Would The Raptors Be Better To Let Chris Bosh Go?

March 25th, 2010 | by torontosportsmedia

The Toronto Raptors are at a crossroads. With this season starting to slip away with each dispirited loss the hopes of reaching round one, let alone two of the playoffs is becoming slimmer. What Chris Bosh decides to do, it appears to be, much like Vince Carter in the past, controls our destiny.

If, Chris Bosh were to announce, or have his representatives announce that he doesn’t want to stick around, the response from most media and the public at large would be very predictable. Toronto the bad loses another. No one likes it here. Take your pick, the sentiment, I think would be pretty much the same. The ever fragile Toronto psyche would exposed and those with the ability to press on our inferior complex.

What if, Bryan Colangelo were to preempt the Bosh camp and decide that it was time for Bosh and the Toronto Raptors part ways? I mean Colangelo is really smart right? No, I am not being a smart ass here. I don’t think anyone questions his knowledge of the game or his ability to get things done. His inability to advance a round in the playoffs in Toronto, notwithstanding, no one is really suggesting he is or was a bad pick for GM. Could or would Colangelo say NO to the Bosh camp? Could Colangelo say we don’t want you back at max money so we want to pursue a sign and trade?

If Colangelo looks at Bosh and says, someone is going to be willing to pay him 130m, I can maximize the value of this asset right now and build this team in one fail swoop by actively pursuing a sign and trade. I am an admit NBA baphoon, so I don’t know what they would get in a sign and trade, but I gather it would be a combination of young talent, draft picks and cash. Tell me Raptors fans, should Colangelo pass on handing Chris Bosh $130m and instead elect to trade him in a sign and trade deal?

If it is Colangelo who passes on Bosh( by telling Bosh that the Raptors want to pursue a sign and trade as opposed to resigning him for themselves) and not vise versa (and we may never know the truth) is the Toronto psyche saved or at least spared? I mean if we don’t want him or let him know that we are passing on him before he can accept or reject us…does that help anyone out? I am kind of kidding on this point, but will people feel better if we decide to get him out of here before he decides he wants out?


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  2. biz says:

    sign and trade

  3. CD says:

    This is turning into a very bad situation for the Raptors…basically that which was most feared by the fans coming into the season….that Bosh will leave for nothing at the end of the season.

    I actually really like BC but think that he really needed to make a deadline deal this year to pick up another big name to play with Bosh.

    The truth is, other than Bosh and perhaps Bargnani and Jack (due to his contract) no one on the Raptors should be considered untradeable. All of the other pieces are interchangeable and if they had been able to grab another big name at the deadline at worst we would be where we are now but have another superstar to hang our hats on.

    As it stands, it may be very difficult to get anything of value for Bosh in a sign and trade as the team he’s going to has to give up enough salary to make the trade work. Inevitably, that is going to mean some overpriced pieces and if lucky a player with decent upside.

    The only hope for keeping Bosh may be to try and make a deal or two at the end of the season but before the free agent period to send expiring 2010-2011 contracts to another team in the hope of adding another star with a big long term deal. Trading Banks, Evans and say Belinelli (and their 11 million in expiring contracts) could get you a big name before the free agent period starts, which might help convince Bosh to stay even if there is an early playoff exit. They should also still try and get something for Calderon as well (perhaps bringing in two high priced contracts to stars from a team in financial trouble for all four players…say Dalembert and Igoudala for example).

    This is clearly going to be a pivotal summer for the Raptors organization and I am really hoping that they don’t slide down again. (oh yeah they need a new coach too)

  4. mando says:

    I agree, trade him.
    On another note, why are sports bloggers so bad at the English language, it’s very irritating.
    “Fail swoop”, you mean “fell swoop”.
    “Baphoon”, that’s funny, I’d say that you are trying to say that you are a “Buffoon”, I’d agree.

  5. david mackin says:

    Let him walk this guy is not a max player. Signing Bosh to a 6 yr max contract would be insanity.Trade him and get assets or just let him walk. There will be a team dumb enough to do a sign and trade with toronto which will put us at the top of the eastern conference next year. Bosh is an overrated player

  6. OR says:

    Its a shame that we are talking about trading bosh. He was never the problem. When we get rid of Bargnani, Calderon and Turkoglu, that is when we will see an increase in the win column. Bosh is worth max money, so a sign and trade for good players (unlike the carter deal) is a must. If i was GM, i would dump all the european players we have, including rasho and beli.

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