The Dan Boyle effect on Bryan McCabe leaving the Maple Leafs

Edit- as I write this, news breaks that the Leafs signed Mikhail Grabovski to a one-year contract.

Dan Boyle has, according to many sources agreed to waive his no trade clause this morning. Make no mistake about it, this has ramifications on both the leafs and the league in general. Lots of pundits have opined that there would be tremendous pressure on McCabe not to waive his no trade clause. Clearly, with Boyle going first the road has been paved for others like McCabe to follow.

All along this was about money. McCabe and his agent thought they could strong arm the buds into buying him out. That wasn’t going to happen. In the end, McCabe like Boyle will come to his senses and realize that the best decision for him and his family will be to get out of dodge. The leafs, like the lightning are not the evil empire for asking their respective defencemen to waive their no trade clauses.

McCabe is a victim of the contract he signed. He got big bucks and with that came big expectations. In this market every mistake (which usually ended up in his own net) was magnified. It has become untenable. It simply doesn’t make sense to the leafs or the player for him to continue here. Players who were in similar situations have seen their careers flourish elsewhere, Larry Murphy went on to win Cups with the Red Wings and Jason Smith has had a very nice career in Edmonton.

Attached is this mornings interview with Cliff Fletcher on the Fan 590. I attach it in that I think you can hear in Cliff the reasonableness that was so missing in the last regime. I think if you listen carefully enough you will also here the same thought process with respect to McCabe.

Lastly, I find it odd that he says in the interview that Mats Sundin claimed to have told Cliff that last season was one of his (Sundin’s) most enjoyable. From a career perspective I can see how putting up great numbers would bring satisfaction to him, however form the standpoint of this is a team game and the lack of success the team did not experience makes is a puzzling comment. I would think that with everything that went on, and the finality of 3 years without a playoff birth Sundin would have hated what went on, or maybe hoped that a team leader would.

Cliff Fletcher on the Fan 590 morning show

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