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August 3rd, 2009 | by torontosportsmedia

Wow, we finally get a great weekend weeather-wise and the entire press corp takes the weekend off. There was not one story anywhere worth commenting on or writing about. A first since I started TSM over a year ago. Of course a day about nothing leads me to a show about nothing, and my favorite Seinfeld episode of all time:

Now back to the point. The National Post listed the top 10 Blue Jays of all time. Let’s take a quick tour over the next couple of days and list the top Maple Leafs. As Burke is building from the net out, let’s start with the top 10 Maple Leaf goalies of all time!

Here are the all the goalies who played for the blue and white since the beginning of time, or at least 1926:

Jean-Sébastien Aubin
Tom Barrasso
Baz bastien
Don Beaupre
Ed Belfour
Gord Bell
Tim Bernhardt
Allan Bester
Paul-Emile Bibeault
Johnny Bower
Turk Broda
Sébastien Centomo
Lorne Chabot
Ed Chadwick
Gerry Cheevers
King Clancy
Scott Clemmensen
Charlie Conacher
Marcel Cousineau
Jiri Crha

Bruce Dowie
Don Edwards
Marv Edwards
Doug Favell
Grant Fuhr
Bruce Gamble
Martin Gerber
Benny Grant
George Hainsworth
Pierre Hamel
Paul Harrison
Glenn Healy
Red Horner
Peter Ing
Joe Ironstone
Ed Johnston
Curtis Joseph

Trevor Kidd
Mark Laforest
Michel Larocque
Alex Levinsky
Ron Low
Harry Lumley
Cesare Maniago
Jean Marois
Gilles Mayer
Frank McCool
Murray McLachlan
Gerry McNamara
Gord McRae
Mike Palmateer
Bernard Parent
Bob Parent
Jacques Plante
Félix Potvin
Justin Pogge
Daren Puppa

Andrew Raycroft
Jeff Reese
Damian Rhodes
Curt Ridley
John Ross Roach
Al Rollins
Jim Rutherford
Terry Sawchuk
Corey Schwab
Don Simmons
Al Smith
Gary Smith
Rick St.Croix
Phil Stein
Mikhael Tellqvist
Wayne Thomas
Vesa Toskala
Vincent Tremblay
Rick Wamsley
Dunc Wilson
Ross Wilson
Ken Wregget

So here is one idiots crack at it:

Johnny Bower
Turk Broda
Curtis Joseph
Harry Lumley
Mike Palmateer
Jacques Plante
Félix Potvin
Terry Sawchuk
Jiri Crha 🙂
Andrew Raycroft 🙂

Up next top 10 Defencemen




  1. LeafFan1989 says:

    Oh no you didn’t. Raycrap? Really? I’m closer to winning a Norris trophy than that guy being in a top ten goaltending list. And I play goalie.

  2. blurr1974 says:

    wasn’t Clancy a d-man…?

    good picks though! Raycroft with the single season wins record as a Leaf belongs up there. 😛

  3. Bill says:

    Broda is the best goalie of all time. No contest. Horner was a D man and Conacher played wing.

  4. Mitch92 says:

    Here are mine:
    Turk Broda
    Johnny Bower
    George Hainsworth
    Curtis Joseph
    Ed Belfour
    Felix Potvin
    Mike Palmateer
    Don Simmons
    Jacques Plante
    Ken Wregget

  5. lt67 says:

    Johnny Bower
    Turk Broda
    Curtis Joseph
    Lorne Chabot
    George Hainsworth
    Ed Belfour
    Mike Palmateer
    Felix Potvin
    Terry Sawchuck
    Al Rollins

  6. Jeff1127 says:

    Alright heres a sub question whos the best goalie sence
    Felix Potvin

  7. Chabotsky says:

    Here’s my all time 10 best Leaf Goaltenders:

    1. Broda

    2. Bower

    3. Chabot


    5. Palmateer


    6. Joseph


    8. Hainsworth

    9. Crha

    10. Thomas

    I would have placed my Grandfather higher on the list than at number 4 but I don’t condone nepotism 😛

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