540 – Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports
600 – Bob Ryan, Boston Globe
620 – Bob Nicholson, President, Hockey Canada
640 – Katie Hnida, former Colorado University & University Of New Mexico Kicker

On TSN Radio 1050 from 4-7pm, TSN Drive with Dave Naylor. co-hosts:


On TSN2 (5:00pm), Off the Record with Michael Landsberg:

Colin Kaepernick, 49ers QB
Patrick Burke, Founder of “You Can Play”
Bruce Arthur and Dave Feschuk, Columnists

Today on Sportsline:



  1. mike (in boston) says:

    spent the day on the road listening to podcasts; a few observations intended to keep discussion going here.

    1. Blair v Cauz – i never usually listen to these shows but i flipped back and forth this morning while in Ontario. Both are doing some things well, and to my ear represent equally viable shows. Blair was very solid on baseball, raising the point that for the Jays to succeed they are going to need the umps on their side. Even though it is often justified, showing up the umps is a losing strategy.

    Cauz raised solid points about the need for the NHLPA to take a stand against dirty hits. While neither Blair’s whiny style nor Cauz’s high energy “bro” shtick are my cup of tea, both are doing decent work when not taking calls.

    2. I have no idea who Kate Beirness is but she’s holding her own as a co-host. Ormsby always had a talent for being reasonable and understated on PTS and Beirness seems to share this trait. Very enjoyable cadence and volume as well. Solid on facts and solid on opinions.

    3. Sid stating that Burke failed in all aspects of the job was pretty hilarious radio. This was in response to Burke’s moronic derisive statements about sports radio and blogs at the MIT-Sloan conference. Good riddance to the arrogance era. Burke is basically Don Cherry these days.

    4.Redda/Arthur/Naylor on the DiPietro story – great discussion about how depression is rightly being taken more seriously these days by the media and the public. Nice intelligent conversation by all three.

    5. Question of the week: Hayes asked the Jose Cruz Jr. (in his new capacity as “MLB advisor to Latino baseball players”) what he would have told Yunel Escobar in the fallout of the eyeblack fiasco. Cruz was clearly taken aback but managed to cobble together a decent answer. Gutsy question to ask without advance warning. I’ve soured on Hayes, but this was a very good question.

  2. Darren Johnston (@AFRAUDHATER) says:

    The Drive tonight has been boring as hell. And I have a question that is completely weird but I’ll ask anyway, does anyone know why Bob McCown originally moved to Canada from Columbus Ohio as a young boy?

  3. mike (in boston) says:

    p.s. – i would have commented on PTS but without Ami’s Analysis i have mostly stopped listening unless someone here mentions a good interview or the guest is someone i antecedently wanted to hear.

  4. Alex says:

    Is PTS seemingly the only show today not to have Patrick Burke on as a guest?

    I offcially gave up on Tim and Sid today. Looking at podcasts from last few weeks, barely any segments to which i wanted to listen.

    Too much basketball, too much Leafs, too many Sportsnet talking heads.

    IT doesn’t help that I can’t listen to the show live anymore (or Blair’s show too), so doing a lot of podcast pruning.

    Probably will only hear them now during their weekly (or more) appearances on PTS.

  5. Darren Johnston (@AFRAUDHATER) says:

    I can’t listen to Bob Ryan without getting a headache!

  6. Lance D. says:

    I also have no idea who Kate Beirness is but have been pleasantly surprised. I just don’t often hear women speaking intelligently or knowledgably about sports. What a welcome change.

  7. Mike from Midtown says:

    Actually today I must say Tim & Sid were awesome on the opening segment of PTS with Bob McCown. Sid’s impression of longtime SNL Announcer Don Pardo was awesome. Added so much needed humour to Bob’s show. You can tell when Tim & Sid are on with McCown they have genuine chemistry.

    TSN Drive with David Naylor was very good as well. Both Dave Feschuk and Bruce Arthur added great insight along with Naylor. I really like this option and the stable of co hosts is strong for Naylor.

    I tried giving Leafs Lunch a listen with Bryan Hayes and Jeff O’Neill. Not a fan at all I find Hockeycentral At Noon much more entertaining. Doug MacLean & Nick Kypreos add way more humour to the program.

  8. Itchy Butt says:

    @Alex. I can’t get enough Tim and Sid. I think it’s the best show on 590.

  9. mike (in boston) says:

    i recently came to the conclusion that what made T&S great was their ability to carry whole segments just going back & forth on a topic with wit and well-informed opinions. Those segments are still a cut above most talk shows.

