Eric Duhatschek slams Leafs…Again

Must be pretty quite out there in the sports world. A usually reputable reporter has reverted to the same old song and dance in ripping the Buds. You can find the whole store here.

Let’s see: $14-million for Jeff Finger. $12-million for Niklas Hagman. Sundin’s likely departure. Uncertainty and hard feelings over Bryan McCabe. A second-round draft choice in 2010 for Mikhail Grabovski. Conclusion: The Leafs are overpaying for free agents and mortgaging the future … again. Some things never change.

Come on Eric. Can’t you do better then that?

This argument is ridiculous. Mortgaging their future? Huh? Please! The money spent on the additional players on a per season basis is so small (see earlier posts for breakdowns). Not one of these moves will prevent “The Moron” or whomever else is running the Leafs from doing anything down the future. The albatross contracts of the past are going going almost gone. Cliff didn’t trade away #1’s, he didn’t give out undeserving NTC’s or NMC’s. The team is significantly younger and cheaper.

Things have changed and the problem is, that isn’t train wreck news which these guys thinks is what you have to write about in order to sell papers.

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