Is the Buffalo Bills Game in Toronto Going to Kill the CFL?

Anyone else sick of the Argos/Bills Story?

So, for the past 2 weeks we have been infiltrated with pointless stories about how the Buffalo Bills upcoming entry to the Toronto sports market is going to kill the CFL.  I mean, come on who cares.  Truth of the matter is, Toronto has always been a town that backs the pros (especially when they are winning).  Team Rogers will fill the Ted Dome when the Bills come to town simply because there is a market for it.  Its not a condemnation of the Argos or the CFL.
Hats off to Elliotte Friedman the boy wonder from the CBC who wrote an excellent piece in today’s National Post. (  This is about business.  Ted’s team knows how easily they will be able to make a few bucks because quite simply the NFL is the biggest marketing machine out there.
I am not so sure the CFL needs a team in Toronto to exist.  Quite frankly I am not so sure too many people beyond the avid fan care about either the CFL or the Argos in Toronto (save for the guy who hosts the 9am show on the fan590).  Having said that, to the only way the Argos exist in a Bills in TO era is if Team Rogers owns them.  Why? Simple.  Anyone who wants to buy Bills tickets will be stuck with buying Argos tickets too.  Eventually the CFL could act as a real feeder league for the NFL.
At the end of the day, its business.

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