Leaf’s Fletcher trying to make Bryan McCabe look bad…

According to Larry Brooks in the Nypost Cliff is trying to set up a deal that when or if Bryan McCabe turns down will make him look so bad to the fans in Toronto he will have to give in to a deal… Truth of the matter is, Cliff doesn’t have to make Bryan look bad…just check out his play over the last season, he does a great job of making himself look bad. Mccabe should do the right thing for himself, get out of the hornets nest and move on…. Given the minuscule size of his brain (remember the we will never ever accept a salary cap comment) he won’t …..

Still with Brooks, he makes an amazing comparison between Avery and Malone, who just hit the jackpot in Tampa Bay:

Yet, in the three seasons since the lockout, Malone, playing almost exclusively with either Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin as his pivot, recorded 126 points (65-61) in 218 games – six more points in two more games than Avery (48-72), who assuredly was not playing with talents remotely equal to the Pittsburgh pivots.

Here’s hoping that Slats blows it with Avery and that Bob McKenzie is right and that the leafs are Avery’s second choice….

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