Are the Blue Jays so bad, the fans are turning on the Media?

Here's your daily chuckle. Mike Wilner, the guy who does the Blue Jays pre and post game shows on the Fan590 has become a public enemy of many Jays fans. To his credit Wilner goes on the air after every Jays game and has to deal with every idiot who sits on hold to let the world know their brilliant trade idea. Having said that, he does come off as arrogant (not a member of the Toronto Sports Media!!!) and I think he does indeed piss people off.

Anywho, Wilner has a blog on the Fan590 website and he does a good job of keeping it short and on topic. Hi latest post is a real gem, you can read it here, however for those not willing to click over to Ted's world here is a nice snippet:

"Comments are encouraged, but if you’re just going to spew hate at me, take your act somewhere else, please. No one is making you read this, and if you don’t like it, you can easily find a ton of baseball information elsewhere on the internet, especially if you have a computer. I’ve had to ban two commenters this week, it’s getting ridiculous."

You can tell the stress of the job is getting to the guy. Can't be fun having to cover a struggling team, especially when you aren't allowed to go on the road with them.

It seems to me that it is just about time for this team to be blown up. I mean, none of these guys can hit. You can only change hitting coaches, managers so often. Sooner or later it would seem that you have to change the hitters themselves.

J.P. Ricciardi came in with such promise; the new wonder kid. In retrospect it seems odd that he had no real support system here to help him. Perhaps he was too arrogant to want or let someone serve as that mentor (in the system), however as a first time GM it certainly seems that he needed some help.

On the media side I think it's pretty hard in this town to consistently find a great baseball column. Jeff Blair is good, Richard Griffin is the Damien Cox of baseball and Bob Elliott doesn't seem to work very often (he must have Mccowan's agent!)

Love to know what others are thinking…besides fire JP….

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