Toronto Sports Media So Predictable

Did anyone have to read or listen to the usual suspects (or should I say lazy asses) who cover the leafs this morning? I mean, how freeing predictable are these guys?

Nick, don’t call me Einstein Kypreos ripped off Pat Burn’s line about finger ( I wouldn’t know him if I hit him with my car)
Bill I am bitter cause they fired me and couldn’t get another job in the league Watter had a brilliant, they had better be right or the first 41 years without a cup will seem like nothing compared to the next 60 comment
Damien, I never, ever, ever have anything good to say about anything, kept writing “who” in his coloumn
Pierre, I have an orgasm when I speak of Canadian born Jr. Players was outraged at the money given the guy…

These guys are so lazy its amazing. Have ever have you guys ever seen the guy play? Did you do any homework on the guy? Did you talk to anyone about him? More importantly, why do you care what he got paid. I would rather pay that type of dough to a younger guy then do what the Panthers did with Corey freaking Stillman. I am happier paying this guy who may have some upside then an JFJ’s great signing of Jason Blake, or the Ranger ridiculous signing of Wade Redden.

I, like many of you have never heard of Finger. To be honest I have no clue who he is. I have no clue how he will perform. What I do know is that he will gets lots of minutes. He isn’t going to be 35 when this deal is done. Given a modest increase of 8% per year on the Cap, I know that this year he will be taking up 6.25% of the cap…Next year 5.7%, the next year 5.3% and in his final year 5%…BIG DEAL! Its peanuts. Is it a huge raise, YES….it is…but who cares???? I don’t believe for one second that Cliff called the guys agent and said here is our first offer…. I am sure other teams where in there and Cliff overpaid…SO WHAT??? I loved Dipstick Kypros comment, I spoke to another GM who said they offered 1.2 in total…. Ummm, how is that relevant today, you didn’t get the guy! Its pretty freaking easy to criticize on a no name basis from 1000 miles away….Nick you are such a sucker its hard to believe. Next time try to put a complete sentence together.

The Cujo signing is a NO BRAINER… He is a liked guy, he can still play well enough to cover the odd time he is needed and the money is peanuts.

Hagman is a nice pickup. He is a good spare part and is being paid as such.

All in all, a decent day for the leafs, not great but not bad.

The wonkiness around the league is nothing new. When you don’t have a bumper crop of free agents, those available will get more then they deserve. Its as simple as that.

I will be rating the “experts” this week..

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