Is Mats Sundin being slammed by the Eklund ?

Wow…. have you read what Eklund just wrote??? No? Here is the link

Its brutal…the logic is flawed and man, does the guy proof read what he writes? you can barely read half this crap.

Having said all of that…here is the 2 bits from his article:

1. Leaf Fan shouldn’t be mad at Sundin for not waving his NTC….Mats is god. you could even see it in a game when he was teaching a kid on the bench

have you barfed yet?

2. You should be mad at Mats now because he hasn’t given his response yet. Mats has blown it for Mats, for the Habs, the leafs and his agent.

yawn, who cares about Mats hurting any of them

3. We should be worried if Mats come back that we won’t finish last

Ya know, this is getting stupid. Eklund writes all day that the leafs are in the thick of things with Sundin, when the truth is, he is off fishing. He is going to do what is best for Mats…its that simple.

Here is the gem form Eklund:

Ans I do believe what Mats can teach the young players on the Leafs will bei nvaluable towards the Leafs lifting that silver trophy..

or than there is this scenario….a scenario that I believe Leaf fans would love and it involves Mats as a Leaf….MATS TAKES THE YEAR OFF.

Then the Leafs can suck enough to get Tavares and THEN come back in 09-10 with all these great young kids AND Mats Sundin.

How many of you like that scenario?

Maybe I should ask you AFTER watching your team lose all year. I know the passion of Leaf fans and I think re-building and losing sounds good in theory, but only for one season tops.

If you can read through the typos, here is the gist…he should take a year off and leaf fan won’t be able to take the losing for more then 1 year.

WHAT a joke…we can’t take more then 1 year of losing…HELLO…we have sucked for years…we haven’t made the playoffs for 3…..we can take more losing when we see a plan, when we see the foundation being built. Mats isn’t going to take a year off…he will do what’s best for Mats…

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