1. Wefewee says:

    I watched most evenings and was thoroughly entertained.
    Great stories, surprises and disappointments.

  2. Alex says:

    I watched what i wanted to watch via streaming (judo, fencing, archery, handball, …) other than bolt, didnt really care about mainstream stuff around which built their tv show featuring sports.

  3. Pete says:

    It just didn’t feel like an Olympics.

  4. Rick in Barrie says:

    Felt like they went overkill with the commercials this year. Mix that in with the ‘repeating’ events (which is an IOC not CBC problem) and it makes it hard to put out an entertaining product. That being said – it was nice not having to watch a pre-packaged Rogers driven product. Good = partnership viewing for all…great use of the channels. Bad = attempt to provide ‘hip/young’ viewing stories. That hour prior to the closing ceremonies last night was a snoozefest!

    As a side note – did anyone else feel they really dropped the ball on providing the “Results” of the race/event? Felt very NBC’ish in their lack of presenting the results and failure to show Medal ceremonies unless a Cnd athelete was involved.

  5. Sam In Scarb says:

    Well rogers/sportsnet sent 1 yes 1 reporter to Rio for the Summer Games which they showed for hours and hours every day.
    The event is only held every 4 years (My Gawd) and 2 Canadians won 7 Medals between them out of the 22 total.

    But,the hockey event in September (whatever it is called)rogers will have 15-20 Experts/Insiders, Oh minus Damien Cox covering a means nothing event.

    The event means absolutely ZERO and is nothing more than a cash cow for The NHLPA and MLSE.

    If anyone thinks the hockey event is being held in Toronto other than for $$$ reasons then, maybe you think the Leafs are a cup contender in 2017.

  6. DJ says:

    I get that Jonah, and in some respects MIB, have been pumping the “I don’t care about the Olympics” propaganda for awhile, but this is a little rich.

    Here are a few Canadian articles about ratings at the Rio Olympics.




    All of these show INCREASES in viewership in Canada.

    The only reason I bring this up is because this site comments when people within the media say and do things that are just incorrect – this is not a criticism of the site, simply a statement.

    Yes, NBC has been a ratings disaster. NBC is tape delaying events in 2016….there are obvious issues there.

    Somehow linking NBC’s performance to a lack of viewership in the Toronto and Canadian sports market seems somewhat disingenuous.

    Especially with a poll that leaves zero options for the large group of people who actually watched the games.

  7. Drumanchor says:

    I have to agree with DJ.

    Where is said evidence that shows Canadian ratings were “in the toilet”?

  8. Bingo Bango Bongo says:

    DJ is right. Obvious anti-Olympic bias. I would say I’m disappointed but I’ve come to expect it from Jonah. This was something slapped together, much like the Favourite Bob poll (beyond ridiculous) and the slapped together Mike Richards one too. Please bring back MIB; at least he does some research.

  9. (Another) Andrew says:

    This comes across as the stereotypical Toronto mentality of seeing everything through American eyes. Ratings there were down but not here in Canada. Most people in my social circle were following them and the ratings DJ linked to above suggests we were the norm. (No Blue Jays or CFL games in the top ten last week. That never happens). The Olympics were good fun and a welcome change from the usual sports scene.

  10. Carp says:

    I just can’t separate the athletes from IOC corruption.

  11. Too Much says:

    “The ratings were in the toilet”. Says who? Been in America a little too much? Anything I’ve seen in Canada re ratings has been relatively positive. So what’s the source of toilet ratings?

  12. NefCanuck says:

    Since I was stuck at home recuperating from hip surgery, I watched a lot more than I usually would be able to.

    Found myself wishing McLean was on afternoons, or better yet, evenings. I felt that the afternoon duo of Amber and Petrillo were way too perky and would have been better suited for the morning shift.

    Scott Russell presented in the evenings like he was trying to channel Walter Cronkite and his style but mostly came off just looking and sounding tired.

