Damien Cox – The Toronto Maple Leafs May Get It Right?

Wow…has hell really frozen over. Mister Toronto negative has written an article in which he actually suggests brighter days may be ahead.
Don’t be fooled fellow Torontonians it is not a rah rah article. Cox does however rightfully acknowledge that by cutting Darcy Tucker, Mats Sundin, Andrew Raycroft, Kyle Wellwood the world will not come to an end.
But it really doesn’t matter what any of these players do in their post-Leaf career. None were going to help the team in the immediate future, with a very difficult 2008-09 season looming, and with their no question any longer this is a major rebuild.

That as close to a compliment as Cox will ever give.

I for one wholehardedly agree with his last assertion: “Would the Leafs pitch for Marian Hossa to replace Sundin as the team’s franchise player?

Or will this club do the smart thing, suffered through a difficult season next year, pick very high in the ’09 draft and really try to build something that lasts?

Lets hope it’s the latter.

The article can be found here http://thestar.blogs.com/thespin/2008/06/breaking-up-the.html

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