Are the Buds really interested in bringing back Gary Roberts & Curtis Joseph?

Ok, so lets get this straight. “Rumor” has it that the buds are interested in bringing back both Gary Roberts and Curtis Joseph; kudos to the globe for this one!(editorial to follow). So, what does Toronto Sun leaf beat reporter do? Well of course he goes to Don Meehan, super agent for Cujo and to Cliffy.

“A nice idea, but I’ve had no talks with the Leafs,” Joseph’s agent, Don Meehan said.”
Fletcher refused comment while Joseph still is under contract to Calgary, as well regarding speculation that soon-to-be ex-Penguin Gary Roberts might talk to the Leafs about filling their veteran leadership void.

Come on Lance. Am I wrong, but what is anyone going to say here. First the free agent period hasn’t started and why would either party admit that talks are on-going when doing so could lead to tampering charges.

So often one paper is so hell bent on bashing reports out of another that they will just write anything; this is a classic example.

Having said that, with respect to Roberts and Cujo….why the hell not. You have to players on the team that play. Both would be good leaders to the kids. I know what Cox will say, why the hell sign a player who is going to take valuable time away from the kids? Well, its simple. You need some sort of veteran leadership and the kids can’t play 60 minutes a game.

I wouldn’t give either more then a 1 yr deal.

If Cito can come back, and Cliff, why not Roberts and Cujo??!!

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