Mats Sundin to wait, Let’s hope no one waits for him

So #13 has told the world (no shocker) I am not ready to make a decision yet. I continue to hope that when he does finally decide there is no room for him anywhere…


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    ira kaufman 13 years ago

    i think sundin plays his final year in TO for 5 mill
    and signs a 1 year deal in august,..he will retire as
    a leaf and be the first captain since armstrong to really do so although gilmour played 1 game

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    torontosportsmedia 13 years ago

    Its not totally out of the realm of possibility. However, his agent may lose his certification if he accepts 5 million versus 10 million.

    Certainly more logical then taking a year off

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    ira kaufman 13 years ago

    i understand his best friend in the world is joe nieuendyk and they forged a great friendship while joe was here..if joe signs mats will. he is
    tremendously weathy and 5 mill or 10 mill he
    wants to stay home…