Are the Maple Leafs going to tell Bryan McCabe to stay away?

DARREN DREGER, the newest insider is reporting this afternoon that in their latest discussions with Bryan McCabe, leaf management have given the impression that if McCabe doesn’t agree to waive his no trade clause, then McCabe will be told to stay home.

A history bufff I am not, but has this ever happened before where a player with a no trade clause, won’t waive it and the team then refuses to play him? I would love to hear of a similar story.

Dreger (hey, whatever happened to Bob Mckenzie?) states that the McCabe camp would file a grievance with the players union. I would love to see this play out (pun intended). There is no way any judge would force a team to play a player. I can’t imagine anything happening to them as long as he is being paid. McCabe’s damages would be clear, he is not able to continue playing so to further his career/skills once his contract expires. However, one can’t force one to work, and conversely I can’t imagine you can force a team to play a player. What a slippery slope that would start…

I for one don’t understand why McCabe would want to stay here. The fans and media are all over the guy. The team is going to be rightfully blown up in favor of a youth movement and to top it all off, he isn’t from here. All else being equal why not tell the Leafs the teams he would accept a trade to and get on with your life.

McCabe earned (thanks to JFJ) a no movement clause (and I can’t imagine one ever being “earned” in Toronto again for more then 1 yr”) and he has the right to do with it as he pleases. Sounds to me like he is getting bad advice form Goodenow’s bitter little buddy, his agent Ian Pulver.

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