    I tried NBC’s coverage in short doses, but it was like trying to watch a video game, too much bouncing around and not enough content

  13. yaz says:

    I didn’t know they started.

  14. Original Mitch says:

    I enjoyed the Olympics very much and don’t believe the ratings were all that different from previous games (other than 2010 obvs). People bitch and complain leading up to the games but when it comes down to the competition and athletes, we watch, cheer and enjoy. Yes a Rogers doesn’t care and that’s fine. This was CBC’s baby and they did it very well IMO.

  15. The Londoner says:

    The ratings were not in the toilet. TSM, are you trolling? -I very much enjoyed watching the Olympics.

  16. GreyCountyMike says:

    There were great performances by athletes from various nations, which made for good television for the two weeks every four years that most of us care about any of them. The phenomenon is not unlike the World Junior Hockey Championships every winter, when many Canadians who wouldn’t drive down the block to support junior hockey all of a sudden become experts for two weeks.

    The athletes on display the past two weeks are fantastic and authentic; many of their “supporters” back home are bandwagon-jumpers and phonies … myself included.

    Additionally, the print and related online media coverage was particularly nauseating this time around. Many of the journalists assigned to Rio seemed to think they were there to wave the flag, too. A young athlete excelling on the world stage has absolutely earned the right to drape herself in her nation’s flag; some 58-year-old guy sitting at a laptop ringing up room service on his Toronto Star-issued AMEX has not.

  17. Rob says:

    I am pretty cynical about the Olympic movement (Mostly because of all the cheating and the politics and the corruption – so it’s not hard to be cynical)….But if you’re a sports fan, then “refusing” to watch the Olympics is really cutting your nose off to spite your face (whatever that means, but it applies)…I am willing watch just about any sporting event when it matters or means something. Other than the big attractions, one of the most entertaining events I happened upon was actually the table tennis. It was on during a Jays game and I couldn’t turn the channel

    I can understand being turned off by some of the events (and I am – I can’t watch diving or synchronized swimming, even though they are all great athletes – I just don’t care to watch it) – but to refuse to watch the swimming or the track events means you missed out on some great viewing, some real drama and great stories that only happen (and actually “matter” to most people) every 4 years.

    It is summertime and I prefer not to watch much TV – and I was on vacation for week one, so I missed a lot of the swimming, etc – But I happened to see Penny O.’s gold medal swim on NBC – The American announcers barely acknowledged her as a gold medal winner (which made it even sweeter). Between announcing like that, the Ryan Lochte thing (both the event itself and the over the top coverage), and then all the bragging about winning all those medals and the whining when they lost (Hope Solo), is it any wonder the rest of the world has a hate on for the Americans?

  18. Rob says:

    ….By the way I found a compelling article on the Lochte thing. I highly recommend it. For all the finger pointing and shaming, he actually really got screwed over by the Brazilians. This was an over reaction to what was effectively a non-event. He is an idiot for what he did and how he acted afterwards, but that should never have cost him millions of dollars.

    The Brazilians were desperate to save face on what was otherwise a poorly run Olympics with many embarrassing crimes occurring during the games. They spent billions to put it on and all it did was turn the majority of people off from ever visiting Brazil. (Maybe I will go someday when and if they clean up their act). The Lochte thing proves how devious and crooked they are down there – read the article “All That and a Bag of Mail: Brazil Screwed Our Swimmers”

  19. Curt says:

    Every time I say, “I’m not watching it…” But then I do. I enjoyed these games much more than I thought I would. Yes, the IOC is a corrupt FIFA-like sleaze fest, but despite that, the athletes usually win me over. Call me a sucker if you want. Perhaps it also has something to do with being a proud Canadian again for the first time in about a decade…

  20. Bob Canuck says:


    Prominent athlete claims that he was robbed at gun point; the athlete’s account of the incident was told to NBC and also to representatives from the State Department, FBI, USOC, and USOC Security. Local police investigate allegations and conclude that the details of the claim were largely false. Subsequently, the prominent athlete admits that his initial claim included exaggerations and falsehoods and that the financial loss suffered was in fact a payment of a small amount of money ($50 USD) to cover the cost of property damages that occurred due to acts of vandalism engaged in by the athlete and his friends. Sponsors terminate endorsement deals with the prominent athlete.

