Of Jamal Mayers, Lance Hornby and Rhett Warriner

First off, it seems that Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun is my whipping boy of the week. Man, could this guy be any lazier this week. In today’s sun (http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Hockey/2008/06/27/6001831-sun.html) Lance has this gem:

The Leafs already have signed veteran Jamal Mayers from the St. Louis Blues and went big in the draft with 6-foot-2 defenceman Luke Schenn.

Ummmm, no Lance, they traded for Jamal Mayers….. come on now, what do you need a refresher course??!!”

On that signing, seems like a no risk move too me. It is obvious Cliff thinks the team was in need of an overhaul in terms of leadership, they get a guy with a very good reputation, who is affordable and who can be dealt at the deadline for more assets.

One name that has interested me on the waiver wire yesterday was Rhett Warriner. The guy will be 33 later this season and is making 2.5 million for the next season. He too has a great reputation, he is pretty big 6’1 215 and would make a decent #5 defencemen for the buds. Again, come trade deadline day you could probably deal him for a pick or prospect.

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