    Once you tack on all the boring interviews the show is not nearly as good. Leave the Rick Natress interviews to other shows and just focus on solid sports talk. Tim is still good, but Sid has become a bit of a sideshow.

    #decline #morningzoo #lame

  10. Chris says:

    Agreed on Tim & Sid. For my money, it’s the by far the best show in sports radio in this city right now, and whatever show is second is second by a LOT. I love that they rarely take callers. A full bank of phone calls is just lazy radio. They’re the only sports show in town that really isn’t the same as the rest of them, just with a different person hosting it.

    Sid absolutely killed on the first segment of PTS today. Segments like that are why TSNR will never have a hope in hell in this market. The Fan runs a radio station with personalities who engage the audience with the sole intent of entertaining them and keeping them listening. TSNR, so far anyway, seems content to have a spot on the dial fulled with no talent hacks to further promote their TV station.

  11. Mullah_Kintyre says:

    TSN Radio could eventually get some benefit through an increase in cross-promotion if Bell has their acquisition of Astral Media approved. Bell would own four Toronto radio stations, two each on AM and FM. TSN 1050 would become a sister station of Newstalk 1010 and Virgin 99.9, in addition to 104.5 CHUM-FM already owned by Bell, although they would then have to sell two other FM music stations, Flow 93.5 and Boom 97.3.

  12. Daniel says:

    I would agree with the sentiment that Tim and Sid is the best show on Toronto sports radio right now. The only thing that I enjoy more is a really good PTS segment.

  13. What appeals to me about Tim & Sid is that they talk about the stuff that is getting all the attention at the moment. When the Olympic women’s soccer match had finished and everybody was angry about the officiating, Tim & Sid discussed it, same with Manti Te’o, and the Ryan O’Reilly offer sheet. These stories weren’t really that big deals in the overall, but they were still the things that the fans and probably younger people on social media were really interested in, and you can always be sure Tim & Sid are talking about it.

  14. itchy butt says:

    @Mike In Boston…..which date and where was the Sid comments on Burke? Can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  15. mike (in boston) says:

    i think it was either 3pm on 2/26 or 1pm on 3/1

  16. Anna says:

    @Darren Johnson
    Bob’s father (also Bob McCown) was a semi-pro(?) baseball player from Columbus who played in Toronto – in those leagues where the teams were sponsored by Tip Top Tailors, Peoples Credit Jewellers, etc. Bob McCown Sr died when Bob Jr was about 2, so I assume that after that his mom moved back to Toronto to be closer to her family. Bob has mentioned that he grew up in Scarborough with his mom and grandparents – he played football with Dave Perkins in high school.

  17. Darren Johnston (@AFRAUDHATER) says:

    Thanks Anna, good info, I never knew that.

  18. Mike S says:

    I believe Sid made the comment about Burke in the first segment of the first hour of Friday’s show (March 1)

  19. Darren Johnston (@AFRAUDHATER) says:

    What comment are ya’s talking about, what did he say?

  20. Mike S says:

    I enjoy the banter between Sam and Ted but they would have to cut down on some of the more juvenile aspects of their show (hashtags, imitations, match game, strange music, etc) before I would ever consider them to be the best in Toronto……………they would also have to get better guests

    Even when the co-host is Shannon, in my opinion the guests on PTS still make it the best show in Toronto…………….and when Brunt is there it is by far the best show……………McCown is not as good as he used to be but he is still entertaining……………….however if I was younger (I am 45) I might think differently

  21. Darren Johnston (@AFRAUDHATER) says:

    IMO anybody saying Tim & Sid is the best radio show in Toronto has got to be a teenager or in their early 20`s. I am in my 30`s and have no use for their show at all. Tim I can take in very small doses but Sid really needs to take his impressions, hashtags and unbelievably annoying baby voices and grow the hell up.

  22. robg says:

    Not necessarily Darren. I’m in my early 50’s, but I enjoy Tim and Sid.

  23. Darren Johnston (@AFRAUDHATER) says:

    @RobG, to each their own I guess. I enjoy the fact that they discuss topics other than the NHL and more specifically the Leafs and I also don’t mind that they’re on Twitter but Sid is just too much for me. His immaturity just get’s on my nerves. I’m not saying I need a Wolf Blitzer type Sports Host but he is just annoying, to me at least.

  24. robg says:

    Don’t get me wrong Darren, I can see that they wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

  25. Darren Johnston (@AFRAUDHATER) says:

    It’s weird, some day’s I think their show is good, nice and fluid with interesting topics, others I would like to meet up with Sid and slap the sillies out of him, lol.

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