Predictions for July 1, 2008….Joe Nieuwendyk and Big name D join the Leafs

Less then 4 hours (3 hours and 20 minutes to go ) until shopping begins in the NHL.

While Mats has decided to be Mats and boo hoo, keep thinking if he wants to play (I mean wait for someone to beg) others will spend their dough.  Some 10-15 teams have more then 15 million to spend if they so choose.  Another 3 teams have to spend money to get to the basement of the cap…  So here’s hoping that while Mats is out there waiting to be begged all the money gets spent and when he wants to come back no one has any cash left for him.

In the meantime…here are my predictions:

1.  Joe Nieuwendyk joins the Buds in some management role..

2. Cujo comes home for one year at minor dough

3. Cliff stuns the world and signs a big name D….

I will try to update throughout the night and day…

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