    My Headline – Prominent Athlete Held Accountable For His Actions

    Rob’s Headline – Brazilians Screw Over Prominent Athlete

  21. Steve says:

    This site seems to have gone severely downhill in the last week with small posts just slapped together for the sake of having content. If Mike in Boston isn’t available to post his weekly column, I’d rather not read anything.

  22. Rob says:

    It’s not my headline. (Maybe you should actually read the article I was referencing before attacking me in a public forum). I realize it is longer than a couple of paragraphs, but don’t let that deter you-you can do it!…

  23. Bob Canuck says:


    I did read the article but I was not referencing its headline. I was referring to your words, namely “… he actually really got screwed over by the Brazilians.” In hindsight, I should have written the following:

    Rob’s Headline – Host Country Screws Over Prominent Athlete

    My point was that, if you remove the names from a listing of the facts of the Lochte incident, I find it very difficult to conclude that the athlete in question was “screwed over” by the host country. To date, Brazilian authorities have not imposed any penalties on Lochte; he has suffered public ridicule and criticism from Brazilians and non-Brazilians alike and it was non-Brazilian sponsors (Speedo, Ralph Lauren and others) that terminated Lochte’s endorsement deals.

    Finally, I addressed your arguments, which is not an attack of you; I made no personal comments.

  24. Too Much says:

    Reports out today, the 2016 Summer Olympics most watched summer olympics in Canada; up 16% over London.

  25. Sam In Scarb says:

    @ Steve…BINGO !!

  26. NefCanuck says:

    @Too Much

    I think that result was to be expected in Canada (despite comments to the contrary) for two big reasons:

    1) The Time Zone (non) factor – it really helps ratings when the eyeball grabbing events can be seen in as close to “prime time” across the country. Given that Brazil is only an hour ahead of the Eastern Time Zone for instance, it meant things like the men’s 100m relay were being held at 9PM or thereabouts Eastern Time

    2) The performance of the athletes – let’s face it, once the swimmers starting racking up the medals, Canadians were hungry for more and wanted to see it for themselves. If we had a graph available showing the viewing trends I would be a weeks pay that once the swimming medals started piling up for the women, the ratings went up on an ascent trajectory like a Boeing 787.

  27. Original Mitch says:

    So if it was the most watched summer games, why is this even a post?

  28. Rob says:

    Bob Canuck; No, I can’t believe that you read the colum. If you did, then you missed every point they made because nothing you’ve said here addresses their arguments. You addressed the headline. The article was written days before the sponsors dumped Lochte….They werent my opinions, but I agree with most of them….(Yours? Not so much)

  29. Bob Canuck says:


    I read the Travis piece multiple times and my opinion was not altered by his arguments. In my original post, I laid out what I think are the relevant facts and my second post supported my contention that the Brazilians did not screw over Lochte; my view is that Lochte is largely responsible for what has occurred to him. You do not share these views and that is fine.


  30. Mike S says:

    I watched lots of Olympics and most people I know did too………I watched both CBC and NBC………..the NBC hosts were better (Costas, Al Michaels, Dan Patrick ,etc) but the CBC coverage was better because most things were live

    If NBC couldn’t be bothered with showing the opening & closing ceremonies live when there is only a 1 hour time difference then there is no hope for them

    It was nice having an Olympics that was close to our time zone………the next three Olympics are all in Asia so it will be more of a challenge to watch things live

  31. Alex says:

    Its not that nbc couldnt be bothered.

    They did not want to. And stuck in commercials every 6 minutes or so.

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